SBI Virtual Currencies Is Now Live! Last Day of Coinbase Announcement. New Ripple Partner

and we our line what is going on with crypto space thank you guys for tuning in to the Friday morning xrp stream really do appreciate a man oh man do we have a lot of info to go over today we got nine individual pieces of information to discuss today so we are pretty packed for news I didn't start this room a bit early because yet again notifications are a little bit delayed I think okay I don't think the accident they got delayed by like ten seconds so unless you back what's up Mac Daddy Aaron walls pero Craig Heaton Marcin Dabrowski hippy crypto o intact 409 with sub mandated Butler crypto sigh foo crypto dracula mood cam account XR populace Adam Bunge Shaun exp junk exp Jamie Dawson what's up man Jared Blevins Bryan what's up dude Clinton Taylor Sam easy Big Daddy bacon turbo man what's up man Bray on the news bring on the turf scuse me Aaron m-move what's up dude Charles what that Charles are you shilling your merchant here nah yeah bro I don't even show merchants here if I'm not sure worst you shouldn't be selling works me yeah we notice what's up min we're actually using a peaceful year in for the day actually what's up Brian no I put something my high it what's up chime Rob Lee Academy sup man Fabio Bradley Elon Musk what's up – utrom oniy David girls war pig John's Matej David max are encrypted ice outcasts or Joe Ivan what's up um crypto cypher what's up man morning buddy thanks for keeping us informed you got a dude we got a lot a lot a lot I just love today because I like these days they happen like a couple times a month but it's just we're packed with info it's it's awesome so I'm totally digging it right now we asked my SQL virtual currencies we got to talk about airings and extra capital coinbase the Dow Jones new ripple partner a cz by Nance tweet a some other youtuber might have a rant on here in the stream and then like some UK regulation and something with Temenos I mean we're just packing the info today so I'm stoked so I don't like his streaming and not having like a lot of info that's why I don't like today oh man today we got so we got some info today we definitely asked me for the day you I gave you first thumbs up why do people keep saying first let first thumbs up anyways coin base XRP I don't think okay so quit today is the last day today's the last day of the Clements announcement now as a rational thinking business the most rational thing to do is list X or P right but we're not dealing with any rational thinking business here that's the thing so I don't think they're gonna list it however I am going to stream until I am going to stream until like the corn makes announcement for today because it kind of is like the last one so I don't think you're gonna do it but I still want to see what they what they announce artichoke earth buy-ins everyone anyone having a with them right now could be having a little bit of a exchange change bug or something more chats XRP class will you listen probably probably okay alright by the way the charts here we are in a bit of a retracement however we broke our short-term support level which was tested once and then test it again so we didn't break through this support however that doesn't mean that we can't go back up and past and get back above the support level as you can see here we like went way out of the support than we were bought back up and came right over but doesn't mean we can't you know after this candle the next one have like a bullish and goal thing and get over that support but our next support level what we don't want to have broken is this one we do not want this broken I repeat we do not want this broken we want this this one right here we want we want to keep that as support we do not want to break that level modern vest went off on Columbus today does that Kraus bro I just told my girlfriend I got a no water complaint at work so I could tune in instead of chatting with her on the phone while that's in fact that's a dedication oh man your partner what yep yeah we do can you please check my investor tweet brought we got him in that guy was literally the inspiration for this channel let's say I make sure you guys you drop applause did you drop some likes in the stream does help out a ton um I'm seeing he's posting videos or is it a reply tweet yeah if I'm gonna check out make sure to drop a link because I'm only seeing he's up dropping links to videos if you're talking about the one where he said like coinbase you know what to do like turn this bear market that's already seen that showing out stream before but yeah checkouts easy by NetSuite yeah j-money that's one thing we are going to discuss today that's one of the one of the pieces of news that makes you interest what you got man I really can read uh interesting all right Brian no I with a little tin foil hat yep yep yep CT Lopez Sonny decree or funny decree made a fun of you in this video I think much more attention next P community yeah I'm gonna discuss that today I'm gonna call that dude out because he actually was running bit connect he's actually promoting big connect so I don't think his credibility is really there and plus he he's trying to make the RV that X RP is a security and he emphasizing the fact that I said it's a hundred percent not of security but he's that he didn't provide any piece of information or any substantial evidence that it is a security so that's where it's kind of funny how hey you use my content for a comedic effect but at the same time he still doesn't have much of an argument for it being a security second thing the dude ran ads for bit connect and ran bit can and made a ton of money off they connect affiliate links but he got out a month before the scam collapsed so he's actually quite lucky he's not in jail right now so I'll take that he's too serious because he indeed did run ads for Vicky night and was saying big connect actually member at one time before this channel even existed I hopped into one of the streams and said yo dude guys don't buy bit connect and he's actually I told me the chat like don't listen this guy bit connects yeah I'm earning money off they connect so the dude ran ask for big connect so I dude he's got no credibility in my opinion my guess is coinbase actually adds coins today multiple coins to try to make a last-minute splash saving souls from the whole 12 minute yeah because everyone's expecting everyone including outside the XP community is expecting corn-based to list extra I mean Erna chromebase to list a coin at least now you know XP specifically the extra P community it's prolly speculated that today's gonna be the XP realistic sharpie I don't think it's gonna be today to be honest I don't think it's gonna be today but I do think they will list a coin but not x RP that's my guess what's up we far how are you doing man Cole Mason's not Carroll turned the market around they only care about filling it back to you amen to that let me go ahead and tweet out the stream real quick let me get like a lot less viewers on Friday I'm noticing that's because people are going screw crypto I'm trying to have a good time and relax okay what's up notorious thank you name it Columbus looks at it started pumping late yesterday yeah I saw I was checking out drove on James crypto weather and I'm like what Cardinals like Cardenas beyond up line what the heck Tron hitting the two cent level not bad not bad at all let's see xrp here will be doing volume y 730 million in volume not too bad who is leading pairs Oh Korea is about to become the leading pair that's awesome and I'm telling you guys Korea I think if the Korea becomes I'm impaired that's that's indicator for me that like we're starting you know we're starting to get some uh we're starting to get some serious money and it's I mean because last-born Korea was led the whole bull run that's that's the reason why I really thanks so much Jason geo for the 3x or P min you're awesome dude thanks so much do you much appreciate it then the 3 XP bomb it's basically like $3,000 and future money you Alex typing speed level Alex having sea level 9000 yeah I'm super fast on its height man it's no joke all right let's check out a little bit of Bitcoin let's see what they're doing uh so usually would start the news now but we don't have like seven eight hundred like we usually when we start so I'm gonna delay the news for like eight minutes I'll put on a timer cuz it's just for the sake of you know let's say we cap off the stream later at our peak at like nine hundred years I'm gonna have like half the chat asking for a recap so I am going to put a stopwatch for eight minutes Boop alright so eight minutes we'll get into the news until then I will just have a little discussion look at some tea here okay so what I notice here we are really close to 3,000 or breaking yeah where we are really close to breaking 4000 so basically we want to stay above 4000 we do not want to break below 4000 I'm a bit on the leading pairs so on coin market cap it is saying you know hey we're already below 4000 this is an average and it's not as significant because you have it a markets here it actually shows that a minority of the exchanges actually do still have 4000 so we're not like completely below 4000 yet we're kind of like dabbling a bit under 4000 but BitFenix is still holding about 4000 so we do not want Bitcoin to break 4000 basically nano crater spreading feathered a crazy set said banks aren't going to work with XRP yeah we definitely haven't had you know like multiple institutions state they want to utilize xrp for transfer give me a break there's so much frickin flooding in the space it's crazy I think there'll be big announced for end-of-year ah I don't know I don't know about that man all I know is I'm in this thing for like five six seven years been for a long haul so I don't like here what happens in here at this point does anyone have XRP in escrow I know we'd say developed a toolkit you can now you now you know I like s QX RP which is kind of neat that time of day saw a car with a jaybird I'll tell you heard about Western Union payroll what about Western Union have I not heard about if it's about the like mercury FX buyout that's all speculation at this point did you notice that uphill change the color of the extra pee wallet I haven't been on up hold since like you know people been saying they did an update so I really can't give you much analysis on that Wow XRP – Wow Wow really okay XRP is to fighting the war on fun bull crap you're spreading fun right now look at this fighting the war on fun truth independence what is this I see fun oh my gosh dude a Fahd bro no ads no Sponsored Stories no hidden agenda okay no hidden agenda all right okay that's funny XRP too slow and centralized for banks wow I mean because rip only runs like 7% of the validators on the network I mean manna they have like so much control being 7% Oh essentially but bitcoin 80% in China it's okay though because you know it's Bitcoin Pinklon that's why it's that's okay because Bitcoin can be centralized but XRP oh no no no no no extra piece on Bitcoin though fully desexualize not we're just gonna print worse can pretend like two miners don't control the entire network