Ripple XRP – Token Taxonomy – Real World Utility IS HERE

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deftly I invest in all the
things so any help I was let me get
started a little group here and
sewing kick it off and wanna
talk gone a little bit of
ballots of t its sun tonight let’s talk a little bit
about the token taxonomy at this
is something that you guys if
you run twitter you seen it
passe of it’s something that is really
at this point in my opinion it’s probably one of the most
important the pieces of legend
of legislation on that’s actually being
introduced up or hopefully will
be introduced up through the
Congress Shanahan I can tell you
nothing o so a this is on Jeff Woodall
report on and I’m glad you guys
can join and fort evening crypto
of we have a lot of great things
d a long time ago and it’s hard
for a son to remember exactly
what we’re all doing a back in
December 2008 seeing a but that
was a a nice if you go through all the
bills being introduced to
Congress nothing is going back
to really been up making a
change to a two things that are impacting
the economy up a bit better than
around now sense of that the
early 1930s so it’s amazing to
me so all these years so first and
foremost a securities act of
1933 secondly the securities exchange
act of 1934 now and the goal
here of the token taxonomy act
by amending both be a securities
ac of the goal here is to exclude digital acids digital tokens
from the definitions of a
security ought to direct the securities
and Exchange Commission to actually enact an unnamed as
reading a a summary here all but
two in Mac certain regulatory
changes regarding digital unit
se of the two adjust taxation a
virtual currencies now in in in
addition to amending the
securities act of 33 in the
securities act was an 86 so now what that what
this is it referring to then is
a egg and adjusting taxation a
virtual currencies held in
indivi for exchanges of one virtual
currency to another so how was
that imports are right now if
you buy and when we all know
that if y event and so in this case what
they seek to do is creating tax
exemption off or that the four
that occurrence now if you go
back that amount of tax exemption will be $600 per eye transaction
occurrence on so that it has a
lot of importance a lot of
significance on especially as it
was on is that their clarify really
donning the rising crossing
their TVs would save a read on,
and that Carrey happen maybe
about a that primary sponsor is worn
David send all representative
from Ohio on their looking to add another
key democrat who say it’s hour
and a key democrat up because of a other things that are really
happening in this space and due
to the fact that there’s other
things happening in the space in
gen a nice grade and high that tore a wonderful and on and so
on this just way too much
distraction on and so we’re
seeing that some of these
democrats are sta things and outside of what could
potentially impact the digital
asset space so we see Daren Soto
from Orlando who was the original a cosponsor
along with a worn David send
back in December on and he and
his focus is starting to drift a
li to taking a very active role up in trying to stimulate some
excitement within the grassroots
level on in addition to I doing
some hour each shot to the congr up with the the war Davidson
team on as a relates to what’s
going on with a token taxonomy
Akzo at this point all I can
stresses of anybody that you know if you
do a reach out reach out to your
congressional wrap find out what
they’re doing find out what th to Olivia only look through want
some of the notes here to see forgot a token is so there’s a lot of
blood questions here Tony excerpt the
Carolina won one pass on and I
think the steamship brought that
up here needs down support tha’ we mention that of exemptions
are key just need to get
senators on board and a point so here’s here’s one
ease the happened so first of
four there’s a number different
hurdles when it comes to the
toke toward Davidson team needs to
find a democrat on the Financial
Services committee that will
cosponsor with that than they
need m to all having one for one if
they can get some of these key
of democrats and actually if you
look on an aside only make sure
I g a local my phone real quick tees in and a second and just posted it an omelet see and I were to go in 1 seconds time your ego and a look at
Refah bill Foster so bill Foster
is on the block of the black
chain caucus and so and tea is based out of
Illinois of red bill Foster is a
democrat in Illinois and he
would be a key person ought to
reach and if we reach out to a bill
Foster and it’s so to 00 so as we get into it so
now when we’re talking about
embrace a and the token taxonomy
act and we’re talking about each
one taking time did to reach out to
a our congressional
representatives you again week
we does read the token taxonomy
act what is t to sell the U.S. government and the and the goal here is for the
U.S. government to fully embrace digital assets has a true asset
class now when they do that on obvious
and we know it’s going to have
on a major impact in the reason
why we know that god is because without such clarity of the U.S.
