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welcome to this introduction SEF token wallet now all the data in the material are based on the facts but SEF token is free from taking any direct or indirect responsibility of information that is transmitted or incorrectly or wrong to users or other people information on products marketing plans and airdrop is subject to changes as tillich legislation requires therefore it is if there is any change we will inform you separately and in some cases will inform you after the change has been made now company introduction of super coding fly it is a company that's been working in the blockchain technology in other various fields since 2015 in 2018 SEM established in cooperation with and has grown as a partner of thick technical cooperation with Tron Ripple career on Puma peloton etc etc now the headquarter is in CV mega exchange which is affiliated with the CB group and will cooperate as a strategic partner for many years to come we will be good sustainable and a reliable company and we are confident about making more success through the SEF token wallet that we will launch in March 2019 and we will keep making safe in a useful Security vault here you can actually see the announcement of CB mega exchanged during the announcement of the SEF token wallet the headquarter of super coding fly is now located in CB mega exchange which is in singaporean branch of the ccp group the CB group has 51% of stake in the CB mega exchange now this is just a little bit to show you the partners that are involved with the SEF token wallet now this is from The Daily News in ugly Hong Kong global top 3 digital currency exchange CB exchange has his main branch in Singapore CB Singapore CB mega he will launch a new business the spokesperson of CB announced that in 2019 they will open CB regional branches all over the world overlook localization policy with CB Global CB mega has a corporate vision in creating a digital currency trading ecosystem it includes trading legal monetary currency trading leverage trading off or transactions Wallis and quantitative investments wallet and quantity investments will be done through strategic investments into SCF token wallet CB mega is planning to finish the outlining its ecosystem in march this year now the coding flag will make public the process and results of all investment goods with full transparency any marking conditions can results in revenue fluctuations the company is investing in financial transaction private equity fund stock futures bond foreign exchange and commodities trading advice for CTA now a little bit more about super Cody fly currently currently they are providing blockchain technology development skills Technology Group information or maintaining six technical training and Public Relation skills such as Tron bool Palatine Phoebus career on and after super coated flight community product was released more than 110,000 professional developers came to the developers community in a short time super coding flying boom Oh officially then held a meeting for technology strategic a corporation and super coding is the world's first block the first chain developer community when boom OH is the next generation commercial block and blockchain both parties will jointly support more developers to develop applications program based on boom OH to facilitate blockchain applications now when it comes to the AI asset management of the SEF token wallet this is top of the line now first and foremost the BCE X 2009 global quantitive trading competition they took first place with 90 point 61 percent profit you can read that in the news and the SEF token management teams himself won the who always championship and golden golden financing global positive Trading Commission in 2019 with a monthly profit of 92 point 38 percent these are huge profits and you can check the news and you will see that this is you know we are really with professional professional traders and a professional program that are really really doing profits now if I'm not mistaking they will release monthly reports of all trading reports and the arbitrage so keep in mind we are being transparent now the roadmap for SCF we already now started in March September 2000 or sorry March 2019 SEF token released in Korea and Southeast Asia and also actually the rest of the world in April they will release the Visa and MasterCard made the C and mega exchange will be listed on the stock exchange in June the affiliation of new game will release there will be a Asia meet-up event in July and November the SDF token shopping mall will be tested and in in December we will be listed on domestic and international large stock exchange and February 2020 the SEF tokens shopping mall will open now a little bit about the team behind we have Bruce Tseng which is the chief executive officer he's from Singapore hey he has a lot of experience behind himself we also have Roy sang which is the chief operating officer also with a lot of experience I'm not gonna walk you through all of them and you can go through our website you can read more about as well but I just want to introduce them quickly and Jackie as chief technology officer and beneath we all as our Canadian partner and as an investment banker now coming over to the SEF token wallet itself now this is a multi-chain wallet meaning on multi acid wallet it's a decentralized wallet with O pneumonic words and a private key you have a complete backup management and it's also an automatic token registration meaning that you can easily view and manage any various token assets when assets in your wallets now it's a safe payment automatic token registration easy view and management of various token as I said it's based on the cable network protocol chargers it's mining costs the exchange of money and in the system can be done with one button it's a very very simple and a quick exchange system easily done and simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies now the SEF token wallet has four security facial and fingerprint recognition go google OTP free settings you can also add as an additional security a USB security setting there's no need to to a set an update with a wallet closed or anything like this there will always be a prior notice you will have personal communication in the SEF wallet section you can actually communicate with the headquarter in Korean though you can use Google Translate but this works as well we also have digital currency news which is updated on a daily basis by each language so you will actually be able to read and be updated on the crypto industry now when it comes to investments you can have a partial or a full withdrawal available at any time we do not lock up your funds at all now if you want to withdraw and within 15 days after activating the AI