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hey hey everybody its Eddie from Tokyo this is your cryptocurrency update from Japan we are gonna talk about SBI vici trade today but I want to do first three quick stories though this is a new Fast Company article that just came out today in the Western Union CEO he says getting rid of banking fee is not sustainable so let me just kind of tell you this is the Western Union CEO president Hikmat desk and he was in a panel as you'll see here the event took place actually this last Thursday morning and the Fast Company editor-in-chief Stephanie Mehta sat beside the MasterCard vice chairman and Karen's Western Union CEO president Hekmat asked and also the pay you a CEO Lorant lei Moya and this is quite interesting because they had a I guess a pretty salty discussion and it was all started when mr. lamal said that it is about promises in getting delivered to the consumer that is what he felt was one of the variety of tasks that need to be done to be successful and money needs to arrive now it needs to have almost zero fees and he got quite a reaction from mr. Ayer sck not everyone was on board with this sentiment because mr. Ayers was visibly grimacing at the remark that was made in reference to no fees and when he asked about whether it was sustainable for financial institutions to remove fees his answer was blunt it's not and we're all here to make money he is quoted as saying and went on to say that there's nothing wrong with making money off of consumers to the Western Union CEO most consumers aren't necessarily looking for zero fees but simply the peace of mind that they can successfully do a transaction and he said the customer in Uganda trust us to go pick up the money he said well that customer in Uganda is definitely part of the unbanked very likely and also a person who is probably the most vulnerable and least likely to be able to afford those high fees of up to ten percent of what they're sending so you know these kinds of statements just get under my skin and I had to tweet out that you know there's nothing wrong with making money off of consumers no mister asked it's not okay to charge $25 to send $250 it's outrageous especially with the technology available today and I'm speaking specifically about using the ripple net technology and XRP as the liquid oil to get that there quickly and at the lowest cost possible it's just not right and this has been kind of an interesting tweet because the responses have been pretty amazing if you want to see the world reaction to his comment please take a look at my Twitter and have a read because I think it's quite interesting okay so Bitcoin cash and XRP I'm on top of the XRP I'm so sorry are being added to a site by Oki X now this is the third top by volume exchange in the world and they are listing XRP to the c2c platform with the British Pound the Chinese remember that Vietnamese dong the Russian ruble and the Thai Baht this is big news because of the size of okx and these very exotic markets that are just now really coming alive with trading virtual currencies Wow the Chinese remember in the Thai Baht and the Russian ruble I mean these are markets that could really make a difference for virtual currency and thanks to Sparky Sparky you are what Sparky nine one zero one one thank you for your tweet to let me know that there is a DC blockchain summit coming up and the speakers of course are some of the representatives of the US on the Congressional blockchain caucus which I think here's your opportunity to get on the email and start letting it be known how you want them to take a position at this particular event but also yeah there's Hester Pierce crypto mom good job and keep it up we say in Japanese gum but they come but they could have died Hester pierced do the best you can do and then Brad Garlin house will be there along with some other big names in the featured speakers lineup for this event in DC so mark your calendars I'm marking mine because I will of course look for stories and videos that come out of this event let me just see here it is March sixth and seventh 2019 okay and for those of you that are politically active or want to have some sort of influence over your congressman or the caucus itself this is a classic opportunity to do so and all right let's jump into SB IVC trade I know a lot of you on Twitter follow mr. cute owl but I think if you're not following the SBI vc trade site you might learn a little bit later than some that the site has gone live so we know that the site is going to go into its real public space within a trading platform that's going to be rivaling the biggest competition here in Japan sometime in March and I've been getting a lot of questions do I know that launch date well the last time they have not announced a date to be launched for July it happened on July 17th so it was the middle of the month no there is not a specific date but if we look at the calendar for March there is a holiday on the 21st so chances are it won't be the week of the 18th just because it's a short week and then that following week is the full swing of cherry blossom viewing time and there are so many parties and especially for companies that like SBI I'm positive they have Hana me parties going on in probably the big parks like yo yogi or Shinjuku yeah so they're in Roppongi for the most part their offices in Akasaka so yeah I'm not sure where they'll be but they will definitely be having events for cherry blossom viewing so of course IT and crypto doesn't sleep in it's 24 hours 360 days a year but in respect to looking at schedules from a point of view of trying to guess when a launch date will be I don't think it's gonna be that last week in March nor the week with the holiday so if I were a betting person I would probably bet on the week between the 11th and 15th that's my guess but the point of this is to follow the SBI vc trade site on Twitter because that is probably where you're going to hear the announcement first and we all look towards mr. Keitel for keeping us up-to-date with all his bullish statements but this is the person that we need to be paying attention to for the VC for the VC trade site and who you're looking at is Joe site though he's an interesting guy he became the director of SBI VC at the age of 32 and that was in 2016 he is a UC Merced graduate from cognitive science department and he he actually was hired by SBI when he was a new graduate right out of school in 2010 he has a very interesting motto you can see here he says that become a party not a bystander of the times so I think he's very aggressive and very competitive he wants to according to his statement here to penetrate the virtual currency world and that is the mission of SBI virtual currency and his management style interestingly enough and I think maybe