government is going to continue
really desolate behind the rest
of the world and companies are to me that that’s a huge concern and I let see we got here on Tony for grassroots say it is a
global event yes I agree on and that the, go Tony excerpt
it’s deftly a global event we
need grassroots and in the U.S.
a primarily because we need a
reader on our congressional
representatives we need to get
these people on board and now
think about so I imagine you know if you
look at the average age of a
congressional wrap up and then
you look at let’s say of Maxine
waters what is her skill set using a
knife own or enjoyed reading
getting on the computer I’ve no
idea but I’m sure there’s some
comple look and Nancy Pelosi look at
the Kyo some of these on in that
category on and end this is that
this is the issue this is going and one of the first and
foremost things that we need to
do an up and really I would like to
see this embraced across the
spectrum and I believe of
digital asset investor and
mention this this is something that that I’ve
spoken about outside of the
digital asset space on a
different topic but it has to do
without t and when you use in correct
terminology or you use
terminology that has a negative
a connotation are negative slant
to it you ca when I’m referring new one
terminology am referring to a crypto or crypto currency so
we all have easily utilized of
that terminology we use that
language now think about it in
terms Prado what’s the first thing
that pops into the map into
their mind is something negative even though it no crypto might come from
cryptography whenever you know
of my come from but for them just that terminology is already
putting a slant now they’re
already in bracing you hold up
and to stereotypes of a digital
acid and that has to do with blood
that the digital asset and a
point being used for nefarious
purposes trying to avoid
taxation or w offer which were actually trying
to present the case and to like this one were to go to a crypto fed Maxine waters
was probed a cup of coffee a guy
named you know it is there’s a quite a few of
them in Congress to probably
never made their own cup of
coffee are they have and in
white while up to and was donated life and so let’s say you’re OK
so so let’s go back through here
where was I died so now they’re
here here’s the key so a you
know as I’ve mentioned so we’re
talki up or you know we want we wanna
make sure that the U.S. doesn’t
move out that day that companies
don’t move outside the U.S. We wanna make sure that at the
end of the day were protecting our future and
it really is our putrid our
children’s future if you believe in in black chain
if you believe in digital asset right now than we believe it in
the future answer that means
that we’re looking now for the
betterment of all our future our
chi to Justine up in really a young,
dating back to a new asset class
that’s really moving things in
such an amazing direction and we’re talking about being
able to embolden people to take
part in the economy and to me that it that has
significance beyond anything
that’s really a comprehensive
enough and beyond our
comprehension so you you whether it’s in the United
States if you go into an inner
city environments where and
where they’re not utilizing
their own you go over to time and go over
to a a developing country and a
second NIC inside its super dry
and here and so I got a idea and they
defy you think of its always
human around here and but have so many of to know and so he and his EU not
here’s the thing you know when I
when I look at it again and I
look at the fact that you again now let’s look outside to let’s look outside of the
U.S. a little bit and let’s go to a Japan and its go-to on Korea let’s go
to all of thailand’s let’s go to
Vietnam let’s go to a lift and shine that’s good to
Estonia that’s go to Switzerland Malta or even Wyoming in Ohio and all of these areas they seem
to get the idea that digital assets in the black
chain technology is the wave of the future so at
this point it’s truly time that
the U.S. Congress also
recognizes this significance and
this is and on I think singapore’s
another one is well on that
there’s just so much a lonely
let me look up your real quick
in the chat and water’s going to jail for, I
fed is India lot of heads roll
and I’ll tell you what on Indian
government on after the meal a as just wait ACA Kay woods of it
is see one of a better off diverse fine
with plenty of time to
accumulate more of Leonard Gonzalez be up the nobody knows see on that that’s
the thing reach out to bill
Foster thinking chat us them in
Illinois and you can look them
up an of Tolman DC calls office if you
do if you do make a phone call to try to reach out and look for the legislative
assistant up in the office if
you define the legislative
assistant of new especially in bill
Foster’s Office who would then be responsible
off or up looking at that bills
a specially like the token
taxonomy act that’s the key
person you so that would be a key a person
whether it’s in bill Foster’s
officer somebody else’s of
that’s deftly of deftly
something we ca if you if you wanna really up a
sea of politics at work where you can have such a
positive impact of this is this
is really at this is the one on
and laws and it said an eye, got
sidet of this chrome backup a kind of
only say alone let’s see here and I