now okay let's keep reading uh let me uh make sure I don't have like a stroke I'll read into this okay banks won't use a token that has a supply controlled by private company okay well not really control that's distributed but there is an amount of extra P in escrow so okay XRP adoption is unlikely as it's slow and too centralized really for second transaction that's slow okay and too centralized again 7% of nodes are only controller Ripple not really to hunt was there uh says the founder of nano he thinks banks are unlikely to accept it as it would give ripple labs XRP creative maker holder under your monopoly on the entire forex market okay well I only get more analysis on why they think it's a monopoly because the the XRP is all in escrow and they don't have you know access where they can just sell all that it wants to become billionaires so too risky for banks oh my god have you this is the last thing when I go over because I can already tell this is just BS that ripple controls more than half the total supply again it's locked up in third-party escrow contracts the financial sector couldn't use XRP so the fact that they control more than half until is filed an obligation to spend it or burn it makes it too risky for banks have you heard of a liquidity provider dude jeez I saw you worth my time anymore okay that's just some that's in yeah and it's like the thing to do with nano it's funny as they claim like 7,000 GPS but show no proof of it so that's funny that they call her xrp slow yeah we're yeah we're from for Trent for second transactions on I thought it's just age old speed you're going to do so if you're gonna spread some fun at least like put some effort into it in good lord I'll get the news here guys I'm about two and a half minutes here raise a free man thanks wants to you for the fifty Norwegian currency you think somewhere be healed the good work Alex you got a razor thing so much to support man I really appreciate it man we're awesome dude all right how many partnerships Dan I don't have they were like rumored to be partner with twitch but uh like all cryptocurrency garbage coin rumors uh never came to fruition you uh yep balberith yeah definitely dude definitely that's that's one of the piece of information for New York all right so like two minutes here we'll get the news make sure guys to eat them like on the stream seriously does help out a ton make sure do the subscribe button up grow the channel CC by Nance playing with her emotion in his tweets I think he is dude I think that's exactly what he's doing thanks all right minute 30 we're getting the news over pretty closer seventy creep made fun of because you're wrong how am I wrong see because he thinks XRP is a security but he provide no compelling evidence to the expertise of security he just used a clip of my video uh like comedic effect but then never gave a reason why it was a security or not see that's the thing with these bit corners they don't they they never they don't do logic and reasoning they just do emotional reasoning and they keep telling us about Bitcoin is a good investment which it's clearly you know I feel like big quiz got one last pump and that's dead to be honest the funny thing is buying a coin is indeed a security well yeah cuz he has issued by the exchange so what you got yeah yeah this is kind of old this is see this new Western Union stuff Western Union considers crypto particle to test block champions it's like it this is just old news being regurgitated that's all it is man Western you've been an extract partner for like like six or seven months now so what's of Calvados was up everyone happy holidays Thames Union Calvin all right let's go ahead not delete any further let's get right into the news today okay are you guys ready someone have you seen the who is da is pretty funny Ferdinand Gibbon yep yeah that's that's one of the piece before the day that's one all right are you all ready because we got nine pieces of information nine and they all relate to X our piece on them oh ho let me get my corn all right just let you guys know with crypto you could take this $20 bill just 20 but right here you can take it put it into XRP and tomorrow it'll be worth 18 bucks of how our cryptocurrency right there okay let's not delete any further let's go ahead let's get right in the news we got a lot to talk about so the news will probably take up like the next three minutes of the stream so let's go ahead and get right into it so the biggest piece of information today in my opinion is SBI virtual currencies deposits are now live now since this is translated from this is poorly translated from Japanese into English I don't know exactly what this means I want to say this means that they're like live on order books so I'm waiting to see when they're gonna come up like the public API so we can like track volume whatnot but anyways it does say notice we have started to provide the receipt of virtual currency service from today XRP Bitcoin and aetherium like I put extra P first it's pretty funny can now be received from other virtual currency exchange wallets etc the delivery of sending a service is scheduled to be released sequentially if you click on the link here it says announcement concerning virtual currency reception and sending service so now it's like with virtual currencies you can now like receive crypto with your wallet and like sent crypto out so I'm thinking that this means that they're they're actually live I don't want to say like they're full-on like order book live like a real exchange and I mean I have been blinking yet been vacant all morning g6 repeat yeah so I don't know exactly if they're live or not but they've added the the service of receiving and sending cryptocurrency via the exchange so I think they're getting really close to being lot again you can tie this back into a couple days ago when the Japan Financial Services Agency just came out and they laid out regulation so coincidence that three days later they all sudden allow cryptocurrency to mahasin withdrawals I don't believe in coincidences but now to see that it's this exchange is starting to progress maybe it's not 100% live yet you know with like Fiat deposits and whatnot but we do have it now to where you can accept crypto and send crypts out via SPI virtual currencies and again they are an X rapid enabled partner so about 100 percent live yet but we can continue and go ahead and just keep witnessing the progress of this institutional backed exchange and again regulation is one of the reasons why this exchange been delayed so much so group dos I think so much man for the store contribution dude Alex please post replay because I'm working yes all streams they do adequately archive on the channel so if you didn't miss it do not worry you can be able to watch it over right when it's done thanks so much man for the support citing targets back Alma P talk to sis Mack are back out I'm in a bit ok so that is that s my virtual currencies now you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency now now we are just waiting for the Fiats implementation and again regulation has been the reason why this has been delayed so much but in the in the last couple days we've seen the news of the basically the Japan's version of the SEC they are now finally finally laying out regulation as well as the US so that's where I'm seen s a virtual currency will become a hot topic again in the near future alright next piece of information today Bichel arrington who is the lead of arrington XRP capital a hedge fund completely denominated in the extra people virtual currency so we are happy to be closing on a new 30 million dollar commitment to Arrington xrp capital next week investors are very excited about the crypto markets right now remember from next week unit out cop comes in and says investors are very exciting you know why because X RP is super undervalued when you look at what is really going on within the ecosystem so now we are seeing a 30 million dollar commitment to Arrington extra P capital and he says investors are very excited about the crypto markets right now hmm maybe because they're an all-time low and this is the this is the time where you have the biggest opportunity making money huh maybe that's why again the reason why the investors are excited because crypto markets are so low and this is the point where there's like the least amount of risk there's like the most minimal risk like when you're buying at the bottom you're essentially buying with little to no risk but with all the opportunity so it's the best time to buy this is why the institution's all load up when it's low I'm saying trade like an institution so we have a 30 million dollar I'd say investment coming into Arrington xrp capital and he's saying that investors are very excited about the cripton markets right now that's again that's why I'm saying in the next couple months here looking for some bullish movement in the cryptocurrency space in my opinion alright next piece of info coinbase coinbase coinbase oh how we shall never name them again if they don't list XRP today so today is the last day of the coin base 12 days bennett coinbase announcements where they've been you know talking about hey we got more countries on coinbase we got some new garbage coins and then like all this stuff which is just like fluff material that's not really an announcement but today in the next hour and 13 minutes the new announcement will come out just to give you guys my thoughts I don't think it's gonna be X or P because they would have to be a rational thinking business list X R P however I do feel like today they are going to list a token dashes by my feeling for today they're going to be listing a token I don't think it's me x RP I think it's gonna be like along the lines of Cardno stellar Doge game credits like Queen cash like I'm thinking they're gonna list stuff but it's gonna be like garbage so I I don't again I will stream until the coin based announcement just like we did yesterday but I absolutely do not expect them to list X our people I'm thinking they're Elissa mother corn so we'll keep an eye on that so we will be streaming until 12 p.m. where the announcement will take place next piece of information today this kind of has to do just you know and you know come on the stock market in general the Dow Jones is actually fault has actually fallen to its lowest level in 14 months so that really the Dow is seriously taking a hit let's see what is it out today hang on now Jones aah that's even lower today it's just it's just keeping it's just keeps dropping guys and honestly the stock market we are due for a correction we are definitely due for a correction we're gonna need one because we've them the stock market the bullish for so long now like the feds raising interest rates I think honestly my projection stocks or anything you going down there's there's no doubt in my mind now the reason why I bring this up is there could be the coincidental paradigm of stocks just happen to be going down at the same time institutions are onboarding clients to a cryptocurrency platform so you really never know there because people are pulling money out of the stock market the money's got to go somewhere so my opinion it could