SEC Bitcoin ETF Feb 2019 – Congress Crypto Laws – Binance Institutional – Morgan Creek Digital Bet

hey everyone Tony here hope you're doing well it is Thursday December 6th I have some very bullish news for you guys I hope you're holding strong in this bear market I know that prices are down but what would have what have we been discussing here the infrastructure being set up for this market we are the early adopters the pioneers in this new market and this new asset class with the underlying technology being blockchain which is certainly the next Internet and if you were to liken it to the crypto boom excuse me the dot-com boom in the 90s blockchain is the internet crypto is the different websites right the different tokens and that can be equated to different websites and different software programs and so forth that will built on the Internet likewise cryptos built on blockchain technology and of course in the 90s I didn't it didn't you know they didn't boom overnight these things unhappy it took a while right and if people came to you back then if you you know and and somebody came from the future and said hey I want to tell you about this company Amazon and Google and so far it's gonna be massive in the future you know you're in the same position where we're looking at these different companies which aren't fully built out yet and progress is being made and we're taking a chance on this and it's an opportunity of a lifetime very much like the dot-com right where there is a lot of winners that came out there was a lot of failures as well so that's why I also you guys be careful with random icos but we see companies like ripple and stellar and we see projects like u theorem which have disruptive technology and can really position us to make a lot of money a high return right especially with the way the world economy is functioning with debt and Fiat failing and you know stock market correcting a lot of problems that can really segue into you know cryptocurrency as a solution so first news I want to share with you guys the sec here has again delayed the Bitcoin etf decision now this doesn't come as a surprise we've been talking about this guys if you've been subscribed to the channel about them not going to do anything by the next deadline which is December 29th and that it would happen in February 2019 and this is what they actually came out and said in a notice posted online the securities regulators said it was extending the review period for the ETF to February 27 2019 the proposal was first submitted by money manager Vanek and blockchain start-up solid X who partnered with the CBOE exchange earlier this year so this is obviously the Bitcoin ETF and you have some major players like van eck and solid X and Vanek of course has a major history with releasing etf so the right people are in the room and and if you recall I reported on them meeting with the SEC just a couple of weeks ago or I should say two weeks ago or a week and a half I forgetting my timeline here but if you like I said many of some of you may remember this they met in person with the SEC so they're having ongoing meetings and this is a great time now gabor gor box who is of one of the guys a strategist / director at van egg and I'm looking to interview him so stay tuned for this video he has posted response at it so he says note on the Bitcoin etf delay the delay is of course til February 27 2019 final decision date he says the delay was expected he says I see a lot of good market structure improvements in the markets on pricing custody and surveillance America still wants a Bitcoin ETF SEC publication so they're working on it and I personally believe the Vanek will get approved it is a physically back to Bitcoin ETF so it's very different from what the Winklevoss twins were doing and the others that got denied there was like nine others that the SEC denied in like September October so I believe this will be a catalyst for a bull run and I believe it will help a lot of the big money to come into the market so we got to be patient and let this play out you know I'm making a prediction that it could get approved then and you know sorry Lauren but I could be wrong we you know I mean I can't predict the future but we make some educated guesses and I think because there's so much news around it's so much talk and I as you know the ETF's it's for the big money it's not for you and I you and I don't really you know we got an exchange and we buy our crypto but these the big money you know they get involved with ETFs and so forth but um you know at least we have a date and it's not open-ended and it's not you know transparent as to what's really going on we know they've been meeting and we have a date so let's be patient here and and we got so February guys so the next news I want to share with you and this is important because as we've been discussing throughout the year guys governments are on board and they're releasing regulations and rules and putting into place if they were against crypto they would have killed it already it would it Bitcoin would not exist anymore if they really wanted to kill it but like I said this is a new asset class and now what we're seeing and I know a lot of people won't like hearing this crypto is moving towards a asset class for the rich and that's why you're seeing fidelity and TD Ameritrade and Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange and Starbucks and all of them are getting involved and that's why you have ETFs coming up that's why I keep saying I personally don't care for an ETF but it's for the big money and that's where you need to understand what's happening here and so you're not moving with every wave of