missed it and so any help the
hurdles that’s when I was
talking about to over the number one is
finding a democrat to cosponsor
and lumber to is getting into
the Financial Services committee on if we can clear of getting a
democrat clear the Financial
Services committee clear Congress Tech to senate
gets senate to vote on it then
he gets in front of the
president so there’s a lot that
has to happ on the plus side if we look back
to some of the bills are passed
in January on up to pull out the
exact inning as I’d 922 word 9 on, I think that it was that one
era might even for a 30
something up a look it up again they were introduced it to do
with digital asset on committees that passed Congress of within
within about two weeks it was
introduced at the beginning on
middle of January and it passed by the end of
January so that self as
something can pass the Congress
if they have the desire and the
will to do i and see here to OK so and and and deftly no
one be that the tale China wag
the dog I think a its time it’s time deftly to
take the some leadership
opposition in the sun in this
entire thing so so that is so
this is it you now lives of let’s take a step
into a little bit of fun on an
NIH I find it so interesting
because of the fight keep Scott
it ke ten’s all pass this they just
have to stop up looking so much
a Trompe and a they need to get
their act together and bands and
s of so I’d so so check this out
undone sure you guys saw this
news because news like this keeps dropping
but on my question here Lucy weir’s the
article and pull this article
appear real quick as I think
it’s interesting and this is
where i before we you know, dig into
some of the ideas that came out
of this article we have to look
at what is them primary
motivation of a key up union leader within
a bank of what are that might be
whatever leadership role they having that banking
organization what is their motivation to spreading misinformation or
flood when it has to do with
black chain or or digital assets
you know that that’s the number
one on and this was on CNBC , came out earlier today a bank of America Tech chief is skeptical on black chain and
even though bank of America as
the most bad sport so if you go
back a bank of America not
curren on where and an accord this
article and denied I was in a
look of a get an exact Count
Basie does is accurate but to a old 82 black chain related
patents they been working on
them for years you can go back I believed it to
even before 2014 all when they’re filing for pat
and so they then filing for
black chain patents for the past
five or six years and it’s amazing to me up and
then you see other organizations
like Wal-Mart and others that
were doing the same now the bank
of and what is amazing about that
on your she holds this high tech
role within this banking
organization coming out in stating the fact
that she skeptical now it’s not so much that she
stating their skepticism because
of course she can do that if she wants to its how she did
it and so she came out of his
stated say in my private
scoreboard in the closet on
bearish she s so I look at is OK you were in
hiding your opinion and Allison you’re coming out in
stating your skepticism in doing
a very public way in you doing
that doing it at a time where w some big trends that are moving against of the banking industry
where we see of digital assets
and a digital asset exchanges
that are moving us a lowly are
or m and then on the other hand you
also have organizations like
rebel of that are moving into a
space in of that is swift the
contro on in the early days was one of
the original law of the partners
are these board held aboard see
all within the rebel organizati of unsure they still have some
form of of of a relationship
there being died I believe that
they they did in the early years
I d you see what’s happening with Jp
Morgan of launching the jp
employing on and in this is
after they’ve been spread you
know a ton all really really interesting on
the fun is a buy more time at
saint you know at exactly and
Zach lee a difference as a
earlier an omelet see here on its a great idea me up so I’ve
done so anyhow so to according to again according
to what she’s saying on and this
is capped the bus aunts of which
again this is bank of America on was accumulating more black
chain patents than anyone else
and in here’s some of the Passat
they put in this and this
article on inventions ranging from black
chain power to ATMs to storage for crypto currency
keys so that across the spectrum so she needs she goes on to say
that she’s open minded a team
pride that she’s bearish on the
technology in general to allow to see she’s getting
into this a discussion tending in to this space to quiet but Ishii joining
people like up they they bring
up economist Norio Overby the on
the brought him up in the
article on on MIT said a flood on an aura
were beanie and had quoted here
in this article stated that to
block chaining digital asset
block on and and then that they key
here is then they they put a big
bold statement show me the use
case and so this is really what
go so here’s where she’s
questioning of the use case here
we go OK so he is a direct quote
from her she said I haven’t seen
one and and even scales be on an
individual or small set of
transactions all of the big tech companies
will come and say black chain
black chain black chain I say
