hey welcome back and in today’s video
bitcoin one of the biggest things on the internet it is the internet but there’s
a couple problems that come along with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general
the number one being is no one knows where it came from that seems like a
really big deal I came across this video that really sparked a lot of questions
inside me and I feel like these are a lot of questions that you also might
have so is Bitcoin was it created by the Illuminati the ones that control the
world is there someone pulling the strings and just what is it about
Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto who was behind
this mysterious figure right so sit Satoshi MOC anata no one knows exactly
who it is but there are theories on who it could be
let’s look on Google and see what kind of stuff comes up the name is used by
the unknown person or people who designed a Bitcoin and created its
original reference implementation as a part of implementation they also devised
the first blockchain database in the process they were the first to solve the
double spending problem for digital currency the NSA identified Satoshi
Nakamoto what we just point out how cool of a name this guy’s got the creator of
Bitcoin Satoshi Nevada is the world’s most elusive billionaire worth more than
seven billion dollars as of November 2017 that’s that’s pretty crazy
very few people outside of the Department of Homeland Security know
Satoshi’s real name in fact DHS will not publicly confirm
that even they know the billionaires identity now there has been
a lot of suggestions and a lot of people think that Satoshi is is none other than
Elon Musk who is Elon Musk you might ask Elon wreaths musk is a South African
born American business magnate Mac I said that wrong investor engineer
inventor and you know Elon Musk is a huge huge on a lot of things he could be
he’s got the genius to do this but let’s continue down this video path these
cryptography experts from NSA the Chinese and wants to get rid of the
dollar one thing is clear what we see right now is a well orchestrated
campaign of manipulating bitcoins rate stocks mining fool’s crypto whales media
they are just puppets in the Masters hands I really I really thought it was
interesting how they showed the Freemason symbol symbolism on the back
of satoshis shirt here the Freemasons go back a long way and it goes into the
Illuminati and things like that Freemasonry or masonry consists of
fraternal organizations that trace their origins to the local fraternities of
stonemasons from which the end of the 14th century regulated qualifications
and there’s there’s a lot that you don’t know about what the Freemasons are non
things you didn’t know about Freemasonry when meeting masons do not discuss the
religion or politics Freemasonry is not a religion the class of the Catholic
Church condemns Freemasonry atheists are not welcome
interesting that atheists are not welcome but they don’t discuss religion
or politics this is weird – of Americans earliest presidents George Washington
and James Monroe were freemasons as were Benjamin Franklin John Hancock and Paul
Revere but many leading figures in the American Revolution including John and
tena Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison and Thomas Paine were not
licensed hmm there are no secret Masonic symbols on the US dollar bill
are no secret Masonic that but the Shriners formerly known as the ancient
Arabic order Nobles and mystic shrine that share the organization best known
for his popular mind of driving tiny cars and parades and also standing on
the side of the road with funny-looking hats to get your money it’s very
interesting I’ll put this article in the description below so you can check it
out how does he manage to coordinate such a multi-player work secretly on a
global scale if you want to hide something put it in
plain view absolutely this is a an Illuminati secret the Rothschilds
probably know this all too well if you want to hide something put it in plain
sight now we’ve talked about a lot of Illuminati symbols hidden in plain sight
and here is a couple the monarch butterfly now the monarch butterfly is
spun out of the MK ULTRA and it programmed people it was pretty cool the
monarch butterfly is used by those within the entertainment industry to
symbolize the trauma-based mind control techniques being carried out
predominantly on the female celebrity performing puppets we see relentlessly
paraded in front of analyzing masses and they do this because when they have
these idols in front of children they can begin to manipulate them from an
early age which also brings up the Taco Bell commercials and referencing to the
Taco Bell Illuminati commercials serpents reptiles and dragons are huge
symbolisms for the Illuminati and they mean so many different things they’re
largely feared creatures have long used to symbolize cold blooded and callous
ruling elite from ancient times ancient myths like George and the dragon to more
modern portrays encompassing corporate identities in Hollywood blockbusters
lizard like beasts play a significant role in the Illuminati imagery and it
makes sense because we have lizards walking among us I guess you can see it
in their eyes or maybe not at all another somewhat sinister animal the
Illuminati have adopted to symbolize their serendipitous ways representative
of wisdom and secrecy so it’s basically just secrecy but you can see these
different symbolisms everywhere and they really like it watch it in celebrities
well there’s a lot of different things and it’s very interesting article we’ll
also put it in the description for your reading pleasure porn sites because
to place we’re through pornhub and youporn messages what billions of
dollars are delivered in September 2017 the main page of youporn was full of
videos from Asia I remember a member hornuts top 5 most rated videos were
about sex from money the result was Bitcoin cash poverty
at the end of November a video clip with green dildo was Bitcoin the green dildo
it’s the green dildo it’s uh I always knew it was operated Bitcoin skyrockets
to ten thousand dollars scary but a lot of us are investing in cryptocurrencies
more in Mora at the blockchain technology even if if Bitcoin was to go
away and fall then the blockchain technology would always stay that’s why
I myself as an investor in crypto currencies I’m looking for different
people utilizing the blockchain in ways that benefit the future but one of my
friends gave me this article the other day and it’s about ripple and ripples
kind of making a ripple do you know what people are buying ripple with USD no ETH
and BTC do you know who holds the most of the ripple in this world who’s
selling it banks what we are witnessing is the reversing of the massive wealth
transfer the banks know that they can’t kill ETH and BTC now they need to get as
much of it as possible they don’t want to pay full price their plan develop XRP
hold most of it artificially manipulate the price by beating it up two to three
dollars when we’re gonna have to edit that word out they are trading precious
limited decentralized aetherium in BTC for a blank coin they can’t be printed
on a whim in the end banks will win they will end up holding most of the etherium
and BTC you will end up holding most of the XRP the rich always get richer even
if you start with more money than them they’ll end up with more money than you
now this to me seems like a paranoid concept and I think in investing is you
don’t invest any type of money that’s going to dramatically you know make you
go broke or anything like that and I’m all about going for the thing but that’s
a little bit to Hofstra for me one thing’s for sure there’s a lot going on
here and cryptocurrency is taking over the world as interesting as this is
there’s always something that’s more interesting to me that’s right you
guessed it I want to know what you think some aren’t you go ahead and leave your
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