RIPPLE XRP TRIVIA with Guet Bubba Shipes

it cost a call to check the
thalia let me get this stream go
and we see if it fits all works
of fleet is no issues and we’ll
fin all right we are live here it is
Sunday evening at 830 and tonight is Sunday night
trivia night with our guest bob
up chunks what’s up, as a going that’s right and you can’t have
that much fun to a cell of a and taught over yet and you know
when we’re having aware of and a
good technical streaming night
it’s awesome and we’ve got
crypto s the walls we got on here,
excerpt the Carolina a mentally
and got to the hall Carl Lewis
are bodies bouncing in here
everybody w it can hear bob Le all come on
in a second, say something to a and decided the new ball and I
figure we do trivia night
without hearing bob above that
of so let’s start all over again
what’s to a, it’s awesome that is awesome right here on
you to see how that works out of a right so it were to do, just
like the past few times although put together some
amazing trivia young guys
there’s been a lot of all, are
eight things happening in this
space and one the 889500 excerpt the giveaway
and ended up being I believe a
700 excerpt the table way on
Thursday a long with some kit
Kat ad an Indian I have all the toe Sobol of men you’re one of
the winners am I to marching aura of a of its right 1010%10% its right to make sure we get
that straight up or we get this
all go near it was so staff and and so does just a little shout
out city of a smaller 11 water bottles so everyone’s going with those
huge water bottles now that I’m just gonna go with his
little minis so there are
perfect and to that of switch it helped him
have a a a bit of a Ida if ago
the bigger sure denied ago the
smaller water bottle that of a
bit of a and array of a a bit of script of a
to hit the ice real areas and
comment car and a car to have
apt as eyes and sell you drink
it an Tolman, it’s so funny so to a a
and so what some walked up man
to owed any anything else of any
big of big news a one to talk ab it to take part , a well it a nose funnyman denied aid as
me you know, of the things that
if if they define any
recommendations that the one at
some big to a and I started going down
this whole path on the token
taxonomy act and then I get done
with it and I just your crickets
and silent night of the guys I am
and I’m trying to get what he
knows body are there in much of
which one it was many out the
light test of a to array of array of a of its cool areas and
to relieve the five and his ball so it a man so what
else one else’s up another good
things that happen here with a
pass the test we could say , excerpt he has ammonia , a lever the ad that so that was insane
rights so, and yahoo finance a
reported that done that excerpt
he hit $9.00 , and was enacted to see the
article spell of the article was all was
interesting at first I thought I
was one of those Joe Carter and Owen then and Nelson a
gaping by yahoo and and yahoo finance and a
normally of finance is all is a
decent source, four L and and or
Ford for fine and financial
news, N , if you haven’t seen a C , but I know they pulled it off
already, and will punish an inflation of
a screen capture dinner
something and I think it’s gone to China find it now it was so
crazy to like dollars that’s the
highest it’s the highest a price
point that excerpt he is banned since
August 23 and in the article my, my look
that the client account as of
today is August winter it’s
interesting top of it up and all
those anything, COL get into it and might have been
lighted just in one specific
exchange I know what they just
reported something and a those venomous state exactly and Tia we’ll tell which one sister, th of a Carl Lewis Carl Lewis, and and we got has anyone said
that it was this and thought
about OTC in here, TCI and
office tone know what OTC is chip chips
up going on again about OTC tone always talking about,
nothing is , but any ally and Ehlo to see
stuff of pop so anyhow, load any
tours I read an article that was
on one exchange and the trouble , that’s either reverse and all
transactions are in that
timeframe that was seen read,
read it so yeah I obviously like
guy like , today , and what about to teen all
what about that date: the walk , I haven’t heard anything and don’t know of anything about
a big going to buy , bob Liu, and you well aware of
anything and to a a a day ago did a while , K gotcha an unknown we’ve got
David Dee is on a flight trying
to tune in to us that normally
be a dozen normally work too
well tweak their other stream a
little bit up in the air to move
certain things I don’t come
through so clearly on Denny Torres saw big: when to
$1.00 on that same exchange , interesting and we had so we
had big point down $1.00 and we
had an excerpt the cops and I’m
