what is going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video today we’re gonna talk about Tron big news came out for
Tron and ripple we haven’t talked about ripple much on the channel but I do have
some things that I kind of want to talk to you guys about when it comes to
ripples so at the end this video we’re also gonna be giving away the free
Bitcoin from the previous video and I’m gonna give you the winner 24 hours to
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so make sure you leave a comment and be subscribed to the channel let’s jump
right into this 2-1 news article I wanted to show you guys today so in
Australia you can now Burt the purchase Bitcoin etherium across a thousand two
hundred new stands in win for adoption so it’s crazy the u.s. is probably one
of the light out of the big players you guys probably one of the least adopted
places when it comes to cryptocurrency the hardest one to gain adoption for
several reasons for several reasons I can’t really blame them because since
they are such a large such a big conscience like the face basically of a
lot of things they have to be skeptical when it comes to new technology as much
as they probably want to just go forward with onion full-on new technology all
the time something that poses a risk they don’t want to be caught in you know
in the mix too early so I get it I get it
they’ll come around don’t worry guys they’ll come around but it’s pretty cool
that in Australia you can buy a Bitcoin and aetherium for fiat in exchange for
fiat in more than 1200 new stance like new stance
who would have thought out of everything would be new stance that’s pretty damn
cool so that’s good that’s the only news article before we continue guys I wanted
to say I’m gonna be in New York this next week I actually leave today and I
come back next week Friday so exactly one week and I do want to me as much of
you guys as possible so I am organizing something make sure you join the
Facebook group to stay up to date with where we are going to host it and what
time and what date and all that stuff I’m
make sure you join the Facebook group and if you don’t if you can’t join the
Facebook group leave a comment down below letting me know that you would
like to you know come and I will make sure that you have all the information
stuff in case you can’t join the Facebook group so I wanted to put that
out there now guys let’s get back let’s talk about the overall market let’s go I
know you guys are here for the giveaway so I’m gonna I’m gonna get through this
not too slow so bitcoins up trot it up a lot we’re gonna talk about just a little
bit nano at some point to 6% so it’s still in the greed still counts as a win
however everything else seems to be in the red if you take a look at the seven
weeks everything is kind of bouncing off to the point where it’s sort of even
some are down 5% somewhere up 6% so I guess depends on what coin it was a very
uneven week but the last 24 hours that we said a lot of things in the red it’s
another one of those Corrections not correction just another red day you know
we have green days we have red days it’s not anything to be concerned about it’s
not anything major no coin has taken a huge plummet from what we had from what
we can see over here no coins taken anything outrageous so again good signs
good signs for Dragon chains up 10% 11% that’s nice that’s nice
but overall still steady market looks strong again I’m hoping for the bullish
front to come here shortly I don’t think it’s gonna take much time so I’m gonna
leave a link to Finance down below you guys can go pick up your favorite
altcoins check out the last video if you want to see black which coins I talked
about but I like wahby I like neo I like Bitcoin obviously it’s
not gonna go anywhere I like nano but it is up 40% the last week
maybe it might go down in the short roots short-term but long-term you
should be fine just some of the coins that I like I like request network all
these are I’m buying it so you guys can go pick them up if you are interested
before it’s too late I can’t stress that enough guys I know I’m going to get
messages I know I’m going to get messages when we enter a bull run and
you know everything’s tripled quadrupled in price I’m going to get messages if
people say what’s the next great coin because I missed the opportunity you
don’t want to miss the up Tunney now now it’s a pretty good time
to get in now the point I want to talk about today just briefly I want to talk
about ripple we haven’t talked too much about ripple there hasn’t been much to
talk about ripples been very very steady over here plus minus ten cents from the
doll from her around a dollar I guess currently at ninety cents you know you
guys know I’m not a huge fan of ripple um simply simply put a lot of people
artists like oh but money is money I understand making money as money but
there’s a lot of other all coins I would rather put my money in however the more
I am looking into ripple I can’t I can’t lie guys I kind of want to get a
position in ripple simply because hear me out short-term if you go follow them
on Twitter they have a lot a hunt of eight hundred and eleven thousand
Twitter followers that is eight hundred eleven thousand more Twitter followers
