100 thoughts on “Robinhood App Review After 2 Years of Use”

  1. Fuck this guy, he’s a snake and you reading this shouldn’t trust a fucking thing this guy says, even if this app is perfect for you, you still shouldn’t have came here to hear this money snake talk about this app..

  2. I started a few days ago got an email stating I’m set to invest in crypto after I agreed to the review but now it’s saying. Funds from etf and stocks will be available within 3 days .. I’m confused any insight on what’s going on and why I can’t purchase crypto yet ? Thanks great video I used your referral 👍🏾👍🏾

  3. Great video I am new to trading and I am just learning. Robin hood seems like it is a good place to start since I am a beginner

  4. I downloaded the Robinhood app not too long ago and haven't used it yet. If I invest $50 today how much will I get back in a year's time?
    Ps. I have no idea how the stock market works.

  5. When using the app is there a limit on the likes because if not then am I and other allowed to post it here so we can continue to start getting other stuff from the links?

  6. Hey Jason, it was a great video. Btw, I have a question for you. Could you please tell me how can an invested lose money in stock market ? Could you please explain with an example so that I can have better understanding on this.

  7. I began trading stock for the first time ever, in March of this year, using the Robinhood app. Since starting I'm up almost 60%(57.35% I believe) overall on my investments. Nice video- I subscribed.

  8. interactive brokers has a 3.7% margin rate BUT has a 100k account minimum to avoid the 10$ a month fee and there are small commissions

  9. so for building a portfolio in small amounts , robinhood is the best way to go. but what about record keeping for tax purposes ie short term vs long term?

  10. So when waiting 3 days for the withdrawal, does the cash remain in stock? Does the value continue to fluctuate with trading, while you wait 3 days for the withdrawal to go through? Or does the value of your withdrawal freeze when you initiate the withdrawal?

  11. I'm VERY new to stocks. I actually just bought my first "stock" (literally 1 of some marijuana company, dont judge me, I'm trying to figure this jibberish out)

    Trying to figure out how to set it so if it reaches a certain figure to make it sell itself?

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