Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

hi everyone today is Thursday November 8th I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna say in this video so I guess you’re just gonna get a bit of a stream of consciousness from me about everything that’s going on with the potential upgrade to Bitcoin cash and BTC and all everything that’s going on one of the things that’s been on the tips of everybody’s tongue recently though it’s great and so I guess I going to talk about him a little bit today it’s never easy to admit that some that you’ve been fooled maybe I’ve been fooled maybe yeah I have an email from Craig that he sent me uh what five days ago now November 3rd and I’ll put a screenshot up here for you guys but I’ll read what Craig wrote to me I said this came in my inbox right after Bitcoin calm said that we were going to support the ABC version of Bitcoin cash and the ABC roadmap there and so Craig wrote to me saying if you want a war I will do two years of no trade nothing in the war no coin can trade if you want ABC you want coins welcome to bankruptcy it was nice knowing you bitcoin will die before ABC ships on it I will see BCH trade at zero for a few years will you side with ABC you hate Bitcoin you are my enemy you have effing no idea what that means you will i am satoshi have a nice life you will now discover me when pissed off and know you could have had proof your choice f you Craig that’s his email its entirety there at the sort of thing that 40-something year old men that amateur businessmen would say in contrast Calvin era like Calvin Harris sent me an email when he realized that there was a disagreement here and his email said something along the lines of a Roger wouldn’t whenever you’re ready to rejoin the camp that supports economic freedom we’re here we’re ready for you and that seems like something is a sane person would say and maybe Calvin and I have a little bit of a difference of agreement as to what the best tools are to achieve more freedom for the world but that’s fine you know different people can have different opinions there and recently I invent Armani and Ryan Charles and a number of others have been talking about whether or not to split the coins in advance or not split the coins and their strategy that they seem to be advocating and I’ve been listening to it and considering it and trying to keep an open mind on this they say like you can’t put the coins at all because people are going to lose coins but I think they have it backwards and we have the empirical evidence from the last time I went a theory and split into ETH and et Cie a number of exchanges did not implement replay protection and as a result tons and tons of customer money was lost on these exchanges that weren’t letting the coins they were sending out both coins to the same address and people figured it out and they were depositing like ETH to exchanges and then withdrawing but because the exchange and when they were deposited ETH they specifically were making sure not to include any if they’re in classic and then they would withdraw from the exchange but the exchange was mixing you know treating all the coins as one so when they would withdraw they would get both the e.t.c and the ete eth and then they could go and sell the e.t.c on an exchange to buy more to eat CH and they were basically just doing this cycle of where they were siphoning off all of the e.t.c because the wallets in the exchanges were not treating them as two separate coins fast enough and it caused a giant problem – where exchange has lost huge amounts of money because they weren’t treating the two coins as different coins and even if this strategy of them treating them is one single chain works it can’t work for more than a hundred blocks because as soon as you have a hundred blocks on either chain you’ll have coin basis from one chain or the other that isn’t doesn’t even exist on the other chain and those are going to be different coins no matter what so as soon as any minor uses those coins from a new block and miners want to use the coins that they mine you now have two different chains what I’m hoping will be the case and I really like Ryan’s point about if we’re trying to build the world money which I think we are or at least that’s my goal if we’re trying to build the world money it means that it needs to be used by everybody even people that I don’t like or even people that disagree with me or you know it needs to be used by everybody if it’s world money it’s for the world regardless of someone’s political opinions or economic opinions of these cryptocurrencies so I’m hoping that on on November 15 my hope and my suspicion and I think there’s a good chance to that’ll kind of lined up being like y2k I guess I’m kind of a hole because I was just adult and remember y2k very clearly but for those of you young people watching this video the tournament what y2k was like there was a huge amount of fear that on you know midnight when you know the year 2000 hits that all sorts of computers were gonna stop working and was gonna cause all sorts of chaos and they thought eight teams might start working and all these computers with online banking would stop working at me there is even concern that like you know the flight control systems for airplanes we’re gonna stop working in airplanes we’re gonna fall out of the sky was yo the some people were genuinely worried about this sort of thing and I thought it wasn’t gonna be much of an issue either but I always like to be prepared rather but not be prepared so I remember I went to the Safeway and I spent I don’t know three or four hundred dollars buying canned food I bought all the canned food I could fit in a big giant shopping cart and I remember the the clerk was why do you buy all this canned food y2k and and they were oh my god you really think this is gonna be something I said no but it’s better to be prepared in case something does happen than to not be prepared and I think that probably applies not probably apply as it did it does apply to the fork that potentially could happened here I’m number 15 I think it’s probably unlikely that there will be a long term fork in especially because there’s no replay protection but if there is we should be prepared for it and the only be prepared for it the long term is to make sure you can treat the two separate coins as separate coins if there is a fork I think the hash rate and the ecosystem dictates that ABC is gonna have a significant majority