SCAM ALERT! Never 🚫 Trade Cash 💰 for a Digital Tip!

DRIVER: Yeah, are you here? VOICE ON PHONE: Yeah. I need to axe you something, Chad. You’re picking me up now right? DRIVER: Yup, I’m right down the road.
VOICE ON PHONE: Alright. Alright. RIDER: I put in a route so you can um make fifty bucks real quick and then once we end the ride, that’s your fare. Then whatever I tip can you give that to me? Like if I tip you fifty bucks? DRIVER: What do you mean? RIDER: Like, I’m just gonna put in the trip so you can make the fifty dollars. DRIVER: Okay RIDER: And then after that, once we end the trip, the fare is yours. I don’t want nothing off the fare. But whatever I tip, can you just give that to me? Whatever I tip you? DRIVER: I don’t have any cash if that’s what you’re asking. RIDER: Oh, you don’t have any cash on you? DRIVER: No. RIDER: You can’t take it off the card? DRIVER: No.
RIDER: Alright. DRIVER: Are you just going over here to… RIDER: Naw. I just requested it… I was gonna do a trip so you could make you fifty to sixty bucks real quick. RIDER: And then once we end the fare… DRIVER: How does that make me fifty bucks, though? RIDER: No, I was gonna put it in the trip.. I was gonna put it in the trip. RIDER: This is the trip I was gonna put it on. DRIVER: But, did you want to go somewhere or not? {Lyft notification sounds} RIDER: Naw, I didn’t. That’s what I wanted to do. I just wanted to get cash, that’s all. DRIVER: I honestly don’t have any cash on me. RIDER: You can’t take it off your card or anything? DRIVER: No.
RIDER: Alright. DRIVER: You want me to end this ride, then?
RIDER: Yeah. DRIVER: Alright.
RIDER: Alright. Appreciate ya.

3 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT! Never 🚫 Trade Cash 💰 for a Digital Tip!”

  1. I figured it was a scam as soon as he wanted to tip you extra. You'll get this if you ever try to sell something large (car, furniture, etc.) online, too. They'll say they want to give you extra for "shipping fees" and then you pay them back the extra but never get paid yourself.

  2. I hate bums like that… Like when I wake up early and get my ass to work and they be strutting around expecting me to give them money or pulling some dumb scams like this wasting peoples time… it's like we Good people didn't wake up and get dressed to give away OUR hard earned money.. then they give ya an attitude while ya gotta try to bite your lip and be respectful so they don't turn into a wild crazy man and act a fool and waste even more time… ugh.. it's just awful So many people are the scum of the earth.. smh

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