Ripple XRP Vs. JP Morgan?! Bitcoin Technical Analysis, Whats Next?! Cryptocurrency Trading + News!

what’s going on guys Patrick here
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full of information today we’re gonna be looking at Ripple vs. JP Morgan who’s
gonna come out on top we’re also be looking at some Bitcoin technical
analysis as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space
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heard that I said previously Bitcoin has not been doing too much we are so gonna
take a look at what things are looking like first of all it seems if we zoom in
that we have found some pretty strong resistance at around this level so we
can’t make our decision if we’re going up or down we’re seeing some very very
large candle wicks to the upside and same can be said to the downside so we
are finding support and resistance in a tight range so what we’re waiting for
now is a big move and we’ve talked about the two possibilities before and trading
and technical analysis is all about looking at the statistics trading is
about figuring out what but which possibility is more likely to
happen and when things line up perfectly that’s when you see the opportunity for
a trade as of right now I am waiting for a little more confirmation on what’s
gonna happen as Bitcoin although we do have the possibility of testing up here
like we’ve talked about previously the more and more we trade sideways the less
likely this becomes in the higher the chance of us coming back down and
testing our support range which if we break could take us to the lows that
we’ve already seen I’ve seen tons of people talking about the bottom and have
we found the bottom when’s the bottom although personally I don’t think the
bottom really matters I think if you know how to trade in the short term or
in the mid term if you know how to trade all coins you don’t need to time at the
perfect bottom if you are in here for accumulation purposes and you want to
make sure that you buy in at the right time then you should always dollar cost
average at the different levels we have levels at around $6,000 if you zoom up
there was an accumulation phase then that a lot of people were able to buy in
it and personally although that might not be the bottom and we see right now
that that was not the bottom it was still an opportunity to accumulate some
Bitcoin it’s a dollar cost average and same thing can be said in this region
we’re at right now where we are trading with very little volatility in a range
looking like another accumulation phase if we do break down or if we do break up
that is harder to predict we’re gonna need a little more information
personally I am still on the side that believes we have not hit the bottom and
we still have lower lows to go but I’ve seen several people talk about how we
might have hit the bottom so the best way that you can be prepared for this
especially if you’re not into technical analysis you don’t do it or you don’t
trade is to simply dollar cost average and like I said if you are trading then
it doesn’t really matter to you if the bottom is in so if you are trading on
these shorter timeframes and even if you are trading in the mid term timeframes
there are tons of opportunities all the time in this market but like I said not
too much in terms of technical analysis we can talk about right now again
waiting for a move from Bitcoin I think you know given the long weeks if we do
break under this range we will likely see big coin drop back down and test the
support if we do break up above roughly here we will see Bitcoin go up and test
the resistance that’s just the level we’re at right now there’s not a lot of
happening and if you look at the volatility this is the
Bitcoin historical volatility index this is where things get interesting so you
know I’d say not a lot is happening the reason I say that in the proof that that
is true is the fact that the Bitcoin fellow the Bitcoin wallet ility Index is
super super low we are at range that we haven’t been in in a long time in ranges
that we usually do not stay in for a very long time that is look at how low
we are previously when we did this it was at the end of November when if you
guys remember nothing was happening Bitcoin was boring it was difficult to
talk about Bitcoin technical analysis because of how little volatility we had
again this is historical lows that we have seen previously again this range
this range every time we’ve stayed in this range if we’ve gone to this range
we have not stayed here for long so I do expect Bitcoin to have a little bit of a
bigger move coming in soon it’s just a matter of when that’s going to happen
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checking this out now let’s get let’s continue on to the market before we talk
about the actual news we are seeing let’s go hear Bitcoin not have much
happen so bitcoins down 0.08% been really boring the last few days making
videos talking about the market especially when it comes to Bitcoin
technical analysis because nothing has been happening and I’m not gonna go in
and make a technical analysis video on dent just because not as many people are
interested in dent but the big boys well not much move
0.08 0.3 1.1 0.7 0.2 0.8 this is not the cryptocurrency people are used to we’re
getting back to the point similar to what we had like I said at the $6,000
level that range where if Bitcoin moved you know 20 30 dollars people would lose
their mind that we were waiting for that volatility then it reminded us who it
really was and what it could really do when it dropped 50 percent in a short
period of time that’s the volatility people are used to
a Bitcoin not 0.08 percent so we are still waiting for a bigger move we are
still just over 120 billion dollars of market cap with a 52.7% Bitcoin
dominance biggest gainers like I said dense crypto calm ontology hazel’s
finance coin several crypto currencies are in the green which again shows
there’s opportunity in this market even if the big even if Bitcoin and overall
the bigger crypto currencies are sideways it is looking like halfway
through though we do hit the ones in the red with the biggest loser being comodo
down 10% loop ring down 8.6% stratasys down by coins down qualms down but
that’s enough for that pretty much we’re in a sideways market in case you hadn’t
checked any of the charts now there is good news still 700 percent increase in
Bitcoin adoption worldwide this is from the Casper and Casper Keys Kaspersky I
don’t know if I’m pronouncing that correctly but it is from their survey so
there is still a desire for the 700 percent increase in Bitcoin adoption
worldwide is insane and I know we’ve been talking about the adoption news
every single time that I see when every time we have something cool I try to
bring it up on the channel to show you guys even though we are in a bear market
and it sucks we do still have tons of adoption more and more people coming in
and we might be undervalued right now it’s similar to how we might have been
over valued at $20,000 we might be undervalued right now so those who
actually build wealth and make a lot of money in this market and maximize the