price movement but you understand the facts you understand who's getting involved watch which big money is doing what you know which company is doing what so bipartisan lawmakers seek cryptocurrency rules to protect consumers and keep the u.s. competitive they would not be wasting their time doing this government officials here in the United States and even around the world if this was not staying if this isn't didn't have lasting potential and the growth that's coming and I've said it many times the big money for them to get involved what do they need security insurance assurance they need protection they're not gonna just dump millions of dollars and government has to get involved so members of the house are introducing two bills that could bring more oversight and less opacity to the cryptocurrency industry one bill directs the CFTC to describe how price manipulation could happen in virtual markets then recommend regulatory changes another seeks to keep the u.s. competitive in the global industry and you know it goes into details Congress is getting more serious about crypto currencies so you have bipartisan that means part of both parties are working together on this so both Democrats and Republicans they're not divided about it why the money the money when you see TD Ameritrade fidelity and all these getting involved what do you think donate Senate politicians they these people have money they're powerful they can go knock on the politicians door and say hey I want this and I'll donate this amount of money to your campaign or you know whatever it is or this is gonna boost the economy or whatever right so I hope you understand how all this works in politics and money and and and you know donation campaign donations and all that but this is a great great sign when you see the government's like I said guys and the big money everybody moving ahead with crypto here and hope you're not just focused on this because on the price because if you are then you're gonna get weak hands you're gonna sell you're gonna be moving like with the roller coaster right but that's why you need to understand the moving parts here and what's going on behind the scenes now on to some other news by Nantz rolls out sub-accounts amid influx listen to this influx of institutional demand they are the one of the largest if not the largest cryptocurrency exchange they have a lot of coins well known and they're seeing institutional demand guys finance the largest crypto crypto exchange by volume announced Thursday that is launching a sub accounts feature to address demand for institutional investors the company says the move will offer improve managerial control and asset audit tools to institutional clients allowing organizations but to open up up to 200 trading accounts within one central balance of funds the CEF Oh a bye Nance told the block here with the site the reported Asst we are seeing an influx of institutional accounts in the space and anticipate institutional demand to pick up substant listen to this substantially in the coming months keep holding etf decisions coming up backed has pushed back their launch in January 24th we're seeing influx we see TD Ameritrade fidelity all these people are looking to launch in 2019 so I believe 2019 is gonna be big and I'm basing this off of the facts I'm not just pulling this out and say well hey guys it's gonna happen this is gonna no I'm just I hope you see my lot then my approach here the logical approach of okay if we have these dates set of launches and this is gonna happen we can make some predictions can I say what a hundred percent certainty it's gonna happen no I can't predict the future but as with any market you can make an educated guess and a prediction here so one of our key focus key focuses is to provide a platform that services and needs of these clients as well as their retail users so they are seeing they are seeing to push guys for you know these institutions coming in and wanting to buy crypto and get that going and of course they you know they announced this on their website as well and this is you know published today now moving ahead and I find this very interesting so Anthony pump Leon oh you may have seen him on CNBC and videos and so forth I think there was a video from consensus invest where him and the other person from Morgan Creek digital answered a lot of questions about the market they're doing something big I think this is great put your money where your mouth is attention crypto critics time to put skin in the game Morgan Creek digital believes the digital asset in the index fund will outperform the S&P 500 over the next 10 years 1 million dollars on the line who will take the other side so he's making a bad here this is this is a big bet going against the S&P 500 yeah as you know that's one of the stock averages right this is really big guys I mean hey all four and guess where this was reported on CNBC so this this is not some just Twitter babble here this did they put it out there cryptocurrency index one follows Warren Buffett's playbook but with a 1 million dollar bet against the SMP the asset manager Morgan Creek digital is betting 1 million dollars that it's cryptocurrency index will outperform the SMP over the next ten years the challenge is similar to Warren Buffett's famous wager except it takes the other side Buffett instead bet on the S&P and said the index one would beat the performance of five actively managed hedge funds Buffett won a million dollar bet in 2017 and donated the proceeds to charity I think this is great I think these guys are smart for doing this it's not only great marketing but they are showing that they're all in on crypto and you know these