affect cryptocurrency positively traitorous Tonio said the sp500 signal to officially started a bear market ouch yeah I was thinking recently I was you know I was gonna sign up for this like I think it was look like Charles Schwab or something and you put like you know you put in a set amount of money per month into you know like in like a mutual fund and whatnot and I was thinking about I always but getting pretty close to do it you know excited this sort of diversify have like you know some xrp and then like get into the stock market but I thought to myself again like we really are due for a correction so I'm gonna wait and I'm definitely planning to get into the stock market but I want that thing low like I want to wait till we're just dropping in the socks and I can like pick them up some cheap because I mean it's like I mean stock market you can make just as much money as you can't encrypt occurrence like some crazy movements do happen so yeah I'm looking to invest in like probably some like pot stocks not gonna like there's a lot of hype around those as well because it's continuing to be like decriminalized at federal level as well as I want to get into some like bioenergy and things like that and like new forms of energy because I saw Chevron recently having an advertisement of they are they're actually putting some money into research and development but I get to essentially like get machines to run on algae so I'm definitely looking into some of those but definitely I do need them down low need to be behind the dips on those I'm not buying top okay next piece of information today we have a new ripple client yes we do and currently you know does make sure you check them out on Twitter breaking is said wanna Lou who here weirdest name ever is to use ripples let's blockchain technology for faster more secure money transfer services here says in a bid to revolutionize money transfer business said wanna lahul ear the country's leading micro financials are a survivor I really have no clue mean by micro financial services maybe they're just like a like a they only exist like online or something I get I mean I guess I don't know I don't know exactly to mean by micro financial services my guess it's that like it's a mostly digital based financial services company and like doesn't have any physical locations but that's kind of relevant but anyways they've partnered with ripple net to use enterprise software solution X current which can use X entropy which enables banks to instantly settle cross-border payments with and and tracking and Li notice here you actually put a little a little image down here to remind us that coin one will be working with CM commercial bank who is piloting I know who is actually you know using what-do-you-call-it multi-hop in Thailand and a financial institution called said wanna Luther in the Philippines to get funds to customers and again the Philippines is one of our extra half of quarters further cross users will be able to transfer funds directly to any recipient with a bank account in Thailand to the prompt pay application which is powered by MasterCard so it seems like prompt pay might be powered by the rippled Network which is pretty awesome angel chroma shot XRP I ain't fallin for that girl I have fallen for that but yeah so Cebu wanna know who you're from earlier Lee Euler let her CL what call Co in the Philippines is now working with ripple but also they are working with cm Commercial Bank which is you know like the ex rapid hub for Thailand so there could be some kind of collaboration there between CL coin one and CM Commercial Bank and also coin what I believe they are coin one transfer is actually working with ripple and they did just launch a they did just launched a mobile app and create it's powered by ripple net so definitely others sometimes between coin once in a commercial bank and CL all working together author upon that again the beautiful even triple net multiple banks can collaborate on projects together and build these new platforms you know just to make and just be so innovative and makes so much dang money on by lowering your cost to consumers because you're lowering your consumer facing costs and your own cost on the back end so actually get more money than you the corresponding banking system at the same time getting lower fees pretty crazy all right siren yeah be quiet come on okay so there's our new Racal partner SIB wanna who leer in the Philippines and again the Philippines is one of our liquidity corridors 4x rapid next piece of information today cz by Nance might be hinting towards a base pair so he sounds like a Brian him an old joke question how many do you have me and multimillion I think scripted question well how'd you get me I was a billionaire real joking hello but I also became a billionaire thanks to crypto it's just a number nothing else changes I still have the same number of crypto and I zombie XRP says there's two choices but here you need to pick one Bobby the career for Christmas which your billionaires picked second one and then he says XRP base pair and the cz bias is like be careful what you wish for as if he's insinuating that there's a potential there they might list X R P as a base currency on the exchange my guess he's probably trolling and just like trying to screw with us maybe Matt might play with our emotions who knows but him to see how he eat the fact that even responded to that by someone from the XP community asking for a base pair on the exchange because they would be getting a lot more volume due to X rappin utility he just says careful what you wish for so maybe I don't know he could be insinuating that this base pair my guess though he's probably just screwing the community so next piece of information today freakin funny decrease to spread used to spread a ton of thought an X RP and still does as well as was shilling bit connect and yes there's proof of him shilling bit connect sunny decreases such thing called archived forums where you can clearly see your YouTube channel back in the bit connect days and yes you were shilling bit connect so your call extra P security I think your second chance so anyways he like you used my video here and he specifically goes to the part where I do say X RP is 100% honest security and he's not we'll see about that but then he / then he proceeds to provide absolutely no compelling evidence or information that it is a security again this guy ran they connect ads not even kidding swear he's deleted all I was like his links now but you can go to wayback archive and see that this dude literally was selling freaking was was like shilling bit connect and having links in his profile right so screw this guy spreads a ton of fun on XRP and then is now claiming the XR piece of security but yet fails to provide any factual piece of evidence that proves us to security Sonny I'd like to invite you live debate on the stream you probably accept it because I would literally destroy you with all the facts on securities laws that you're probably most likely unaware of the power some research my friend next piece of information today alright thank you so much mark over mono I really appreciate you with the $20 contribution man that is awesome Marco dude sir it's dude your moderator on anymore I think he's with market for the support man you were awesome you're the man Alex I always look forward to your human insight do you think government shut down what effect the Krypton market what is realistic time frame for SEC regulation all right we got two questions here let's tack them do you think garbage stuff that so I know recently there was the whole kind of little little battle between you know Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Donald Trump about you know a government shutdown if they didn't get like border funding I don't think that would affect crypto at all I think that would have more of an effect on the stock market you know when there's you know uncertainty in government decisions I think that's more towards the stock market because again cryptocurrency XRP it's not based on any country or economy so I don't feel like it would affect it that much I think if anything it would positively affect it because cryptos you know or Krypton was or Bitcoin was originally all about you know no government no no financial institution interception with within the network really but I think if anything a government shutdown with like prop crypto up because crypto is all about putting your money in assets that is not controlled or really like made and looked basically my trying to say like when there's what's a call like back then when you know in Cyprus they like they shaved 15% off of the every citizen in the country bank accounts like pay off debt like Bitcoin went up off of that so I'm saying because of government the government uncertainty or government decision uncertainty that could cause money to bleed from the stock market enter into crypto because Kryptos sort of I wouldn't call it a safe haven terms of price but it's like safe haven in terms of like the banks can't take your money out of crypto if you got your X RPI nano literally nobody not even a freaking the SWAT team could bust in and light and access this they could grab it they could plug it in and everything they're not gonna know anything information to plug in so I'm telling you that's where government shutdown would probably somewhat prop up crypto in my opinion because you know since crypto is all about getting away from like storm of the banks and whatnot I think it would maybe prompt them second question what is real is the time former SEC regulations so the the Bill of the virtual currency Consumer Protection Act of 2018 that is was drafted on the 13th of last month and you got to consider how long it really takes politicians to get stuff going and for government to approve bills I honestly would think that probably q2 next year we'd see like full-on real regulation could happen sooner you never know because we do have the crypto lobbying group that is behind is a kind of you know essentially paying all politicians to get into crypto so then all of a sudden yesterday we see two congressmen introduce a bill for exempting security laws from cryptocurrency yes any decrease well things are not security dude because they're they're looking to actually in government change the way digital asses are regulated and actually exempting digital assets from the current securities laws so realistic time frame q2 2018 I'd say all righty all right we got almost 800 people the stream you guys are awesome make sure you hit them likes and subscribe does help out a time Charlie's chosen Runnings mouth what XRP – this – well yeah that guy's tray went to jail for a freaking money laundry so I'm telling you all these drug Bitcoin guys they got like you can get dirt on them so I mean it's like they're almost trustworthy guys I'd say I paid a watch let's have a pay-per-view debate Sony versus Alex dude I'm telling you some of these content creators they'd like they do just surface-level research and that's that's real it takes more than that to truly understand what truly is a security and what is a security has to be issued by a company there's proof on github XRP came into