at the time I’m recording this video only one exchange has launched a futures market for BT outside ABC and SV coins was way too many uh acronyms or these coins at this point but at the moment it’s about 10 to 1 in favor of ABC and I think the volume is pretty light still so that’s some indication but you know again at the very at the very court for lack of a better term or the very center of the spirit of a Bitcoin cash is that if the minority disagrees with majority they should be free to fork away and have their own coin and do what they want and if it wasn’t for people thinking that way Bitcoin cash wouldn’t exist today and it really concerns me when I see a faction within the Bitcoin cash camp saying that they’re not going to allow the coins to divergent for there to be two different coins and talk about stealing coins on one chain from another and not not allowing people to go their own separate way I think if people want to go their own way let them go their own way you shouldn’t don’t you know if your wife wants a divorce you don’t lock her in the closet and say no if a faction of Bitcoin cash wants to you know hash away on some other coin it’s there has to do with its their eco system let them go don’t don’t try to force them to stay but me wow I was talking with my CTO at Bitcoin comm before I stopped recording this video and asking him for what his thoughts are on all this and what he thinks we should do and uh a point that he made that I thought was really excellent he said the last time around the block size debate went nowhere because no one wanted to take a stance and we saw that with all these miners almost nobody was willing to take a stance at all in regards to the people that control hash rate and even when the big Walker’s wound up having basically the the majority of the hash rate they had more than 50% at one point they were still scared to set a flat gate like okay here’s the date we’re gonna mind the a bigger block and because they were all scared to actually take action we wound up where we are were the big blockers who at one point very very clearly for the majority in terms of hash rate and economic support within the ecosystem the censorship happened and that that was what drove me over the line the last time to really speak up I was a big blocker at heart but I kind of kept my mouth quiet because I nobody likes to rock the boat too often because it’s you know not fun the the pioneers catch the arrow so to speak but it was when the censorship started the last time around that’s when I tried I can’t stay quiet anymore I have to speak up and I feel like I see some of that same sort of stuff happening with a certain camp within or certain individual within the Bitcoin cash ecosystem that’s busy uh talking about people going to jail for using cryptocurrency how they want and that things are illegal and this and that and well pardon me but maybe you missed the entire point of cryptocurrency is that it allows permissionless innovation permissionless use you don’t need permission to do whatever the hell you want with it if you want to gamble on the internet with it that’s just fine too if you want to buy drugs on the internet with it that’s just fine to to quote another favorite author of mine Leonard read people should be allowed to do absolutely anything that’s peaceful with their cryptocurrency if you’re busy engaging with something that’s peaceful with your cryptocurrency more power to you and if you’re a politician or a policeman or you know an FBI agent or IRS agent and you’re wanting to lock people in jail for doing something that’s peaceful well you’re the bad person and you’re the one who needs to stop it’s not the people that are peacefully using their cryptocurrencies so for me that’s the entire point of cryptocurrencies is to disempower those who want to use violence to control their fellow man or use violence to prevent people from trading with other people using their cryptocurrency and trading includes gambling and includes buying drugs you know people I think probably something here we go I checked into a hotel room there I’m in a hotel room Korea here’s a drug it was sitting right here in the hotel room waiting for me and they even gave me utensils or tools to use the drugs with can you believe the nerve of these people and they’ll even allow me to pay them money for these drugs that they had waiting right here in this hotel room for me to be able to use to alter my consciousness and maybe have thoughts that other people won’t approve of or maybe even go crazy and do things that do hurt other people because and the things that I wouldn’t have normally done if I hadn’t used those drugs that were sitting right here in the drawer waiting for me oh my god and look at this I found hard drugs even harder drugs than the first set of drugs for that battery there’s different types from different manufacturers can you believe that well remember it wasn’t too long ago in America that all of these things were completely illegal and you had all sorts of the equivalent of DEA agents running around secretly arresting people and secretly spying on people and sending people to jail for smuggling this type of drug in America are producing this type of drug or consuming this type of drug in America so like suddenly some politicians got together later and you know wrote down some words on a piece of paper and decided it was no longer illegal for that particular type of drug to be used but it’s still illegal for other types of drugs well who are they to say they don’t know me they don’t own you they don’t own any of us and that’s what has me so excited about crypto currencies is that it’s a disempowering those people that want to control us and if you want to drink some wine or drink some Jack Daniels or smoke some crack your life belongs to you and you should be allowed to do absolutely anything that’s peaceful and if you’re one of the people that want to lock people in jail for drinking wine or smoking crack you’re the bad guy and you need to stop and cryptocurrencies are the tool that the world now has to put a stop to you violent people trying to control your peaceful fellow man through violence got a little bit sidetracked on a political rant there but for me that’s what motivates me every single day all day to work on crypto currencies is because they’re the best tools we’ve ever had to disempower people from controlling people buy and sell a trade and do with other people and so if you’re out there