10 thoughts on “ROBO ALGORITHM BOTS INFECT GDAX PLATFORM (Coinbase) Manipulate BTC & ETH”

  1. They are at it again this time with LTC. Coinbase (GDAX) is not running in good faith and needs to block these bots that are running thousands of small sells in order to dump the price. It's just sell spam trades as far as the eye can see and the manipulation is obvious. I think after this I will not use GDAX anymore. A boycott is needed.

  2. If it were really bots that are not from coinbase themselves and who are seriously manipulating the market on their exchange, that would be serious enough to temporary block their API. But they don't do that, cause these bots are from coinbase themselves…

  3. I am new with daytrading and after 2 normal days I saw these bots coming up, I can recognize them right away, all of a sudden you see a candle flickering, I take out my positions and then yes, stuff gets messy, lucky I am out. However, I strongly suspect Coinbase themselves doing this. Just look at all these very tiny orders spread out over 1 penny, this is yet another way to make people do a takers order, so they collect more fee; they put a big fat wall on both end sides with 1 penny difference and then all these small orders. Also, if you take a close look, as soon as these bots come in, the graphs for all 3 coins look similar (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum). If you check you'll see that only these 3 coins are manipulated, while coins that are not on gdax are not affected. I read one of these comments that after a twitter the bots stopped for a moment. Seriously, this is coinbase who's doing this. They have messed with my money in 2013, they really are not to be trusted. I wish we all totally ignore gdax and not let it affect other exchanges. It's coinbase themself who is doing this…. Please do not use that exchange, lets all dump them so they're gone.

  4. Happy to watch your videos…even if you are not live. It's Sat night right now, and Eth is at 39.50 at the moment. I'm looking to buy, but I'd like to see that price point lower to 35/36… we shall see.

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