fruition prior to the creation of ripple labs LLC therefore it is not a security again our three is investing on top of the network does that make it a security No okay the let's just let's get this top let's just discuss this and get it out of the way uh your cat 900 years right not 800 it shows 767 to my end so I don't know what it shows for you guys it's just me promised a 900 school okay all right so now it's it's a $2,000 prediction by March or something just getting ridiculous guys and it's just getting ridiculous and I think what's happening is BG he is backtracking now he specifically called five and on a prediction he did say it it shows you guys we have nine hundred in here that's crazy it shows we have seven hundred on my end that's we have nine hundred awesome okay cool basically is bearable guy 589 was a prediction it was flat-out a prediction he even sent me a message which I have publicly posted on my Twitter you can look at it right now BG literally said 589 was a prediction and he actually messaged me saying should I take back my prediction and I literally said you know what we'll that's up to you now he's saying it was never a prediction but then now it's 2396 dollars it's just it's stupid it's just it's pointless it's so dumb it's just getting outright ridiculous now that's why it's just funny I think the credibility she's continuing to be lost I'm just done with it it's it's kind of uh it's just dumb that's why I stick to real info facts information because it will never let you down all right so aside from the absolutely ridiculous $2,000 by hole man in four months oh yeah that's definitely a half in there buddy good lord give the e I'm not saying X our P's not going to go to like a couple hundred dollars I'm just saying give the ecosystem some time to grow dude don't expect it freaky next month were just freaking AHA sailing on the high seas of success give the ecosystem some time I mean geez anyways let's forget about that topic let's continue with the news we got two more piece of information to go over to it and again however you interpret it I don't hear about it in the comments I'm sorry I just don't leak ever right now just want to knowledge it give my thoughts and that's it okay so this is website from the UK the you know the United Kingdom government is now saying they got a policy paper for crypto assets published on December 19 crypto assets are a real it's relatively new type of asset that had become more prevalent in the recent years new technology has led to crypto as being create in a wide range of forms and different various uses this paper sets out HMRC's view based on the law as it stands at the date of publication about how individuals who have crypto assets in it who okay about how individuals who have crypto asses are taxed it does not explicitly consider the tax treatment of crypto assets held for the purposes of a business carried on by an individual so I said HMRC will publish further information about the tax treatment of crypto asset transactions involving businesses and companies the crypto asset sector is fast moving and developing all the time the terminology types of coins tokens and transaction can vary the tax treatment of crypto asses continues to develop due to the evolving nature of the underlying technology and the areas in which criminal assets are used as such HMRC HMRC will look at the facts of each case and apply relevant tax reasons according to what has actually taken place aka freaking UK they're working on crypto currency regulations I'm telling you guys when the news broke out about the u.s. finally regulating crypto currency when the biggest economy in the world is stepping in and an old Uncle Sam's is regulating crypto currency when the biggest economy in the world is regulating crypto to keep the u.s. competitive and protect consumers the rest of the country the world will follow again though it pretty much the entire global economy relies on the US and when the u.s. is getting into regularly crypto assets every other country will follow absolutely no doubt patty-cake I think that's ridiculous for the next four months for the next ten years I don't think that's ridiculous okay thank you so much crypto man oh one dude for the five-pound contribution dude you were awesome really appreciate your support crypto man what happens when a bull run happens and most people rush to cash out the exchanges won't cope and can people stop taking funds out for a while okay so so when I poke a so let's say Krypton Marquis hits a Trillium every one of their mom's trying to cash out exchanges like can't keep up with the volume and people can't take out their funds well what you have there is a shitstorm sorry to say that's what you got because last Bourne was kind of opposite where everyone was trying to buy Oh people couldn't buy um but really here I don't think the exchanges are go that's not going to happen again because the exchanges now after happening with with last year's bull run what happened was the exchanges were caught off guard so much and they could not handle the volume and those people couldn't buy and like couldn't sell is they wouldn't even accept the new accounts however now ever since the Bowen and the vine has been dying down these exchanges have been just absolutely revamping their trading engines and they're like the exchanges trust me they're much more prepared now because last year caught everybody including the exchanges off-guard like nobody knew that was coming so now since that's happened exchanges have absolutely just scaled their platforms so during the next importance doesn't happen I think the last bore and what if when I'm much longer if the exchanges didn't have issues in my opinion so there you go man all right all right so the last and final piece information today I know we've been going over info like crazy the last piece of information today is a bit more on the speculative side just an FYI but very very interesting to say the least check this out PayPal just landed a contract with Temenos t24 core banking and OH guess what just so happened be integrated with timeless t24 back in 2016 on a trial XRP and blues out again just for demonstration purposes bank XRP Temenos here is the video from Bank xrp of Temenos back in the 15th of November you can see right here the Temenos t24 was clearly integrated the herbal payment network as a trial back in 2016 and you can clearly see here that the payment was actually going through XRP because you see the XRP change values on the transaction data so well PayPal has landed a contract with Tennessee 24 so now PayPal is going to use the Tennessee 24 system which we're on a Temenos cloud for processing I don't know exactly what PayPal is going to like deploy it with I have the feeling it's just gonna be all stuff cross-border it says here the system will support several of PayPal businesses across multiple geographies including US UK Germany Australia Temenos says this signing is important for the firm as it highlights its momentum in the US market banks and disruptors again disruptors key you were their disruptors as in blotching startups our p.m. start someone up in tax so our last part here it is understood that PayPal was first looking to get a new course system back in 2014 but halted the project as it spun off from eBay at that time it was considering FIS profile system according to fin tech future sources so PayPal did land a contract with Temenos T 24 so it seems like PayPal is going to use telling us or cross-border transactions in multiple geographies for business purposes so if that's xrp powered then just wow but we don't know anything for sure yet it's all speculation but we do know tennis was integrated with XRP for trial purposes back in 2016 so this might have to do with XRP considering they are talking about multiple geographies so obviously cross-border payments here so too early to say I know some people might say oh definitely XRP but you know we really don't know for sure but this is an interesting development to see the least so whether when we'll know if this has anything to do XRP I imagine Temenos would make some sort of announcement in the future whether or not t 24 is truly integrated with X or peat at the moment or at least has XRP integration capabilities so not a hundred percent uses XRP but definitely the potential is there all right protocol thank you so much man for the $5 contribution you think so much product for your support man I seriously appreciate it great show today Alex are you sure until the economy sounds like yes I am streaming for the next 50 minutes until the Columbus announcement I do not think it's going to be XRP however I think it will be a token with little to no utility that's my opinion RIE 55 AMG Steve hang on let me look that up he's 55 AMG ooh pretty clean car oh man if you actually own that that's those are actually kind of those are rare nowadays are may Eve 55 AMG Steve thanks so much man for the five-pound contribution dude you were awesome uh uh happy Christmas Alex thanks so much man I've been following you since you had under a hundred subs Wow yeah under 100 subs that was when I just still had my phone and I just put it up to my computer and hit the record button you know so if that's me as you really been back in from that yeah that was some I was an early early teenage investor day so thank you so much Steve that's awesome man only getting around to setting up my account for the tip thanks oh cool bet you got that's what I'm here to do I am here to help educate and answer just a lot of questions and essentially give the real info in real facts to the community so we can you know really look at what we're investing in long-term and see that day today we are seeing progress every single day in the ecosystem and what we're investing in is you know something that's a great thing long-term and as well when I give you guys real facts real information about the network as well it allows you to easily see fun and go no that's not shoe XRP is indeed very fast because you don't learn from hey or second transactions fifty hundred second per 15 are transactions per second in there trying to scale to 10k TPS thank you so much de brought it to you for the points 5 XP man you're awesome thanks for just four dude all right Jacob bear what's up dude thanks my champ for the $2 contribution 2396 represents 23 percent of so finding on a price however y'all want to interpret it that's up to you but uh I just don't care for it all right Zach cross again man thank you so much for continuous support dude big up for all the hard work Merry Christmas max RP I did recently load up on a decent of XRP at 29 cents which I'm stoked on but whether or not I buy more it's whatever XRP wants to give me hey excellent people let's go down to 25 cents I'm all for it until then I'm on the sidelines I think so it's a cross free continued support man I really appreciate you you were awesome okay hey and hee-haw 23 with the 5x peacock chrétien you thanks so much man really appreciate make sure guys do hit them likes and subscribe does help out a ton make sure check me subscription yourself any West and make sure transpose no vacations you ever miss video stream but more importantly do with like