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stream hmm stream looks good anybody comes on this is a test this is only a test testing the stream quality I upgraded OBS and I’m not really sure if the software update is going to be good or not let’s see what we got here anybody joins in let’s see what we get we got that me I got one person watching I think that’s me if this test ah no delay anybody joins on just running a test all right I think it looks pretty good be the image quality overall is better see and I’ve got eight people in running a test I upload it or a updated dated obs hey rod how’s it going I got a test I was good you never know I was diode is software and then it asked me to update it again it said there was another fix and I couldn’t update it with the fix the image quality actually looks better with the new version of OBS and the stream looks pretty consistent as well it’s not really too taxing on the CPU and it says steady 30 frames per second I mean it’s actually what I’m seeing on my side looks pretty good 480p maybe even less than 40 P I don’t know not sure what it’s really streaming at here but what does it say what does it say on your end let’s see it doesn’t even say I don’t know sound is good sound image is good awesome I’m just prepping for tomorrow too much glare there’s nothing I can do about that try to try to avoid that try all the different adjustments yeah yeah hang on a second go through and check all the settings here let me get ready for the live stream tomorrow there’s anything you guys want to talk about let me know I can stay on for a little bit tons of stuff to go over tomorrow though I’m gonna put a list I’m gonna put this schedule on and then we’ll have a good talk tomorrow I’m gonna go over some of the updates that have come out with XRP ripple there’s just a ton of things in the news overall but any L wasn’t really planning on much again if you guys have anything you want to talk about more than willing to stay on for a little bit here I think I might have to change the contrast here with this setting I appreciate you guys jumping on and going through this test with me it’s here all right let me flip this over there we go oh wait let me see if this transition works that looks pretty good that worked pretty well see how long it takes to switch over there we go up Hey look at that oh you know what I got to switch that back let me do one little adjustment here hang on a second I don’t know what happened I gotta check this in the background there we go see what happens all right anyhow I got the Chad over here what’s the question let’s see anywhere now huh you know what the destination tag I’ve only I think I’ve used the destination tag once before and maybe it was moving off a coin base I don’t remember exactly but apparently no not off a coin base off of bitstamp but I don’t I don’t I don’t remember ever having to use the destination tag obviously on coin base that’s become an issue they’re obviously gonna have to resolve that issue the fact that they’re requiring the destination tag the fact that the funds are still there they can track the funds they didn’t end up you know they didn’t go anywhere supposedly there’s still you know stuck in some sphere but they got to be out there I just don’t get it I don’t know why they’re not standing behind the other customer that that moved their funds that’s kind of crazy and actually I actually as soon as as soon as XRP went live on coinbase I actually did invest I actually bought some XRP on coinbase to see the process and now they’re just sitting there I’m gonna try to move them and we’ll see what happens just got to remember to use the tag the destination tag let me see here I’ve got my phone I’m looking at the chat on my phone I’m looking down what do you think about the 60 banks in Japan actually that was something I’m gonna talk about tomorrow exact as well but I thought that was interesting that they’re going out and actually creating their own internal mechanism to transfer between those 60 banks specifically I don’t think that it’s that much different than what JPMorgan is offering with the JPM coin so if you look at the JPM coin it’s good for their internal workings but really it doesn’t offer much more than that it still needs a bridge the token or bridge currency to move between banks and I think we’re gonna see the same thing occurring with with what you just brought up in regards to the in regards to the J coin it’s going to be the exact same thing so yeah xrp is definitely the standard in it man there’s so much stuff going on in the space I moved this microphone as well I don’t know if I’d like to where the mic is now it’s like sitting too low and it’s kind of crunch into myself getting crunched up on this desk here anyhow and then it’s kind of blocking my view over here as well my technical analysis yeah but anyhow sorry to be silent I’m looking at looking at my phone I’m just trying to figure some things out with the for the stream tomorrow but glad you guys joined in man it was crazy a friend of mine is down in Venezuela right now and I brought up and I actually sent him the article while he’s down there and they’ve been having rolling blackouts down in Venezuela he’s down there for a parent for his for his parents and with the rolling blackouts they thought that the the Marines the US Marines were coming down there to finally help out um but nowadays he’s down there and we’re communicating we had to keep switching between whatsapp and texting because of the rolling blackouts he kept losing internet connection even on his phone and so it was kind of crazy but I bring this up because as he’s down there I sent him an article how they the exchange in Venezuela is attempting to use Bitcoin and potentially litecoin as some form of a salvation for for what’s happening in Venezuela and somehow to really help them speed up recovery first they got to get rid of the Maduro government obviously but it’s it’s amazing if Venezuela could be the first country to really adopt a digital asset as a means of really pulling them out and back into a recovery mode would be pretty amazing you know and and since they’re already initiating that obviously the Venezuelan government