show me the use case you bring
me the so then she says I want to work to spiritually I wanted to make
the better faster cheaper more
transparent more you know all of those
things so this and that I did it just
bizarre how the phrase things
you know maybe she’s been taking
a context who knows you know she
c on but the article was deftly
written about her on interview with car and and
maybe others on if a big
Americas and he is still up in
and from their perspective of the law partner with with
rebel on and you know why in the world
issue coming out and in an
aching knees, statements in a
maybe there’s something else
going on on a you know larger then then
we can focus on but but here’s
what I do know and this is what I think is in any genny which
essentially the use case and
this article just came out so so when I look at and is OK
great model of any use case let’s look at another article
they just came out today and here we go on a Mac share in
the screen on this but on any
out on so the next article that
came out today Samsung st as president and ceo black chain can improve product
if the manufacturing and a there’s a use case so I
shoot this up of Essen a bank of
America show me the use case she
doesn’t believe it exists and th the president ceo of Samsung SD
yes and high teen consultants a
subsidiary of the South Korean
Tech conglomerate Samsung on is
s on and so that is a huge state
men that goes on and on 90, gets
in duet on but I found that to
be ought to be very of
enlighteni to little bit out of all out of
order on a case and then the
next article this one appeared so this came out on the upon the
23rd and this up article would
see where wasn’t point desk you
are UPS targets the DB sales wit of that looks like a real life
use of the looks like utility
that going after the BB sales on
their building any commerce
platfo aim to bring business to
business sales into the digital
age to 00 so he and I again you know
II go back and I look and I say
OK won the world what is her
statements on what is that you
kno you know it’s it’s it’s kind of
love and a bizarre of you know
it’s bill it’s bizarre that she
would allow some like that to
tha on the eBay America holds over
82 pounds and black chain then
she saying that there’s no use
case and then the very same day
boo to embody see we know rebel
odyssey we see what what the
stellar organization is doing
with IBM when it comes across
border paym what’s going on with up with
letup in the logistics pace of
we’re starting to see what’s
happening on in the up to what is that the annoying at
the dealers are these be I’d see
a on what is it stand for
something to do with up with gas
on s and were to go and a year ago this one took it
was the date on this one this
when I thought was a been
holding this one back for little
while of this one came out on the 18th
of this word of this article
missiles on CC and Tom korea’s biggest messaging
hap Ducat Cal which is Katie a
ko the integrate crypto wallet
for 44,000,000 users if there is no real world
utility and she hasn’t seen it
she hasn’t seen the utility on
then won the world is that and we see what’s happening in
Japan we see what’s happening on
in Korea on how other embrace in
this space all would block chai and why in the world would any
of these big companies up of
invest the amounts of money and
the time and effort to put this
stuf and we look at all rebel what
rebel yell love can do with the
rebel net of eventually when it
all went ex rapid goes fully
live and weak start to see of the
full utility of that digital
asset on that is a full that would be
full of realized utility of that
digital asset all when we see
the IBM world wire of the is
curr of the XL and digital asset on those are real world use
cases so again whether you you like tech company own like
the company like that that
that’s irrelevant the point is
that it is an article and this is on
mainstream media CNBC up and again it’s it’s
coming out of bank of America
you know so of a it’s it’s just
it’s mind-boggling to write so and are we had here and only go back in and look at
dawn of South Korea IC Exe what is
icy acts a KB welcome to the
chat and met through one and I’ve made in no and let’s see what else on like
the jackal and I checked 33 and city of lights we did on my
reps everyone needs to do the
same I agree to do whatever you can do of its
awesome it’s a Salvador and waiting for regulation that
said you know we’re getting
regulation across the board on
there’s also some really
interesting on that are happening on in
other countries of like guy like
India I know of Tony over
unthinking crypto on a bit talked about India and to go back one and one of my
our regional videos that I made
of like I got into talking about
India than what’s happened ove of what Doug digital assets of
could mean for that economy over
in India and what India is a
leader in this space of could
actua on mean up in so to me it’s it’s interesting I
believe they’re supposed its
post to go through the court on
and really dug into do some of
the re all wrangling going on on the a
and I believe most if not all of
the digital exchanges that had
existed in India a shutdown of v on and a thinking about an excerpt he
then saw some appreciate that feedback on so
when what’s so what’s so amazing
about India on and in again as we get into
some of these developing