opportunity are the ones that accumulate in the bear market accumulate when
things are down and don’t simply wait for Bitcoin to hit $10,000 to hit
$20,000 before they think about buying in I say that but trust me most people
that get in the market when we do enter a bull run again most people will get in
the market when bitcoins 15k when bitcoins 20k at the all-time highs and
then you know it just cuts down your profit percentage
greyscale actually reported that institutional investors provided 66% of
capital inflow that’s a lot of percent of capital inflow so if we look at if
you go into more detail analysis as well of the investor profile a greyscale
noted that the protracted bear market has John Klein’s whose perspective is
long-term the high percentage of retirement accounts forty percent points
to a multi-year investment horizon so like we said the average investor looks
at things in the short-term they are impatient they wait for big points a hit
twenty kids to hit the all-time high before they buy it or maybe even wait
till it hits 30k or wherever the next top is that around about that range is
where most of people are going to get it and most people are going to get hurt
that’s why they say few people make money especially trading they say 99% of
traders loser was at 96 percent of traders lose whatever it is most people
lose because of that mentality these guys are coming in with the multi-year
investment horizon and with a long term perspective into them buying in at these
ranges means they expect Bitcoin to go back to all-time highs to break you know
break the all-time highs in the future and that’s where they’re going to make a
majority of their money the short term to them does not matter having to hold
through you know what could be another few months for this bear market even
maybe seeing eighteen hundred who knows maybe even seeing one thousand maybe
even seeing eight hundred dollars although I don’t believe we’re gonna see
eight hundred dollars even if that does happen to them the multi-year horizon
allows for that to happen before they even think about cashing out on their
investment now JPMorgan launched JPM coin this I’ve been excited to talk
about this this specific topic and what it has to do with ripple the comeback
that ripple said everything has been going on so Jamie Dimon we know is
notorious for crashing the Bitcoin price possibly crashed you possibly
manipulating it because the we later found out that JPMorgan was also buying
some cryptocurrency while he was saying that it was a scam and the price was job
because that’s the first thing we know and we don’t really trust this guy
you know I don’t know him personally I can’t tell I’m sure he’s not the only
one in his position that can manipulate this market but he
is now the one that is in the in the limelight because he called it out and
now they launched JPM coin so they’re saying JPMorgan is rushing into the
crypto fraud now from what I understand you and I are not going to be able to
purchase this coin this is specifically for them and their use only how it’s
gonna work is it will be based it will be based on
a similar principle as stable coins which are no fun
each JPM coin will be backed by a US dollar which which should ensure its
stability customers will receive coins after they put dollars into their
accounts and then after the necessary operation where the bank’s crypto are
completed the lender will destroy the electronic coin and let the customers
have their dollars back so that’s how they’re working this isn’t necessarily
bullish news the bullish side from it that I can tell is they’re seeing more
and more and they’ve been seeing this for a while I don’t believe this is the
sudden realization that they’ve had they see what cryptocurrency and the
blockchain can do how it can help them how you know they’re their company can
be facilitated things can be cheaper things can be faster they’ve realized
that now they want to take advantage of that and that’s what they’re trying to
do with creating their own cryptocurrency again you and I are gonna
be able to buy it this is specifically to them if every bank were to do this
then every bank we’re just gonna have their own crypto currencies a lot of
people have been asking about what this has to do with Ripple is there a battle
going on who’s gonna win is this bad for ripples as bad for XRP well personally I
don’t believe so first reasons because the JP Morgan coin is going to be used
only by JP Morgan so that can kind of narrows down how
many people are going to use it but when Brad Garland house was asked about about
you know back to banked kryptos and how XRP would compare he believes XRP
obviously is the CEO of ripples that would make sense he believes they are
going to win now what he said was a bank issued digital asset can only really
efficiently settle between the banks who issued it then two scenarios can play
out scenario one is that all banks around the world put aside competitive
and geopolitical differences adopt the same digital asset agree on its rules
and harmoniously govern its usage right scenario 2 which he’d mentioned is the
more likely scenario banks not in the issuing group issue their own digital
assets with their own sets of rules and governance so we’re kind of seeing this
already as the FT points out with cities Citi coin and Goldman Sachs’s several
coin the result would be even more it would be an even more fragmented
currency landscape then we already have today which we all know is pretty bad if
banks of different if if banks of different digital asset groups want to
settle trades with one another they’re going to have to make markets between
their unique digital assets or trade between their digital assets and a
current and a common fiat currency what a mess so I could not agree more
personally I think like I said this is not necessarily bullish news for crypto
although it does it is pretty bullish for the use case and that this actually
works it’s not necessarily bullish that JP Morgan is launching their own stable
coin coin cryptocurrency whatever it is that you want to call I’ve seen some
people say this is not a cryptocurrency but again I’m not gonna get into that I
don’t think it’s that bullish except for the actual use case I do I think it’s
gonna compete with ripple no because it’s only specifically for JP Morgan all
the big banks aren’t gonna want to add object Morgan’s think when they could
simply make their own so first thing I still believe ripple is in the same
position it was before I’m still as bullish on it as I was before but I do
think it is pretty funny that Jamie Dimon first comes out and calls it a
scam and then realizes that hold up this actually makes my company better some
people of course yeah I was gonna say that some people need to do their
research before they talk but I’m pretty sure he did his research I’m pretty sure
he knew what he was doing and I’m pretty sure he was trying to manipulate the
price of cryptocurrency but either way guys hopefully you did enjoy this video
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  1. For the first time in 2 years I am getting little bit uncertain in the top 10 crytos at this moment ;/
    Hope to see XRP strong!

