Samsung Crypto Wallet – ERC20 only? US – Canada – Korea

what's happening crypto farm good afternoon welcome back to more for crypto I'm Scott I'll be watching IDE TV Facebook or YouTube this is just the cheek a little update regarding the Samsung guest 10 and its so-called crypto wallet I'm actually on the S 10 in out doing the record in this video but all's in the comments wondering why it's portrayed I'm putting it on IG TV as well when I do an edited video I want to spend time on it I will be doing it in landscape again just when I put it on IG TV it's better on in portrait so the Samsung crypto wallet I've learned a couple of things about it since I've been this phone parent where it's only available in the US and it's also in the Samsung store there is a second wallet in the Samsung store so if you're not in one of the three countries are mentioned US Canada or Korea bear in mind you will see a crypto wallet on the Samsung Play Store but you'll notice it's not the Samsung Electronics version that's their own version the one that's available in the US Canada and Korea so I was having a little looking away because I obviously can't find it on the phone when it was sitting the phone or excuse me apparently you can't even or Bitcoin on it nor Bitcoin wallet yeah it's just aetherium and ERC 20 tokens extremely interesting to me you know anyone who knows me and who knows me me farts on hyper ledger and the fact that it's a lot of them ERT 20 tokens or on etherion and the the run I Paulette job ready and waiting for it that is extremely interesting to me that that some songs of Shoals ERC 20 tokens is the first tokens and coins to go on their wallet what's next is it Bitcoin is it XRP or is it some songs on coin who knows who knows some song about to do any RTS but it's all good whack it on I pull that job and then do a migration like like Tron of interesting classy sounds from doing that with what's come out while I SEOs and possible secure is and all that Tosh so it's interesting but yeah I had a few this you get a room for 10 minutes I just wanted to give a little brief brief rundown because I've had some comments about all you got the s10 what's a crypto wallet like I got it yet me I'm in the UK we get it we get it we're one of the last to get it aren't where it's in all the places that will get 5g first and all doubt like Korea America Canada just makes me think Samsung are the best phones I believe in my opinion so there's no phone better than your Samsung phone and the only really thing that I think pretty kak about Samsung's is the Samsung pay oddly any banks in the UK I signed up to it and I'd love to be able to pay on me watch but I can't because I'm not with HSBC one of the only British banks linked to Samsung pay so we'll never open Samsung pay but I'm extremely interested to see if Samsung pays API these interface is merging with its crypto interface and if the acts like revolute because if it does and samsung pay will start dipping into crip top instead of local porn sell like revolute doors that in my opinion is fucking massive cuz then think of your Samsung smartthings starting to make payments as well in the same way absolutely unbelievable mind-boggling and a need to find out a little bit more about it I just wanted to let you all know I haven't got the the crypto wallet yet all the way we don't have to wait too long but I've been waiting two years for NatWest artefacts to be on samsung pay so who knows you knows I'm planning a lot more content running over to earn while running through the weekend and next week on planning a few live streams few Q&A is gonna get some of these interview sorted out and then there's a video about the Rene songs for father and for the event it's gonna start raining so I'm getting in the car so the event was this even they spawned a beast was even fitting me and just so yeah City vet like yeah but videos over the weekend I'm going to be doing bit of Q&A on the house to myself now so get the Q&A going because everyone wanting informative information and wanting the documents and all our that we'll get a couple open get a couple open are you gonna trust documents from a clump nap well we'll get the Bank of England's documents all be shower get some IMF document getting through you know other same reaction to them on documents of a company nob documents of the International Monetary Fund the World Economic Forum of the Bank of England the Federal Reserve and yeah maybe at the top but a shop the our companies bought come on man they're the ones in charge they're in charge in a monetary system and then you question in what the writing in documentation and PDFs about where the monetary systems go in and but perfectly I would agree with your if certain things were going and shaping in certain ways but they've got all that information in the documents and they're not saying it on TV when the speaking so why why what do we believe do we believe what to say in on mainstream media when they wouldn't talk about X RP s– utility case and everyone who's covering it and starting and planning on using it in testing it or do we ignore all the documentation like a kid with where's it where's the logic where's the logic and anyone anyone in the comments say you know you'd all deluded you're all deluded we can barely make 10 dollars or four dollars tag your video tag your video below excuse me have you explaining how you came up with our even if it was just a random for just our did it come up ten to 40 dollars or you just sprouting some bullshit that someone else told you to say that you saw it on mainstream media and you just run it like a trough think for yourself do your own calculations my video do bird egg probably way off 24 K your coin come on man that shit's 2045 so I mean but to sit there and say it's never gonna work 284 okay too small-minded for me that and I'm not even got time for it relist be realistic yeah let's – let's be realistic ten to twenty dollars in the next 18 months there's your realistic there's a realistic fucking price off me ten to twenty dollars within eighteen months and that's what I'm actually hoping for not expecting it love because when you start expecting stuff you end up disappointed I've tried to step back try to stay a little bit conservative and see where that goes and just be patient which is why I'm doing me I'm just doing me I'm just enjoying the life getting on with it getting more XRP when I'm trying my best just to love the job of God a moment I just don't enjoy it I like it but don't love it I want to do something a love so I'm just doing me at the moment you do you and come 2023 would all Eva laughing at you or you'd all laughing at me I don't really give a fuck I'll still be here I'll still be ma at tap you can go a zero I will still be here doing your dad in hey that started off as a Samsung and went on a little run but fuck it Samsung crypto app only available while they only available in the US Canada and Korea at the moment it only holds aetherium and ERC 20 tokens at the moment someone anyone who's got it getting the comments kibbles or give us a little lowdown on it um yeah just kind of start coming on videos he's shaking yet my heart accumulating wait guys go get it live long and our dog you only live once one life make sure you love living it I'll burn you try to rest you Thursday its first do you know yeah Thursday Friday tomorrow sure there'll be thousands of people celebrating let's celebrate every day a fox rider peace out guys take care safe drive home safe drive to work whatever you look to stay safe

