Ripple (XRP) – The Truth REVEALED! (Ultimate Review)

Of all the cryptocurrency projects out there, Ripple is the one that continues to turn heads. Yet like all digital assets, Ripple and XRP are often a source of confusion, mystery and speculation. So let’s clear the picture with ten things everyone gets wrong about Ripple and XRP. Coming up. If this is your first time here and you want to learn all about cryptocurrencies start now by subscribing and clicking on the bell so you don’t miss anything. Did you know that the ripple project is actually older than Bitcoin itself? the original implementation was created by Ryan Fugger in 2004. That’s four years before the first Bitcoin was mined. In 2013 before he created etherium Vitalik Buterin wrote an article for Bitcoin Magazine praising the ripple project. He stated: “With ripple, we have a way of sending receiving and holding any currency not just want specif ic cryptocurrency in a decentralized way.” He also said: “the fact that Bitcoin now has a strong and compelling alternative makes it clearer than ever that the idea of cryptocurrency as a whole is here to stay” Fun fact Vitalik Buterin was originally going to work for Ripple but had difficulty securing a visa to work in the United States. Can you imagine a ripple and Vitalik working hand in hand to create the next big cryptocurrency? I guess we’ll never know what could have been. Ripple isn’t the cryptocurrencies official name the cryptocurrency commonly referred to as Ripple is officially called XRP. In other words There’s technically no such thing as buying 100 ripple. Ripple is the name of the company that created the XRP token. Since ripple is arguably a much catchier name it’s easy to see why many people use the names interchangeably. Is XRP Decentralized? The XRP ledger will continue to exist even if ripple as a company goes away So yes, it is decentralized. There are no permissions required to do anything on the XRP ledger anybody who wants to can run the software. There are about 150 servers on the ledger that operate as validators nine of which are ran by ripple. As a comparison, when it comes to Bitcoin it is unclear who is providing the mining power The XRP ledger is entirely open source Nobody is competing for resources against each other and everyone has a stake in working together essentially Even if ripple the company would disappear the XRP ledger would continue to operate which makes XRP decentralized While most cryptocurrency investors are familiar with XRP they fail to fully understand the relationship between ripple their payment protocol and how XRP fits in the big picture of the three products offered by ripple xcurrent has the highest current rate of adoption and appears to be the major competitor to industry standard Swift in offering secure Cost-effective global transactions. One of the biggest arguments against ripple was that xcurrent doesn’t actually use the cryptocurrency XRP this would mean the xcurrent system does not help crypto investors as it will not Affect the price of the XRP token. In actuality XRP eliminates the inefficiencies Inherent in xcurrent and provides a much faster and efficient method for settling payments over traditional Fiat to fiat exchange pairs So the combination of xcurrent and XRP provide further savings on payments in addition XRP provides a Significant advantage by opening the payment protocol to global and developing markets without the need for expensive pre Establishments it’s a move that will allow developing nations and smaller Institutions compete with larger players from the get-go. This is great for those who are holding XRP as an investment the belief that XRP is too volatile for banks to adopt can easily be refuted while XRP may be volatile So are fiat currencies. Over long periods of time Banks are exposed to value fluctuations in fiat Including the day-to-day exchange rate fluctuations in addition There is no need for banks to hold XRP as xrapid does not work by holding XRP but by buying and selling it in a short of period of time as possible. An average Xrapid payment takes minutes. So the window of volatility is minimal This short window is made possible by the speed xrp can settle on the XRP ledger. That is currently scaling to about 1500 transactions per second closing a new ledger every 4 seconds. Bank Adoption of Xrapid and the use of XRP as the intermediary for liquidity improves the market for the cryptocurrency Which is beneficial for both ripple and coin investors. While banks are free to hold XRP as they could any other currency the freedom to utilize Xrapid without exposing themselves to long term crypto volatility makes the service much more appealing to financial institutions. A lot of cryptocurrencies lack a clear purpose. They may be used to store value, purchase commodities or used for consumer transactions But they were not created with a single Explicit application in mind. By contrast XRP is specifically about the transfer of value And built for enterprises making it one of the few cryptocurrencies with a real clear use case behind it. One common misconception Among people who are new to the cryptocurrency World is the idea that all cryptocurrencies are designed to be methods of payment if this were true It would be tough to make the case that we need more than just Bitcoin and perhaps a few other coins. However many cryptocurrencies Including XRP aren’t designed to be payment currencies in other words It’s unlikely that your favorite retailer will accept XRP tokens anytime soon and ripples Just fine with that. Instead ripple is a cryptocurrency designed as a method of payment transfer in other words It’s intended to move money from point A to point B more efficiently than current methods such as wire transfer How does it intend to do this? by being faster and cheaper than the alternatives. Ripple positions itself as a compliment to rather than a competitor with Bitcoin contrary to popular belief the ripple Foundation has time and time again stated that the goal of XR P is not to replace conventional assets But instead allow for a smooth exchange of value across various countries in a seamless hassle-free manner the ripple network is designed to allow the seamless transfer of any form of currency whether dollars euros pounds yen, or Bitcoin ripple will open up many more gateways for Cryptocurrency users and easier ways to bridge crypto with the mainstream world of Finance Bitcoin can process up to seven transactions per second any of which can take more than two hours to clear compare that with a traditional payment service like visa that averages 2,000 transactions per second and you can clearly see that Bitcoin does not have the scalability to meet typical customer demands ripple intends to become an instantaneous form of money transfer and both Transaction times of about four seconds if you’ve ever tried to wire money internationally, you know that an instantaneous Alternative could have a huge competitive advantage in addition to the speed ripples Network can handle significantly higher transaction volumes than other leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and etherium can handle about 3 and 15 transactions per second respectively which creates a problem of scalability ripples Network on the other hand consistently handles about 1,500 transactions per second, and it can be scaled to handle 50,000 per second on par with visas network capabilities This is why several major financial companies including American Express Santander and MoneyGram international Are currently testing out Ripple’s technology bitcoin is a mined digital asset Meaning that new coins are constantly created by huge data centers processing complex map problems Otherwise known as proof-of-work this system demands massive amounts of electricity the cost of producing one Bitcoin could power more than three homes for a day and has been called Unsustainable XRP is not a mineable cryptocurrency So every single unit that exists now has already been created With 55 billion placed in escrow and the rest held by companies and individuals Unlike many of the cryptocurrencies that are out there right now XRP is not going to disappear and be made obsolete Ripple has managed to obtain enough partnerships and prove themselves to be Extremely efficient and professional the ripple network is a new generation of blockchain And the first that has the sole intention of working with financial Institutions and not against them while other digital assets have struggled to establish a strong use case XRP has established itself as one of the best tools for digital value transfer and ultimately Enabling the internet of value if you made it to the end of this video Let me know in the comments if you’re bullish or bearish on XRP in 2019 also, make sure you subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you guys later

