Samsung Cryptocurrency Coin + IOTA HUGE Partnership News! Ripple XRP, Bitcoin BTC Analysis/ Trading!

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video if you guys
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brawls to be looking at Samsung’s crypto currency as well as tons of other news
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out now let’s jump into some technical analysis I do want to talk very briefly
before we go into some bigger topics about what’s going on with Bitcoin now
we did have a slight pullback if you look at the X BT a chart which is 4 bit
Mex if you are obviously trading on bit mix with leverage you can long in short
we were actually in a short position in the group in the short did hit two
targets expecting a pullback like we saw and it worked out very very well so very
cautious to be at this range we are at the higher levels now one thing to note
is if we do make a high a lower high that’s one thing to know if we do make a
lower higher if we do manage to come up and continue our trends of making you
know higher highs that we’ve been doing for a little bit now and also
I’m making higher low that we see we continue to go up what I would expect
more wouldn’t be surprised to see is a pullback maybe even down to this
what was our long target at one point now being L might act as support at
roughly around five thousand three hundred dollars seeing a pullback we’ve
already seen a bit of a pullback here into the first range but I do expect we
could be seeing a little bit of a further pullback before continuing our
way back up to me everything’s still lining up well to the go to the $5,800
range and maybe even higher to the six thousand to the six point two thousand
and I even see the possibility of going to six point 4 K although I am first
eyeing the target of $5,800 I still think that by a stance before we do have
a reversal in come back down I don’t believe bitcoins going to be I don’t
believe Bitcoin is in the bull run right now I’m not saying that doesn’t mean the
bottom is it that is a whole different discussion but I don’t think we are
going to exponentially go up from $5,800 like I think a lot of people are
expecting so I do want to give you guys my thoughts on this obviously I could be
completely wrong I’m not a financial adviser I’m not telling you guys what to
do with your money just giving you guys what my thoughts are on this and that is
what I’m looking for a short opportunity or if you’re not led for trading just to
see Bitcoin drop back down after we do go up to five point eight K but first
let’s focus on first things first I do expect to go up to five thousand eight
hundred dollars so that to me still lines up very well now if we look
at open market cap 160 3.1 billion dollars in market cap if we move over to
coin mark cap where we have BTC dominance that’s something I want to
talk about in just a little bit 55% we refresh let’s see if it changes
anything 55 percent still it’s it’s a lot but Bitcoin of Bitcoin dollars has
continued to go on up to go up and up in at the last few weeks and we’re gonna
zoom out I’m going to show you guys more about that but first as you can tell a
pretty red day in the market no surprise here another red day in the market since
big points trading relatively sideways has a little bit of a job we are seeing
the market be majority red you see one two three four five six seven all quints
are in the green iota absolutely killing it right at some point it was up even
more now having a little bit of a pullback the market not allowing
I own a tip you know do what it would have done had we been in the bull market
of late 2017 if we got the news that Iona got recently that would have
absolutely exploded the price of we’re talk about that just a little bit but
the biggest losses take a look biggest loser two orbs Raven coin loom Network a
lot of cryptocurrency suffering and this mark a lot of all points suffering this
marking that again comes in due to Bitcoin dominance so if you
remember in if you were here in the bull run of 2017 Bitcoin at all-time high
believe it was December 17th right December 17th and all coins to their BTC
pairs like TRX BTC etherium BTC not etherium USD or TRX USD etherium XRP TRX
a lot of these all coins hit their all-time high a few weeks after so a lot
of them hit their all-time highs in January 2018
while Bitcoin hit its all-time high in in December 2017 right and that’s
because Bitcoin dominance big all the money was flowing into Bitcoin Bitcoin
was absolutely killing it money was flowing into Bitcoin once Beekman got to
its all-time high the money started spreading and diversifying into all
coins and all coins managed to see a vraa now similar right now although to a
much smaller scale we are seeing big point continue to increase just on the
first of April Bitcoin dominance was at 50.5% now like we saw it’s at 55% a
steady increase all the way back if we look at all the way back April 30th 2018
so around a month ago we’ve been who had Bitcoin diamonds at
thirty six point three six percent from there it had a huge run-up and then