not like it alike are like I
like , but then and then as just long
enough to buy a CM my leg back
up to 10,000 again and will be I
will complain about that too mu , and write exactly exactly and
yet we’re were on the world and
Richard Duncan and then written
and 100 of them and then some
so, as well was targeting up someone
got 40 a big point for under
$20.00 and it’s crazy that’s insane, other question is though if they
bought and was sold to someone got
screwed so I hope that they
correct I hope they cracked and Nixon, so , are eight and get David Deese
line of flying around and things
to do comets Ms. Talk about here
on the stream where to jump ri and I thank god we can have a
good a good trip he even when
you say all to car and some M. Rippe this
off your tooth and I’m again
ready towers are gonna jump right into
it and go and you’d be great going to the plug of a crypto camp for minutes that’s
pretty big news and weigh let’s let’s back up on
this one so are you saying that
you want are to be traveling or
how long can a camper a nice tie staying it’s pretty nice man that’s
awesome sums up towns
interesting sounds like a lot of
fun towns like something that
will of the tun took a array and and vice are a very cool Thomas and of a just and Newt it’s up and a shtick alike if a ice and iceman that’s awesome
that saw some day before we get
started the first one on the
stream again was up to rip Josie
fu normally this is open mike night
and we have converted into
trivia night, and it’s still so
blast, love doing this, now
trying t , and I’m not sure if I’m
finding you’re not sure if this
is you’ll think this is you, if
of the are still on the one I
throw in but while league why we jump and
a trivia night why work on that , let’s go with a question let’s
go with the outline first what
is, we gonna do this tonight as
their of specific guy we are we if there’s anybody knew in the
eye in the stream year on
seafood crypt OK Mets and I am
backwards to knows if there’s
anybody kn anybody is in here on a giguere
if you give a thumbs up that be
the be awesome, if your new many
have an subscribed get hit subs , it’s weeded out censored just
getting started now into the
trivia it because one again on their
firewall control and tweak the
south’s a common when some free
excerpt he doing some of Trevino with a bubble over here
on the lottery due to be
awesome, and the weekend we can
take this off nicely so before
Libya so are a it’s a good times do and it’s getting to and to trick question to a a team to a an aerial bet we got one right
away Kelly Slade that was fast , ice , as fast as a long one is going
to to be awesome go to the Korean
throw that in the NE of the MS to wreak a tally and
sweater you got the toast of Greek, telling an other is so what’s a win and we
got another one here what is all
set Slade crypto and it’s a little bit better of
K COL some so that’s number one and number two , one I sincerely george’s on as she would sell and I think those those from a
smart choice to hit a a a a a a a a a a an array and to OK lets go a number two and , and many transactions per
second it’s a good one colleague rhapsodies of Titan
fastlane at a look at that a nicely done nicely done , I think that’s great to a news that’s a good one as a
good idea to have a amalia to
have all the why see if a winner and are winner
winner winner so close, isolate the awesome and that it was number three are to good about into Monday not the crypto
now to and I have not addressed and what is it about it in a array of up , appreciate the long as soon as
she says that, I’d never have I
never consider myself having a
smooth voice of a of a its an eye year of the competition
with you and your my direct competitor saint and to an unholy can only get them and
again that’s a good one that’s a good
one to get that of it, moneybags of a a hit a a
a and Jeff Bezos ties will its torrid were killing these skill and easier to tour of some softballs and
the beginning , when of the acts the aisle rebel
lawyer ripple of the group old general
counsel and while and to its that’s pretty impressive and an omen , those toes fantastic those really cool and very very cool , nice, it’s saying so let’s go
over that to its go through that
to the list here we had Kelly
Slade winning the IMF question Kelly Slade winning the , number transactions, are
second we have Danny tour is
winning the AM owl question and
any tour is winning the ceo of
moneygram and we have DNA tour is winning
the staff general counsel of
rebel question Tolly Cal tech of
a nice letter that money that a
gr , on the block chaining up to a fantastic so those owes a
great to take evening of all of
trivial column really appreciate
that I’m glad if you guys all up , if there is anything that you
guys won two of Baba sent them
