Ripple XRP with Special Guest Bob Moneybags

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got a mentally often hear a glad
to see when Ahmed takes for joining we’ve got the
great special guest on with us
tonight of money bags toe were
on just to go through some of
the are talking, we might even start
talking not about the myth
rounds of never seen it before
to a pup it maybe it’s the
appropriat array of a array of a of its funny so we’ve got the money
bags were done excerpt the
Carolina of Damian black alone was awesome and it’s pretty funny and you know you a nice nice and saw some and it’s all some yellow ways of as the it’s interesting to what
flavor those , and K are a knits it’s a very interesting,
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an Olympic array of a so it is also mean I’m really
glad to have you one datsun I
mean on that there’s so much for
us tonight to talk about
comments t of odyssey been engaged in the
space I know I unite watching
when you’re on a on which it the
other night, and I’m trying to
rem Tad and what year was that those
2016 Allies as a rate cut and that that’s that’s
impressive you know the fact
you’ll understand in the spacing
of being involved in the space
on altho and know that the key obvious
silly and this from this a
lesson and all of this is that
you do get back engaged in the
space and a game from 3¢ on to where we’re
sitting now I think a little bit
earlier I looked as about 42¢ , see we sat at the 2029¢ for a
while and a 20001707 to 24¢ for
a long time, but with with all
good things up a space continuo and so like you said you were
still an accumulation point, and
a good value and to try to attach out of a lead
maybe 50% of up to you to it exactly a no adult dates and dump is on the
headlines and yet it out yet that’s great and
salsa and only just taken a
minute to recognize a few people
the popped on here , your regular of viewers
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and all the different done live
streams as always misses the live stream
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live stream so a legacy all here on your were
deftly get up and I have a great
conversation Snyder think we’re
already off to a great start in , it is so so here’s here’s up
young here’s some be no big gun
and a big questions and I think
as we get into the into the
digit on which is going to some that
denotes an unseen and in the
strain on you, Kelly Slade mention looking at the light
point and 4¢ , you know and and, you
mentioned a bit cloying at 300 colony scroll back up those
excerpt the Carolina and look a bit cloying at $300
and so Italy everybody at the right
moment is gonna get involved in
an investment and a few not
prepared to invest your knocking
to do anno learn from it we can look
at the market rent, then we can
make more informed decisions as
we move forward so a lot of times and are
especially a it within an
investment, I see this a lot
with stocks and no you don’t
always wanted be a and all from a from a day
trading perspective you’re gonna
find your sweet spot you’re
gonna go into with a strategy a
plan you , and when your dough going into
a long-term pole position anno I
think and if you’re not going
into long-term old for a short t to all other Uganda net and 4¢
or 820 cents or 30¢ or 40¢
obviously if you get in at those
smaller numbers are down a lot
mor it you’d nobody really knew at
that point the direction was
going and and every body is
going to invest based on the
wrist toler up all you know a little bit
taper it ’cause we’ve already
seen all rebel yell as a as a
company make some big strides and rebel net with a software
solution to the rollout and
activation of love of ex wrap
and not that long ago and were
beginning of excerpt the wave and the coil
with the excerpt into it bought
on and many others of that will
start coming into this peso a r a shrinks down a little bit of which are really again if
you’re looking long-term
strategy are still a lot of room for the
space to grow another it’s a bit
cloying like: a theory on
excerpt he whenever might be a
unite tell me of that then that that’s
all that’s so important idea all
I know many others all unite
with myself and I first got into the space
in and started seeing a movement
scene of many see as speculative
market it’s almost like you kno it when you get into the digital
asset space it still relatively
speculative and we don’t know
exactly what studying the upson
d on their is external news in
places and are moving the market
the market overall tone to look
at the past couple years is
contin are obviously not you know
closed yet to where the highs
were, but were not far off an
oaf we and the Anheuser really
in this ti anno an overall the market was
relatively was growing
relatively, healthily or healthy
copy was a healthy growth, I
should say on and then also on their site
major spike in there and major
spike was there’s a ton of a
speculation a ton of foam all
the med its significant a bear market
the cycle , and we still see a significant
amount of optimism on the other the other side of
it though when you’re investing
a space like this to one when were investing in
stocks, odyssey are to look at
the fundamentals of the company
tear it’s very difficult to look
in , but it is based on utility it
is based on growth in the space
and it also is based on the
adoption from a mainstream level or recognition at a government
level Annan and the central
banks and the fact that the IMF
is is involved in discussions
the fac of the U.S. government’s
involving discussion other
governments and nine Switzerland
and governments and of Japan the
government and how it’ll asset up as a
financial asset , is impacting are our global