under Maduro launched the petro which was just a sham digital asset but you know there’s so many things going on right now in the world overall geoff rabbit-hole research hey Jeff how’s it going so I’m gonna say and then another one so if you guys are if you’re looking at what’s happening internationally India is another one I was doing some reading on what’s happening over in India lately and I look at and I was talking about this on my last stream I started looking at what is what is the meaning of any form of precedence that is set by specific governments in the world either accepting passing any form of regulatory clarity and what does that mean for the space at large and you know India’s another there’s this dog here floating on my microphone is driving me crazy and so India is another one of those countries that for really the past year has been doing exactly the opposite and has really you know had pulled back out of being friendly to digital assets and went the opps away and all their exchanges pretty much had closed but it looks like and I got to dig a little more into the article as bub plotting a video on it to put out but it looks like they’re getting close to it to issuing some sort of regulation on digital assets not sure if they’re going to be friendly to or not thanks Dennis uh Leonard what does that xrp doesn’t move on any bullish news I’ve seen staple coins move up more than xrp wait I bring this up on on videos I bring this up on live streams and at the end of the day it’s all about utility and so without without full utility and that’s kind of where it’s at right now we already went through the speculative bump and we saw XRP bump up due to speculation plus if we look at it’s not just XRP that’s not moving due to bullish news it’s really the entire market I mean you’re seeing percentage changes across the board you haven’t seen mega changes with Bitcoin you saw some big bump up in litecoin you saw some movement in aetherium and it is true with XRP it went up and went back down and it’s still holding really steady you know overall you know I mean it could obviously drop further down considering we’re in a bearish mark bearish market however in my opinion anyways the way I look at the movement with XRP at this point in time and we might still see some speculative moves up at the market as a whole starts to trend up you know we’ll probably start seeing XRP trend up as well because all of the digital assets are relatively tied together you know so if bitcoins gonna go up like coins gonna go up down there aetherium is gonna go up XRP is gonna go up all of the you know top ten we’re gonna see some movement and so but with xrp really it goes back to of the full overall utility which is also tied to regulatory clarity in the United States so we see a lot of movement internationally taking place in different countries we start we see movement in Wyoming I’ve talked about this on previous streams but we see what’s happening in Wyoming and so there too Wyoming’s taking the lead in the United States for providing any form or regulatory clarity and the federal government is really not doing and in not not anything but they’re not doing exactly what’s needed at this point in time to give that impetus so with regulatory clarity I think we’ll see a big move now I think it’s also significant when we look at XRP that you look at what’s happening and the fact that coinbase I did at XRP I think it’s significant to to look at by Nance and if you look at the the latest statement from cz and cz specifically stated that in his opinion anyways he doesn’t see XRP as a security and tomorrow we’re gonna talk more about you know where XRP is overall but you know there’s a lot of those a lot of those things that we really have to take into consideration at this point spi update not that I’m not that I’m aware of I’ve been looking at Twitter feeds and and everything else and you know it looks like SBI is delaying but I don’t know you know it’s it back and forth let’s see it seems like a lot of banks are just trying to create roadblocks and hurdles I don’t know if then I don’t know if it’s the banks that are doing it but if we’re talking about some of the bigger banks i I do believe you know some of them out there they’re trying to be relevant in this space on they see it as a moment of opportunity they see what ripple has accomplished overall as an organization what their what their overall mission statement is you know and I and I think if you see that it’s natural for the before there to be competition and I don’t necessarily think that competition is a bad thing I’ve said this on previous streams competition is definitely positive and it definitely helps further the interests of the entire space so if we’re looking at what could potentially happen in the cross-border payments space the fact that Swift kind of held a monopoly and controlled the space overall even though they were just on the messaging side but they but they had relative control over the space of for 40-plus years that wasn’t necessarily a healthy thing and there were competitors that tried to get in but they no one really accomplished anything of significance ripple in 40 years 40 plus years is the first to really give any form of competition to Swift and I think you know when you look at that externally we put putting XRP an investment aside and all that could happen in the digital asset space if you just look on its face to companies or to organizations you have ripple as a company but Swift is really a conglomerate of banks that all got together to form Swift but if we just break it down on as two organizations competing with each other in a similar space then you know ripple is definitely giving Swift a run for their money and and they’re providing and presenting something that’s so significantly better than what Swift offered and even with a swift GPI a cripple is still presenting a solution that’s going to be better now the one roadblock that stands in the way is really their ex rapid solution which is the game-changer overall the OU because of the fact that that ripple is really a trio the ripple net is a trio of solutions right you have the ex current the ex beyond the and the ex rapid but the ex rapid