SEC Hearing in CRYPTO CURRENCY! ( US Senate is hearing a public discussion on the state of crypto)

German Giancarlo Thank You chairman Crapo ranking member Brown and distinguished members of the committee I've submitted a written statement for the record that details the CFTC's work and authority over virtual currencies but with your permission I'd like to get begin briefly with a slightly different perspective and that is as a dad I'm the father of three college-age children a senior a junior and a freshman during their high school years we tried to interest them in financial markets my wife and I set up small brokerage accounts with a few hundred dollars that they could use to buy stocks yet other than my youngest son who owned shares in a video game company we haven't been able to pique their interest in the stock market I guess they're not much different than most kids their age well something changed in the last year suddenly they were all talking about Bitcoin they were asking me what I thought and should they buy it one of their older cousins who owns Bitcoin was telling them about it and I got all excited and I imagine that maybe members of this committee may have some had some similar experiences in your own families of late it strikes me that we owe it to this new generation to respect their enthusiasm about virtual currencies with a thoughtful and balanced response not a dismissive one Thank You chairman Gian Carlo and I'll begin the questioning first I will say I've had those dinner conversations with my own children and you're right this is an incredibly interesting but growing new area of financial challenge particularly among our least my children and yours

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