economy, and then we have
blocked in technology which is
going to revolutionize a lot of
the way t on if we go back to one of the
things that Jeff, basil said
said in an interview on it was
on a figure which at all times I
beli and was interviewed and he was
saying during the eighties and
others no way to predict a niche
company was gonna come out on
top of high tech boom of the
nineties card to predict who was
gonna succeed was gonna fail,
but right now we’re seeing a very
similar case in a cross all
these black chain companies on
and then also the actual real
world uti of the digital asset space
everybody’s buying, one thing
that and we focus in on anno that the
top three right now we can look
a bit cloying it: pretty much is
going to exist as it was first commas in preaching to acquire
but this is, how ironic thing
through the process is well and
I look at the the overall on
potent and then what rebels
accomplishing on in the cross
border payment space and and and when you see this
positive news on your or
witnessing and if the beginning
a stages of a of identified which of the
digital assets which of these blocking
companies will come out on top
and it’s almost like with a with
rebel on Beale were we’re seeing
you kno a rebel in the in the payment
space although there’s a lot of
competition on and then with a
digital asset battles obviously
exc tough to all the meanness if I
can rephrase that, so the major
corporations like a face book
aurora Jp Morgan jay PM are you
kno be saying is it going to take
away from what an excerpt he a could
potentially made in the
marketplace or at a good tale of a good light on and I think that be a good,
good all point to me not to look
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that , glad to see all you guys in,
be aware of and a great
conversation year with bob
moneybags, will still have all a
lot more to g , and scrolled up and II am right past it and up there it is enough was
looking for you up and then of
it would it it up so all wild stars is
really was IBM of it made my
Microsoft what it is today the
original IBM PCs gave
Microsoft’s Softwar a lot of things going on at that
time you know between apple
Microsoft IBM up and let’s not
call if NAFTA of software but
it’s c of software’s and technology on
what it was that it was, the
time that you know that’s was
going on at that point you know
you g was was the bigger name at that
point, did you know that sits
deftly interesting to see that
because the kind of of tension
seem its other industries, as well so are eight well we got Joshua
lane here from the warmest
really a, Lawson well, let me
have you one from of another
side of the w , where its winter right now I
believe , of a italy’s tour of the and I said
the staff tk of paying tribute
of like the tall, are eight so solicitous up
from my perspective I look at a
competition as it is a healthy
that I think competition it in a of drop box of it had made a
statement based on competition
and Ian said you if you don’t
have competition and you’re not
doing anno that means that anno sand
and an important space like the
payment space, you are then with
and digital assets whether it’s a logistics of it comes to
Health Care if it comes to up
toting whenever might be on
those are all important spaces
and were in , obviously you know things had
happened and we had some solid
up with some solid competition
at the time, you know to really,
y up of a again of that technology
been significant in that we’re
in a focus in to want digital
assets of the one a look at what
a and it was the most Thai
utilized team in town of the
basically held a monopoly , with what it overrun 10,000 of customers know utilizing
swift, which it which is pretty
pretty large , now when we have face book and
Jp Morgan all these others
coming in, I look at and Jp
Morgan is it has an interesting
case stu seen are you a lot of the fund
teen spread through the
financial industry, as they were
building out their base the get
into the to be more by me to point and
now they’ve really rolled it out
on the started attracting
customers utilizing it up there
in a si and the JPN Point and they can
all in their long ones akin
utilizing it yet from the
outside my my knowledge on the
technical si , however you know I believe
that and that was this a late as
article that the just popped up
actually that and I’d pull the
talk about, and face booked
looking i on ice Swiss been tech firm with
the payments focus to write that
this factors exactly it’s what
we’re talking about this articl , block chain digital asset
websites are seeing mainstream
media picked up on on a lot of
this stop, Justin and the
sniping and toque seen on block chaining
payments as well as data
analytics and investing a
geneva’s commercial register
shows on so tear lever networks would face
book holdings on Sunday they
register to looks like some form
of a partnership, obviously tell
wh , right now face book is really a no I in and I think you as we as we progress in the
space on an ace book is a it is
almost getting played out and social media as a whole,
people or ER and maybe I’m wrong
about this alias I feel this for
myself and ways to feel like I’m , but was that interaction and
face book as that the right interaction
you it’s so nice way to keep in
touch with people on twitter is
a little bit more day to get
short a we’re doing and streaming and
engaging and you to a 22 videos
and then the communities and
stuff like that on but then that there’s too
many platforms out there and
also so at some point if a four
to get social media burnout that
means which is mostly a tack us stay
in touch with your friends and
family and share pictures of