the answers, lee, I’m a little
suspicious of NL two, on as a cotton all about this, and gratz
congrats and saw some of Kelly
and Danny you guys did a great
job so I’m I’m just looking at that
the chat among multiple say
screens over here so, keep all , some to oh any anything
anything else see you think it
would be, really unimportant to
to discuss some of the CD and right it and never know you never know
what’s gonna happen right to it to me that that’s that’s a great
point me in on an tears ears and I’m wondering
about about the entire market anno as the market trends up on
many people are gonna jump out and you know of those that are
that are holding our hotline
right now you know and how many new people
are we gonna get in so I look at
the space right now in order to
see a no big movement that mom into the mainstream tiff to see
main street you’ll really
starting to invest in earnest
into the digital asset space,
when your it’s a write me a and a right nets and the FBI think
another the zoo to be so much
stuff you know and and Jan Baum
looking here and the chat interesting nine
comments you know that to a new
year’s sincerely Georgian on
here in a young catcher bags
when you Tia lot of people bailing early,
you know it and its terror there
were quite a few people did when
they get into a speculative i it in my opinion you know that
they got in expecting a quick
buck the queen of quick
turnaround and when that didn’t
happen and , many people at that point also tide of money that they tub lee
time that you know couldn’t
afford yet the hold over a
longer period of time and on UC
others ta a year and 1/2 ago now an Ohio
and it’s more than a year and
1/2, but unite deftly look at this for
the long term and I see a lot
this is you know it’s a growing
space odyssey get caught up in a
hig , sleaze you live and learn and
then you see the trend
throughout the history of the
digital asset space that is
trending up and a different price points up but
you saw today in movement with
that with the percentage and
Owen and we’ll probably see
similar the thing is it’s been a trend
you know if it had once we see
the full, mainstream adoption by
cute year talk about your your
st , eight different levels , and once that kicks in and then everything changes the
dynamics change , however this to be a lot of
people bailing out on this can
be a lot of new people bailing
and yet so I think you know I
think a need to get my money back you
know and that’s what their goal
is then that’s what their goal
is a known but the inn in enough and you tie it up and you know
that the biggest thing, I still
find it interesting to Pieper talk about that be a
technical analysis and trying to
trade digital asset and when I first got an I
thought that I can trade digital
asset and on and try to use all
the different strategies stock
strate it was a real you know it’s
impossible because you’re you’re
missing the fundamentals of the
company there’s all these other
asp that are taken into
consideration that don’t exist
and tell you look in a market
strictly based on fund info Mo
at the time the no end in
speculation by city law of
putting this money anno and then you have to
reassess and five years and you
see word as an open again and
still money that you know you’re you’re in good
you know on and I saw people
telling the early days of of
high tech and a disposable income the
report all sorts of money into
tight second many of them young
with a stock options and all the
stuf anno so that and that that’s a that’s a tough
one you know, I’ve been as the question a
couple times, regarding
businesses except in digital
asset and the way look at it in
up to date depe and you choose your time
invested and if it said that if it’s a
business of love you know where
you’re selling of a product than
you’re basically taking money that you buy the product
and and it just another
mechanism and then transferred
into digital asset as in that
kind of envi a digital assets I can do you
any good right now and know
you’re gonna need are Fi a
currency whenever that might be
whenever co our profit and in digital asset
that’s up to you, but I just
don’t see that as a viable
scenario right now you know
where I do y , in Ohio and a couple other
locations and yuppie if you want
the taxes you can pay taxes and
digital asset, desire on a
separat its if U.S. dollars and what that I can remember the
name of mike and inches and a
display can out on it but I
think those types of entities
right n a nobody and let’s say an
earlier stage of the big women
are still way way up to one EU some of that, then the
old Soviet but that you know
that I think again they owe that why it might today I did you
know still stands but I think
they’re need a third party
entity to transfer them to U.S.