threatening people oh you’re gonna go to jail because you use a cryptocurrency in a way the politicians don’t approve of you’ve missed the entire point of crypto currencies I guess I’ll close this video with a point made by a Vitalik booter and another one of these just absolute geniuses that the crypto coin ecosystem is so lucky to have be a part of it and in reference to craig he said that if it turned out that Craig was Satoshi it would lower his opinion of Satoshi it wouldn’t it wouldn’t improve his opinion of Craig and like lots of different things in lots of different areas uh I think I agree with the Vitalik on that point as well I don’t like I don’t like making videos fashion people but I think I need to bash the ideas that are putting forward by Craig in regards to the use case of Bitcoin not being permissionless and regulators and this and that like I think they’re wrong some things Craig say I think are really really spot-on but other things like as no clue he’s talking about and it’s fine to have no clue about certain topics like you don’t there’s not enough hours in the day to study everything but if you don’t know about something don’t be a bouncing upon duh over and over and over again so you know before this video gets too long I guess we’ll kind of wrap it up there but I support ABC because I think it has a better team I think it has people that are easier to get along with I think it’s people the dearth more competent in general although uh maybe I should wrap up with one more story maybe I told it before maybe not at the Bangkok miners meeting they had maybe two months ago they’re a bunch of people in the room sitting around talking about everything and at one point uh there’s some technical talk starting and Craig got up and said this is a bunch of you know and lies were his words and then I asked some other people that were part of in chained I said like after the you know their boss had just left the room and I said are with the other people saying as I was that a bunch of BS and lies or is there some merit to it and they said that no there was some merit to it so it seems trained to have Craig refused to engage in any sort of technical debate there and my suspicion at this point is because he can’t and I’ve seen a bunch of things happen that make me skeptical very very deeply skeptical so anyhow I wish everybody could all just get along but that’s not reality I wish that we can build a cryptocurrency that enables more economic freedom for the entire world and it seems shocking when to a lot of BTC Max and lists when I I tell them that like if something even better than Bitcoin cash comes along I’ll gladly promote that right now today it seems very very clear that Bitcoin cash is the best tool we have to bring the most economic freedom to the entire world and that’s fine busy promoting Bitcoin cash but and the reasons for that is has the biggest network effect the name recognition one of the biggest market caps the transactions are fast keeping reliable it has most of the early people that made be quite successful to begin with working on it there’s a lot of reasons to be super super super bullish about Bitcoin cash about the only thing that BTC still has going for it is it has the Bitcoin name and has the network effect that people like myself and others built up for it to begin with but the transactions are slow expensive and unreliable and the people promoting that project at this point are openly hostile to the idea of using his money so like they’ve turned their backs on the very things that make Bitcoin popular to begin with or as Bitcoin cash still has all those characteristics in spades so assuming we make it through the November 15th upgrade smoothly and there’s not some sort of disaster I think we’re gonna see a really really really big run-up in Bitcoin cash because uh it’ll be you know it’ll be on the right path that it’s been on previously and one thing that I guess I have learned to a little bit here the core people previously were really really really opposed to any sort of a contentious hard fork and I think there’s some merit to being afraid of that because we’re seeing right now the the damage that can be caused by having contentious art work so Jim and I delaying the the integration of Bitcoin cash on to their exchange and who knows how many other businesses are waiting until this November 15th passes so the good news is it’s only a week away and hold your coins in a wallet which you control a private key that I think that’s pretty much always pretty good advice so anyhow special shout out to some people out there that I really really really like there and I can’t name them all so if I leave you out I apologize but Peter Eisen I really loved your content and there’s just so many out there so Ryan Charles of course Rick FAL King thank you all for being so approachable and and being willing to talk in and all the Bitcoin unlimited guys you guys are fantastic and not EGS and then goon seer I’m sure I don’t pronounce his name very well but another super super sharp guy with lots of insights and and thank you to all the quiet people out there they’re working behind the scenes as well that know what’s going on and thank you to all the old bitcoiners they’ve been around a long time and saw what happened when blog stream in the core supporters basically co-opted the entire ecosystem with their censorship and propaganda and we need to be vigilant against that type of thing in the future so anyhow that’s my stream of consciousness for today thank you guys and to help thank you for helping build more economic freedom for the entire world because that’s the goal at the end of the day and let’s keep going let’s not stop because life is short and let’s build these fantastic tools for the world so we have them sooner rather than later and if you are excited to buy bring more economic freedom to the world bitcoin comm is the right website for you and go and take a peek at freedom bitcoin calm where you can see some of the projects that aren’t directly directly related to bitcoin but are promoting more economic freedom and individual freedom around the world that we’re busy supporting at bitcoin calm so things like free Ross and Cody Wilson and a number of others there at freedom Bitcoin comm so thank you guys and if you like the video share it on your own social media subscribe to the channel and a tell afraind and help set up a friend with a the bitcoin cash wallet over at bitcoin calm thank you