there's a 5% fee after the 15 days there's only a 1% fee this is recounted at every deposit in every withdrawal now the bivi when it comes to the investment payment date and time now any deposits done before 9 a.m. in the morning GMT that's London time you will have your first profit received 9 p.m. 36 hours after that breaking point so there's an investment window of 24 hours from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. at 9 a.m. in breaks off in 36 hours later you will have you at 9 p.m. the day after you will have your first profits and every single day from at 9 p.m. you will receive your daily profits now when it comes to air drops I said we are partnered up with Ron and Ron and a triple a de humo and more and users that are invested $500 or above are subject to monthly air drop such as cron boom or every bull innate as I just said now if there's are if there are any interests change rates they will notify us in the change of interest on a one month in advance depending on the marking conditions there's also a convenience of specifying it change so you want to move the wallet or moving it within the wallet they provide notification services of companies news and pay and daily paid interest you can invest with eight types of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin etherium iOS ripple Tron between cash quantum and litecoin and you can also withdraw your profits in three types of currencies Bitcoin etherium or EOS this is a multi-chain wallet is a fun you will have games it's going to be useful you will have a credit card and it will be beneficial it is airdrops and you will get really daily dividends from the holdings you have in the wallet now a little bit about you know the games that are coming up the debit cards the Visa and MasterCard they will released in now in April and you will be actually be able to play against other common competitors there will be invitations room creations etc etc it's more or less entertainment and fun shooting in our shoot archery games top-score games mission team etc and they're preparing a funny game for us all the Visa and MasterCard we will be making use of the allocated SEF token s and through the debit card meaning that we will be able to utilize the SCF and wherever we are in the world through our mask or visa depending on what we order of course now there's also a ladder game inside the wallet right now where you can actually either of course earn or lose SEF and there's is it's a climbing ladder and the ladder game I don't want to talk too much about it you can go and you could check it in can actually you can increase profits you can earn up to six others sorry three hundred percent if you manage to do three or six fights in a row and that means if you invest or if you if you bet one you get back three so but take a look have fun look around in the wallet and check what's there it's really really a and also wallet the project itself is awesome were actually only 13 days so the technology itself is top-notch I mean we can see that they are really really preparing for something huge and you really really want to be a part of this from the start now when it comes to the investments in the SEF wallet you don't actually that's the only deposit you use the wallet as any regular wallet the minimum deposit is $100 and if you deposit between 100 and $4.99 you will receive an 8% monthly interest as about point 23 daily if you deposit Phi between 500 and 3,000 you will receive 12 percent monthly which hits of is about 0.32% day level II now if you deposit between 3000 and 25,000 you will receive 16 percent monthly and 20 between 25,000 and 50,000 which is the maximum limit you will receive 18 percent monthly all profits is paid in the SEF token and the SEF token today is valid at 1.15 dollars it actually started at 0.1 and in less than 3 days it went to one point one dollar and just recently today and jumped up to one point fifteen so you really want to get in right now you want to start a chelating this coin while it's still low because we have high expectations of what is to come now when it comes to be the compensation plan for the affiliate program that the SEF is is offering it's no direct bonuses or commissions etc etc paid out in in Bitcoin or or so what you're receiving is a matching Commission on your partners so if you now first and foremost you are opening up as many levels if you have direct partners so if you introduce one person you have one generation of income if you introduce three people you will have three levels of income on partners but on your front line on your direct partners you will receive a hundred percent matching on the direct and bonus that is getting so let's say the teen list let's say $1,000 and he will receive then 0.32% monthly that's about three dollars a day you'll receive a hundred percent direct match on this also three dollars paid in the SEF token now on level two to ten you will receive a 10% matching on all partners now once you reach level s1 you will now actually unlock an infinity level bonus to reach s1 you need to have ten direct active partners and you need to have $150,000 volume in your entire team you're now unlocking a six percent infinity bonus on all partners from below level level 11 to infinity to reach level s2 you need three people of rank s1 in two lines if you're 10 that means that you need two lines and three people three s1 in each of those lines when you have that you are now and s2 and you're receiving a nine percent infinity bonus as an s3 you need three people of s2 in the two lines you're now receiving at 12 percent infinity bonus and as an SCF the top position you need three people of s3 in those two lines you're not receiving a 15 percent infinity matching bonus and you're also now becoming a five percent benefit company is shareholder so 5% of the company revenue will be shared among the SCF ranked and which I believe will be a huge huge benefit definitely so that is the SEF token wallet the the a little bit about the company a little bit about the wallet a little bit about the filling system this is by far one of the best technology wallets and you've seen out there they are following a strategy that is excellent they are building the community and distributing the coins slowly while building the community fast through the affiliate program keeping the circulating supply low while building the community and hi now this ensures growth of the value so definitely a good recommendation and get in get back to the person who showed you this in this video or introduced you to SCF ask how can I get started how can I deposit its $100 entry to start earning these SES token there's absolutely no reason to procrastinate guys alright I think of this and enjoy SCF

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