button okay bhaktavar Katoch hey Alex can you talk about security a bit more like what is it and what's the significance of it regards to Krypton xrp so security is a certain classification of an asset and to be a security a company has to issue the asset to be to be considered to security now ripple did not issue x RP x RP was created the ecosystem was created prior to the company but they then they developed a company to invest on top of the ecosystem well 10 corndogs in well actually the sonic by my house has really good corn dogs mice to get some of those after the stream and by the way today getting go look at a potential project car it's pretty stuff pretty fun stuff it's bitch Rayman what's up dude yes a little TA so XRP we have this clear spoiler I think Mitch can back me up on this they Trey can back me up this is our clear support level so we dip below that support but the Barca did not find that sustainable so now you're back over the support level and we may or may not continue to push up who knows but we are we did temporarily break the support but now we are right back over it so not looking too bad nollie into God what'll xrp start burning coins all right Cody the thing is Matt is the XRP ecosystem in the network it burns coins or it burns like a very small fraction of a coin each transaction so here's the thing with every single transaction it's like point zero zero four x RP is burned and about five four to five x RP is burned every minute like as we speak so every minute that goes on like five x PS burn so as volume increases on the network and add a billion start to flow through from the banking industry that's where when we get that huge liquidity boost we're gonna see more and more x RP get burnt and eventually Schwartz said that the burn rates not gonna be significant for another couple of years so I think he's no referring that in the next couple of years we're gonna see like a lot of actual volume come in and that's where we're gonna see the burn rate really taking effect on the supply and less XRP means each individual x RP rises up in value because you lower the supply and the demand stays the same the price does go up JB it's a 3000gt first-gen non-turbo but it's just been sitting out this guy's house and you just not driving it I think he might not run so let me check off the stream hey Kerry Joseph hello Ireland is watching that is cool Karen thanks for tuning out all the way from Ireland Hannah's awesome all right make sure guys you guys got any questions comments concerns now is the best time because we are gonna be streaming for another 44 minutes here I'll be arguing a stream until the last Columbus announcement I am curious to see what they have the doubts I do not think some XRP but I would love to be surprised so you know I'm just curious to see what that actual announce was gonna be I don't think it's gonna be XRP I'm just looking to see what it is I mean is kind of like the last one Bradley Abel you can't even buy those stock dude you can't like you just if you find them they're just all beat to crap he's right it's holding support their weekend is upon us alignment coming probably see now Mitch if we can consolidate through the weekend that would be considered like you know a good sign right because weekends are usually bearish but if we can consolidate the weekend I think bad and we are coming actually are coming up on Christmas so yeah low volume incoming but that does make the markets more illiquid which means it's more exposed to volatility so I mean no no you don't know you know and by the way y'all realize that it's like ten days till end of year I'm excited man I can't wait I want to see what we close off we close off the era five in nine bruh I can't I just hope that one day is also gone um fallar gak galactic Alice have you tried the extra P tip Bott yes yes I have I use it quite a bit on Twitter to give my people 510 days man I bet I feel bad for people who like genuinely believe that that's the thing but there's people that genuinely think it's gonna still happen so basically on a technical analysis perspective it's just it's literally just alright so here's your here's the the 5 v 9 forecast you dude totally gonna happen right there me that easy nice just million percent move nothing all right all jokes aside though I'm actually curious to see and I will be doing like a four hour livestream like to the countdown the end of year so stay tuned for that it's time for new chair Alex I think I just need a little wd-40 in there really good Alex you answer questions only you know or what people hey what's up at Yellen big Pat's who in the stream was so pathing for tuning man hope the m5 50s running quite swell is XRP volume it's 700 million not high for a day bitcoins back to 4,000 what what man actually no so 700 million is actually pretty good for XRP XRP on like an average day is like to 300 million so like we're actually relatively high volume levels but uh really liquidity has grown quite a bit over time you know two years ago this volume was at like 18 million so we've come quite a long way Crypton mining how you sound 18 around the money I wanted I am 18 all right so I'm seeing Bitcoin going up now so we got close to breaking 4,000 the emotional like that psychological level we didn't quite break it so we are dabbling it 4055 we are coming into the weekend so best-case scenario in my opinion we consolidate that's what I'm looking for I want to see you consolidate GC XRP did you see the coin Telegraph story thoughts uh I have not seen yeah you want to drop me a link I'll go and check it out spqr media what's up man who went out covers Eric famous yeah Eric fin I remember he came on tosh point-o recently has pretty funny Daniel Tosh but he cracked some pretty good jokes on Eric there but yeah Eric Finland I hope to be him where you're just like like your job just is being a millionaire and you just get you're just a minute like you really have a job you're just a millionaire like that's that's kind of a cool occupation I'll think trade BOTS have psychology uh well Christian majority of the market isn't really trade BOTS but that is a good portion of it however dude anytime we come over to a emotional level when we talk when we say emotional I mean like a four thousand and that first number just gets a dramatic change we usually do have a resistance or support at those levels like for example when XRP look at it trying to break for tea it broke that forty level but then because people were thinking uh or break for tea it's like the big you know emotional resistance we're not quite getting past as we got sold down we try to do it again barely broke for tea came right back down again approach for tea came right back down like those even levels are actually they do act as resistance or support Thank You Crips on Krypton money digital asset advisors his dad Koen beige sweets is corn-based tweeting right now for this in I mean to think that there's even a chance that this tax RP is just out of this world I don't think they're gonna listed you I literally don't think so but it's like the thing is they did you know they did say that they are exploring it so it's not like out of the picture here they've listed like what they've list like half of these right I believe you know they listed legs a Kia Tasos dai civic bread I think they've listed like a good amount of these so it's like I don't know and then they're saying like over time we intend to offer comes from greater than 90% of all compliant is last bike Martin Kemp so it's like dude just listen art she's again down Cormack just get it done dude there's no point waiting on but yeah I will be staying on until oh yeah myself right here Alex called 970 watching it literally says 840 in mine on my side that's so weird what's the stream inception oh yeah drop-leg there are actually not hunter people that's awesome I don't know why it says 782 on my side anyways let's get rid of the stream inception sorry right so best case just to kind of recap little ta best-case scenario we want to consolidate the weekend all righty William may thank you so much man for these flower countries need your awesome for the pressure support William the legendary real estate agent in LA can you do a video just speculate on best-case scenario moonshot 4xp like example 50 cent to a thousand and thirty three days unless dream for Christmas I don't know because I don't want you know really in my channel I don't want to come out with a video about like can X will XRP hit five hundred dollars in ten days like I just I don't know though those videos I feel like can actually like ruin your credibility as a content creator I mean short term you're getting all the views in the ad revenue one out so short term it's great to make those videos but like long term I don't want to be known as the kid like chronic crypto who's just like just clickbait you know what I mean because the thing is when you're when you put a price per XRP in the title like you know it's gonna get more clicks by by nature it's probably to get probably three times as many views as regular news video so it's like I'll tell you this I'd say best-case scenario end of year is like five dollars I can see that like if we just have some random boron I'd say like maybe like five dollars for this year however I'm thinking like honestly we will hit the couple hundred dollar range in like the next four to five years I think down the road when the ecosystem really grows and we have billions coming through the network I truly believe the triple digit level is possible I really think in the next couple of years we're gonna see that you know I really do think we're gonna see that but you know I don't want to come off the video like specifically for that it just tends to kind of ruin your credibility a bit hey short term it could probably turn that into like a thirty thousand total views video but it just it really does take a toll on your credibility so it's not worth it so Dexter is the announcement I don't think so Avery and may again dude thanks Dillon for the support make it facts based I can do these things but it can do it but these things have to happen yeah you know it would be speculating on facts and we'd have to be you know doing like a hypothetical scenario of you know certain volume certain banks certain corridors certain activity going on in the crypto space I think honestly we have a we have a big crypto movement coming up because I mean when we got the likes of Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley stepping the crypto and JP Morgan I mean that should really tell you yeah we got something big coming so I have no doubt my mind here in the next year will probably see a pretty good I'd say in the next couple months I'd expect some bullish movement because how can we have some of the largest institutions in the world coming out institutional backs cryptic exchanges and not have Ebola we're talking fidelity Ameritrade Nasdaq the New York Stock Exchange JP Morgan uh like Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley you know it's like we got we got some massive institutions coming in that's not something we got some massive institutions coming in because they saw what happened without them