12 thoughts on “Roadmap to 2k$ and 6k$ – Daily Bitcoin Price Prediction”

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  2. Theter is not bitcoin only fud hodl we go to the moon look at the crash verry weak day whil buy you bitcoin

  3. the thing with pitchforks is if you keep adding enough lines to it of course in hindsight its gonna look like that line means something for S/R. its just not predictive. if you're adding/subtracting pitchfork lines to confirm bias its not gonna help in trading

  4. The channel you have around 10 min mark. If you extend to the left….you'll see it's a significant channel from previous bull run

  5. Thanks for the analysis & detailed chart breakdown Theo.
    And for trying to prepare us technically & psychologically for potential future price moves.

    Yeah, really tough to have any clue what direction BTC will move – and if it will stick to that direction or do a U-turn an hour later or not!

    But it seems to me that we are still bullish.

    This recent sell off was just market manipulation to stop a load of people out who had stop losses set around $5 k.

    The correlation with the news article about Tether is just an excuse / part of the manipulation.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong and maybe the bull trap has finally been sprung and it will only be down from here.

    But sells continue to be bought back up pretty rapidly, and the sells are very controlled (they have not continuation).

    The reaction at $5,600 was a very weak rejection compared to how BTC got rejected on moves up in the past.

    Price will move up as long as sellers allow them to.

    So long as there is any bullish hope I really don't see ANY motivation for people holding BTC to sell at $4 k or $5 k.

    Your price volume indicator on your chart even pretty much backs up that belief (is no volume / history of orders between $4 k & $5 k)

    BTC in my opinion has been very very choppy – this dip is just more chop to try and wreck traders / investors or maximize profits for whales / exchanges.

    Also, if you look at the Alts – most dip a little in $USD value when BTC drops, but they aren't dumping %15 or %20 like when it was a proper bear market.

    Maybe we are not bullish, and maybe we won't see bull runs like in the past, but that does not mean that the bear market is not over.

    Thanks for all your updates on YouTube & Twitter!



  6. I'm not worthy! I have much to learn about TA. You present a good use of the tools. Have to watch more than once. Good work!

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