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see I’m previous me answer with another pan even who it is McConnell it up and I just see Wynonna’s but the solution West Robert Williams Kotori you’ve let project manager of Peshawar kept value top rack – was creates volume specially nice chassis oppressive ass particular cheetah nice truck Attaway video nah so petit larousse come music here back to July 1 piano press water elevation purpose in the canal near the butcher but besides a pastel calico a chicken follow Robert so should we start my first question will be about your general description of – considering my audience is mostly not very technical people yeah could you please try to explain in very simple words how – is for example different from Bitcoin because almost everybody but no script knows Bitcoin so can it do it for me yeah thanks for having me here there are some similarities and differences between – and victim first of all we love pit come become is father of all cryptocurrencies and everything started from from Bitcoin so we treat Bitcoin la us as a foundation of the entire industry even our code bases Bitcoin there is a lot of similarities between VidCon and and – we are we use the proof of work we have the same distribution of coins the differences are technical differences and there are differences from user experience from technical perspective we have some additional features we have different configuration time we have different different algorithm called x11 invited by by our by our founder back in the time Evan Evan developed x11 because he wanted to do something different he wanted to prevent or delay the development of i-64 for – or dark content at times so there are some technical differences but maybe more important our differences from from user perspective first of all instant transactions in some confirmations all of us know that bitcoin is not very fast right to be sure that your transaction is confirmed you need to spend some time and the network needs to continue our team developed the solution that allows you to confirm your transaction one second couple of seconds between one and four and you are sure that it’s irreversible we have we have also optional privacy feature maybe not too many people are concerned nowadays in facebook area above the privacy and so on but still there are some some people on this planet who cares about privacy and for them we we have a privacy feature option of privacy feature dedicated and they can use it or a lot of people who cares about privacy and also we have we have developed our governance and funding system but those are let’s say maybe too complicated and too complex topics for general audience I would encourage you and your your audience to refer to that or patron and tweet about the details because it would take like half an hour to explain everything but it’s fascinating we develop the system that allows us to be self founded our our system works in the way that our mining reward is splitted in three portions 35% comes towards mining – 45 45 percent goes towards master now sometime 10% goes towards Treasury system which is our R&D budget make it very clear for our audience so actually there is a very big community of – and as far as I can understand now people within this community can make their won’t whether they want something difference or no so they can what what for some decision so they have this right yeah that’s true it’s it’s not like for everyone in community because to have a voting right you have to have a master mountain which means that you you have to secure 1000 dash and then run specific hardware and provide this this hardware to the network but yes it’s a kind of democracy and those who decided to invest in – and and run masternodes they have voting rights and they can decide on the project development direction because there is a system where everyone could submit a proposal and the proposal is being voted by master networking if it’s if the network decides that this proposal is good then then the the proposal is founded and we are developing the solution or external vendor to develop the solution or it could be it could be anything we have actually we have a lot of marketing like proposals we have a lot of software development proposal but it could be anything we have we have founded our conference here in Kiev from from the system right we have we have founded our legal investigations about master of network to help our community members to deal with with the legal publication in their countries to understand what click on applications are so this is very flexible system and it allows us to it’s a real decentralization it’s a real democracy a kind of I would say new new new world right new new kind of world we live in the era when you effectually see world tangent and also there was a very great statement about to tell about – that instant transactions have helped businesses and merchants to sell more in cryptocurrencies maybe get their benefit from using picture and as far as I can understand it can be used in Internet of Things – because you can make a lot of very good well your micro transactions is – and it makes a lot of sense because we try to improve and like use it in real life so that’s just something we can real really use everywhere for example I made a video here in Kiev when in one of the restaurants in Kiev you can use – to pay for your dinner and it’s really great and when we tried to pay a Bitcoin it really takes too much time and it doesn’t really make sense of that I know that you don’t like this controversy so it’s not Bitcoin versus – yeah we are all working together but still it’s something better for some cases it’s good that you’ve made this comparison and said that I don’t like I don’t actually I don’t because how I can see it is that different projects and the products have have different like use coasters we have purposes intend to use cases and Pitkin is not for daily payments in a shop in a restaurant just because of the conformation time different architecture let’s say but different Bitcoin has its pricing in the industry and it’s time it’s the biggest currency out at the moment and basically