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  1. Buying drugs is in no way "peaceful". You've got people dying every day over drug related things OD, territory, greed. Often drugs that make their way into the hands of people who think that they're consuming drugs "peacefully".

  2. basically what you are saying is that without fucking about with all these coins with more forks, they are pretty much useless.

  3. Stick with the fundamentals SV is play by the "Jamie Diamond" boys. Complete theater we can outlast them. Watch Ripple it's the canary in the coalmine. IF SV succeed they hope to turn bitcoin into Ripple complete play with actors. He can't last don't give in to this kind of bs. Matter of fact we can hurt them by sticking with the fundamentals this is the same bs they've been doing for years in their "field of dreams" it doesn't work here… it wont's work here. It's a new game with new rules. Watch the behavior… who could benefit… who is benefiting right now…Fear is always a weapon of the dark side. Don't fall for it…it's a game. Stick to the fundamentals and they loose.

  4. All this situation is like a kindergarten. Stupid morons couldn't reach agreement about money and power and this is the only reason. They are discrediting ideas of crypto and decentralization in general. They are creating chaos and proving that people can do nothing with their own money and world can't live without banks and centralized power. You are cutting the tree which you are sitting on.

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  6. Roger Ver fooled by someone? He gets what he deserves. Nobody is using Bcash other than the bots on trading exchanges. If people want a real fork for a "better Bitcoin" Bitcore (BTX) has everything people need . Bigger blocksize, smaller blockchain, segwit, much more TPS potential….

  7. I usually can't stand listening to him pump and promote BCH non-stop, but I like this thoughtful version of Ver. He is getting a taste of what he helped to do to others. Except that end part where he starts bashing BTC again with talking points. BTC is not slow, expensive or unreliable in my experience using it.

  8. Bcash has always been shrouded in drama and deceit. That's why I used all of mine after the fork to buy ASICs to mine BTC.

    That being said, 100% agree with 11:11.

  9. Just goes to show that Proof of Work coins are actually centralized, not "decentralized" because of Hash Wars/pools. This is as anti Satoshi''s Vision as it gets. Makes XRP look like the adult coin in the room and is actually the coin that will now move to take over the space by Market Cap. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DEATH OF "PROOF OF WORK COINS". Congratulations to the both of you. Wall Street will RUN and so Will the Regulators. this gives the Authority having Jurisdiction the excuse they need to outlaw the whole space.

