ROKKEX – STO Explained (Pre-Sale: August 26)

We are ROKKEX – a crypto trading platform created by cybersecurity engineering professionals. In a world of trading, we rise above the competition because we consider your security first. We care about traders and investors, so we are ready to be the power-house that does not yet exist in the market. However, innovation requires funding, and there are many ways to approach investors. Like ICO – it’s fast but unregulated and filled with scams. Or IPO – it’s a regulated but long and expensive option. We choose Security Token Offering instead because it has many advantages. Such as regulations and reduced scams, verified exchanges only, bigger market for various investors, and easier investor access. Investors who support ROKKEX will receive up to 15% of our generated gross profits. If you believe in a safer future of crypto trading – join us as an investor. Find out more on our website. ROKKEX – Security First.

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