Ripple (XRP) Will Take Over The World By 2025 & Was Coinbase Listing Manipulated?

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and today we're talking about ripple and XRP and if you've watched any of the news sites or any twitter for the last week or so you would probably already know that X are P got listed on coinbase comm yes it was a really big thing in the crypto sphere then really enlighten you guys on it but I assumed you know that really mainstream news that you guys already got it from some other different source but from now we're gonna try be a little bit more on point with the news I've just been slacking a little bit because I've been feeling sick for quite a while now but I'm gonna try to get back into it and what I also really really want you guys to do is to hit that notification bell because there you get a notification every time I upload so you're really quick with all the news but now today I want to discover with you guys and actually kind of give you guys a message because one of the biggest questions I've been getting for I think one and a half day now is I don't know what this coin based thing is all cool and all but did they buy it you know like what made it so coinbase switched over and actually started to list them what incentivizes them to do so and I am asked here a few articles for you guys to try to explain what's been going on how it worked and why they listed it and you guys will also find out the answer to that question so I said before it took some time but they finally cut listed man it took a hell of a long time and that was actually because it didn't meet the exchanges digital asset framework criteria so if you have no idea what I'm referring to here coinbase at first didn't want a list except II even without a width payment they didn't want to list it and then afterwards coinbase nobody really knew what a – to get listed on there and then after a long while they posted sort of guidelines – to know for any creator what their coin needed to be made of sort of so like what what it needed to have to be able to get listed on coinbase didn't mean that it would get listed on but that word elec the criteria and extra P did not really follow follow those guidelines it didn't fit in and they could be token has moved past all of that sins and has been listed on the exchanges consumer platform betoken is now available on both the web and the mobile applications so again it is quite a cool thing to see like that already so the xeb token was first listed of Columbus Pro earlier this week after ongoing the exchange exchanges usual listing process that helps establish liquidity the token is available to all users in select jurisdictions including the US United Kingdom Canada European Union Australia and Singapore and then you have their official announcement of course which is one of the most common requests we've received from customers is to be able to trade more assets on our platform with the recent announcement of our new listing process which was again them explaining that they're going to be listing a lot more coins we anticipate listings more assets over time that meet our standards we're also investing in new tools to help more people understand and explore crypto again pretty pretty cool so there were some concerns before about the digital asset framework but I must admit I think XRP and both ribbo actually have been on a very very good path for the last couple of weeks here they've really tried to to show people like hey those lawsuits those issues I guess that we've been having we're going away from that right it's not becoming said that such a big thing anymore in the crypto space I find as well ever since the the hype of a big bull run has trimmed down a little bit and people start to acknowledge and accept that they had losses I think and people actually banished I SEOs and that type of stuff as well kind of I think now the community is becoming not less toxic and actually more understanding of bear market or of at least the trending market that were in right now and ya can just kind of cope with it better and also try to understand rip one extra piece situation better that's just what I personally think though and there was some concern about ripples listing because it violates the rule of the digital asset framework that states that only tokens where the team has a minority stake in the toko supplier are allowed for trading so they have a whole digital asset framework right you can read up on it on the coinbase pro website if you just press this link right here let's just quickly check it out protein-based calm whole five page document here and there's even a lot more other places where you can find more info on this and what this explains to you is really what it takes to to get on there sort of so you need to be you know fully compliant with all of this and they didn't really yeah follow those guidelines because yeah ripple slash the team has quite a big stake in the whole total supply and that's not really what they would like and however in this case now Ripple's head of XMP market may well be us said that it was coin basis independent decision to actually still list him now so if you're wondering why did they do it what was their own decision they told us that a big that they would be looking into X er P so they did that already for quite a long while and now on their own according to the ripples head of X P market mega vias they chose themselves to actually still list it we're happy together and to to go on the record coinbase listing of x ER p also not our token right that's quite a smart move from than to say because XR p is actually not ripples token that should not be set that way since XP is of course independent was coin basis independent decision we did not give them anything to make this happen there has been some discussion about whether ripple bought the listing on coin base and there are accusations of the same for their listing on gemini as well for the moment though fiesta statement is all that we have and that's all that we can go out from but it does until that official