47 thoughts on “SEC Ban Cryptocurrency!? BAD NEWS for Bitcoin! What is a Security?”

  1. You never pick me for btc lol i love your channel i dont agree with the financial task force and the aml5 i strongly think it is to turn it into what gov want it to be which is p2p

  2. It doesn't matter if it's a security or not big businesses here just throw their money around and get whatever the fuck they want. But then you have the dumbasses vote in one of them as president

  3. What if you withdraw the crypto to your personal wallet and then send it from there to the next exchange? Traceable chain broken, because you are not personally under the supervision of the SEC, because you're not an exchange. Or what if you changed it to Monero, to be extra safe, and later changed it back to btc? No way to trace Monero or certain other coins, if they tried to do that.

  4. "tuneless"


    not pleasing to listen to; unmelodious.

    By the way your comment section is getting spammed – reported one or two.

  5. You are so funny.. Would recommend that you end your rapping career.. LOL…. Either case, security tokens are going to be the norm in my view as this definition will bring many tokens come to a halt while SEC take its sweet time…

  6. SEC is going to continue to cost American exchanges and entreprenuers opportunities lol
    Greed will keep us in the financial dark ages

  7. China is becoming the leader of crypto? They ban every website including crypto websites. Their internet is barely useable. Their most known project is that Neo crap which I'm sure the PRC government has their overly centralized hands in. They banned and unbanned crypto at least 5 times already. Few people can buy anything outside of China as they don't get issued Visa/MasterCards. There are no such things as Visa/Debit cards in that country…well, there are exceptions for the rich. They are limited to Wechat payments and Union Pay cards which can buy almost nothing outside of China. So in what way in China leading anything in Crypto? Is it because they have the most mining rigs that are threatened to get shut down everyday?

  8. People who believe in alt coins are lost sheep looking for the truth. Alts don’t make sense when you compare them to bitcoin which can be built on top of. Alts are just great marketing schemes so the founders can get rich. #ChangeMyMind

  9. Hi! My name is (what?)
    My name is (who?)
    My name is…
    SEC Shady

    Hi! My name is (huh?)
    My name is (what?)
    My name is…
    SEC Shady

  10. China seems to be very liberal, green, supportive of each other, protective and very friendly. We get given a picture by the media of an evil corrupt world but is it really? China maybe very Right-Wing Fascist when it comes to freedom of speech but this be a good thing. As long as they promote happiness and wealth to their people their people will be obedient and kind to each other. They work together share knowledge and skills and the people who work hard prosper. People who want it easy have it easy and people that don't contribute and cause problems get punished. There is a place in society for everyone however and China needs to separate extreme cultures that can cause upheaval and that is want China's main goal is to avoid. It is for the people, controlled by the people, so that they can live happily and comfortably as they choose too. But people haven't lived their and will say it is something else which the media has shown them. Sure there is crime, violence and suffering but name one country where there isn't?

  11. Unless you're literally day trading……which is a bit dumb unless you're truly blessed, no idea why people still leave funds on exchanges. Transfer funds to exchange, trade, exit exchange. The withdrawal fees are better than……."shit…..my funds are frozen"

  12. We really don't want the Chinese running crypto, as it is I'd put money on the organised manipulation of multiple alts by Chinese miners, sort your shit out America.

  13. I'll leave this out there, most people in most countries use VPN to appear as if in different country. That's the great thing about crypto thou, even if USA gets left behind, people within the USA doesn't have to be left behind. Great video.

  14. I can't stress this enough, no one has the right to know what you have for money in any way, ever. We have the right to refuse all regulations

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