countries what’s so amazing about a Vietnam would so amazing
about a tile and what’s so
amazing up about, even in Japan
or you’re in South Korea
embracing i of the one 2nd of a OK so and up so I’ve so so India the end
as a developing nation and if
you look if you look at that
what’s what’s going on in India
on any to a government a policy to
basically remove a fee on
currency from the marketplace to
be go back and you look at some
of the ar on there’s there’s a large
economy all within India that
exist shriek lee 100% on in fee
up of the they’ll use credit
cards the less than the equivalent of if
they’re lucky of 50 or $100 a month now then
there’s others within that same
economy than a considerably less than
that on if you as an engineer coming
out of school you could be a
computer on engineer whenever on
you can find people like that
and as online on amounts of money
like that let alone be a
participant on in the overall
economy beyond fiat currency to know now he you know it when
you go live in India on a it’s
it’s really astonishing now you have been over their
multiple times and it had an and it’s always
shocking and so the first time that I
think if that’s the biggest
shock then you go back so Camas
see something different and
amazing and on and and every time of a Tia so that’s exactly it stored
at saint they they pay them yell
peanuts and these are these are
highly educated individuals on $3000 you know so on and then they’re
using the same memorizes they do
over here on but but you would so Seagate in two
of these individuals and then
they in the economy and India
that are getting paid what we would consider peanuts
but somehow their surviving on
it some other surviving on that
100200300 dollars a month on but with that amount of money howl
in the world are they going to be a part of
an economy meaning are they going to bank
why would they put that fiat
currency into a bank and a fifth
and if for those that are
existing ought to wear maybe their
trading whatever they’re selling
the market maybe they’re making
you like to save 50 to 100
dollars a and it’s all fiat currency why
would they go to the trouble of
of trying to bank it when
banking fees all would take a
specific of all those of others rupees
away from that it doesn’t make
any sense so what the government
had done on last year and a decided to enact policy that they wanted to remove a 75%
of the fiat currency from the
marketplace to 75% so obviously there some
motivation for them because they want a move that
entire of fiat based economy of
Wichita india’s a is almost like
a dual economy so in the U.S. for the most part
on we don’t really see the
update the dual part of the
economy it’s not as visible on
necessari on and if you if you look around
you actually identified that it exists on in
broad daylight so if you go to
like the a check at the check
Cashing stores those are individuals utilizing to a a a business that’s taking
a high percentage fee from an
individual’s paycheck because most likely that
individual does not have a bank
account and is living in a fiat
of world are living in a in a
fiat base themselves to all although their paycheck
might have taxes taken out ICS
at a romp on so the released a
contributing up and from from
that of but in India you have a very large a
percentage of the population
that exists and in any you know
and lives within this be a
currency say yes so how everyone to terminate
term them so if they have money
in that say that the cost of
holding a bank account is
nothing they doesn’t allow them to a save or
invest or a folder credit card
or take out a loan on a car or
in a house or you know what have
y on there and but the majority of
them exist outside of that
entirely to now imagine an economy of
that they’ve now really pushed
up a large percentage of those
people into a into a predicament
wher they have no choice all but two bank themselves it ’cause if India is moving
away from the XL go to a country
like Iceland a for instance so or if you go to to go to go to
love a good number of places
over and you’re up I’d just as
as a nail example and go to one
Germa and for the most part you can
use your credit card in most
places on however American
Express isn’t always taken and
there are i the local credit card of the
local of me a cash card whenever they want accepted on and so
that’s problematic on if you
don’t have that do not care in
Euro on now if you go to Iceland
for in and much everywhere you go accepts credit cards you can go
to the of the big guy selling water and and
sandwiches and that you know the little on
the am a little kiosk if you go
in the high couple mound are
some things a little chaos down
the are expected the beefy out only
a cash only on however nice and
that she take every credit card American stress Baeza MasterCard
ICS at a rough and it’s amazing
so even if you’re buying a
bottle water over there and you can use your credit card
dislike year contract he used to
be you could hit with the idea
was like $10.00 are or more is to actually don’t have that so therefore seemed there forcing
the hand of individuals to be
pushed into a out into a digital form of
banking on meaning that they’re
gonna put them so the removing
the fiat there there also
enabling t off for a large percentage of
the population out of the
population of India think about
why his is a known what is it 1.