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  3. Hi Patrick
    What do you think about the huge amount of xrp that Ripple holds? I think this is the reason for decline in Xrp price for 2018 although tremendous amounts of news coverage about Xrp.

  4. this is hilarious for JPMorgan. you lnow what they can do is, sit on the sideline as waterboy! they don't have a chance against Ripple, XRP.
    I hope I win Sunday's giveaway!

  5. Every JPM coin will be backed with one real dollar. Just like the Bank accounts are fully backed by existing dollars ? haha… ? hahaha ??
    The not your real dollar bill not your money Bank run would be healthy for the Banking sector

  6. Brad Garlinghouse does not have to worry about JPMcoin. His main focus is turning on the switch for a moon up?
    I hope I win Sunday's giveaway!

  7. i won't invest in this coin even if it was open to the public or private! they don't understand Blockchain… they use Blockchain as a way to pump the coin?
    I hope I win the Sunday's giveaway, lol

  8. This is a ploy by JP Morgan stopping XRP, they must have known it would kill their bank, Jamie continues his fraud activities Now a bank has their own coin, maybe they might give the SEC permission to allow an ETF.

  9. I believe Jamie Dimon is trying to manipulate the market and using the JPL coin as a way to introduce FUD so that weak XRP hands will drop off.

  10. British banks had been buying ripple. Although I prefer to hodl ETH, based on technical analysis it will beat XRP and I would buy XRP from 0.0015 and 0.002 levels

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