Ripple XRP: U.S. Sees Crypto-Friendly Lawmakers & XRP Santa Rally 2018?

hey guys and welcome to the working money channel so u.s. election sees crypto friendly politicians win governor races the u.s. 2018 midterm election saw crypto friendly lawmakers securing governorships in three states while maintaining two others three new governors and two incumbents are ranked as very crypto friendly according to data compiled by the digital asset trade association guys this is amazing remember all those months that we were waiting to hear answers about certain things SEC regulations dragging their heels all that stuff that's because government moves very very slowly guys and so when there's a possibility of very crypto friendly governors in these positions we are going to see hopefully we are going to see movement quicker on these kinds of things right we want cryptocurrency to be part of the mainstream at this point we've been holding our positions at the very super early adopter stage and once we kind of see this coming down the pipe quickly will see the process hopefully happen more rapidly than it has been up until this point and in other news companies dropping the term blockchain due to the hype around the technology this has been a you know it really isn't 2017 anymore I remember last year companies were actually adding blockchain if they were blockchain companies and they were trading on the stock market they were actually adding the word blockchain to their ticker or to their company name in order for people to realize that they were blockchain companies and blockchain companies did really really well during the crypto rally in the stock market another tip if you guys want to have exposure to crypto currencies in your in the stock market invest in blockchain companies they at least as of now have done kind of the same kind of rallies as kryptos they're kind of closely tied to crypto so the trends are very very similar so it's interesting now that companies are saying well you know there's a lot of hype around the word blockchain so we want to kind of you know tamp that down a little bit and now they're saying predictions for distributed ledger technology is is the new doesn't sound very buzzy to me but it's the new term that it's looking like it's trending now for businesses they want to call instead of blockchain they want to call the technology distributed ledger to nology so the study reportedly found that many firms are over hyping the usefulness of blockchain or using the name of the technology to repackage existing services a practice of the report describing blockchain washing and that was another thing to write blockchain and cryptocurrencies were kind of going hand-in-hand there was a negative connotation to that on the flip side people were reluctant to get into blockchain because they were associating it with Bitcoin and Bitcoin was very very volatile and so they didn't want to get the negative exposure there and we've been hearing about this santa rally coming up this article here bitcoins crypto market share hits five-week low as potential santa claus rally approaches and I know the DEA is done a video about this talking about the santa rally to talk about it yesterday I believe but I just wanted to show you guys some interesting things regarding this I wanted to go into a bit more depth on it BT sees market share slump was first spotted by Market Watch which spoke to Matty Greenspan senior analysts at Ito Roper Greenspan it's common to see the stock market rally close to the end of the year over increased activity in the private sector during the holidays the volatile of the volatile month of October the equity market had combined with uncertainty surrounding a potential trade war between the US and China along with the Fed's monetary policy has seen markets perform less than ideally and then he goes on to say just to cover is but it may be too early to say this after all we've only seen very moderate crypto gains this week but it is very possible that we might see a Santa Claus rally in the crypto markets and guys what he's referring to here is investing institutional investors investing money into the stock market traditionally near the end of the year I've seen this in cannabis stocks this is this happens in a lot of sectors where there's a lot of money pumped into the market people want to kind of reap their profits nearing the end of the year they pull out all their money so they can get one last like kick at the can before you know reap some some more rewards before the year's end and so this has traditionally happened money pours in October November December January and we saw this with crypto last year but they were saying that we had a rocky October but because of the trade war with China well we know that kind of got cleared up and we saw the market it's back here's the S&P 500 guys on a weekly okay and as you as you guys may or may not remember there was a lot of uncertainty around here we saw high high volumes large sell offs okay SP 500 came down to you know this is a weekly again okay came down to this level here from back in April but as you can see it hit and now it's retracing guys u.s. midterm elections trade Wars at ease I think that it's it's likely that we might not see a stock market crash you know after seeing these kinds of candlesticks going down we saw a lot of buying pressure here followed by more buying pressure here so these these are on a weekly so this week isn't even over yet so this this candlesticks still moving but what does this have to do with crypto and XRP well da I had done a video about the crypto markets in from October 1st to January 1st and he mentions that there was always again okay there was always a game and technically that is correct there have always been or five out of six or four out of five years in a row there has always been a gain in crypto around that time now that's very interesting in its own right but they weren't real big parabolic gains like this one is here I'm just going to show you guys this is a Bitcoin historical price and events and so I'm gonna link all these articles in description if you guys want to see them and it just kind of shows you a little bit more about price history with Bitcoin and as we know Bitcoin has historically been kind of the guide to how we view all crypto currencies up until now so these are the kinds of movements we're looking to see right back in you know 2011 we saw crypto go from you know this is April 2011 85 cents all the way up to $29 these are the kinds of movements that I think we're interested in so that didn't happen in the fall but what I found that as we kept moving on now there was a rally here December so here's October went back down to $2 this is October 2011 went back down to 223 and then we saw it go up to $7 roughly in the new year January 2012 kind of interesting not a huge gain and and that isn't necessarily the kinds of gains we were we were looking at we're looking at more of these kinds of parabolic movements this was 2013 okay and again this is in the spring this is March late March and then we saw Bitcoin hit a high of two hundred and twelve dollars in late March going from about 55 or sorry $45 roughly 46 bucks okay and these are all tied to these kinds of events here there are there are a lot of events here I'm gonna link this in the description if you guys kind of want to see why price move the way it did you might be able to gauge what happened like here if you go up to 20 increase trading volume breaks mount Cox so that was the event that happened here but leading up to that the Cypress bail in and we talked about the Cypress run on the banks right back in 2013 people were dumping their money into crypto into Bitcoin so people were dumping their money into Bitcoin this is when the trading volume breaks mouth and then we saw a crash subsequently after that so guys it's really interesting to kind of look at these little points in history and to kind of gauge and to kind of see why things are happening now here's what I find interesting here let's go to late 2013 and here again is that time the fall period late September October November December where we saw Bitcoin price go from $129 all the way up to a thousand 26 dollars by the beginning of December and there are all kinds of little events here that that are surrounding this price activity okay I'm not gonna read them all obviously you guys can go do that if you wish and then finally we kind of move here to the last bull run that we had which was late 2017 and we know all about this bull run here right late 2017 we saw a movement there now I think that as soon as crypto becomes more regulated I think that as we're starting to see it become part of the mainstream we know that institutional investors are interested we see that this is all kind of happening now I think we're going to start seeing these kinds of Santa rallies happen more frequently in crypto and so as to the 2018 prediction back here that there is a Santa rally coming right Mattie greenspan the senior market analyst of Torro has said this along with a couple other people my memory serves me correctly there are signs pointing towards it we know institutional money's coming in and historically that's been a sign of santa rallies to come this is what the stock market is doing it is recovering so could we see our XRP positions and all other crypto positions for that matter really start to burst by the end of the year and early into 2019 I want to hear what you guys think please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already like the video if you like the content I'm providing I always love hearing your comments see in the next one guys