pretty much leveled off at roughly fifty to fifty two percent and now it’s having
another breakout to fifty five percent if you look at the all coins all while
bitcoin is on the up trend with dominance all coins are dropping so to
the BTC pairing it’s part of the market cycle and I want to emphasize market
cycles to you guys because I know that’s one thing not a lot of people talk about
how the market does flow in cycles how Bitcoin is going to have the time where
it performs best and all coins are going to take a back seat and they’re going to
suffer a little more and while all coins are performing their best like we saw in
March Bitcoin doesn’t necessarily move too much that’s something I’ve noticed I
do want to share with you guys so you can keep an eye open and understand why
specific all coins are perform you know better at one time all bitcoins
trading sideways or why wouldn’t bitcoins going up you’re all coins two
BTC Perry might be dropping even though the USD value of the you know the 0.2
it’s USD pairing might be going up so it’s a lot of things to actually focus
on that I find very entertaining but I do want to emphasize Bitcoin diamonds
continuing to go up if Bitcoin does have that move to 5.8 ki
expect it to continue to go up and then once Bitcoin pulls back I do expect to
see Bitcoin dominance start to decrease a little bit one thing to highlight now
moving on to some not so good news first before we dive into the interesting part
of the video this new crypto malware infects Windows
PCs asking for ledger recovery phrase so every time I see a scam out there every
time I see something that could want to take your Bitcoin or take your aetherium
like we saw with the etherium giveaways where if you send me one aetherium I’ll
send you ten back and want to make an emphasis that that is you are not going
to get that 10 etherium if you send them 1 2 3 but if you send them to ethereal
you’re not gonna get 20 aetherium back it’s just not gonna happen they’re gonna
take your money and in the comments sections of a lot of crypto youtubers I
do my best to delete the comments but they’re always constantly coming in I
delete a ton and then a new influx of them come in where they either try to
pretend to be me or they’re telling you about this fantastic person who if you
give them $1,000 they’re gonna give you a hundred thousand back crazy stuff like
that so stuff to always watch out for and I know it might seem trivial but
they wouldn’t exist if people didn’t fall for them so that’s obviously why I
want to make sure all of you guys are safe and covered with this so this came
from the official ledger it taught Twitter saying warning we’ve
detected a malware that locally replaces the ledger live desktop application by a
malicious one users of infected computers are asked to enter their 20
forward recovery phrase after a fake update please refer to our security best
practices so go ahead and check that out if you’ve seen this or if you are afraid
of seeing this to make sure you understand more about what’s going on as
always I don’t want you guys to lose your hard-earned cryptocurrency as I do
especially at this point of the market right when we want to see cryptocurrency
go up obviously we never want to lose them but we definitely don’t want to
lose them in the bear market before they’re worth a lot more so make sure
you guys are always making a aware of what’s going on and
sure you’re not putting in information that you shouldn’t be putting in
anywhere that you shouldn’t be putting it in now moving on to some very
positive news iota so on the money earn as you drive with Jaguar Land Rovers so
an innovative smart Walton technology will allow drivers to earn
cryptocurrency as they go it sounds pretty cool right so the way
this is going to work is credit can be earned for sharing information about
traffic jams and potholes and used to automatically pay for tolls parking and
electric charging so pretty cool utility cases this does actually come to being
something that I think it has a very good chance of becoming successful it
makes sense it’s pretty simple it doesn’t require too much adoption from
any specific user they can pay for their tolls they can pay for their park and
they can pay for their electric charging all by sharing information about traffic
jams and potholes which is obviously beneficial to everyone and will make
things more connected so connected services are part of Jaguar Land Rovers
destination zero vision zero accidents zero congestion and zero emissions so
they’re trying to obviously put this to a good cause another reason why I think
this is going to be successful in technology on tests and new Jaguar Land
Rover software engineering Center now they’re testing this out a big
partnership for iota came up on the iota tell of the Iowa to Twitter and as you
guys saw not quite what we would have seen happen if iota what if the market
was in a bull run this was the end of 2017 we’d see a lot more gains Iota
would have probably doubled in price in just a few hours not exactly what
happened we saw 12 percent gains but in this market at this time 12 percent gain