a set a of $1,000,000,000 are 1.2 or 1.3
a billion people of live in
India of this 1.2 or 1.3 billion
people on approximately
200,000,00 are wealthy ted’s this staggering staggering
number so you think about India
and in you don’t really think
about a population of 200,000,000 people the size
of the U.S. is what it’s over
300,000,003 3340 of the exact
number on almost 2/3 of the of the size of love of
god of the U.S. is actually on it is in enough into a a
considered a wealthy class now all of that you have about
300,000,000 almost all of the entire tea of the
United States its key is
considered middle class is over
in India to that brings us to
about 700,00 oven that is absolutely a
staggering those are staggering
numbers and and like I had said
it’s the second largest a
population o and and you have about
500,000,000 of proximately that
are middle class to two wealthy
no class could be relative but
these are to our they can go out they go
to dinner they buy a they shop
they travel on the ad that cell
phones up pretty much you a good
l in basically a hut with a motorcycle and of the
family and the family go and be
a Cal and be a coarser donkey
and a bunch and togs and one not
runn on the deck of the common I’m
not saying that that’s middle
class because when you go into the middle
class in areas on you have an
ominous speeds of you have
subway you have McDonald’s you
have a whole I just want on this long tangent basically of the focusing on the
significance of what digital
assets could mean what black
chain technology can mean for country like India
and why India could be 8 to 88
leader on in this industry if
they embrace it and think about
the on you allow them to start
developing a black chain
technology you allow them to start by
utilizing digital assets and you have a country that
could flourish without at the
U.S. can flourish you have a
country like India acre the game
changing you go to parts of Latin America
ego all over it sits its tag
reads on day at his far as the
Cassis Tom , the caste system does exist a somewhat of a messy I think
that they’ve been trading away
from that all but it still
exists you know because it sits
in its c they broken away from it again
somewhat of the though same of
animosities are stereotypes or on exclusions a still would exist so that it
just it’s it’s amazing and so you said the sets really
in although the point you know
is that tear you have of countries that
are up and many side to see us
do are on him to be up and do is on tap for own a kneecap are right where shall
we start of a of ability to join
in its tibia that the festering cup
of token taxonomy act of bank of
America flood of Samsung’s
embracing a lock chain UPS is a
bra and I was there to talk about
India a Z of a and all recap of Soho tollett see a Cea of to a and let’s see here of the OK on
my read the article today
stating that Jp Morgan is
teaming up with some other
partners to creat like to GR that would be awesome
you know what that’s that’s
amazing on nuts in the jades
mazen Jp Morgan is doing it on of the chain a value in authenticity , there were something else all
of the down and out by nance
there’s an article that came out by nance was hosting that and
art auction of which I thought
was pretty huge on that that
showed you know based on being
able to to track of and soda and there’s
so much a significance in a
being able to provide of the authenticity for a items
of luxury items in other so many flaw fakes out
there on so if you looking alike
got to cheer on all those
different and I handbags that
the wom on but I know they have
different codes in on and
there’s ways they fake them but
then his ways to identify the
real ones from t being able to see real eyes of
the watch and know the they
history of it on from from up
from inception from when they
construct the authenticity of all the
Knicks blacks pence of luxury
item of a specially and that in the
collectors world so think about
of any collector I don’t think
about baseball cards up from the
h on even today what was it the
um, and it was the a map that
with a thing you’re caught
cigarette cards or OM two were
the cold a loan like you’re a member of
any outfit is little cards on it
was Honus Wagner I think was
that was the baseball player on
it you have companies like to add
the it’s PSA and then a couple
others that will rate the
quality of the card on an OC
realize tha and I like that idea of an offer to be chained and
maybe that’s that’s where and I need to do some more
research on that as well and write that down and are high
at an old daughter link the my
computer and wave back as a light gray
there like grade of companies
that popped up and have you know once once the
bear market if you never hear
from them again and what happens as another one
was it the Medina seiren as of
that was a over a year ago they
came out put either building the to that was pretty amazing house
a while as way before the as
tenet and I’ve no idea there
still around because are still
in cha and I keep looking down the load
up the chat now in two different
places and got it on my tone of
got up here and I’ve got notes its if there’s anybody a anybody
else of any any other comments
only go back through see if I missed any of any good
chat items and alone a different there there’s
actually another one done and I
know why is it into one there’s
a it was a comedy and India a
similar of when the guy was in the U.S.