it's due to his experience of school in the United States he doesn't take a hierarchal relationship strategy where there's a clear division of juniors and seniors which is very prevalent here in Japan so he wants to create a team and I think he probably has been successful at it to let both seniors and juniors freely express their opinions and working in the center of the vortex he says is very exciting so I think this is the man of the hour and if we look at an announcement that was made back when the quarterly results were given Wow what was it a year ago we learned that at the launch of the full scale services of the SBI virtual currency website that they are expecting a customer inflow from the SBI's group's customer base of twenty three point seven twenty three point four seven million specifically SBI securities with the approximate four point two six million accounts and the SBI sue machine Bank with which has an approximate count of 3.2 million at the time that this presentation was put together and the SBI liquidity market including SBI FX trade which has approximately 1 million accounts and through the mutual collaborations between businesses and ecosystems under the SBI umbrella the endeavor to realize a seamless trading environment between existing financial ecosystems is what he's going to pursue so I wanted to bring that out because that gives you an idea of the initial market that he's going to address and when we see the Japan virtual currency Business Association these are the power brokers in that space and I just want to highlight for you this reserve representative of bit Bank which is Noriyuki Hiroyuki and he started his career at Nomura Securities he is now the director at the virtual currency exchange bit bank bit Bank is number one bit Bank is the company in my opinion that SBI needs to focus on why because they are number one and they're number one in a few areas so they are number one in transaction volume they also have been ranked number one for security they have also been ranked number one for ease of use to onboard onto their applications so they are number one in volume in Japan and this is where or xrp I think the lion's share of business goes to right now so I do think that should mr. cute ow and of course mr. Saito want to get to that number one position they have to really pay attention as to what bit Bank is doing so it's good to have a competitor it's very good very healthy creates really good competition and from that famous saying about a blink of an eye I want to just shed a little bit of light on that so it was back on April 27 2018 and this was the interview in which that was announced as a quote from mr. Keitel so this is the Business Insider it's the Japanese version and when you look at quotes in Japanese they always start with this symbol right here and as you can see this is this is the famous line and it says Dulce Mitaka Chi Domo gaga – Cheetara ato EU money number one knee Naru okay so this is the famous line and the key word here is this one right here Auto you money and what it means is and it has been translated by so many people so if I was translating it I would say something like as soon as we do it it will be number one just like that but also that a 30 you money can be can be also translated into just like that or in the twinkling of an eye or in the blink of an eye or in the time it takes to say ah so there you have it that is why everybody always says in a blink of an eye all right everybody am I going yes I'm going right to the fluff so we are going to look at Hana me which is cherry blossom viewing season one more time and maybe even more times over the course of the next couple of weeks because this is a huge deal in Japan and this is a very special time of year and I talked about how I'm sure the SBI group employees will be going to their Hana me parties and I just want to share with you exactly what do people do during Hana me parties so I will try to explain this by the way is the outer moat of the Emperor's cap castle in Tokyo and it's one of the wives it's one of the spots I can't say it's one of the best spots because as you know I love the mega Roe River and I love the Riverwalk at night when they like the blossoms up from below but this I have seen this one and it's it is quite nice it's in the middle of the city if I show you the top of that you can see here some of the you know this is a buildings that are in that neighborhood so it is literally when I go like this it looks like it's out in the rural area somewhere but it is in the heart of the city and people rent these boats which have been done it's been done like this for centuries in Japan and what's important to know is that during the day there are young co-workers that go to the parks and that could be any one number of the parks it also could be in some temple grounds hmm but usually some city parks and people spread their blue sheets and they spread them early in fact this picture shows you this guy spent the night there to get the best spot he could so people start arriving a day or two in advance to grab the best spot under the blossoms for these parties and the parties take place gosh for the duration of about one week when the blossoms are really full and they're fun they're very fun actually and they you can tell these guys are just sitting and waiting because there's no way in Japan there's no way you'd spread a sheet this big and only be three of you would be considered really rude so they are I am positive waiting for their co-workers to join and they will keep that space reserved until everybody comes usually in the during the week Monday through Thursday the people start to arrive around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. from the offices and then it's usually the weekends you might find more of the families so there's a lot of craziness that goes on drinking and eating and singing people bring karaoke machines and it's just one wild time and you can see here these guys are having too much fun but on the weekends it's really family time and you'll see a lot of families coming and enjoying picnic lunch usually I think the craziness usually starts in the evening hours and during the day it's a little bit more calm but it's fun it's very very fun and it's all about food and it's all about spending time for such a short duration that comes and goes to remind you that life is very short okay everybody that's all I have for you today though one last thing there's no one silver bullet so the fact that SBI VC trade is going to really get competitive now and launch in a full power mode I really this is my own personal advice is don't don't expect too much too quickly it is just one spoke in the wheel of the whole entire eco sphere and that is all I want to say okay take care everyone sayonara for now bye bye

