100 thoughts on “Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Clicker Game (With Simple Number Counter)”

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  2. Good video, but slow way down. Also turn up the resolution on your recording. Its impossible to read the script.

  3. too complicated here is better:

    Make a variable any name

    When this sprite clicked
    play sound [any]
    change sprite by 1

  4. I set up the numbers on my screen and whenever I click the coin, the number teleports to a random place. Idk what happened cause I did everything you did and the numbers go up 🤷‍♂️

  5. i have better number countar that was 1 – 999.99 Sp like 1,10,100,1k,10k,100k,1m,10m,100m,1b,10b,100b,1t,10t,100t,Etc

  6. you could also make the numbers at the top closer together, when you have a multi digit number, heres how:
    1. Go to Sprite2 (the numbers/digits sprite)
    2. Go to the x and y position block ( the blue block that is in the motion category) under the, when i start as a clone, block
    3.Change the multiplication operator block from (Clone# * 20) to something closer like (Clone# * 15)

  7. I made a scratch account Bigger_Lad and the reason is THERE IS NO TUTORIALS ON HOW TO MAKE IT IN G-DEVELOP 5

  8. how share the game in scratch
    i worked—> like and subscribe 🙂
    i not worked–> unlike and no subscribe 🙁

  9. Hey so when you put "touching mouse pointer" there is no touching mouse pointer but there "mouse down?" there do you know why?

  10. dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work! dont work!

  11. I made a clicker game with simpler code. For money for clicking all you have to do is this

    “When sprite is clicker”
    “Change “…” by 1/+

    It’s simple. I’ve made a video on a clicker game on my other channel which is way simpler.

  12. I came here for the counter anybody wanna see the project I’m working on, here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/341354932/

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