they know very well what they can do to this market with them in it selling this product to the out in shows so I'm saying I think in this c'mon siroc's some bullish me I am oh okay Matt did you know that John McAfee plans to run for president in 2020 for the sole reason of promoting crypto in general that's gonna make the market blast off okay here is my only problem with McAfee I don't necessarily think that's good for the market to represent because however that seems like that's way in 2020 that's like far from now an institution every stepping in prior to that because we want people to associate crypto with Morgan Stanley JP Morgan Goldman Sachs Nasdaq New York Stock Exchange Ameritrade we want the public to associate crypto to those big you know well reputable companies with with real you know credibility right we don't want the general public I know I know his intent I know his intent is good like his intent is good to promote crypto but we don't want people thinking oh crypto oh it's nothing that Jake John McAfee is all about the guy that's if you watched you did gringo documentary like due tre like kill people I mean it's like we don't want that to be the to be the image of crypto we want the JP Morgan's the mayor trades the big name institutions being related to crypto we don't want really someone like John McAfee I mean I think it's great that he's in the community and he talks good about crypto I think that's great but we don't really want that name like tied to crypto if you don't I mean there's my opinion though sunny funky thank you so much man for the five franc contribution due to hello x2 the art to the P family are you ready for the next day's I am ready for this weekend I'm gonna be sleeping in pretty good tomorrow probably playing some fortnight and drinking some Mountain Dew that's too nice cold days but yeah next few days I am looking for consolidation consolidation consolidation consolidation that's best-case scenario my opinion so you so much the only thing for this appointment really appreciate it coin base already tweeted I don't think that's the announcement I don't think it is because I don't think they would do it you know that's the most like hilarious gif I've seen my man okay I don't think this is their announcement because like unlike the fifth or fourth day they did some sort of you know they did some like oh we want to be the best crypto blah blah blah who analyst more assets before the announcement I don't think this is it might be it if this was the announcement this would have already changed this would have already changed if that was the announcement yes that's that's not the announcement it would have changed by now all right that's not it that ain't it hey what's up store thanks for tuning in oh yeah for real JPMorgan only rap utilize most evil in history well like you know what I mean like the average person who doesn't do like in-depth research and look and look at how well as Fargo is like kind of fraudulent and like like stealing people's like money from savings account like Wells Fargo got some deep stuff man and now they're all marketing about how oh oh we're so great we're all about taking care of her clients right after they just had some some scandal of freakin like stealing you know using people's names and like spending money on it's like the sketchy stuff but yeah but to the general public like those big names are looked at as right people to us who like you know Reese do you like more than surface-level research we we know you know a lot of institutions are greasy but to the public knowledge is there a reputable big company all right Alex one of the finance at Fiat pear I don't exactly know perhaps regulation that's common reason why I comb a slits XRP it's all kind of stuff enough gcx repeat yeah we actually went over this last week this was yeah this is some exciting stuff and by the way not only is we've been working with you exchange with her all spring with the UAE Central Bank and Saudi Arabia Central Bank are both building a platform on ripple which is pretty freakin awesome okay we do have twenty-eight minutes left until the final coinbase announcement make sure guys do drop some likes its sub one make sure if the Hinton like so hope sighs huh how many likes we have I gotta see this I never actually check how many we have I always say you know just hit the mics right who electrodes Genesis you got a bit tricks use D trading account awesome you noise all right well we have 955 people in the stream almost a thousand Wow thank you guys for tuning in seriously you guys are awesome that that's seriously cool because I mind it shows 800 I'm going like that doesn't seem right I'm here I said 955 that's awesome so we do have 251 likes let's just hit 300 300 makes you guys you hit the like button it's free supports the channel ton make sure the shops mine okay Abdul what is your overall reaction if it is list okay so let's say we are in the magical world of hopes and dreams that today's the day XRP gets listed if it Fioretti Clee were to happen which I literally think is there's there's a zero chance I do not think it's gonna happen if it were to happen I would be very very excited because that is one heck of a liquidity boost and might actually get some price we want extra P because I don't think it's gonna you know catapult it like crazy but I think he could give us a good like 20-25 percent because the reason why the Kryptos are listing or dropping is because they're garbage coins and they're little not taking the service but if something as fish dictated as xrp being the second large digital asset I do think he would bring some decent movement and as well it would be quite a bit of a liquidity boost considering how large their platform really is so I don't things can happen though I don't think it's gonna happen but I will stream until it also happens just because my curiosity alright gotcha thanks yeah in my opinion I think it drive the price up a bit but not like crazy there's like litecoin when it got listed it do you want for my two to $18 I kid you not it was crazy you you what time is the announcement in 25 minutes all right so we got a berm 25 minutes so make sure you guys got any questions comments concerns make sure do drop in the chat below seriously this is the best time which is after the news to ask them any questions hey sukoshi kana Toma what's up bruh think we're tuned in dude um hey do you think eath passes xrp well we do have quite the lead on aetherium so you just believe that we're actually the second largest currency can you all actually believe that because for the longest time we were a third right like for the absolute longest time in history we were third but now we've taken second place for like a solid like two months now well a month two months so that's pretty awesome I like to say that XRP is the number one alt corn Thomas triple witching hours – explains Volta I did hear something else about chart today was me triple witching triple witching Friday happens on the third Friday of every third month March June September December it is the simultaneous expiration or rollover of various huge adoption contracts interesting I'm not gonna I'm not really gonna you know take that to serious haha rady rice I can't believe we're not first a centralized scam Qin was your utility still is yes now to be fair I would say Bitcoin has zero utility I mean it's like if you are mining it does heat up your room like it can actually be a pretty good source of climate like a like climate controls like seeking kinda you know keep your room hot so I mean to say it's got no utility that's kind of a stretch i mean ii really do run a minor like i had one before i ran it in the room like next to mine that's like our storage room kind of it heated up pretty good so it's like it does provide a lot of heat and warmth so it's like i'm not going to say it has zero utility yo Farshad Rohani dude thank you so much man for the $10 contribution thank for your continuing support for a shot really appreciate it I like to wish all my XRP family a Merry Christmas XRP moon XRP will moon be patient exactly man that's what I preach on this channel is I'm saying dude we can't hit the hunter dollar figure we can't hit maybe the 600 figure but hey if we gotta be patient it's gonna take some time I have no doubt the big figures are going to come we just gotta let the ecosystem grip thank you for sure for this Foreman yeah why wait yeah Merry Christmas all you guys but I will not be streaming on 25th 25th I am like no videos no stream I don't care if XRP is at 50 bucks I am not making any content 25th so just let you know 25th is gonna be like a no content day at all I will not be on Twitter and YouTube with nothing that is like full-on family day all right we got what 22 minutes left Terron up 17% 25 make it listen coin bees perhaps because a trend a common trend is that before coins the other song coinbase they do happen to pump because of you know insider trading so Tron if that gets listed then I'm probably by some if it is 589 on Christmas can you stream no no I don't care what happens to 25th I am NOT streaming I don't care what happens like weekends I'll usually weekend's I do a stream but then like sometimes a video but like 25th that is just no content and be bored didn't you say that coinbase couldn't list XRP because it was too difficult for them or something uh I did say or no we did watch a a video clip we did watch a video clip of coinbase saying that it's too difficult from the list which is like it's too difficult it's you're a business what do you think you're gonna do do you think you're gonna it's good everything's just gonna be easy like no of course can be difficult difficulties any coin it's what you do to business you work you work hard you don't care something difficult it up aren't ease yeah how coinbase is in profit I don't know that that's that's the greatest ministry to mankind how are they in profit Ralph you deserve to take off one of this one day not just interest me one day it's cool because if I don't make content for a day I kind of like I want to say I'm sad but like on days that I do miss a stream it's kind of like the rest of my days just kind of off because my brains like na kabhi you know you should have been streaming in there and given the news and educating so yeah it was B one day off it's not that much like the timer I don't feel bad about how serene it's like if I do tell you guys like ahead of time like you know like a week right you know a couple days before like saying okay 20 to 30 nothing so yes art alright y'all so uh we haven't screamed for an hour and 20 minutes here and by the way my streaming stamina isn't is bullish right now like I've actually been able to stream for quite some time usually I'd stream for like 45 minutes and I just be exhausted but our 20 I'm still feeling pretty awake so let me go ahead take a quick break I will be gone no longer than a few minutes and I'll be right back I'm probably gonna grab a quick snack and then I'll be right back on so the time being I'll show you guys Bitcoin chart and how Bitcoin is freaking crashing but I will play a little bit of non copyright music in the background so it's not completely boring be I