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  1. Dear Western Union. I was so glad to hear that your days of siphoning off funds from the poor and least fortunate are numbered. But that’s what happens when you fail to innovate and plan for the future. Take care and sayonara for now. Bye Bye!

  2. Off subject, I have the biggest crush on you. I wish we could of done tea and a sitdown when I was over there staying in Kanagawa. I will look you up next time ?

  3. Yes everybody loves making money. Till this party's is over. If I have a choice as consumer to move (my)money from one place to another place faster and cheaper by hundreds time's.
    Your party are over Mr. Ersek capital mafia

  4. This is far out there I know, but if you listen to this prophesy and pay attention. To the rain of gold over California and the changing of financial security of the USA, I couldn’t help but thinking of trumps involvement in Xrp as well as ripple being a San Fran company.. listen Eri

  5. Now Western Union speaks their mind. This is Why they initially said Xrapid is not saving them cost. No hidden place ..they opened up to their real
    Problem. Xrp will rip them off all the excessive charges on consumers

  6. Nothing would make me happier than to have CEO like this removed from office! Banking and Money has single handedly bought the globe to its knees over the last decade! Oh and the odd government official ?. With Ripplenet and XRP usage we have a global moral responsibility to make value tracking and transfer as cheap or free as SMS data transfers. Mobile bank accounts in Africa just overtook conventional accounts. So excited about SBIVC and Kitao i joined the SBI dots more than 18 months ago and the future is so positive especially looking at constant acquisitions recently in US. Crypto brings candour and its so welcome 🙂

  7. Thanks for the intel Eri. Very valuable info. This guy Saito reminds me of a ninja assasin. Focused and dedicated only on one thing that is mass use of XRP!

  8. Love your content! Keep up the Hard work! GO…… Japan! Here in Hawaii we have a very Strong Japanese influence! Mahalo!

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