SafeTrade Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Launched

hey everyone what I'd like to do in this video is talk about the launch of the safe trade exchange this is something I have really really been looking forward to I started making safe coin about two months or so ago and I mentor for about two months and I've moved on another coin over the last week because I'm testing the lighter Tuesday it algorithm but safe coin as a project I've always been excited about and one of the main reasons I have been excited about and the whole project as because of the exchange the exchange is at the heart of what save coin is about safe coin as the the main trading peer and the exchange and the exchange is called safe trade see if trade very very good name no this was actually better launched a few days ago it's been online for a couple of days and it's done better thus though tweaking some things and they were doing manual withdrawals so if you if you were to your coins we're doing it manually three times a day but it's been officially launched today and on you know in case they have to tweak some things it could be tomorrow but it should be today and and you know automatic withdrawals we there and not just automatic withdrawals you know you saw there in exchange that the main trading Pierre just no safe but the only coin available right now is bitcoins II but if you look on the Twitter account you can see that they're adding back coin that adding late coin and adding Zen cast three very good coins so I'm very very excited about that now I want to do in this video is just give you a quick overview of what this exchange is about this isn't a very technical video I'm not gonna you know talk about the software and the security and all that I did talk about that's what they Jeff the the main developer of the founder of safe coin I spoke about and was talking about how you know in the front end that looks summer to another exchange but and in the back end that's when it is you know arguably one of the most acute exchanges out there now I don't really talk about that too much in this video because I'm going to speak to Jeff in an interview he can tell you more about less than I can you know he's the guy that actually you know created us and he's been at the heart of this so I'm gonna wait to do an interview with Jeff and he can tell you more about her and what's happening in the background and what the plan for the exchanges in the future now full disclosure as I said that the other day I have joined the save coin team I will be helping them with some content creationist and some other things and so Phil disclosure and but yeah this is something I'm very excited about guys so I just want to talk about a nice video and so we jump back over here and you know when you go to save torch it does as what you will see you see that safe don't cheat when you click on to sign in a you see the sign on page and then that's is where you log in and all you have to do is go to like Google Authenticator and you go to Google at the indicator you pay you log and get email and then you you plan the secure code and then you go to the exchange when you go to the exchange you'll be asked to go to markets or profile and when you go to markets I'll be taking to the main page now I'm gonna do is Oh hide my webcam though now if you ever use the exchange you won't know what's going on here but basically the coins left it at the top left hand side there and you've got all the trades so these are all the chains I went through the left hand side and the middle there you can see the candle stuck in the lanes and all that to see whether the place has been going up and down etc and the right hand side and I left the green here you've got the beds and then you could ask so the green here the buy orders the red are the sale orders and you know it's very very easy you can just put a name your order down at the bottom now I'm not saying down here but I'm gonna jump over to my other browser where I am saying done and you can see it more and more detail and you can see the top here they've got 24-hour volume and they've got the high place there with a low place and you can see the change and if you look at the difference you know between the bed place and ask place there really isn't much between it right now now one of the things that I really love about this exchange and I dad can touch upon the community a coin thing in my previous video as the state trade voting system so you saw in the Twitter Co nail that they've got back coins II and I am you've got back coins II they're already this is you know the first coin being added has been added and they're going to add back coin like coin and then cash but what they have is a voting system where anyone can knee a vote you just send you know when you click on vote you're asked to send to a particular address one safe coin equals one vote and this is a very interesting system a in order to add people to the exchange so you can see snow jam it's currently running but there's dead bay there's a lot of other popular coins eeeh pigeon or even coin and all that as well and I think this is a great system you know the aunt taking the peso that's the aunt charging hundreds or thousands of doors the land a community vote on what coins they want and you know what the place just knows only a few cents for safe coin but when the exchange grows the you know they're looking to add pretty much a new coin every week when exchange grows and it's got lots of different coins I think it's a safe bet to see that the place of the coin is going to go up because safe coin as the main treating player so be safe but coin safe litecoin safe bet coins et cetera and you know if you want to change back coin see for light coin you have to exchange it to save and then you know you buy dollar coin both save coin and so that's why I mean when I see save coin as the mean treating pier now you know I think it looks great you know the still tweaking some things are still messing about with the design and I've talked about lots of different features that the planning they are planning to add in the future but you know it's very simple very simple to use you can see that you know as I said you've got all the duct the trades the other those are the successful chains Thea and you can see someone bought 1323 