only be gone for a couple minutes so already all right yes we're not too far away from the Columbus announcement so all right all right all right y'all let me get the music on and I'll be back in a couple of minutes all right and we are back I did lose too many of you were something like 60 that's not too bad okay from the sound of it so Bitcoin rook 4000 however we did eat up part of this candle so doesn't mean we can't you know eat up this candle and get right back up to 4000 X RP don't be below critical okay x RP is below like this support which ain't like you know too much but we the support we don't want to break is this we do not wanna break that support um usually drove them away hey can't lie that music wasn't that bad considering it was no coffee yes Anthony hi I can agree I can't agree Alex please check this out all right what wait what no that that's what thank God for xrp guys I'm so glad my vest so the hydro foundation is going to fork the o.x protocol and eliminate CRX after coin maze at like what why why even you're just screwing people over now what's the coin add it should be freaking like dead now right this should go to zero like literally so Wow the Hydra foundation will forego X to increase the liquidity the protocol my dude you're you're like I'm pretty sure you're depleting liquidity by eliminating the token because when you create a new token luckily this doesn't come right back into the network doesn't know how it works so if anything they're gonna be losing liquidity thanks is it fun oh okay so is this fun or no because I'm not like you no I'm not Oh X guys so I don't know exactly I mean I'm just taking this he acts there is a possible in his foot not like you know pro or anti elects or anything but I don't really know you all right it's gonna be fun because it was when our three days ago in ZRX is fine can they even do that legally yes yes you can fork blockchain legally all right we got ah like 10 more minutes here so let's go ahead and just kill ten minutes a straight watching you my 65-inch pretty look there you go there you go oh yeah I have the uh-huh mean to brag Mary but I do you got a 15-5 so I think I've watched on the 55 like I usually when I do watch me trade streams I'm always like on my computer ten minutes before dogecoin gets added can't wait dude me neither game either SBI news recap please Alex um SBI they now enabled cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals via the SBI virtual currencies exchange however they do not have Fiat pairs yet so they're not like a hundred percent live but we're getting there we're getting there it's not food I don't understand how getting rid of the token increases liquidity that's just this is the dumbest thing I've heard in a while since 589 but you you increase liquidity by getting rid of the tongue okay that doesn't make any sense at all by the way guys remember how I tell you that like Lambos and Ferraris and all of that or just kind of dumb on Apriori now real quick croup decipher these so much man for the transfuse new cool daddy puss bug Gabriel tarde equals catalyst uh I don't know man I think I didn't see that like a little castle you post about I don't really I'm not really on the whole little scene right now yeah I check this out guys remember how how I said matter how rich I ever become I would never buy a Lambo I'm gonna prove to you right now why because people get them and then they get rid of him real fast sunny funky thank you so much man for the 5 franc contribution you Mitch Ray and Alex please make a live business-to-business b2b video with a good beat huh I'll be Mitch wrasse I think our contents a little bit of different categories man it's ready I don't know how the heck he streams for like 6 hours at a time like hey yeah big shout – mister I've been learning all my ta from him for popcorn on coinbase oh yeah Thank You Sonny for this poor man so remember how I remember I said guys no matter how rich I get no matter how much XRP goes up matter how successful I get I will never ever ever buy a Lambo here is why there is a proclaim a sure I'm not leaking any info like I did last time you said pull the Amazon it showed my like straight up address like nice one I went way back in the data okay um all right we are not leaking any all right cool there is a reason why there are endless pages of Lamborghinis for sale because the thing is is probably dumb kids like me get a ton of money or do something maybe they just get a mass amount of wealth and I don't believe that just a young kid talking ledger Ricky uh uh actually talked to a landowner before that like used to have there's a reason why there are pages and pages but grant it's a cool car right it's a garnet school car but there's a reason why there's an endless amount of Lambos for sale I can keep going I can fill the rest of the stream with just Lambos for sale because the reason why is people they get a mass wealth they finally have the money to do it right they buy it they realize how much the freaky maintenance cost guys like this is literally there are tons of Lambos for sale because they cost so much gosh take money maintained and when something goes wrong what something goes wrong yeah you're coughing up 10 20 grand that's wrong tell me I don't care how rich I ever become I will never buy this endless money pit see something more my style I'm saying more I'd be going for Twitter oh my god this one right here where's it at it's in New Jersey this is the like cleanest mark for super ever this thing now something goes wrong I'll have to cough up like a couple hundred bucks you know this freaky mark for guys is this a little my dream right here is a mark for it it's so clean anyways everyone's like you ugly what dude have you even watched fast and furious have you even watched fast and furious I guess you got to be like 18 years old like that car alright so we do have five more minutes till the last day of corn news our 34 is better man you guys don't like supras that's kind of sacrilegious I showed that I saw like tender of people say you okay dang maybe that r34 Hugo convertible Hockley okay supers are overhyped they are but I still like them jungle link what's up man thank you for tuning the street jungle they don't know Alex I know that they don't they're not with the JDM crew okay Cobb don't disappoint with Colombian announcement jungle I do I did everything I could I tweeted a Bryan Armstrong I'm like yo the smartest thing y'all could do as a business is list XRP but as we all know coinbase they over-promised and under-delivered and we got over a thousand people in the stream that is awesome make sure guys you hit the mics in the stream it has helped out a ton all right you drive Marc – yes those are sick hello and by the way y'all it's Friday so I'm telling you after this stream don't even come back to the channel just after this man just have a good time for us today because it's Friday let's kick back forget crypto just enjoy yourself right because it is Friday best day of the week all right the outcome of this decides the dai next video I bet he's in here I know he's waiting he's going alright are we gonna criticize Columbia text video or are we gonna be going like yo holy crap what just happened right you skate yeah read that online sorry okay the next three minutes might be the biggest day of the year nationwide ASIS but I doubt it I am saying it right now my prediction it's not going to be XRP I'm just going to say that right now it's not gonna be xserve yet I'm just saying it's not gonna be I serve you but hey I'm open to surprises I am open to surprise and man we have over a thousand viewers I love that that is just awesome that's like a stat that's like a serious milestone for me to hit like a thousand years in the street nuts that is just amazing all right let's all give more than a silence to the phone words of the stock market who did not heed the monthly chart I wanted to get into I'm wanting to get into a Tron or no wow well hold up no and I said not just say that no we're trying to get into stocks but I'm waiting till it you know drops quite a bit cuz I think we're peaking all right guys here we go next two minutes I don't know it's what it's gonna be I don't know I'm just gonna say it's not XRP that's all I know that's just that's it I don't think it's gonna be XRP it's totally just not going to exer if you already know I've got two minutes please two minutes and they might be putting it on their Twitter first I'll be checking Twitter and this page well I'm calling it it's gonna be they're getting new floors they're getting wood forest I'm calling it they're getting wood floors I am calling it if it's this Dexter thing then just wow I'm done what what what are you doing what is this the toll that coinbase isn't about us it's about the future Krypto bullcrap bullcrap bullcrap I'm done Wow I'm done dude so then they took it and then they went oh hey it's not about us it's about you guys bullcrap Bryan Armstrong I am calling BS on that one that's the you you know you know you could have just turned this bear market to dust you know you could have just reversed the market but you didn't shame on you I don't know how y'all are in profit oh my god I told you I wasn't gonna be xrp I told y'all it wasn't gonna be XRP they didn't they could have done it they could have just done it right there they would have made so much money volume would have kicked up XR people are been up like 20% oh my god oh the toasted corn maze it's not about us it's about the future crypto oh my god dude I'm gonna walk into the Columbia building like leave my hand in the door I don't like injure my hand and be like yo I'm soon y'all for a million dollars because I just broke my hand I swear I can't stand them they know they freakin and know everybody was expecting something Master the twelfth day all right well thank you for tuning in the stream I do apologize for wasting your time on garbage base but again I did saml hey you know I don't even see makes repeat they could have done like at least Tron or something like gosh dude and the candles are going down oh my god alright guys I'm telling you just leave Krypton the rest of the day I'm telling you guys just please leave crippled rest today I'm doing the same thing I might not even come out the videos today maybe I might I don't know I don't know quite yet but again I'm telling all y'all take a break for the rest of the day I'm like for me I need a little crypto rehab I need to stay away from for a bit cuz man oh man alright thank you guys for 2 to 3 today make sure do you drop a like subscribe check the links in the description if you want sports channel get yourself but nos keep that cryptocurrency nice and safe and offline and make sure it's not suppost efficaciously never miss a video stream all right guys I'm gonna grab something to eat take a break go check out this potential project car it's a 3000 GT first un SLE it's been sitting this guys in front of this house like for ages not touching it you're gonna see if I can scoop it for like nothing so telling you guys take a break for us today from crypto yeah I'm kind of done with crypto first aptitude I got to forget all right they gives tuning in I'll see you in the next one pues