on and she was hired and ran a
call center in the U.S. And then he was hired and and is
next onion of moving over to
India hitter I call center in
India as a chair pretty good
movie and wasn’t that wasn’t the
amazing a marigold but the
Stewart and it was saw a calmer
than in a and senior and a saw most of these tough play lots of great
feedback geisel of it on my got
a couple great ideas song the
huddle bought the hood of my own
look int on a one and get some more ideas
of on what that’s all about on
and then I was also a putting together a
son notes on bond callable so
and this morning early this
morning I read the white paper
on Cobo on into all of the equations one
not the deftly the odier element
nine OPS Teflon myeloma in
reading through it but as you as
yo on so I thought that it was
really interesting to a really
interesting not a project in
Selma make a video on that and
get that just a highlight of the
importance of of Cobol a jet
from a crypto banks and I’d do
they really want implements of
instant settl tee up with a take a big hit on
the bottom line and transaction
’cause I think you know that that’s a great
topic on its a great question on
that I like that when write that
down here on tee up do they really want
implement that’s a nose you know that that’s a
question on that I ask you know
as myself as waspish when I see
what with bank of america’s is
doi I think about on I was talking
up and I brought up on the
analogy and I use a knob on and on android and apple and I
mention Microsoft and some and
it’s some feedback is edition is
said to a nation as a blackberry you know of and and be a
blackberry of also really a oh
excerpt the ranch what’s up legerdemain to back on for of you know you look at that
these banks and are these banks
on you know are they and are
they holding on onto something
that re another hits it’s really a
losing battle and I do they know
that it’s a losing battle are in our they try to go down
you know with a sinking ship and
are you look at blackberry and
blackberry held on to the bitter to see it go away but you know
we moved from a a a a hardware
based on environments to a
completely software based
environments you know they’re there were
deftly a losing steam at that
point on but you know then they
they come out of the Ide phone
was def anno but they died young because
they they hold on to what they
thought they were they were
dominant and the industry up everybody had a blackberry on
and then gone it just fizzled
out on an icy that was swift on icy
that with the banks on and then
you look at Nist opportunity’s
your you try to look back it at
s and a perfect missed opportunity
was Microsoft in the mobile
market the mobile market wasn’t the
market that was gonna take off
on the dow was an important
enough and and look what
happened to the so we don’t see my bones any
longer you know because it just
eaten more you know and and then
you look at all operating systems and you
look at all you have goals is
taking over on and an idea that
the battle of the other browsers
use you know a I surely don’t you
know you’re using chrome and now
using brave maybe using not used
inspire fox are opera one of own and and that’s the question you are they buying their time or are they just going down with
a sinking ship you know that’s
that’s the question that only
you know they really got would
kno are the problem with giving the
next current is it lets them
hold on to boast Renault strand
banks do not one to give that up
on on that the banks that are
holding of the of of the that the bow strike ounce
on yeah in I think so what is
it, no strut his art counts and
boast run as their accounts on
an to know if if you’re the bank
holding of the funds of another
bank odyssey want that liquidity
that’s good for you but if you’re the other bank
that has to pitcher liquidity
and in a different bank that’s
not good but everyone suffering
that s to me when when they look at it
the own when we analyze it as a
as a lay person you’re not in a
in a knot and in banking you kno and look at it from map respect
to say how could they not want
on to get rid of their of their
of all those accounts how would
t to leaving a huge sums of money
and all these banks around the
world but when they want poll
that liquidity a back own ID that makes the
most sense I would think some of the banks are just
trying to outmaneuver the
competition and a without giving up there a
positioning of the embedded it
seems like a there’s always knew