than I have because I don’t have a Twitter I need to make one though true
but they post everything that’s going on right here this is a good place
especially if you have a position ripple I would recommend if you have a position
any cryptocurrency I would recommend following them on Twitter and get get
your notifications on for their posts so you guys can see as soon as something
goes live basically kind of like I tell you guys to hit the notification button
on my videos to see when videos go live so you guys definitely don’t want to
miss out on information because it could affect the price now ripple is just
absolutely killing it with its partnerships now it’s not as much as
other coins we see coins are like Oh blah blah is now listed on this exchange
Oh blah blah blah is dying bulla said something about blah blah blah you know
like Bill Gates said something about Tron he didn’t but I’m just saying an
example right and that’ll cause price fluctuation now ripples out there making
moves and partnerships so these guys are actually partnering with a ton of big a
done ton of big players they have a huge upside potential to them long term I get
the whole decentralized versus centralized think and I agree with you
guys so if you guys don’t invest in ripple for that reason similarly tau I’m
not invested in ripple at the moment for that reason cuz I think there’s a lot of
other potential coins which will I think can do just as good if not significantly
better than rippled like Bobby I like it you guys have heard me say it a lot I’m
very bullish on it right now but ripple is actually gay
people to use them so they’re actually further ahead in the adoption phase and
a lot of other cryptocurrencies because people are already in big companies and
banks why not are already using ripple they’re testing it out and then they’re
implementing it in their system because it does what they want it to do so
that’s one thing that I think could definitely lead ripple to a to a bullish
run in the at least in the short-term you know few years to come
not like I said when it comes to 20-30 years when I think cryptocurrency maybe
even more when cryptocurrencies fully adopted and this is what we use I don’t
think ripple will be there leading the pack however in the next coming years
when everything is still kind of you know things are still kind of iffy worse
is still kind of gained trying to gain our adoption I think rebel definitely
will hold its spot in the top coins which is why I think definitely if you
do some math depending on where the market cap could be before we gain
massive dr. whose mass adoption center you know it’s gonna require several
several several trillion dollar market cap for us to consider it mass adoption
at least but you know there’s I’ve seen crazy people I’ve seen crazy numbers
I’ve seen people save ripple at six hundred coin new coin crypto coin News
said that saw another video saying cryptocurrency at $99 and now I’m not
gonna say either of those but I’m not gonna count out the possibility that
mathematically it’s possible now yes it does have to go up to like a three
trillion dollar market cap right I believe we go one two three would be
nine hundred and three dollars that’s a lot let’s say one to say ninety dollars
it’s gonna be a three point five trillion dollar coin now if we are at a
where would be if we’re at a forty five trillion dollar market cap it’s not
impossible and do you guys think cryptocurrency could be if we are at
mass adoption forty five trillion dollars is not a lot of money it
obviously it sounds like a lot I would love to have it in my bank account but
if cryptocurrency is what we use in the world right not just the u.s. not just
France not just Australia in the world forty five trillion dollars
it’s really not that much and I think it’s definitely possible for us to see
it happen so ripple at $100 possibly especially the short run
possibly I’m not counting it out but I am starting to do more research because
I can see that they’re doing their if they have good partnerships being built
they’re actually starting to get used which is a step in the right direction
for cryptocurrency short term again short term for people to start
recognizing the technology and start using it the blockchain technology and
then later on obviously like I said long term I don’t think ripple should have a
spot because it’s not really what we stand for right
okay now Tron up 13% almost 40% it was up a little more before it’s already had
a little bit of correction we just go to the one month is probably be able to see
it spiked up a lot yesterday all the way up here went up to can’t even get my
cursor in there dang record went closer for like 6 cents yeah close like five
point seven five point eight cents and now it’s back to a little bit to five
point two but it did have a nice little run and reason for that is right here
Tron yeah well this isn’t the making one right Iran is now changed next you can
now buy Tron on updates on the update exchange
kyoool but the main ones this one Tron is on bit trick so you know you guys
know is on – where a lot of people picked it up now it’s also on bit tricks
now that’s not as big of a move as if it wasn’t on either of them and they’ve
gone on it that’d definitely be bigger but still doesn’t hurt to see another