and this you know partnership that could lead to so much more in the future it’s
a very good sci-fi after iota so although we haven’t heard too much from
my Oda in the last few months and from a lot of all coins from a lot of
cryptocurrency haven’t heard too much about a lot of people been fixating on
the price all the projects the good projects out there have been working
hard in the backend in order to get the technology the developments and these
partnerships available and we’re starting to see more and more of them
not expect this is not going to be the last one whatsoever so this is going to
be pretty cool to see moving forward also Samsung
cryptocurrency so Samsung’s apparently going to develop its token on the
ethereum blockchain I believe this is more rumors as of right now I don’t know
if Samsung’s actually come out and confirmed anything but there were
reports emerging the Samsung is considering developing its own
blockchain which would obviously be accompanied by its own token they’re
deeming it the Samsung coin as of right now very
original the consensus that it will that it will is gathering strength so a lot
more people are starting to believe this is actually going to happen
coin desk Korea yeah coin does Korea was first reported the rumors of some
Samsung’s on launching its own blockchain which would be based off
aetherium so pretty big news for theorem this is the case a very large name such
as samsung building their blockchain based off of
etherium the new token which has informally been dubbed the samsung coin
like I told you guys would be used for Samsung public private the anonymous
source said so currently they’re thinking of a private blockchains though
it’s not yet confirmed it could also be public in the future but if they think
it will be a hybrid a combination of public and private blockchain this is
the market expects Samsung coin to come out but the direction has not been has
not yet been decided so still clearly in early talk still a lot more to come out
but you know a huge name like Samsung definitely a rights a step in the right
direction definitely showing how beneficial this technology can be to
companies and so I expect if someone as big as Samsung is looking into this and
it’s you know getting started I wouldn’t be surprised surprised if a majority of
big companies out there are doing the same although it might not have been
disclosed yet they’re definitely looking at it they’re definitely analyzing how
they could use this and see how they could incorporate the technology into
their company and make their company prepared for the future that is coming
in five ten twenty fifty a hundred years to put them in the right direction as a
company you always have to be thinking years and years and decades ahead
because you don’t want to be put out of business because you didn’t adapt to the
technology similar things can be seen with what’s going on right now with the
e-commerce space right guys know shopping online has been absolutely
blowing up and companies that did not adapt to this companies that we’re not
prepared for this or starting to close more and more stores every single year
so to the exact same companies that don’t you
know if there is a space for this technology in their company and they
don’t use it they’re putting their company at risk and a lot of companies
in the future are going to be exposed for this now moving on let’s give this a
refresh I don’t know why it wasn’t loaded but a new by Nance report calls
ripples xrp the best diversifying a digital or best diversify ur digital
asset I don’t want to go too much into detail on this article they are saying
that it is a it does offer a diversifying position for investors
especially since a lot of people aren’t necessarily fans of XRP or they don’t
really know if it’s going to do what it claims that it could do or what a lot of
people believe that it could do in the future the law in finance the report
that buying has had did highlight that a lot of people are using XRP as a
diversifier for their portfolio so I thought this is pretty cool news I
wanted to ask you guys what is your biggest risk altcoin right so this mean
when I think the best diversify ur kind of think about what are you divers what
if you what are you banking on to perform the best you put a small amount
of your portfolio like a small cap Allpoint put a small amount of your
portfolio up in that all coin just in case it does blow up you believe in it
you think it could do well just in case it does what you think it could do that
could be worth a lot in the future obviously don’t put all of your eggs in
one basket always that versified that’s what the article was talking about but
I’m very curious to know what you guys are investing in with a small amount of
your portfolio that you think is a risky investment but could work out big time
in the future so let me know that in the comments down below guys thank you so
much for watching this video if you did enjoy don’t forget to leave a thumbs up
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