Samsung Expanding Into Crypto! US Govt Shutdown Effects On Bitcoin ETF!

hey Krypto family so the market looks a little stagnant today but let's look over some articles that show some promise for 2019 so the first articles by coin Telegraph and says Samsung seeks UK trademark for crypto currency wallet so if you remember I made a video a couple weeks ago and I said there's rumors of Samsung actually launching their Galaxy S 10 smartphone with a crypto wallet in it and they've dismissed the rumours they haven't confirmed nor denied them but here it says South Korean electronics giant Samsung is apparently seeking a trademark in the United Kingdom for a cryptocurrency wallet according to a 2007 twenty-seventh filing with the UK intellectual property office in the classes and Terms section of the application samsung site such developments as quote computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain technology now again this looks very very promising especially because Samsung is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world and for them to look at cryptocurrency wallets right now that tells you how much confidence they have in crypto currencies especially on their Galaxy S ten smartphone when their biggest flagships this is definitely some good news and whether they include it on a smartphone or not the fact that they're filing for patents and just getting involved in technology is just something in and of itself that's good to see so again hopefully we could see them launching in the future launching some cryptocurrency wallets on their smartphones and we can see other phone manufacturers doing the same and it also says in October Samsung's production wing Samsung foundry launched a new production process of its seven nanometer low-power plus processor node which could reduce energy consumption by up to 50% so which also proves a critical factor in mining industry so again they're looking at mining and also storing your crypto so something that's definitely good to see now the next article I'll talk about is one by coin Gap and it actually talks about the US government shutdown and some Bitcoin fundamentals are getting stronger for 2019 so as you know right now the United States government is partially shut down it's been like that for the past 7 days and with this comes a lot of delays in regulation so it says Bitcoin another major cryptocurrencies have retraced on the Reds over the past 24 hours all things to the US government shut down with regards to funding the border wall while politics doesn't have much of an impact on cryptocurrencies here's an event both seem to have collide many crypto analysts believe the US government shutdown could delay the much-anticipated launch of backed and it says quote is back to still pending regulatory approval may think on the shutdown could affect this timeframe and basically it's just they're saying that it could potentially drag on for months with the government shutdown and I do think it could drag on for a while looking at both sides right now and basically it's just saying that it's hard for people to operate with especially toward regulatory approval during the shutdown and while it's not impossible it just makes it a lot more difficult so I already believe that backed was gonna get delayed no matter what and just the government shutdown again just kind of prolongs that and you know kind of keeps that uncertainty in the market which is not good but again you know hopefully we can just move past this and everyone kind of puts less emphasis on the Bitcoin ETF and they just trade more on the Bitcoin fundamentals and talking about Bitcoin fundamentals here so when you look at the USD historical chart you know it doesn't look too good but then you look at the Bitcoin transactions and you can see they've been steadily increasing so even though we know we had a bad year in 2018 you could see Bitcoin the transactions we're actually increasing during the whole year but with that more positive is actually the Bitcoin ATM installations so it says over the past three years the number has doubled every year so it's went from two thousand to four thousand machines now you can look at this and it's a constant increase now you can see it's starting to plateau a little bit but I assume we'll continue to see increases as more exchanges open up next year and as more companies start accepting crypto currencies and then it says as the number of merchants one can gather good reading from coin map org which shows strong growth this year but not quite as strong as previous years take a look at their heat map so it shows you some of the biggest you know merchants that have accepted Bitcoin installed ATMs and you can see here North America is of course a big one Europe and then even South America and Mexico area so we have a lot of places that are accepting crypto currencies and just the growth is you know someone to focus on so you stall that whole Asia markets and I believe you know this will be a huge market once they turn around to crypto currencies and start accepting them but it's just good to see all these other countries really taking hold and really you know taking the initiative on adopting them so something I wanted to point out so market today I mentioned is pretty stagnant couple coins are down today bitcoins down point six four percent to thirty eight ninety three ripples down one-and-a-half percent to thirty seven cents their aims up point six three percent to one hundred thirty five dollars it's actually been leading some of the rally pickling cash down four and a half percent to one hundred and sixty five dollars and then Yost down 1.5 percent to two dollars and sixty two cents now looking at Bitcoin here so we have maintained that support level of thirty eight hundred dollars so this is a very important support so I mentioned there's a 50-day moving average that looks like we can't maintain right now we're having trouble maintaining that but this thirty eight hundred is something more important that I want to focus on so if we can maintain this then I definitely can see us bouncing and retesting this four thousand dollar resistance now RSI right now it's still a little overbought so it could be some more room for the downside but again as long as we maintain this level or bounce back above it then I do see that is very positive and if we fall through it though then I do see us major support at thirty six hundred this is where I had that huge bounce before hand so two levels to look out for then that resistance at four thousand and then further testing this 4352 4600 resistance as well so again something to look out for when we are trading and again setting your stops as always and taking profits accordingly and never investing which you can't afford to lose so with that if you enjoyed this video please give it a like comment if you have any questions and please subscribe if you haven't until next time thanks for 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  1. I’ve always thought getting Samsung or Apple to put a prepaid bitcoin wallet on their phones would be YUGE!

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