yourself eating a platform of
which i on a post in ads on face book
and anno that that’s stupidity
and all it really that an EU with the whole
conversation on on a fact that
someone that’s getting there are
a little information from an ad
on face boo you’ll face book odyssey is this
more you know it’s not it’s not
the new source it’s not the
place where people are engaging
in and Owen so tell off and in how
many times can you know face
book keep going back to the same
business model to I think that’s
w a looking into the digital asset
space and figuring out a way to
benefit and their two billion
subscribers is really going to
be , then all the sudden you get
the FB cloying its utilized in a
in a whole different segment of
the industry now you utilizing
fa and no Sunday potentially have the rebel net like solution and on on this and know you know
when all that that’s the right
way of going about doing it but
I’m I’m just thinking it all bac in a high we had a we take
advantage of and I could be off base
completely but that they just
seems it just seems to be you
know what what’s happening on a and it’s interesting yet by think
that that’s interesting eyes as
people towing to other platforms
and a person Leo when I go back
a or it was really meant to be a
social and above you know one a
communication of anno, a lead form to where it
can stay in touch with people
that you that anywhere in the
world , and that’s what I was enjoying
about it my problem with with up to ace
book is that of the majority and I have a lot
of people that are in my in my a
following, or that I follow were
engaged and friends with that so you know so there it
should’ve been the should’ve
into a split between up a political face book and personal face book but then
that’s that’s too much to manage to not so mashed and a one and I
don’t know a majority of people
mean that I probably know you
know a handful people and
there’s , but ahead and I’m not into rose bowl
with that but you with face book and we have when you go back to
the beginning of being able to
reach out to people that you
knew in high school in able to I
kee and go on and see a spot where
people are posting staff and
updating and then you feel like
you’re engaged with people that
you it all is that is that is that
good or bad you know, you know I
don’t even know that said if
that’s necessarily a good thing
you in different parts of the world
a little bit easier it would that also falls off so
yet and all of it up on distance
ocean media burn up against with
the of array to think they’ll been used a
relevant as well you know what
they needed they wanted make sure that they capture on
market share again in sadat’s I
think it’s more it’s deftly a
financial decision of this is
deftl us only one make sure that
they’re going to stay relevant to define as a major part of a
bulletin is this was all,
Edward, just looking a little of
a city was adopted and found his
mom a and oh so it’s it’s a nice
research lab and Kelly says a I use it to
keep in touch with my community
in Costa Rica Tia you know it’s an idea stay
engaged alive you not see
someone post something off is
booking and I felt it you know
and be com a known as wide as saying you
know something about you when he
doing as a beer in a minute you know somebody’s wrong and
face book and a face in their
typing away and I like you know
that it did sit so on important
enough to try the one you
convince somebody is something
of a slow day and never to
convince them esp and then he’s reaching out and
they pick a meeting place and he
gets a bunch of people said when
I can talk politics , on face book and if you guys
wanna get together into a face
to face income of differing
opinions are meeting and display at this
coffee shop or whenever and and
were in a savior on Sunday
morning and were to talk this
sort of it’s missing a weenie that human
interaction part of it taste
book as it starts I like you
mention in one of the dark sides
and , with a buddy of mine and I
took a picture sat on opposes up
and so I posted a tight in share
with them to write and say he
was and to me that is a little
creepy that now using the facial
recognition to identify the
people that are in the thin the
picture with you, without you
wanted it so and oh so you know II think
there’s deftly something wrong
with that you’d like to just the
one thing all the time to a date that the thing is exactly
have read read the read the fine
print and it’s a free platform and he expected nowhere Heidi
think they make their money and
make the money it all by itself
in your information and sign at
on and to live it up and a tail and I lie like using robin
hood and and they do make money
from them and make money from
law and that the percentage and France and other and on the
margin accounts were they will
the money and they are when are
you know there’s a whole as a
who of dollars a month and other
expanding into research that
gold plant or a light subscribe
to the gold platform and you pay the $6.00 a month and get immediately movement of
money as soon as you transfer money
over its available for offer
trading, which made a anno made
a big difference , adding free trades and it
gives you some perspective as
well that the other financial
institutions are making a
significant am and a charging for every trade
you up to there’s there’s deftly
of some room there and I think
we’ve learned and further only
ge you know when we get into the
digital asset space touches
where I see a really the
significance of the entire industry moving
towards and there’s so much
potential out there that’s why
I’m not worried about the
competition you and know because we’ve got so
many people in this world and know how many trillions of
