Seal Network – Blockchain & NFC – How It Works

A brand symbolizes the promise of value and authenticity. A promise that is broken by counterfeiters. At Seal, we are devoted to protecting the value of the world’s most beloved brands. We do this by combining cutting-edge blockchain and NFC technology. Products are manufactured with an embedded Seal chip. This chip is linked to information on the Seal Network, a completely secure platform, which leverages a decentralized blockchain database. Consumers can easily scan the chip with the Seal app to verify its authenticity and get product information. The dynamic NFC chip provides a unique code with every interaction, this makes it impossible to duplicate. With the Seal app consumers can also claim ownership of a product. And when consumers buy a product with Seal tokens – the currency of the Seal Network – they directly claim ownership of products as well. This helps in theft prevention and insurance processing. Once a product changes owner, a small fee is paid to the brand. For the first time in history, brands can earn money from secondhand trade! Using the power of the blockchain, authenticity can be checked and ownership can be transferred decades from now. Even if the product itself is discontinued. The transparant nature of the blockchain helps brands deal with midnight shift and parallel trade. And empowers brands to maintain consumer trust. Together, we can stop counterfeiting for good and let consumers appreciate the creative work of makers.

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