29 thoughts on “Samsung Crypto Wallet – ERC20 only? US – Canada – Korea”

  1. I bought the s10 plus here in the UK and was very disappointed scotty boy. What is the app to download from the Samsung store? I also am very interested is seeing the future of Samsung pay.

  2. Hey, guys! Adorable video, I agree with you more than most always will. I think it's OK to buy more chips and coins, I have bought more bitcoins due to the sudden rise and for a future that could moon or completely dive and cost you the holding always fall that's mainly why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $5000 xrp. I was devastated and I was desperately seeking options to regain my loss when I came across Julius's Gregesen on YouTube. After considering the odds, I contacted him through the mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading on exploration, especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make 80% on my Btc, from 2 BTC I made more up to 6 BTC. Mr. Julius's never asked me to give you access to my account, if you have any questions, you can reach it at ([email protected](dot)com) and gain reliable profit with your small encryption experience.

  3. I’ve been studying Digital Assests for past year…….
    Love You You Are Awesome!!
    And I don’t give a Fook either ????

  4. You’re a nice bloke but hopefully you will wake up. There is 100 BILLION XRPs yet compared to Litecoin there is only 84 million of them so they will always be worth way way more. Switch to Litecoin brother fuck XRP. It’s going nowhere

  5. Scott, LFC is my favourite you tube channel these days, i love the big picture view of XRP as an investment. XRP the Standard. I currently live in Australia but have family looking to buy XRP in UK. What exchange would you advise or do you use multiple? Thanks mate

  6. How i see it when Xrp becomes adopted in a year or so it will double or triple, the global volume because of its lack of friction and productivity for wealth creation and GOOD paying jobs so when you get paid in whatever crypto that is legit it will retain its strength in purchasing power. The king of these crypto's i think will be Xrp. A house like you said in the future will be denominated in say 20 xrp's instead 200k usd or whatever fiat. I have full faith that xrp and other legit crypto's will dominate the future because there is nothing else thats better because if there were we would have adopted it already. Go have a couple shots of whatever your favorite whiskey or rum is and just relax like me and wait to receive the prize!!

  7. Keep your chin up brother, i hear the crap as well from people i interact with, mainly coworkers. But believe you me when it does explode i am going to gloat non stop it will be something to see thats for sure, Lol!!

  8. Scott, download the brave browser and use it, i would like to tip you Bat tokens because i like your content! If your interested watch this video on how to get verified for a youtube channel and then i could send you bat tokens. You could choose to receive Xrp instead of bat tokens if you would like.

  9. Thank god 5g is not here yet. it very fucking harmful to us. take it from a telecom guy for 27 years. ( 5g is a KILL GRID)

  10. Plain and simple, did the mainstream media tell you to buy Bitcoin when it made sense to buy it or did they tell you to buy it when it was $20k? The idiots who are waiting on MSM to tell them what to do deserve EVERYTHING they get.

  11. S10s have different processors in the UK remember – not sure why this phone is significantly different between US and the UK but any difference would cause me concern crypto hardware wise.

  12. Imagine if the world was ruled by people who constantly were negative and saying things couldnt be done. Cheers for the crazies!

  13. WTF & still can't buy XRP on Coinbase UK. I know lots of other possibilities but that's not the point.
    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini still working fine here after 24, 000+ hrs continual use
    Nothing we are being told is real or true at a level few will ever understand.
    XRP – The Chosen Bridge.

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