72 thoughts on “Ripple (XRP) – The Truth REVEALED! (Ultimate Review)”

  1. This digital asset is a scam. Ripple have created free money and they cashing out monthly with billions of dollars, while retail investors fund the cash out. The entire entourage of Ripple should be brought to justice for scamming the general public. If XRP is cheaper and more beneficial to financial conglomerates then why are they stalling to use it. These businesses want nothing to do with unregulated exchanges. XRP is nothing but a pipe dream. Wake up every XRP investor, you're being taken for an ass.

  2. Well okay it has pretty cool use cases. But why would it increase in valuation if banks don't need to hold to use it?

  3. I would rather convert my spare FIAT into XRP anytime of the day, especially when price is under 0.50 cents. I recently read an article that the FED are going to print more money, looks like we still have a financial headache 11 years on from the 2008 crisis.

  4. This is not scam. This is crypto so it's like betting for now years cause you don't know what is gonna happend until 2022.
    Invest safe to many coins. Not only the famous one.

  5. Hi there…. I am bullish on XRP.. There is so much utility using XRP and Ripple is getting into gaming..with all this usage and adoption there is only one direction for XRP….UP

  6. Ripple was planned….. look how they used a double letter and "le" like Apple and Google …. psychological adoption made easy

  7. WHY CAN'T WE INVEST IN RIPPLE? Can anyone tell me?seems like those working at Ripple labs are making bank and us investors are just feeding them. I'm bullish but skeptical.

  8. Ripple isn’t decentralized …you confuse distributed with decentralized.

    I won’t dig down on the shady scamy ripple mtgox connections . Thx not for me .

  9. Bullish. But the fact that everyone else is bullish as well makes me want to reconsider. The masses are usually wrong!! :/

  10. A massive pool of liquidity for the entire global finance to swim in and move without friction is currently being made. Payment and settlement of anything from fiat, metalls, crypto, property, bonds and stocks will be achieved within 1 second at barely any cost, a fraction of a dollar. The pool is being built as we speak, the digital asset that will provide the liquidity for this pool is XRP.

    Look at the names and LinkedIn profiles of the people at Ripple. They have connections to some of the most powerful figures on the planet (fomer and current US presidents) and in the financial industry.

  11. Just one of the best video content I have watched this year. Keep up the good work very useful knowledge.

  12. Awesome video!

    It's too bad that those new to blockchain start at BTC, it's not a sustainable solution.

    By the year 2022 the BTC network will need more electricity than the whole world uses today.

    That should be alarm clocks for everyone.

    Please change the music or make it lower, it got very annoying after repeating for 10 minutes

  13. SBI Bank of Japan CEO seems to think once their exchange goes live in July (no promises due to several delays to date) XRP may reach approx. $10. Why? Because there are many whales in Japan who currently do not have access to purchasing XRP? What do you guys think? Lots of fud and lots of hype, and it seems like swift ain't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm starting to get a little bearish.

  14. Awesome video again, too many people hate xrp just because they are anti bankers ?. I don’t agree with this. Xrp might help a lot more than people can think through this huge transition into the digital transfers & payments

  15. You guys ripple will Be the “ Bank Money “ and they are using together without humans so banks know what they are doing

  16. After studying much of my time in this crypto space since 2011 i find XRP to be the greatest digital asset ever created and a Ripple team that is flawless. I feel safe in my decision and future bright.

  17. All of you xrp pumpers / shillers that claim the xrp network is decentralized need to learn the meaning. 120 servers p of which are run by ripple is not decentralized. The high tps speed results from being centralized. The network is a permissioned system and cannot be decentralized. Running a platform with 60 percent of [premined] XRP tokens owned by one company (Ripple) is not decentralized.

  18. If Xrapid does not require XRP, then what is going to drive adoption, liquidity and scarcity of XRP?

  19. Isn't XRP centralized in that Ripple holds more than half of XRP and regulates the rate at which the XRP is distributed into the open market? If Ripple the company goes out of business, then what would happen? The XRP that Ripple holds won't ever be released thus the value of XRP would skyrocket due to scarcity? Ok either way you really can't lose so let's just buy XRP !

  20. Ripple the company in 2019 is doing good.. XRP in 2019 is consolidating in price.. Excited to see XRP price in Q1 2020 to Q1 2022.

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