  10. so you don't think Ver and Wright are playing the mob as fools? You don't think this is a Trump like orchestrated piece of nonsense to drive talk in crypto again? just sounds too easy good cop bad cop

  11. stupid anarchist arguments about drugs. Alcohol is a legal drug. The government is just a representation of us the community. You don't like the rules? run for office and change the rules. Instead of being a coward and throwing rocks at the system. the reality is very few support your delusional ideas

  12. hey.. Roger.. really you MUST shut down all.. ABC or …what is the second variant?…. all variants of that sh..tcoins … and give, PLEASE, domain to the society of the Earth.. Bitcoin – it is not yours….. look at your face!! you are not happy man, because you doing sh..t … try smthg to create.. you can do it

  13. Scenario: You are forced to flee your home with no time to grab your possessions, all you have is a string of words you have memorized. You have taught your children those words, had them recite it every morning along with the knowledge "If the men with guns come, run. Don't collect anything. Just run."

    So, you run. You endure a long dangerous journey. Unsure if your family survived, or where they are. You come upon a refugee camp and months later, manage to get asylum in a country where you are spat upon as a 'migrant, drain on the economy."

    But, you aren't a drain on anyone. You just need access to a computer. Those words you memorized, unlock a wallet containing 10 btc.

    You unlock the wallet and see it's still there. So, you follow the protocol taught to you: "If the btc hasn't moved send 2 btc to the other addresses as you have been taught to. Keep 2 btc and make it to our rally point."

    In that scenario, the displaced one isn't worried about the transaction taking 30 minutes to process.

    They are just happy it works. In fact, the slowness of it increases it's rarity. Hard to mine, difficult to receive. Worth everything once received. I like you Roger, your passion…But Craig hit the nail on the head. The slowness of btc increases it's utility as a store of value. BCH has it's place for storefront payments in the western hemisphere – but in mineral rich lands where people have been wiped out or displaced, so storefronts can sell cell phones that use cobalt – btc's scarcity and slowness is of more use to them.

  14. Update* Nov 15th: BCH went from 640 to 350.*
    You say crypto is valuable because its not controlled. I say the exact opposite. U can't ride a wild horse.

  15. Thanks Roger for laying things out and for all your hard work in the crypto community over the years.

    I've generally just ignored the whole CSW is/isn't Satoshi thing. But that someone would claim that even if it were true is extremely suspect in my mind. A clinical psychologist would most certainly see irreconcilable types of personalities at play in comparing the actions, words, behaviours of Satoshi-2010 with so-called Satoshi-2018.

    In any case, recent actions and promises to vendetta-attack the ABC chain and tank Bitcoin Cash as well as Bitcoin Core, shows me that CSW is on a seriously deluded ego/power trip and possesses the emotional maturity of a young child. Having someone like that holding so much influence over a supposedly decentralized cryptocurrency is just plain dangerous. It means that I could not, in good conscience, support a new Bitcoin Cash SV (if it eventually won) and I would just cash out in favour of some other crypto intended to be used as decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash instead.

    "The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts." ~ James Joyce

  16. bitcoin SV hahaha whats next Bitcoin GTR .. we need to ignore theses stupid forks and this fake guy
    original bitcoin all the way

  17. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently,
    especially the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past


  19. I'll never understand why people are so mean to you Roger. Bitcoin Cash is a superior cryptocurrency… It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. But if you're a sheep with a heard mentality, then yeah I guess you'll keep spewing hate. It's like people don't even remember last year's bullrun and what killed it. BITCOIN killed the bullrun! People were super excited about crypto but Bitcoin couldn't handle the influx of traffic! IT DIDN'T WORK. People got frustrated with EXTREMELY SLOW confirmation times and ASTRONOMICAL FEES! People were turned off by this at the height of the craze and lost interest! BITCOIN DOES NOT WORK!!! THE WHITEPAPERS SAY ITS SUPPOSED TO BE DIGITAL CASH NOT DIGITAL GOLD! BITCOIN CASH WORKS!!!

  20. Bitcoin Cash's plunge: when will the bleeding stop?

  21. Yep just looking back if everyone took my advice they would have negated 40% loses. These two cocks are fucking the industry up, you know who’s benefiting, RIPPLE.

  22. Go Roger…one of the smartest and nicest guys out there. i follow every project you're in. Unlike most people you care for humanity irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity.

