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Hey, guys. So today’s video is about me comparing
and contrasting Stellar and Ripple, but I would like to start
with some housekeeping first. As always, my videos should be
used for educational purposes and should not be taken
as trading advice. Second, I have started
interviewing different teams as a way to monetize my channel. I would like to say that all
of the questions that I ask I have either sourced
from the community via asking them on
Twitter or Reddit or I’ve done my own research and come up with questions
that I think are interesting. I screen the projects before I
agree to work with the team because I want to make sure that they have an active group
of people working on it, that there’s a Roadmap,
and that there’s a goal. I don’t just pick any
project that comes my way. That being said, those are the only videos that
I’m receiving reimbursement for. All of my Crypto 101 or
my Coin Review stuff is done on an interest basis which I’ve been pretty transparent
about from the beginning. I’ve started using polls as
some of you have noticed to pick out projects that
people are more interested in or stuff that I think the community is
going to really want to hear about. If anyone ever has any
questions about what I do, about the channel,
about my projects, anything at all, feel free to
come to my Discord and ask. We have a very friendly
group of people in there. You can also message me on Twitter or tweet me just in general because
I’m on there pretty frequently. Okay, not that that’s over
with, let’s get started. Ripple Labs was formed
by Jed McCaleb in 2011, and it’s a financial tech company that sells payment software
to banks worldwide. Their goal is to create a network
in which payments can move around fast, secure, cheap, and globally. The cryptocurrency XRP is
different than Ripple Labs. XRP is the native asset that
runs on the Ripple network. When we think of Ripple, we often think that Ripple
and XRP are interchangeable and that’s not the case. Ripple is actually
completely separate from XRP and that kind of
causes some confusion. Ripple created XRP in order to
be able to deliver its products more efficiently to its customers. However, it should
be noted that XRP is not actually required to
use the Ripple platform. Nor is it required by banks if they
decide to choose to use Ripple. Ripple uses the Ripple Protocol
Consensus Algorithm or RPCA and runs on a permissioned ledger
where Ripple because of regulations has to maintain a unique list of all
of the active nodes on the network. Anyone can start a validator, and anyone can choose any
validator that they want, but the unique node list by Ripple
is considered the standard. Transactions are
grouped into sets, and each set is voted
on by the validators. Each set must go through four
sequential rounds of voting. Let’s talk about their flagship
products a little bit. Their first product is xCurrent. It gives banks the ability to
move money across borders, and it runs on RippleNet
the Ripple blockchain, but it does not use XRP. Banks like this software because it allows them to save money
and time when sending payments. The next one is xRapid, and this helps banks
improve their liquidity when moving into emerging markets and this is actually the only Ripple
product in which XRP is required. Banks might like this because as mentioned before
it helps improve liquidity, but they may not like it because it’s introducing a
little bit more of an unknown which is the volatility
of XRP in the market. xVia is the final one, but
it’s still in development. It’s scheduled to come out
somewhere in early 2018, and apparently, it’s
pretty similar to xCurrent only instead of allowing banks
only to use the platform it allows other entities to use
the platform and send funds. However, this one also
doesn’t require XRP. Ripple touts an impressive
100+ banking institutions that are working with them but I’d like to be clear those 100+
are working on the platform xCurrent which as stated before doesn’t
require the use of XRP. There’s a list of about four or five
cooperating partners that use xRapid which means there’s only about
four or five cooperating partners that are actually utilizing XRP. Ripple Labs is a very
successful company but a lot of people associate that
success with assumed success for XRP but they’re two very
different things. Let’s move on to Stellar. So Stellar was founded in 2014
by none only but Jed McCaleb. Yes, the same Jed McCaleb
that founded Ripple. He’s also the same guy that
founded Mt. Gox in 2010 but then he I guess
jumped ship in 2011. Originally, Stellar
was a fork of Ripple, but it was actually named
Stellard at the time. One of the co-founders, Joyce Kim, said that she found an issue
in the Ripple protocol and this made the Stellar Development
Foundation create a brand new code for the Stellar Network
called Stellar Core. That came with a new consensus
algorithm and a new code. And they renamed the