27 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: U.S. Sees Crypto-Friendly Lawmakers & XRP Santa Rally 2018?”

  1. I just took a personal loan , I can afford to pay the loan off per month , I thought I had to dive in deep and get a bag of XRP now at these prices. I know nearly everyone here you would say that I’m crazy but hey Time will tell .

  2. So the 100B xrp tokens are also shares of the company?? I don't know much but since we all can buy the tokens as investment ripple must be a public company. So does that make the tokens are also a share. I know the tokens are for utility purposes and I have a feeling that the tokens will always stay around its same value. When the CTO of ripple was asked about how much the value of ripple would be, and his answer to it "Depends on how much you want it to be & … other egs.. $10, and $120 depending on ripples market expansion …. " did he mean that for the value of the xrp tokens or value of the share of the company in the future. With further utility the coin is going to be burnt and according to what I have read it may take around 50 years for the 100B to disappear so how can xrp tokens be a share of a company? Will ripple be announcing shares in the future ? Or will ripple be creating more coins to keep the total circulation of 100B at any time because I have read the number of xrp tokens are not finite and the ripple company can create more and more of it. But that way again they could be manipulating with the price of xrp, but a recent interview of xrp guys said that they will not be manipulating the price of xrp at all. Please share your point of view..

  3. The 'Three Witches Hour', 5:00 pm. Dec 21st. Fund Managers, must rap it up then plan 2019 investments for their Clients with deep pockets and they have 'Cripto' on their minds.

  4. Can someone from the USA who uses Coinbase to then transfer into an exchange to get xrp please tell what banks are allowing you to do this??!?
    I didn’t have a bank account for many yrs but recently got one so that I could by crypto easier. Unfortunately I was wrong and my bank doesn’t allow Coinbase/crypto . I bought through paxful with a prepaid awhile ago but the price hike is ridiculous usually and I am usually only able to buy small amounts at a time so it’s hardly worth it. Any help would be great. 🙂

  5. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are not the same thing. That's a common misconception. Blockchain is a subset of DLT.
    Blockchain is the technology used by cryptocurrencies where data is stored in blocks and chained together.
    DLT is a decentralized database system that can store data in different geographical locations. For example, data from smart contracts can be stored in this type of database.

  6. If it goes to 589 end of year, if you cash out, what if the government seizes your assets and claim insider info….just a thought

  7. GBTC bitcoin investment trust is doing great in my portfolio. Can also be added to IRA’s. If you have an old 401k. Previous employer. Roll it over to an IRA invest and put whatever amount you feel comfortable into GBTC. They will have index funds. XRP funds later. But for now here’s a good way to get exposure. Perfect time to buy too. I’ve been killing it last couple weeks. Also if in an IRA, buy and sell No capital gains.

    The stock market should be fine for another 1-2 years. Then bear market. Then another bull market. Nothing abnormal. 2019 should be good. When elections are done markets do great. Doesn’t matter democrat or republican. The market just wants clarity either way.

  8. WMC, I really enjoy your videos. You go from researching articles to TA and then you add a little touch of conspiracy theories in your videos. Great job!

  9. Investing in a bit more XRP today.
    Not much – about 100 – Do not care where the price is this afternoon.
    Slowly building that bankroll of XRP.

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