27 thoughts on “Running Masternodes on Swarm (SWM) Huge Giveaways (CRYPTO)”

  1. Great Video
    If you cant afford full masternode, then you can get a shared masternode https://app.snode.co/signup?ref=fja3sd

  2. Love the idea, it's gonna be more engaging for those who doesn't know much of crypto. Swarm Eth Address:

  3. Thanks for showing us potential projects. More power .
    Swarm – 0x785565E15222fca4fd02Ad5306B55d72875381E5

  4. No matter how much I'd like to join the swarm contest, cant purchase 0xC8eD3EA46F55b44FD0A49412f027ABf463E95583 swarm

  5. More power to you sir for showing us promising opportunities. Swarm address: 0xf87674Eca6fA94cc6A7B6bdFe7d07154B0eC9783

  6. Thanks for bringing us more infos about swarm. Godbless u.
    Swarm 0xC4d20372b7A2C3e70af698A57d7C7EA9dac10D33

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