project just Stellar. It went live in November 2015 which means the argument
that Stellar is just a fork or just a clone of Ripple
is no longer accurate. Stellar is an open source
protocol for exchanging money. And where Ripple wants to target
financial institutions as its user base, Stellar just wants to target,
well, individuals as its base. Lumens, or XLM, is the
native asset of the network. It can also be sent very
quickly with very low fees. Lumens are necessary to
use the bridge network to conduct transactions
through multiple currencies. Rather than Proof of Work, Stellar uses SCP or the
Stellar Consensus Protocol. This is an evolution of the Federated
Byzantine Agreement or FBA. Stellar is based on a
quorum, not a block. The protocol uses
quorum or quorum slices which are set nodes that are
reached to come to an agreement. The quorums securely reach consensus
by exchanging signatures. So let’s cover some similarities. The first and most obvious one is both projects were
founded by Jed McCaleb. The platforms were
created as a bridge to help utilize
multicurrency payments to either individuals
or institutions. Both projects are very
fast with very low fees. They are both also
a premined coin, and they have a circulating
supply of 100 billion. Some differences. Ripple states that they can
handle 1500 transactions with 4 transactions per second. Stellar states that they can handle
1000 transactions per second, but they’ve tested up to 3000 and
have not run into any issues. They also validate transactions
in three to five seconds. Ripple allows freezing of
currency that one has issued, and as far as we know, Stellar
does not support that. Stellar is also inflationary with 1% of the coins
being created yearly and all of the fees
being recycled. The network also collects a base fee
for each operation in a transaction. Each week these funds get
put into an inflation pool, and the protocol distributes these
Lumens out to account holders. Ripple destroys fees which means the total
number circulating supply of Ripple over time
is going to decrease. A big controversy is Ripple
is criticized for Ripple Labs holding 61% of the total
Ripple in circulation whereas Stellar states
only 5% of Lumens are held by the
development foundation and those are used for
operational costs. What’s pretty neat is there’s a website that you can see the distribution of Lumens live, and I’ll leave a link
in the description. One major argument over Ripple
holding all of those coins is they’ve put 55
million into escrow which means they can’t just up and
sell it and saturate the market. They stated that they take out one
billion a month to fund the project. Stellar allows you to
choose whom you trust which allows a little bit more
freedom and decentralization whereas Ripple’s
network is privatized which means not everybody can
participate in the system unless they are on the
list of trusted nodes. The protocol does not allow you
to choose who you want to trust and although the network
may have a lot of nodes, most of those nodes are backed
by a node on the Ripple network which means it’s
controlled by the company and thus it’s not decentralized. I think Ripple has realized that this is a cause for
concern for the community because they have stated that they’re going to try to move
to a more decentralized node setup, but I’m not entirely certain
how that would work. To me, one of the major
differences that stuck out was the fact that Lumens are needed
for the Stellar network to function whereas the majority of the Ripple
Labs products don’t require XRP. The argument about decentralization
gets pretty heated, too. I’ve seen it happen on Reddit and
I’ve seen it happen on Twitter. The whole Ripple Labs holding
60% of the coin thing doesn’t really look
that fondly upon them. An issue I see with both projects that could cause a little
concern for people is that both were founded by Jed, and I don’t mean this
negatively as him as a person, obviously, I don’t
know him personally, but his history within
the crypto space could cause people to see these projects
in a bit more of a tainted light. I assume no matter what I do here I’m
going to catch flack for this video. I really did do my best to come
up with very unbiased information to compare and contrast and try to find that defining line between what makes them
different projects because it’s something that I
certainly didn’t understand and I definitely wanted
to find out on my own. As usually, I want to thank
you guys for watching. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should hit the button
wherever it is below and do that. I’m always very appreciative of all
the support I get from you guys. If anybody wants
to comment on this or tell me why they disagree
feel free to jump on my Discord. As always, you can check
out my Patreon account if you want to
support the channel. Never expected but
always appreciated. Thank you guys for watching,
and I will see you next time.

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