dollars to , with the exchanges with these
third parties, with retail type
businesses with business in general, starting
the structure, because when
things do go mainstream and it
is adopted and everybody’s going one to
have everything in place to
start accepting it agree with
the array to exactly a K a while really a K a rate of it up and made a nine to a up to a way
to a so actually silhouette park farm
actually I believe one sum of an
excerpt he on none of the
excerpt the minute the other
evening comments of N. Tia it’s awesome, it’s really great and Peru crypto man want to hackman that is that’s a man that is so
the really really nice a leak L and MS exactly ms to one are fed up , to toe when we got here on and I can determine off a rainier that an actually watch the game
of sup toast and watching a new show
one night netflix some, like
integer the name of it and the
Sunday show it’s it’s awesome
its car and Els and ask our man was like if you think about did for
encrypt the man and a right of a lowly Cal and USC the man and terry Cole to a and a camera and the camera does to us so was I say yes oh so
netflix, yes any also an applet
and keeps kind of thing in the
name of it I can remember when I
search , but he was awesome and think
about American ninja warriors
except when cars as free an awesome roses amazing
people from if Ron countries and
we’re wrapping up was watching
the last episode are leery and to , and we think the Al you know
what the must’ve any and all of the
women of the women and she got
though there was a German woman
she was a judge read for Acer a
wh are husband was driving and
older BMW told German and
there’s of Davis of this girl
from South Africa they grew up
in Soweto and and order to get our car in and
everything over to the U.S. and
she can participate she got
knocked down one of the early and early phases hitting a water
a cop’s tickle and it was just a
man was the the coolest thing
over and one talk about this but to a a a a array array of a of a it up and it’s right and it’s
true and up and teen Alston watching
silhouette videos silhouettes
and what’s a real nice to have a a real senate Ku got you got so
apart to one and up some songs a
real in a sea of video so a park
farm doing some country and Arrigo and call me Anna Anna country
music’s and often you like that , as a real I deny he played th of a and his guitar does also
to greetings saints to a tall Coll some light, but see them
out on the other topics, Y, it’s if that’s all I got a new
body else and anybody else out
there if you have anything you
one law throw in the stream
throat and so otherwise to a a a L a rolling and wishes Centel , and their China collector
unique points and try to make
sure that nobody gets in a
Kwanzaa think that’s the ITU and.and one anyone touching
the route 31 array of a , I’m looking at the eye U.S.
debt clock and I’m looking for
just mention that the digital
asset is in their tech serve the
haul , M looking your NL , a pretty big gold sheet here since same when you watch this
thing are easy to see, Saul a ratio of
his kicks and , where is it we can’t can’t
find a stirring things up a can pull double my idea of
shared screen was I would , looking over here and L a
local thing and three as the
currency and credit to revenues to assets in four YO trade
deficit, and Feingold silver and loan Federal spending to GDP
ratio O. Copley tax revenues
state that , excise peril taxes are too somewhere as a times
staff on an array of all look
I’ll look into it a little bit
further, and a tenet of town, Tylenol , no terrace tone of seriously and 1/2 ton fee and it’s too much and soon had a true story , and a true story to a tight I found it via a dollar to
crypto ratio or Ta 0.6821 and you’re the dollar goal ratio
which is 5950 per ounce collar
new one call ratio in 1913 was
$29.00 per ounce is interesting is so of this decade to go to
the U.S. debt clock.were defined
one and it is their bottom right
hand corner column a crypto rati and then yet dollar crypto ratio
2013 , was 9667 to 1 , would all colony crypto ratio to make any sense 8.6 48.61948.68 to 1 and all other
crypto ratio 2013 was 9667 to 1 and we talk about,
sits down to the crypto write it
doesn’t say and clicking on a dozen raw am a
dozen and a token D TM-D , E of paper so over the ratio
and paper, departed gold ratio , visit its greatness of
witchcraft and it’s amazing to check the authenticity of all
of the a tax that are their gold
is 5800 on the deck clock vs.,
1913 and silver is 720, vs. 191 and it could be a possibility of a rather looking at is an
average, yeah it’s most likely
the case to awesome a day you know what
Manwaring that I was planning to
do this under a 40 minutes and then not just of a talking so any I think I think
women are wrapped up a one thing
to uproot crypto man, 24990
nine’s it’s crazy or enough to
do , we’ll we’ll figure that out,
and then we’ve got with sieges
to go over the we had Kelly Slade, for 10
excerpt he and a looks like
we’ve got Danny Torres four Tony
excerpt E , M. Metz of its outstanding
absolutely outstanding and a great job on that great
job everyone for participating
being not being a involved and
attending of tonight’s trivia
evenin a deftly look for to seeing you
all next time and until then I keep on nine and pump racks and your trivia
because is gonna come around one
more time to

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