32 thoughts on “SBI Virtual Currencies Is Now Live! Last Day of Coinbase Announcement. New Ripple Partner”

  1. I let coinbase know that I was disappointed that I could not get XRP from them and went to another site, but I didn't have to "go off" on them. I don't get all the hostility on Coinbase twitter…I really think we need to not waste energy on Coinbase, I mean are they even relevant to the success of Ripple and the XRPL?

    …plenty of other fish in the sea

  2. That’s what I’ve been saying we don’t need Coinbase ..! They need us …! And yet they still won’t list us … somethings going on behind the scenes

  3. coinbase loses money listing xrp. they lose all the transfer fees when btc is sent to another exchange. they arent stupid.

  4. Alex, you should hereafter just avoid mentioning Coinbase at all. We should not even discuss it anymore. We have to completely ignore their existence.

  5. Coinbase is MySpace at the beginning of 2008. In a year or 2 no one will be using it. I will buy their domain and build a website about how XRP destroyed Coinbase 🙂

  6. coinbase would have put the price to $3-$4. thats selling price, then we wouldn't be able to dan vincent that shit for when it hits mass adoption.

  7. Alex you spoke the truth on all the subjects today! Let’s be real folks…. we are all very excited about XRP and hope to make some money… but be realistic…..getting rich etc..takes time. We all need to really understand investments and a growing market.

  8. Could the reason be that Coinbase didn't add XRP this week is because since they have it on their custodian platform they want to keep the price so the big firms can continue to buy it low until Bakkt takes off and then they could add it for retail investors?

  9. Go Alex u just ripped him a new arse hole to match the one sitting on his shoulders.fkn arse wipe!!!! Love it

  10. they came up with a new trick. again trying to confuse people and take their money. I hate this company. they are scammers

  11. Alex, is it free advertising to use the word clownbase 100 times? If i was the CEO of Coca Cola i give you a $ every time. i am going to count next time.

  12. @alexcobb Want to bet xrp's coin circulation corrects again showing 99,999,999,99 or whatever the total coins are for xrp?!!!!!! by end of year

  13. Stop naming clownbase. You make free advertising for clown base . Heard about 1000 times clownbase today. STOP THE ADVERTISING

  14. i like your content but the "and we are live" at the start of each video needs to stop its so cringe, i try to fast forward every video to avoid hearing that. other than that great work

  15. I do not understand why everyone in the XRP community is so surprised or upset Coinbase is not listing XRP? I believe we have all come to a community consensus that ; the "Coinbase effect " has long been proven to have worn off dramatically. I believe the ( Digital Asset Investor ) @digitalassetbuy covered this a week back. " They need us more than we need them " rang true then, and even more now! Kraken seems to have their act together in regards to providing a viable XRP outlet. If this were the case, don't you think we would be looking at a 0x coin (and many recent additions);worth at least $1.03 ??? Where is the "POMPE" on these!?!? Mentioning them by name, only provides free advertisement and keeps them relevant in the news.Let us all accept that they will never list XRP for whatever reason.I am sure the Free market forces will treat them, like every other business that decided to ignore it's customer requests….LMBO

  16. I called Coinbase and bitched at them. A close to 10 minutes rant to some customer service person. It was recorded for quality information and training, sooooo maybe it will get replayed to the man that can make something happen.. I think we may need a few million more people to call. Thanks Cobb!

  17. Coinbase can't run away from XRP. They will be using xrp system to deposit and withdraw.

    The LONGER it takes them to add XRP the better for us.

    Their Customers are hungry dogs

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