guys move in different circles they know what's coming days they know what's ahead guys so shout out to Anthony and you know the folks here that's that's what I'm talking about put your money where your mouth is right moving ahead bit tricks and what have I always said like what right even just earlier in this video watch what the money is doing watch what the big money is doing what's what these exchanges are doing in a bear market with Bitcoin is near three thousand dollars massive Corrections sell-off as well these companies these exchanges are still making acquisitions still building services out we are in the infrastructure stage bit Rex isn't excited to announce that we're partnering with valor or V al are if I pronounced that right to launch a new digital asset trading platform in South Africa now keep in mind bit Rex is a ex rapid ripple ex rapid liquidity provider which levers is extra RP so they are going to be obviously being them one of the exchanges here in the US which will allow these companies to purchase x RP and use it so keep that in mind and they've been doing a lot of this they I think they were funding excuse me they were powering another exchange in Canada I forgot the name of it if you guys have been subscribed I've talked about this before so they're making big moves and and they're one of the exchange exchanges has been growing significantly adding Fiat pairing opening up to a lot of states in the US and they're eating coin basis lunch as long with by Nance by Nance and Beatrix eating coin basis lunch so that's why the coin based panic the other day and they started listing coins fast right because they were due again destroyed so here's what the site looks like and of course it's based in South Africa here so great news for those of you in a South in the South have live in South Africa excuse me but moves are still being made another one coin Square Canadian crypto currency exchange just expanded to the EU said today we announced the acquisition of crypto wallet block EQ I personally have not heard a block EQ but like I said they're actually based in Toronto or Ontario's about that's probably it's a secure stellar wallet in DX so see what I'm talking about here guys these people I want you to think about this with the prices being down you you know some of you from your perspective may be like what's going on here right everybody the weak hands are panicking like oh my god what's going what's going with the price those who haven't been in the market too long or panicking right but they they're missing this aspect of it that these people who are the only way for them to make money is to have people buy crypto and the prices are going on in a bear market are still making acquisitions are still building out services because they're now looking right now they're looking long-term they're not they don't have tunnel vision this is how big money thinks you know we sometimes move from day to day week to week when looking at you know things but they're looking quarter to quarter year to year I hope you get that and you got to put your business thinking cap on here and this right here tells you what's to come that they're still doing these things in a really bad bear market right now so moving ahead shoutout to Leonidas IMAX in max excuse me exchange a digital asset exchange and financial system that will launch in q4 2019 will include XRP and it's for its trading so it looks like it's gonna be Bitcoin neo eath XL m and XR p so great to see X rupees being added to more exchanges also Finance here will add extra PT USD trading pair tomorrow so December 7th tomorrow so guys what do you think about the news I would love to hear what you think leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you have not already don't forget to follow me in Facebook and Twitter if you find my channel and videos helpful please share with your friends and family thank you for your support and like I said hit that thumbs up button subscribe leave your comments below and I'll talk to you guys later

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  2. Educate yourself constantly about what is going on in the markets to avoid loss,thats why i have mrs Jane Rooker as my trader.he is the best so far

  3. The guidance that the SEC head gave just recently was that there needs to be better monitoring of crypto markets and a custody solution. The VanEck ETF addressing the former where the others had not might mean the odds of this one passing are much better than the others.

  4. Do not sell any of your Bitcoin Litecoin or XRP or NEO or what ever you own!Just Hodl your crypto because it is process what needs to grow and is in young and smart developmental stage!Don't
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  5. Why wait for an answer from SEC? They are not gonna say either for a (long) while, they know what will happen if they make a statement now(27-2-2019)

  6. Yeah so if its for the big money why are institutions, govt's and securities regulations banking on the retail investor to prop up the whole market??? The institutional money will not mean jack shit to coin market without the RETAIL investor!!!

  7. OK ….. BUT … can you predict the future?
    And also what did you always say? I tend to shut you off when you enter preach mode (aka factological business approach.) I can't see for my self what the news is about I really need some more of the same.

  8. Hodl low use-case coin will completely destroy your money. The reason that bitcoin prize still remain this high is because it's centralized and pairing with everything… and yeah drag everything to hell too!

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