place where you guys can go ahead and buy Tron maybe you don’t have a violence
account I don’t know why you wouldn’t it’s super easy you just click the link
down below and make it account it 100% free but honestly easier than bitches
bitch works you have to go through um verification and stuff right now so
violence is honestly easier but yeah absolutely a great news for Tron you
know now it’s on most of the big exchanges maybe coral point base next
start that rumor again um but yeah there’s so it’s a low chance if you get
to coin may so I never count anything out I’m just saying the chances are low
now one thing I forgot if I go to a Twitter ripple again one I forgot a
point now is that you can see there is also they have a pin tweet from February
21st saying we’ve noticed an increase in fraudulent accounts claiming to be
ripples so even they are having the issue
of you know people faking their account and then trying to do giveaway you can
see they even mentioned claiming to be ripple or members of the ripple team
offering giveaways guys I do giveaways because I’m showing you my face right if
if someone just came up and said hey this is Patrick
I want your crypto currency in exchange for a giveaway that’s not a good idea
you should never if it’s a giveaway I’m giving away I’m not asking you to do
anything other than you know comment down below and send me your Bitcoin
wallet address that’s about it I don’t want any of your crypto currency in
exchange for the giveaway now if we look at the chart which we’ve been doing
technical analysis on we still are holding a little bit above here again
this is not enough for us to say anything but I said the markets are
looking strong and I’m definitely looking for a breakout we’ve seen a lot
of different technical analysis going on a lot of people are looking at the
reverse head-and-shoulders which if you guys know what that is it is a good
thing to look at – I’m keeping it simple here but if we do complete the reverse
head-and-shoulders guys we might be in for a treat when it comes to crypto
currency and that’s why I’m saying I don’t want you to waste your time and
you know wait wait wait and then bitcoins at 20,000 then you tell me you
missed the opportunity and bitcoins too expensive now you know you don’t want
that to happen so if you want to pick up some Bitcoin pick up some Bitcoin gonna
pick up some aetherium pick up some aetherium if you want to pick up some
Wahby or request Network go ahead and pick those up I’m not a financial
adviser though guys it’s not financial advice I know I’m saying you should pick
them up I’m saying if you do your research and you like the crypto
currencies now might be a pretty good time in some of the lowest prices we see
in the next few months and I’ll say you have to not financial advisor not
advising you to I am advising myself if I were in your shoes I would do that
that’s all I’m saying but that’s not advice not financial
advice no no no now the moment you guys have all been waiting for it let’s go
let’s talk about the cryptocurrency winner let’s see who won the D giveaway
from last video basically we had 119 unique comments absolute killers this is
a hundred percent random guys so let’s see who wins winner
TRX has been bifur investment in crypto I hope to god you
are right I hope to god I am right to trust me um I hope to god I am right –
if I’m right with every prediction then we will all be rich I’ll be very rich
and you guys will all be very rich – because I don’t I’m not wrong but yeah I
hope John is definitely a riskier play I know a lot of people get mad at me when
I say traumas are riskier play it is compared to Bitcoin Tron is a riskier
play compared to nerium Tron is riskier compared to Neil Tron is riskier right
compared to maybe let’s see compared to let’s take a look I’m fullest there we
go how do I do what I’m trying to do here
we go compared to life Tromso less risky plenty compared to life now watch life
moon just like be the next Bitcoin and I’m the dumb dumb who talks shit about
it oh well but yes so um nan dia Nandina nan nan Dina I don’t know how to
pronounce your name I apologize for butchering it already
several times in my attempts but leave a comment down below again letting me know
that you’re here to claim it otherwise guys if you guys want to enter a chance
to win if they do not claim their cryptocurrency then leave a comment as
well and you guys I’ll show it in the next video if they don’t claim it the
next a tomorrow’s video tomorrow’s market recap video I will be pinky
another winner so guys thank you so much for watching leave a thumbs up if you
guys did enjoy the video let me know your thoughts down below on the whole on
the whole market on the whole thing for a ripple that I was talking about
Antron where do you guys see I know LAN you guys like Tron I know um now when it
comes to XRP when it comes to Ripple a lot of people have mixed feelings a lot
of people are split either you like it or you don’t like it so I want to know
all you guys comments down below leave me your best argument convince me of
your side but yeah guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys
later today for another video


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