it should be used in my opinion as a store of value you see the future of money having a lot of different equipment hours cryptocurrencies which we can use in different cases but they still have to work together on the same like to earn great aim yes absolutely there are there are many fantastic projects in the industry you’ve mentioned Bitcoin information Internet of Things and obviously ytterbium is behind and probably i I didn’t reveal a big secret but we are working with with one company who decided to use – as a payment platform in parallel with ete amused us for smart contracts in Internet of Things these kind of products are being developed currently because it tyrion tyrion is called cryptocurrency but it’s not a real currency they do not intend to create money they do not their intention is not to create a payment platform the dedicated Dame project is a completely different thing and they are developing like an Internet of Things or word computer let’s say and we do this payment platform and combination of those two projects in some cases I know that you have spent some time and this is an industry can you tell me how you got into – what’s your story maybe you can share it this experience with our audience because a lot of people want to get involved and want to study how it works and how people get into such a major industry yeah so probably I’m not very original I started like like everyone how did you start start I read about Bitcoin maybe three or four years ago but at that time I didn’t like wasn’t thinking about become some part of I started from VidCon and I heard about Bitcoin a long time ago back in 2011 but because of my private life and end applications I had small children at that time and a lot of work in my professional career I just ignored that and then it it came back to me when say in 2013 I was moving to Switzerland five years ago yeah it was 4years five crip tears it was not in that I started with Bitcoin I started with trading and as a technical person I rented the manifest Satoshi manifest I went the white paper got involved in smaller outcomes protocol that time I learned a lot about trading that it’s very emotional and it’s not for everyone yes oh yes I would not recommend training to any professional trader it’s it’s very emotional and so I was trading and I was reading a lot I was learning a lot and being involved in different communities and I wanted to be involved in something really special it was very difficult to get involved in Bitcoin I started to reach out to different people and eventually found Polish made on Polish forum who was involved in – it was it was Warwick and he connected me to meet with Evan our founder Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz business development manager and we had a chat and started to the work to each other decided that my expertise is in project management my technical background could be useful for for the team and we started work together only at the very beginning of 2015 it was very small team at that time that was there were a couple of us working called daily basis of the project and quite a lot of community we had a purpose we already believed in the project and we knew that the vision ever created is something specialist is unique in the industry because he saw many things much bigger than the others and I have to say that his personality is very special he’s a genius but also a really kind and nice and world person so it was easy to him to gather a large team in short period of time and and develop such a huge project maybe you have some advice for people who now want to get involved into Krypton industry so how can they do that it’s really good question yes I would have an advice don’t start with trading that’s not you trying to be because that there are many ways to get involved if you want to invest let’s say or by some crypto as an investment do this but don’t straight unless you are a professional trader but I’m a spherical you can find your place in those big projects that are open for for newcomers for example at the moment we are looking for multiple functions we are looking for graphics we are looking for – it does we are looking for copywriters we are looking for for for designers we are looking for for developers we are looking for people who are specialized in different legal aspects of of cryptocurrencies and many many others oh it’s the right time when those teams are growing very fast to send your CV to somebody to get hired absolutely it’s not only you know about nerds and geeks hard coders hard core coders doing C++ development or something like this the industry is big enough for everyone so actually a lot of people now think that they can’t waste money not investing for example in something but I see there is a big option of wasting time not to get involved into some of great project because maybe two years after two years from now you can’t get it so easily you can even earn money by getting involved we are paying our our contributors for it’s an expert job in English we are having people as contractors and we are paying them regular regular salaries you can open your own business crypto related business and you can you can make your own money right so there are more possibilities I want our viewers to use those and try to find that way not mining or not trading but getting involved into something that great that you do and other people to do so I know a bit of your plans for the nearest future and I know that you have a lot of plans for integration with different businesses and I heard one of yous about your integration with yrx and as far as I know like in my understanding it’s rather big because you are like a very huge cryptocurrencies like one of the top players from the market and verax has almost 1 million of clients so in you understanding how it will affect the market or will it affect so maybe it will wit make some change because it’s mostly used for real transactions real payments with those plastic cards yes yeah absolutely so definitely it will have an impact on – right because we are expecting that it will increase volume of our transactions and more and more people are starting to use wire wirings