ripple spokesperson in this case the head of XP market officially came out with a statement coin basis independent decision now a few things that are scared about this scary about this is that right he can't really go back from this anymore so if it were to come out that they did pay for something after he made this statement it would be very very very very bad but i'm just assuming the best year i don't really think they paid for it since they tried to pay for it a long time ago at least again according to my personal information if that's wrong let me know in the comment section below and we'll just clear it up so that's just that's just that but the core buddies didn't accept it they're like now we can't just really do anything like that that would be unfair and not good whatever and the only reason it could get listed was if they one of themselves and that's the thing we just happened right here Xzibit prizes now reacted significantly to the news of its listing yet though if it does it puts it in yet another tussle with aetherium for the second highest market cap why I don't think people cared so much right now is because when we've typed it up tens of thousands of times before we've just been so extremely happy with it we've talked about it hundreds of times before you saw quite a big reaction but not major because yeah people have anticipated this for too long we're gonna see an increase in volume though and an increase in user numbers and also an increase in happiness for all the extra P members but price-wise it's just turned into a longer term thing on the very very short term it took quite a big big gain because of course it is still a big thing for them to get lists down there but you know right now I don't really think it's gonna reflect that much it went from thirty to thirty three cents ten percent gain on the daily again week there has been bigger games before definitely definitely but also maybe because BTC and the rest of the crypto world is just not doing too optimally right now so for them to get listed in such a tight space timeframe is yeah maybe not the best thing in the world it could have better been when the markets were already really positive instead of this yeah big dip that was just happening before that XP is not reacted quite significantly and ripple has been the recipient of a lot of good news over the past few months I am totally agreeing with that ripple has shown themselves from a totally different side right now being very very positive out there showing us very very good progress and also showing that those lawsuits they can't hurt them they're not worried about being a security they're not worried about having to pay a lot of people anything like that they're just going chill going with the flow because they know they're good they're know they're winning and I think that's also a very very good thing to understand right there and ripples backers have been buoyant about ripples prospects with the president and respected well representative of SBI Yoshi Takaki towel recently saying that he expects every bank in Japan to use X er P by the end of 2025 Osaka Expo all right I actually missed that detail then sexually quickly see that invest blotch and calm we might have missed that detail about him saying that little part two days ago okay so might have just not checked it out yet where is it now okay it's here the SBI president also mentioned that the company was working on the s coin platform that would assist the issue wing of digital currency which he aims to bring as a payment platform to the Osaka Expo in 2025 and I can't directly find it here now but we're just gonna assume here that they're speaking the truth as well in that statement cuz why not right I mean they they did get a reference out there so um it is cool though guys it is cool to see how much extra P is getting adopted how happy some people are with it and how happy I can personally get about a coin it's really kind of strange for me still to imagine that if you were to think about this like seven or eight years ago maybe even longer for some people that you could just talk daily about freaking non not real coins you know and really have news for them and think about it the way that they are right now and even be enthusiastic when yeah something happens to to one of those imaginary sort of like digital I would say coins like with three one thousand because I get really happy when I see this type of news I could get really yeah really really happy I would have told you that you're crazy right even though it might have been a game you know cuz then I can understand but just if that's my I mean I just didn't expect it and it's a really cool thing I think so I'm really happy with it either way but the rest articles is kind of just confirming what we just saw in the first article really really well-done from them from invest pancha calm really clear really easy to follow and they just summarized a lot of the important stuff up now another thing I wanted to add to this is oh oh my voice went there nice as previously reported by EWN several analysts including the prominent firm wise ratings have implied potential insider trading occurring from coinbase in the hours leading up to the listing so four hours prior to the announcement of the XP listing crypto spiked already by three point five percent which is a really really bad thing all right to give you guys some insights on that this has happened before that a crypto just a little bit prior to such an important listing already rallies and what that kind of shows us is that they had some information before the public had which is not allowed and the rumors here are servicing that there's insider trading going on which is the term for you know the phenomenon and what it's been happening there is among the Quinn base employees they've just traded before the news was public which is not allowed an internal investigation yielded no results because I mean is there gonna work out for you guys right if they're doing it they're probably doing it quite sneaky and yeah I would also like if it were from coinbase