SEC in the Community – Brittany Ebbertt

I am an animal lover in general but I’ve
always loved horses since the day I was born. For years as a child I wanted to be
around them that’s something he’s always been in me I guess. I was doing the excellence in government
Fellows program. Its a ten-month program the SEC put us through and our group our
results team was focused on trying to increase volunteerism in the federal
government in general and we decided to pilot this volunteer club concept at
the SEC. I didn’t know really of any strong campaign for donating time and
really trying to give back to the community so that was one reason we
wanted to focus on starting a club that could just foster those types of
opportunities and make people aware of them. Brittany’s a huge asset to our
volunteer team outside of the work that she does in our board of directors she
attends a lot of our events and just interacting with the public and letting
people know about our horses and what we’re doing. We saw me that horses were
in our community and they weren’t really being cared for and our animal control
officers needed help and they could take they could put their cats and dogs in
the shelters but they couldn’t take horses in. We can bring them in and we can make
them understand that humans are safe and can be safe and this is a safe place so
we’re here for them with our voice for them and they can have a home and they
can be loved again. It’s just restoring that confidence in people in humans and
watching them develop that bond all over again and is amazing

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