products and – locked in to love the constant use the moment on database and I have to say that we are very excited with this kind of integrations it came from block cipher originally we had a deal with block block cipher they if they have integrated – in their API stand there are more and more like solid big businesses coming out of this deal because they are cooperating with with block cipher they are using their API and yeah we are really exciting excited about this because it means that the real world uses that uses cryptocurrencies right which is fantastic this is this is our goal not only that but in by industry to replace fiat currencies with what a question to you of course it’s about icos because they can be a conversation about creeped not talking about I saw so can you tell me and my audience some of your view doing like this technology of this crowdfunding in some understanding or how do you feel about it so definitely it’s an interesting topic because it grew so rapidly and the amount of money involved there is incredible I I could not believe in numbers I I went from time to time I do not follow every it’s impossible in my private opinion I think that it could be dangerous first of all the the market is not regulated and I think that with this amount of money involved in the enthusiasts regulators will start to look at them and eventually they could get into into trouble unless that they will they will follow all of the rules therefore for financial markets the the other part of the equation is the fact that I believe that some of these projects are not like solid projects there are I saw many projects with great products with great teams behind but I on the other hand I also saw some some projects that I considered trash at the very first look and it could be it could be very harmful for the industry and in case that some of these projects are failing it will it will affect the the entire industry and operation that the reputation of crypto and I’m pretty sure that those who are against – we’ll use it as as a good example of why we should yeah this actually in some people’s opinion a quilter is somehow connected with I so of course and it’s very difficult to explain them the difference but this I see oh I’m raising some incredible amounts of money yeah that is simply not not needed in their business cases with this money and no the other thing is that the fact that no one is asking what is happening after I see how is finished right no one no one is checking what is going on with the product may be I hope so yeah money for something some paper they maybe dream that I can I can make millions investing in ICS okay it’s a second good the third good option and good advice that you give our audience the first one was about trading the second one about getting involved in getting a job in crypto industries and third one being very careful about I suppose investing in them or participating in them somehow so you know just to be clear I believe that there are very solid ratios on the market and if if investor is doing a proper investigation due diligence is asking questions about the project and [Music] is analyzing the documentation technical vision and if it’s reliable to him then it’s fine but people are simply chasing something which is loud and has a nice webpage right and it’s the same like for example trading is a special profession and making a proper research about ISO as you will need to have some education absolutely so it’s not like everybody and do some proper research so you have to be very careful and indicate for yourself and also be very critical to something you invest your money you’re making argument that easy I don’t feel I don’t feel a professional investor and I did not invest in any IC o—- to be honest because I simply do not have enough knowledge to and time to make an investigation I know that you’re here in Kiev for the first time and I know that you didn’t get a chance to see a lot of thieves turistic sports yet but still what I have plans about keep or maybe how do you feel about spending more time in Kiev and tomorrow will be a big crypto event blockchain or the currency conference that you you’re giving your speech there there will be a big collection that I know that a lot of people are waiting for it so what are your plans and expectation about your stay in Kiev yeah so this is my first time in Kiev indeed as you know I’m polish and yeah we have a common history with Ukraine and my first thing after I arrived and got the taxi from my report to my hotel was wow it’s huge I did not expect that Kiev is so big city even comparing to the Warsaw capital city of Poland it’s huge it’s it’s much bigger in my opinion than also it’s like you know if comparing to the war so when I was living before you have beautiful architecture will have beautiful places I would like to visit so right now I’m only three days here but yeah I definitely need to come back for a couple of weeks to visit a lot of things is happening here probably leaders tomorrow event it’s too much and it’s super big there’ll be maybe 1000 people listening to cryptic ah it’s right I was I was telling you that two years ago we went to Amsterdam for for crypto event and there were twenty thirty people there and here that they are preparing it for hundreds it’s fantastic also we have a huge cryptic immunity here so people are very enthusiastic about you technologists so the trying to make some research to keep themselves and I see it and like I like it very much for me it’s I’m very proud of them [Music] you tell me about your experience do you like it I love I will definitely buy one but it’s the action perfect taste

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  1. Все таки слишком лайтовое интервью, и я уверен что оно полезно для не технических людей, но хочется конкретики, как Даш будет взаимодействовать с wirex, как борются с заполнением мемпула транзакций, как будет происходить пересчет курса оплаты, ведь там высокая волатильность монеты

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  4. Из видео я понял что Даш это говно и в нем нет ничего нового. Спасибо.

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