  23. Hey Rodger ver this is superlex anyways binance took all my Bitcoin cash was I supposed to take my Bitcoin cash cuz I lost money on this whole entire fork and I don't understand why you guys done it now at this point if I'm losing money somehow if I would have won money I would have understood it what was binance supposed to take my Bitcoin cash because it seems to be still a coin to me and they took all mine and all they gave me was A B C & S V and I don't have no Bitcoin cash anymore I don't know why

  24. Craig is some fucking idiot I'm the real Satoshi and I can prove that nobody knows that and it's also the most best special trick ever been done on anywhere in the world is to prove that I don't even exist somehow nowadays I couldn't even convince somebody into it if I even showed him every a few million Bitcoin would you not believe me cuz you won't

  25. wow what a delightful man….. it sounds like he wants to be the center of crypto? i love your view of the cryptoverse Roger.

  26. Lifes Short. Can We All Get Along and Prosper? Promote your coin and advance it but NOT at the Cost of the Entire Digital Asset Space and the wallets/fortunes of many. PS: off topic, but the hotel will bill you for ALL of those Bottles you removed off the sensor. "Maybe i've been Fooled." ~ Roger Ver

  27. People need to stop mining bitcoin and b cash from Vers and Wright's pools to stop this pathetic games of manipulation and hash wars.

    Mine bitcoin elsewhere

  28. The sheets are drying on the millennial wetdream.

    Embrace these two mentalities- it is terrible to print more fiat but it is fine to fork crypto endless times and massively increase supply by adding a billion different types of coins.

    All crypto is ultimately worth between zero and 20 cents novelty value.

  29. If i have a business and i accept cryptocurrency like BCH, i will put my business in danger because of the volatility , can you please show a solution for this ??? giving the fact that it has a limited supply .

  30. If the minority disagrees with the majority they should be free to fork off and go their own way. BGTOW – Bitcoins going their own way!

  31. So now you and faketoshi are no longer bff's ? Why were you in his circle to begin with. It was so obvious he was lying about being Satoshi.

  32. you should have stayed with bitcoin core. that's it, end of the story, sorry for you. i hope you didnt sell all your BTC

  33. I love your commitment and I’m a huge fan. Keep it up. You are the best in the space, Roger! I met Ryan Charles and others in the Hackathon in San Francisco. Let’s do it! Economic Freedom now!

  34. The Truth behind the Bangkok story that he gave… Truth is that nobody understands Bitcoin as Craig does, so nobody in the room, including the nChain devs could see through Amaury's deceitful statements except for Craig. That's why he was the only one who got frustrated and left. That, and because immediately before Amaury pretty much said that there was going to be a split, and there was no way they will back down on their proposed changes. More details here

  35. What shows me Roger is real is that he doesnt let all the hate in the comments phase him.

    Craig or Blockstream would censor all of you, and none of you really appreciate Roger permitting your freedom of speech, no matter how dumb you might sound

  36. Have you considered a career narrating e-books? You are a great narrator, the way you read fake satoshi's email is fantastic. I'd listen to your narration all day.

  37. Lol, you BCH fools asked for this shitshow. You should have never sacrificed censorship resistance with your stupid hardfork. In this order SoV, MoE, UoA, when you prioritized MoE over SoV you fucked everything up.

  38. Bitcoin cash users are not against Bitcoin, fucking Craig… We just uptaded Bitcoin block size cuz 1MB sucks.. Bitcoin Cash is the only one Bitcoin p2p electronic cash system.. Bitcoin is obsolete… Choose #BCH

  39. So this whole damn thing started because you guys think that you're above the law? I don't care who you think you are, but there's a reason governments have laws and regulation in place to maintain a productive and civil society. Just because you think people should have the right and access to regulated substances, maybe I don't? Who the hell gave you the right and power to decide for our society what our future holds?

    I'm finally starting to understand Dr. Wright's frustration. No matter what, despite the fact that this is his life's work, he's completely excluded from the whole community around the thing he created, simply because he thinks that it should exist within our current system, rather than outside of it. There's a reason you went on your political rant, and it's this nonsense that has created this whole massive controversy.

    Dr. Wright is constantly abused and attacked by this community, simply because he's trying to do the RIGHT thing. After all he's been through, if our goal was to get along, then how about we stop antagonizing and smearing his name, first? There are so many different social bubbles in today's technical society that it's absolutely mind boggling.

  40. Seek therapy Roger. You're not the only dude that dropped the soap in prison. No need to burn down the world because of it.

  41. Nice iike whst you say its true i don't drink but others are free to if they want to as lonf S tvey not harming othets n whole ear on dfugs is a alwar on us peasce

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