they're some about four thousand see all the different trades they're by all those sale orders so pretty straightforward and what I'd like to do now is jump over to my other browser and I'll show you me log then and and this is a little bit different now the reason I'm doing this is because we don't minimize us and the reason I'm doing is just so that hates my email address because at mourn at the top of the page it shows you your coins and it shows your email address and but I can actually show you that just now I don't want to spend three hours blotting you know jump in the back jumping back and forth so I've just kind of had my email address just now but that's going to change that's what the email Jess isn't displays it top appease and it just sees a cone or something like that now if you look down here you can see here these are my trades actually and I haven't been looking to sell any safe coin right now I'm not looking to sell but obviously want a taste this has some suggest that some pie or doesn't say love sale or dos and you know I just push them through just to see how it all worked I wanted to get a bit understanding of how it all works and yeah it's very straightforward you can see here you know you can see here what we got yeah and sale order as at 17.7 for nine sex so if I click on that you see it loads down in the bottom and sales safe and you can see by safe if I click one dear buy order now I could sale but what I could do is sale at seventeen point five so I'll click on that and what I can do is just sale and maybe 50 or something for sale I will sell 50 safe so I want to sell 50 safe are the highest the highest bed place and I should go through that way there you go it's went through it right away and you can see the little Astrix here and and now I'll have bet Quincy and my account so I'll have bet coins II the other it shall appear they are because I've just made a little bit a a little bit of bitcoins II and no I could put and I could pound a buy all that if I wanted to so play refresh the peas that should come up so it's easy I've got 875 back coins II I'm going to click order quitter sell order so I'm obviously losing money here but the point here isn't to manipulate the place or do anything like that it's just a sure you heard us walk so put it put by I'm just going to buy it back lower place so there's my you know my two trees they're very straight for what guy is very straightforward and when you go to the other pages you can see your your history so it has to have they're just trades I've been doing just to kind of mess around there's a solvency page as well which is pretty cool it shows you the see facets it took while sits I don't an exchange and here I can see what I've got in front so if i refresh that probably see what I've got yeah 550 pretty much so you can see I've got a couple different trades that I have I'm not actually treating rate node to actually make any money I'm not you know that's not the purpose of this right now I'm not looking to make any money from my trades I think that rate motive coin is under but I'm not trying to show the corner much I tell you guys to Russia and by audience I like that I just think this is a good project I think if you look at the files got a theater sex moaning carp and there's like 22 million coins in circulation and in fact it's going to be the main treating PA over this exchange I'll think it's for to see the place should be going up soon but I encourage you guys to check out a sign up for an account back coin Z is there just now but later on today or tomorrow we should see back coin litecoin and zen cash being added to the exchange so we're gonna see four coins being last hit here I'm very excited about this and I'm very excited to see which coins are added in the future from me someone who has safe coin I'm looking forward to the place going up obviously but for me thus exchange will be a great way for me alacrity a lot the coins out of mind and for example I'd love to get a master node or a secure knot etc for Zen Cash and this exchange is gonna allow me to do that because I can easily sell myseif coin for zen cash so this is just a very general overview of the exchange but I hope you'll get a better idea of what this is about and if you have main safe safe coin or if you have bet coins eorzean caches or anything like that you might want to check out the exchange and please do please do take an a/b remain sorry please do be the main that this is a new exchange it's stolen better mode as I speak right now but we're gonna see the exchange change a lot over the next month or so I'm hoping to have some input into that into what I like and what I don't like and you know I'd like more options for example as far as you know the we deeper indefinite orders you know if you go to other exchanges there's different ways to put an orthosis I store portals and all that all of that welcome and the future but right now I'm just really happy that exchange is being launched it's very easy to use and you saw the air not putting some trades there the the change went through like that super super quick and one of the things I really like about it is the main security priority you can I believe that Jeff can clarify us but I believe that you can't log in without the enter key so you have to have a secure login and so yeah very very happy with the exchange if you want to know more about this a project please check out see if coined or org but the exchange itself is located at safe door trade so watching guys hope you've enjoyed the video and I will talk about this more in the future because I'm planning on interviewing Jeff to find out more about what's happening at the back end what their goals are for the six scenes and the future til next thing guys Takia

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  1. Brother decentralise friend, when I try to move btc from Coinbase to Binance when course is coming down, I must wait 72 hours , you can guess the rest..Cancel and sell for less.. That is the real manipulation, I can not wait for a better option and NOT centrelised

  2. Kevin do you need a wallet for the Safe coins mine or can you mine the coin and send them directly to a Safe Trade wallet there? If so how safe is it leaving your coin on Safe trade?

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