the business wrangling going on of between them and their old enemy jockeying
for offer leadership a special
and they start seeing this now
imagine you’re a bank that’s
been ar you know for decades and on and then all the sudden
and a a a point base pops up and
nowhere on it all aside and.base
is moving rapidly on into a spa comes at a nowhere and odyssey we’ve seen online
banks for years up another notch
is online banks of these guys
are our full fledged exchanges
on a a ledge lane on and now you
think bodies banks over in
Europe if Enron you know for a
real close to 100 years and all signed by nance comes up
a noticed this young guy and
also madonna dominant position and you look at a point base and
uphold a buying answer the many
others out there on and they hold skewed she us sums
of liquidity it’s on unreal the
amount of money of that they
hold the many a company like a
reb you knows been around for seven
years taking a dominant position
against swift which is been
around for over 40 years on so so it’s gonna be on in a
tense times than any of the
lobbyist groups you know from
these organizations that are on another that are lobbying
governments and said so why it’s
so important and a grassroots
perspective that we that we reach out and we contact are congressional
wraps so that they know that the
all people of the grass roots of
r.r. into and wants and see t tear on and cloying back and a TD olds plus pick cloying that
are outperforming excerpt into
they have the real question is my
which a respite cloying tunnel
that doesn’t even perform like
you to see and to respect: a lawn and fine
and holds it doesn’t even
perform like BT see it sits along the from took a
long conversation and it should be pretty short of dinner me out of of running
an esteemed I deftly like to
bring that up on the next gone
the next chapter though I think
that of them on to really get into it than talk of a little bit more
on about on and all pointers a
bit cloying of I think that
would be really interesting up
to get its emer Kurri FX love sex rapid
but says that there are not
sedition payment rails
illiquidity of a one rebel to
expand up into other common see up I
think that that would be
important on and like you to join off 711 and
circle K up exactly and worlds chat the world is
deftly 100% by changeable for eyes and
knowing and you can take a
moment’s break on to take a
breath because every day a
something something colony said you know back in the
eighties no one could predict that that Microsoft was good the
one that was gonna be the leader
on in the nineties nobody can
predict of that a global what wo on and and I think even now in
odyssey there’s as deftly on
some criteria that you can
highlight and see those that
will have th an AL, it’s coming up to its
actually over an hour so a topic you know to really get
into on looking at a bit cloying
vs. and all cloying on and
looking you know from back in
the day on but I think I think of a
really good to let you know you
can do a nice analysis and we
can get into a full conversation
on th an Indian eyes open floor of
conversation have so all with
that honor wrapping up up again
think you guys all for for
joining an if you have an subscribe get
subscribe to the channel of and
of that’s a bit about it and I
excerpt be up rents they can
bring m on thank you love for being on
and and participating and
everybody else sits on here I
end of French I had mentioned
you of so o and keeps coming on like to
engage and in conversation so
with that all check you guys out
on the next video Knicks live
stream and it sent till then I keep on
hotaling tour crypto

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  1. ….another thing to be aware of is the extinguishing of Bitcoin's so called invisibility … sooner or later Countries like China will step HARD on its' small army of miners perhaps even using the PLA equivalent to confiscate all the Bitcoin in a secret rout into the coffers of the Chinese Gov which in turn will buy as much gold and silver as they can, before the word of the BTC China rout gets out ???.. and then BTC drops all the way down to less than 1000? while all the none related so called more public Banker Coins like XRP and XLM sky rocket?? !!! If I were China and really wanted to screw the NSA/USA BTC, that is exactly what I would do. and yes those Miners will give up ALL of their BTC in lieu of going to a Chinese Prison. power Bills/consumption are just one way to trace down the Chinese Mining syndicates ….

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