Samsung Galaxy s10 Cryptocurrency Wallet, John McAfee will run for POTUS from a Boat – Crypto News

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31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy s10 Cryptocurrency Wallet, John McAfee will run for POTUS from a Boat – Crypto News”

  1. McAfee is a joke, he has always been and always will be, he's a liar, a murderer, and a thief, everything he promotes goes to shit. Everything!

  2. Samsung with Pundi x Fx operating system installed. Blockchain mode with a swipe of a finger. That’s why Pundi is rising in price

  3. Bitcoin enthusiasts keep talking about charts, support levels, resistance, breakthroughs and all of that stuff just like they do with stocks too and call it the very respectable and fancy name (Technical Analysis) without most even knowing what these are and thats how they in turn give wrong analysis and lead people into even deeper financial trenches. Firstly, with stocks we do have actual real companies supplying actual real goods and services, and we can go and “kick the tyres” so to speak but cryptocurrency followers don’t have that. We’ve nothing but the charts, as there’s nothing tangible behind it and this makes analysis easily go wrong. Let’s cut through all of that. I am not anti-crypto as I make lots of money from crypto, not by hodling, but by day's a possibility that Bitcoin recovery can break through the $5,000-$6,000 levels again. If that happens, they say we could be in for another bull run. On the other hand, if it should fall through a line set arbitrarily at around $3,000-$3,200, then that’s the time to accept defeat and sell. If anyone has any Bitcoins, I say the time to trade is now, because you’re holding something of no underlying ability to store value whatsoever but also having the ability at the moment to turn in lots of profit. Today’s centralized currencies and payments systems are actually quite efficient, and they have that essential characteristic that Bitcoin can never have which is stability hence the risk in hodling. I personally even though i am quite knowledgeable in crypto, i am not an aficionado and i still depend heavily of the strategies and signals developed by Harry Schneider and i would suggest him for anyone who is serious about making money from cryptocurrency today. I have used a bunch but his system is the best i ever encountered and used for over 6 months already with accuracy so astounding. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues <[email protected]>

  4. Did you confirm these rumors with info from Samsung themselves? My understanding is that Samsung has denied these rumors. I'm happy if the rumors end up being true as this helps crypto become mainstream. Samsung has mass amounts of bloatware preinstalled, as such I have wandered away from buying their products anymore. I like Samsung a lot but having to root a phone just to get rid of Facebook bloatware doesn't work for me. I'm gonna give Sirin Labs new phone the Finney a shot at my hard earned money now. Hopefully and from what I understand is that there will not be all the typical bloatware that comes on most phones. Not to mention I prefer to support a company that is trying to bring crypto to the masses with something that is designed for crypto first and not as a second thought.

  5. Crypto smart phones good innovation merging with all block chain sounds like a plus to me.👏

  6. Will be interesting to see if any of the kyc'd mobile based cryptos like ETN will make the Samsung wallet option…

  7. Great vid as usual! You should have a look at Maxcoin rebooted in july 2017

  8. I can't stand people who act hard and talk and talk all about how hard they are. Its even worse when they tweet it. I love how a week prior McAfee was bragging about not paying taxes and now he's on the run

  9. Alas, doesn’t Crazy John know that he can higher an elite tax accountant that can find him so many loopholes that he does not even have to pay taxes? I guess running away on his boat is his go to MO.

  10. The McAfee running for President in exile psyop is almost as ridiculous as the Assange fighting for freedom in exile psyop!

  11. John McAfee isn't stupid. The US will take control of his boat on his way to Venezuela but he won't be the captain of that ship. I do believe he will reach Venezuela on different boat and he will be warmly welcomed by Maduro to promote a crypto currency economy in Venezuela. The coup attempt in Venezuela right now is going to fail unless the country is invaded by Brazil or the United States. Mexico does not support the coup. Russia and China do not support the coup. Maduro has the military and police well taken care of. They are loyal to him. The coup is low energy. Over the next couple of weeks pro Maduro supporters the people who won the election will counter protest and the self declared illegitimate president of Venezuela will be forced to abandon his claims. More Russian and especially Chinese foreign aid will be sent to Venezuela. I dont believe Donald Trump really cares enough about who runs Venezuela to the point of arming a rebellion but he will allow more sanctions that will cripple the economy however that will only invite the Russians and the Chinese into Venezuela even more to stabilize the situation.

  12. What is McAfee's proposition to fund firefighters, police and roads?
    Taxes suck, but living in anarchy sucks even more. Tax system could have been improved, if politicians weren't lazy fucks.

  13. If the rumour is true, they should include a small amount of crypto pre-loaded. That would be great for crypto adoption and an awesome marketing campaign for Samsung or any of these other manufacturers that are smart enough to do it

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