people that we have in there so many people that are
completely untapped at this
point and aren’t even
participating up in the
marketplace and you k if their only up if their only
participating anno in the fee outside of the
market than their circle of
influence for where they can buy
and sell goods is only within a a walking
distance or driving distance
from where they live anno
whereas once they can engage in
in a global ec , they can start a business
where it’s a like year the
startup of business and you want
of a I some product in an Africa
to find and Owen and imagine now if that
person on the street that
selling is good and Africa has
access to sell you and find you
as the to where it all they can and
collect money from you, where it
doesn’t impact than negatively am a financial perspective that
they have to open up a bank
account or a node all the cost
of managing a visa because if
you’re gonna buy goods from
somebody and knocking a sends you a fiat
mean I can do a wire transfer
and AC age, you’re gonna wanna
use a credit card, but let’s say
yo or maybe you’re transferring
digital asset gives them a lot
more flexibility and we talk about a level
playing field and this is there so many people
in the in the in the world and
can benefit from a level playing
field does mean that everybody you no equal you they need they
need to be the equal access onto
the opportunity , and so I giving somebody in
Africa are some teenagers
somebody in South America the
equal access to the opportunity
to engage and it can go without with
outside the borders of just
riding distance of walking
distance that’s where there you
were were gonn you noticed that skates it’s a
revolution you know, and then
it’s it’s in it’s so significant
it’s so amazing, and this is
what a room, to grow that one
company, it wouldn’t be right
for one company to to be
involved in managing a tie you
know because then a plus when competition it makes
everybody else better and array of a can avoid it you know
you defeat can avoid it it’s
it’s a reality and if you think about it today you know you talk about
big money being eyed Tapie
Morgan or you know will face book were
google take money is gonna have
a whole different meaning a
couple years from now an RTC the
gro and on a cyst and just unreal
you know were to see it all up
people become blocked the
1,000,000,000,000 errors, and
and more bi on it’s gonna be unbelievable
you know it’s so again big
money’s gonna be relative to the point of a new and it’s all yours years of
interesting question goes back
to which are studying what your
primary, focus and what what it
what again to do an independent study and all this is what you wanna
do it on are this is what you
are writing an honor to adding about an array anno are going and going to get into peach
state as a which are where were
you and where you in the process
right now and good and sure which are golden tough sets all some young and
that’s that’s deftly commendable
you know helping people of what what part of a helping
people and was summoning said of a new open to its that’s interesting there
really is in a minutes, gives
you a glimpse into you know
which are thought processes and
a corr and one to tell it that they could think that
that’s good and I can tell you
you know my of my a loss of
three on on life to one of a
political and if they don’t have kids,
they’re not in touch with what’s
really happening on in the world and and that’s
why my biggest issues with a lot
of these politicians and are in
Congress or elsewhere and it may , to run for office , and so have had multiple
discussions and unsupported many
people all running for office and and
some of them are are sitting in
office on today in Washington of
that of help and so, you know it up passers, Indian school and it
was difficult for me know
because I want from undergrad
writing to graduate school and
then so and an eye and tell that the
head of my program needs team
never had any experience outside
of university life and ice if
you kn in real world, you know of in
the real world, whereas some
upper passes that I worked with
were an old very heavily
involved, an because I wanted to learn for
real world experience on and on
and so to one thing that I can say you
notice and not to say only give
you a device sir or anything
like that in and I think it’s
all r and looking for a path is to
really you know focus in on a
getting experience from from
multiple different sources in
your TR yo on to do what you’re doing, and
then on a knoll are area that I
believe from mom, from a a a
social support perspective and
an area that nobody seems to
focus in on and teaching people, in the
community, manage money to body does it as no outreach
for it as a law to charitable
causes as a lot of a handouts
from the government of there’s
not on but how to make money array and
so we see this weather there in
the poorer communities you see
it the significantly a
significan it all and that’s because they
were never educated you know the
basics of financial management
on and so I think we have an
oppo to from a global perspective
giving people opportunity’s it’s
amazing what we can educate
people on today on and people
within t the all thought all you know if
it’s only that the big the big
companies in all that to an old
there’s no way I can ever owned
s , does a lot of these people
always find ways on and and I
think this is brought upon, rock
ashes of COD, videos and and
convers , regarding a lottery tickets
are that you know some out
people in the pork communities
of a are actually there’s an
imbalance a are sues as an overall
percentage of income or Susana other areas so within
are so she economic, you know
