Robinhood App Basics – Starting from the Very Beginning!

alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back and thank you for joining me for another video so a mister would recently contacted and said hey I want to start a Facebook page to help people with the Robin Hood app and you have a lot of videos on that content but do you think I can use them on the Facebook page and I was like yeah sure I do have a lot of videos but they're kind of out of date so I decided that go ahead and kind of make a very simplistic guide to start everyone out using Robin Hood if you're unfamiliar with the platform and I'm really going to go through pretty much how I started and I really want to take it back to the basics and just run through everything because using an app especially for investing I can definitely be intimidating but I want to help all of you I want to help you avoid that intimidation and hopefully this video helps you feel a little bit more comfortable using the apps so up the app specifically the Robin Hood AB not the apps anyway right so these videos will probably be blocked into five part kind of blocks for each set I want to have probably a total of 25 in the end but I want to cover everything thoroughly okay so in this block for the next five videos I will be essentially discussing how to really start using the Robin Hood app the bare basics you know I'm trying to gonna try to make it as simple as I can and I hope that this helps all of you so right now we're looking at the Robin Hood main screen here I'm on an Android emulator don't let that you know put you off too much it's the same as your phone I'm just going to be clicking with the mouse instead of you know using my fingers so it says welcome Robin Hood swipe to learn more this is the first thing you see when you download the app on iOS or on Android okay so if we're looking at this here you can scroll you can swipe and you can learn more so it says free stock trading stop paying up to ten dollars for every trade that's true okay it's totally free you don't have to pay I think that's really fantastic for a person like me who can barely afford to keep the lights on in his home you know it's it's it's it's sad up here in Detroit where the weather is extremely cold account protection that's nice okay member of the S IPCC your account protected up to $500,000 so a bit of insurance there which is actually quite nice stay on top of your portfolio anywhere it's an app obviously I think that speaks for itself and that's pretty much all they give you on the main screen you don't need to worry about that too much all you need to do here is go down to where it says sign up so when it prompts you to enter your email address you're gonna want to go ahead and use an email address now if you're going to be doing a lot of trading I would actually recommend that you set up a new email address for your portfolio because you're gonna be getting a lot of mail that's gonna be tax specific and tax sensitive and you want to make sure that you keep all that stuff really organized because if you don't come tax time or when you're trying to manage your stocks or get information on your account it can be kind of difficult so I would recommend that you actually make a new gmail account or a new email account in general to kind of make your life easier when you're managing the account okay so email address I'll go ahead and put in one that I made for this tech cash house at okay now there it is that's my email address and if anyone has questions please send an email to this account with your questions I hope that I can help you answer them and that's just a heads up I won't be using this account it's just kind of a temporary account right for this video so after that go ahead and go down here and hit continue okay now you need to make your Robinhood portfolio so enter my username is Mike and then I'll enter my password as okay so once you have your username and your password picked out you just want to go ahead and hit continue once again and then it's going to prompt you for your full name so we'll go ahead and put in my name once again for disclosure purposes this is not my real information this is just kind of a test account to help everyone out put in your real name though and put in your real first name and your real last name it's very important and then you put in your phone number okay so once you've entered all of that basic information you actually need to enter some identification verification so you need to verify your identity essentially so it says as a brokerage Robin Hood by federal law by the US Patriot Act to collect information about you your information is encrypted and securely transmitted using SSL okay we'll hit continue so you put in your date of birth and then you'll go ahead and set your PIN code all right and then of course you will need to enter your address and then your citizenship and all right and then your social security number now I know a lot of you might not trust them with your SS and but you do actually have to put it in for tax purposes and for other informational purposes you can trust them with this number they're not going to sell it or anything and honestly I've never encountered any issues with this app and then asks you a few basic questions how much experience do you have with investing let's say I'm an expert which of the following best describes your current employment status let's say employed do you or a family member work for another u.s. brokerage no you'd have to answer these two are you or a family member a 10% shareholder or senior officer at a publicly traded US company no okay and then you get to the point where you actually will be funding your account so in order to make your first trade you will need to link your bank account and add funds to your account so go ahead and hit continue and then you have a basic list of banks here that you can actually choose from we'll be setting this up a little later on so we're gonna go ahead and hit skip and that says you can transfer funds from any bank once your account has been approved okay nice and then you actually review the terms and conditions as you can see here and then you hit review and submit application and then wham bam thank you ma'am it says application submitted congratulations before you get started how did you hear about us friends or family apps or press or news searching for a broker other and skip ah let's do skip and then it welcomes you it says welcome to Robin Hood this is the main page and yeah that's pretty simple so that's how you make your account really pretty simple stuff in the next video I will actually be explaining to you the home page and what a couple of different things mean it'll be pretty basic so if you want to so if you want to get more information definitely stick around for that and I hope that all of you learned something from this video thank you for watching and I'll see you on the next one this channel is powered by viewers like you so if you like 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