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hey hon how you doing I got that big deal signed at work and they're giving me a $10,000 bonus I'm gonna head straight down to that ICO shop that everyone's been talking about and get us invested in one of those there I cos you need anything on my way down to the shop bottle of wine okay that sounds good I'll see you soon huh oh damn I'm so excited gonna go down give me one of them I see oh just like those guys on YouTube wonder why Kelly and bikini I'm gonna buy hey honey I just had to call you up I just went to that ICO store you know what they told me they told me I'm an unsophisticated investor they didn't want my ten thousand dollars can you believe that all right Elliot anyway I forgot to ask you what kind of wine you want red or white hey Carl how you do it I'll have the bottle red please hello you guys are busy in here today aren't you Mega Millions 1.6 billion dollars in the lottery two dollars a ticket I'll have five thousand tickets Carl this is gonna be the best thing ever I'm gonna be a billionaire ha ha ha jeepers that's a lot of money hey honey I got that wine for you I found a place to invest that $10,000 went down to Carl's and I bought us 5,000 lottery tickets for the Mega Millions oh my god am tell ya [Applause] welcome everyone is October 22nd edition of what's happening in crypto today's top stories Saudi Arabian monarchs are terrified of satire crypto refugees bank heads speak positively about crypto currencies and everyone wants to win two billion dollars Saudi Arabia is in the news again although it is not for the killing of a journalist in the embassy nor is it for bombing school buses in Yemen but for the new anti satire law anyone caught publishing online satire in the kingdom will now face a five-year jail term so if someone were for example to publish this cartoon on their social media account then they would face a five year jail term in Saudi Arabia oops guess I'm gonna have to cancel my trip to Mecca damn this is an unsurprising development to be honest for the thin-skinned monarchs of Saudi Arabia and yet it presents itself as yet another use case for crypto currency as projects like horizon will allow would be so desaturates to publish with anonymity this also serves as a reminder that behind the official rhetoric of opening Saudi Arabia to the world the kingdom maintains an iron fist over its citizens in that centralised governing structures do not exist to provide freedom to citizens hashtag decentralize the CEO of suburban Russia's biggest bank Hermann Gref has come out saying the following the future of cryptocurrencies are not clear so far as the state will not give up its central role won't allow decentralized crypto currencies though this might be the proper model as for me I'm for a distributed model including in money supply but it seems like that is not in the cards for the next well let's be optimistic ten years Herman goes on to say the following the technology blockchain isn't ready right now when will it be ready in my view in three to five years blockchains potential is huge the philosophy embodied in it could drastically change approaches in many areas improving this technology could bring huge value both to business and society while this may seem like a very long time we must keep in mind that we are still early in the game for crypto and for blockchain of course and that by being early investors in crypto currencies we're actually being offered a really great opportunity here to get these assets before they really go mainstream because once everyone knows about Bitcoin and crypto currencies and everyone owns it the massive gains will have largely already passed as a reminder super bank has been into blockchain for some time and is even a member of the Enterprise aetherium Alliance the deputy governor of the Bank of Japan has double down on his stance that central bank issued digital currencies are indeed a bad idea and would be unlikely to improve existing monetary systems I smell a Bitcoin holder here rat what do you think bitcoin holder yeah I think so it's actually quite interesting to see the different views of these industry insiders and how they are approaching crypto currencies a deal between Liberty X and ATM manufacturers n mega Macy Bitcoin being available for purchase on up to wait for it 100,000 ATMs the implementation of the buying feature though will depend on the willingness of operators to offer the service but even a small percentage of clients saying yes to the offering could have a significant impact particularly in terms of getting Bitcoin into more hands for existing Gen mega ATM owners they will simply need to run a software upgrade to start offering bitcoins who their clients litecoin fees are set to be lowered again this time by a whopping ten times in the next core release the move is intended to be a proactive move aiming to ease transaction fee burdens before the next peak Network event the move will bring the average fee from around five cents down to half a cent Wow that's cheap power ledger is the winner of this year's extreme Tech Challenge hosted by everyone's favorite Bond villain Richard Branson on his private island this is a strong approval of the technological implementation on offer from the Power ledger team as well as a good bit of PR helping get the power ledger brand a bit of extra promotion of course a bit of extra attention from some of the world's top entrepreneurs Navin can you just grow in prowess in the Pacific launching their new blockchain hub in Melbourne Australia the hub will among other things host educational programs and block chain events as well as serving as a support center for nem based startups the geographic footprint of nem has been on the rise for some time recently having launched their New Zealand block Chane hub Amna to disma cerium to stellar making it the latest refugee to flee etherium cited reasons for the move are Stellar's high scalability fast transaction times and low transaction fees on the tude has said that they see the move as pivotal in helping it reach mainstream adoption i wonder how many more aetherium refugees we will see before aetherium actually gets its act together my guess is a lot another market refugee Zeb Bay is packing up shop in getting out of India and heading for Volta following in the footsteps of other exchanges like Finance and O K X the continued flow of business to the small island countries doorstep should serve as a stark reminder for other countries of the Mist business opportunities that they are facing as these cryptocurrency businesses seek out friendlier Shores Malta is certainly setting the stage for it to be a major player in the crypto scene on to our final story of the day the Mega Millions lottery jackpot in the United States is now over two billion dollars with the chances of winning being one and three hundred and two million all major news outlets are reporting these story and are encouraging people to buy their tickets to be in to win just stop to think for a moment you can take your life savings down to the corner store and buy up lottery tickets and you are almost certainly going to lose everything where's the SCC now to protect all these unsophisticated investors why are all the major media outlets allowed to entice grandmas and hard-working people to go out and buy something that will most certainly result in a complete loss of their money I want you to think about that the next time that you read about Americans being excluded from Nico and ask yourself what is the SEC really trying to protect thanks so much for watching today's episode I would love to know what you think about any of today's stories down below in the comments section I love you all please thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel hit the bell down below to stay up to date with what is happening in crypto join the conversation over on twitter telegram or stephen long live the blockchain and peace out the next time

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  2. When it comes to the Lottery … WHY are Major News outlets… not giving a (disclaimer notice) ????? …. to Their viewing Audiences… we are not Qualified ( FINANCIAL Advisors ) purchase lottery Tickets at your own Risk… do your ownResearch… we are just an Entertainment News Outlet????????????????? WHY ??????

  3. Hi Lark! NEBL is the next big thing. They have low circulating supply also they have their own Blockchain solution and there are more. I wish you could do an in depth review of NEBL. I want to share this news to everyone. Cheers!

  4. you purposely used the word yuge @4:44. I just wanted u to know I acknowledge your comedic efforts. #slowhandclap

  5. Remember when crypto was still genuinely interesting Lark? Now you have to come up with skits to keep the ball rollin. Greets to NZ anyways.

  6. This was a great one. Enjoyed almost all of the stories presented today. Especially the last touch about lottery was good.

  7. That guy would have been more likely to get a cask of wine on the way to the shop ??? BTW we don’t say Mel-born in Australia, we say Mel-bin. You always can tell the tourists who pronounce it as it’s spelled! ☮️✌️?

  8. Loving the intros…keep 'em going! You know Saudi and NZ have a reciprocal legal framework agreement Lark??…You're in a a lotta trouble now!

  9. I got my lottery ticket, if I win i will exchange it into bitcoin following day. Thanks for financial advice Lark 🙂

  10. When all of the early crypto adopters are worth billions as a community we'll have the money to buy our way into restructuring the SEC so the regulations can benefit all people (even, God forbid, normal or low-income people).

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