medics, in the country that is to me the most amazing
hour each program that anybody
could ever ever have and your thoughts on the teachers and all its awesome and a lot it’s a a MO and of the I agree with that guy
that’s deftly a great statement , and as a notice of a tea one
love welcome to the Chad of the
haven’t been here before please
subscribe I just wanna go up, I
w , of a liquid that of a gaming
crypto I tell people the lottery
line, they should a nation that
on crypto and that’s true anno a , you know so it there’s there’s
a lot of a lot going on here , and a highlight the fact that
you brought while story know
that it should see money
management and high school they
really don of fortune we see I devolving of
the education system, to where
there’s on misinformation being
taught with revisionist history what history really is you know
we’re really was, and obviously
of the vector rights day
history, we’ll than that that’s
how it its tree and it’s it’s
unfortunate and of the high
school level you know what we
need to have more observation on
more focus on are Leah it’s critical that so
important and all from every
level, and, going back up your
time to find a comment that had
flown , many of the rate so it’s gone
now I can find is something the
specific , and I would see here on and candy and set the tone of
the disabled and of a retired
she get help otherwise you need
the work of units that’s tough
one f to a huge bottle of that DL and
I love that it’s a it’s a great
sting to oh yeah, it’s great that’s
exactly as Ackley the case 100%, and in need and deftly as
you go down that path of the
week and look examples all
around the world of of what
happens when of all these so suppose it’s
social programs of it, and of
the work, when you can pay for
it and you know if I have able
bodied that can deftly be put into the
workforce, tell , it’s great men were coming up
here on an hour 20 I can’t
believe the time flew by , so much, sir anything a
specific died a bunch of other
things I want to talk about this
as discussions that absolutely
awesome , is there anything any other of
the topics of.said that you like
to to go over, before wrapping
up with and we may be due anoth and it’s all so mad that I think
it’s so amazing love to see a
group you know put together a
young charitable giving , and our reach through all of
the digital asset excerpt the
community , is is fantastic it’s great
they are part of that I think
that’s amazing, and and teach
one of those some teach one of
those ca , so many causes out there to
help of the one thing that and I
it just always reminds me a no especially when you get
when you get people together you
know people one help other
people touches it’s part of
instinct an as a general rule you people one
help other people, and then you
see it through of a node through
one of projects like this it j an old B1 below to give back a
little bit you know Leonid D and
whenever little anybody can give
to one to a project like that on learning more more about this
one you know as as it goes a
young chips to a little bit
about it , and I deftly one of the you
know more actively engaged on in this as well and there’s
actually a of charitable
organization of the top and
supporting up with with
different things , and they do our reach, down to
one down 80, and really helping
you know of with medical relief
and and things like that and that’s something that and
out of been a loping and I’ve
been talking to them about ought
to get a fundraiser through one
exc , but you know there’s so many
projects out there you were to
store and the price it’s it’s
amazing and on and we can , and they don’t send the funds , although I can talk about
offline and cannot go little bit more
detail and no of up to it know another 1000
and tail and upgraded use one of his
close fight quick like this in
Owen of a duffle of young love
to be on your of and your
channel you , define look for to seeing the dough, I just wanna say of
pulling out here couple the
comments before we wrap up here
we have up to me Douglas, said I
tend to that you can underline that
young 10 times and O helping
other people take care of
themselves of what it’s all
about and you can’t you wanna keep
giving handouts and outs of Thai
community and that old saying
goes in a can of a node give a
man a and owned and that’s if teach
people to take care of
themselves the basics of living
and other big farm anno and and you can teach
people you know some so many of
different aspects of life of
three that you know so, tse we
got the n to see here, italy’s said dove
of just completed a challenge
the raised over a 2000 excerpt
you for saint jude’s , talk about that before we go
before we go to recall a nice array of a wall mall and grits to a a a a to to its awesome that’s fantastic
you notes it’s good to see me
you’re totally engaged and all its awesome and a
commendable , and to a soap moneybags here
once an update NTT a, a no no
major update I yet, but
hopefully a view report back
with some info , and they’ll get everybody’s
saying great job, with
everything your great job of
mail you promise in the comments
to sew, yet i and getting gauge with
everything that we’re all
working on so , with that men of all wrapping up to a stow, again
I’d look for a on by really
appreciate everybody of taking
the time of their evening nine
to jo , how they spoke as being not
utilized, the band of a DIS
everybody you know, being on
tonight , and supporting on and then
that’s it tomorrow night, be
doing another live stream I join
and anecdotes was 1:00 AM of
10:00 to and that, much are you guys all
out later on the next a live
stream and until that time on how to lean crypto

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