myself I would also say like oh you know we're gonna we're gonna look into this EU which employees did it and they come like oh yeah no yeah no no we can't find it no yeah I know you know that's this what I would be like if I were quitting base so yeah I can definitely understand that one what do you think though do they do it could also just be coincidence right we don't really have the evidence to say that they did but you know it could definitely be so it could also be that you know some some other source just knew it upfront I don't even know guys is really hard to think of the poll actually yielded a lot more votes for yes though like 600 or something votes for yes yeah I mean it could be it's really hard for anybody to say because we just don't know it's a big problem but we don't know so I'm just gonna assume here that they didn't because that would be quite yeah kind of kind of sad really to say that they did if they didn't one of the whole insider trading works the X would be listing all coinbase breaks it down right here so all right let's actually check out this Twitter tweet then because again this is an assumption made I could just view it this except you listing all coinbase breaks it down so right in the beginning here we have okay I cannot point you just see the the green this one right here check this out insiders start buying that's when the volume is going up right here so this is about three I don't like three 325 323 ten depends you know Brown at that time 320 in the afternoon 15 insider start buying price goes up already right and then at this point right here it was announced point based listing extra P this kennel was already going down before right after quite a little bit of a you know yeah a little bit of a price already it was already going down a little bit again because people are like hey you know why is it going up here this is showing it right clear as daylight people don't know what the Frick is going on price goes back down but then they came out with your listing and the price reacted quite heavily here's the news buying into it which is what they are calling it and that's the price spike in insiders start dumping for an easy 10 percent that's at the top here so the price could actually move on quite a lot more is kind of what they're saying here but the people who bought here the insiders started to you know sell it quite hard because they they had a nice little profit right there and that's ten percent right there hope for profit and they just started selling off and that's why the price couldn't break through and it ended up here I guess that their theory could definitely be so guys and yeah it also says here that Brian Armstrong deleted after ten minutes let's see here a laughing emoji hmm Brian Armstrong deleted after 10 minutes yeah that's the CEO of coinbase right there guys if you mean a lot of things could mean really nothing so it's all speculation that we have right there I I can't give you guys too much on this they might be acting like they got all the answers but I personally don't even though it might be clear as they like that it is actually insider trading we can just not assume it I guess at least for me it's not professional I think to to to do you at least give you a guess that statement that I think it is just gonna keep neutral on that one and yeah the rest is just exactly the same like you already had before this article's not that important just wanted to have one in their every video so you guys can just check back into a little bit of a TA video or article if you would like this is just a little bit of an alternative article this time but again it's mostly about coinbase that's the important stuff for today that you need to know about so if you think that ripple did pay coinbase to list X or P let me know in the comment section below because I am quite excited to read through you guys's comments and be sure you check out our links in the description below and if you've watched this far so all the way till the end mmm need to type something with with with with with with with hmm what should we put in there.put moon in there all right so put a comment and you have to type in moon in there in the comment there should be moon so I know that you guys watch this far could also be coincidence to some people but be sure you type in moon in the comment section and I will know that you guys watch this far I just want to know how you know maybe you guys all click away after 4 minutes you guys stay at the photo full 16 that's amazing guys I'll reward you one day if I can so yeah be sure you comment down below and check out these websites free Bitcoin and so for some free BTC Instagram just a cool place be sure to check it out at the dusty bc and ledger be sure you check that out as well and even my twitter it's at the dusty bc as well you can just check it out and I'll see you guys again in another cup of video

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  1. You have to be skeptical about Mr. Kitao , I will believe it when I see it . In my view Ripple is falling behind in getting cross border payment market . In the begining of 2018 ,Swift has only 15% of cross border payment market . Ripple had good opportunity to capture the share of that market but it failed .SWIFT increased it's share to about 56%with SWIFT gpi , over $300 billion per day in cross border payment . Now SWIFT is going to use R3 blockchain and SWIFT gpi for settlement . It is expected that SWIFTgpi to capture 85% of cross border payment . SWIFT will also make this available to all DLT and e-commerce platforms in 6 months.. SWIFT gpi adaption continues to grow at very high rate, it has surpassed 40 trillion dollar in sent payment in 2018 . It was massive growth of 270% . This year won't be different unless Ripple manages to perform miracle . Be informed investor ,don't rely on hype and hope.

  2. I do not believe in predictions, no one has yet guessed sudden turns in the world of blockchain
    But the fact that coinbase will harm the ripple – I'm more than sure

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