can’t go fully online until there’s some form of regulatory clarity hence but if we go back to what we’re talking about in the beginning with finance accepting and and seesee statement that XRP is not a security in his opinion he wouldn’t come out with that statement lightly to make that kind of statement and he’s made some big movements to adopt XRP now coinbase adding XRP they also wouldn’t adopt that movement and they wouldn’t take it lightly whatever anybody’s saying about coinbase you know that wouldn’t happen and then if we look in terms of those organizations that are meeting with government officials to provide regulatory clarity or those that are working on the token taxonomy Act you know and yours and you do see you know coinbase has been there with meetings and if you look at and ripple as an organization and obviously others in in the in this in the space but if coinbase is they’re ripples there and they’re all involved in really helping to try to facilitate or finding out what’s going to happen within the token taxonomy act all with the effort to really push for regulatory clarity and that at the end of the day is going to be important it goes back to that initial question there or a point which really has to really focus in on you know why is it XRP moving with a bullish news you know and so I’ve had dust videos on this before we’ve talked about on other live streams as well and so if you’re going to tie the movement of XRP to the to the bullish news of ripple as a company in that case then you’re really tying down XRP and looking at it as though it’s a stock or in that case it would be a security if there’s some form of expectation of profit from the movement within ripple as a company so if ripple is benefiting and you look at X RP as a share of that profit or of that benefit or of that progress being made in that case that’s the definition within the how we act of deeming it as security and so x RP doesn’t meet that criteria because x RP is not tied to ripple in that way so as ripple experiences bullish news overall and we talk about more mass adoption it doesn’t reflect directly onto x RP but x RP however is directly tie within the utility and so the movement and price of xrp will be dictated by utility as banks begin to adapt or adopt the ex rapid solution and in that point that’s going to impact supply and demand of the product at the same time as many others have talked about it and many that are probably a lot more astute in the space than I am that might even you know uh you know focus more on the technology side of it though you know with within the banking structure and a big part of YX rapid is so significant to cross-border payment is the fact that it’s able to provide further liquidity you know for the banks that are moving large sums of money across borders now in order to facilitate that and even David Schwartz and mentioned that they need a higher per XRP price to truly facilitate all of the liquidity needs of the different banks that would then participate and utilize X rapid and that’s in that in and of itself then would provide a higher ramp up in price my expectation is that we’re not going to see big movements and in pricing there’s there’s two things that XRP is tied to one it’s tied to the overall market which is Bitcoin aetherium and others they’re all somehow you know tied together in in a speculative nature as Bitcoin goes up the rest of the markets gonna move in in in tandem and if that theorem is gonna experience some sort of a boom then we’re gonna see everything else experience it in some you know marginal percentage now so that’s one side of it if we see what they’re talking about I was reading an article about that having of the of the mining or the availability of Bitcoin that’s available for for mining which as we’re getting closer to the 21 million you know full total ever to be available bitcoins so they’re having the output of available bitcoins coming from mining in that case there occur this article there was an expectation and there’s gonna happen in about 15 months from now but there’s an expectation that the value based on that alone would push Bitcoin higher now let’s say that was happening next week and Bitcoin all of a sudden was reacting the price point at you know people looking at a limited supply now and even more limited because they’re having the output of Bitcoin coming from mining now it’s gonna ramp up the price point on Bitcoin the rest of the market right it’s still all tied together it’s gonna move and shift accordingly and that’s what we saw back in 2017 and in 2017 beginning of 2018 that speculative nature when Bitcoin hit 20,000 and the market moved with it and you saw those top coins moving up and really you couldn’t lose on anything and that’s what everybody was saying it doesn’t matter what you buy at this point it’s gonna move and you’re gonna and you’re gonna make investment or make profit off of it and that was then so now if we look at it it’s still all relatively tied together so that’s number one the other side of it is you know what’s gonna happen when there is utility and at that point when there is direct utility of X rapid that’s or of X R P that’s the other side of it that is going to you know provide a little boost in the price point now obviously the big expectation in our you know bigger gains it in in the XR P price so if we look at the overall nature of what the potential is and that’s what everyone’s looking at speculating towards that ripple and ripple net solution and being able to roll out that X rapid platform is going to require a significant daily volume of XR P and that’s the anticipation right so you know so those to me though all those things are really tied together what’s here let’s see was there something else that popped up here we go my phone was a little stuck there maybe when the government steps in with regulations they do like they did years ago in the telecommunication industry and bust up huh well they’re not gonna bust up Swift but I’m glad you brought that point up let’s see allow for a fair competition in crypto no I don’t think they’re gonna bust up Swift only because they’ve had 40 years to do it and I think that Swift is really gonna face its own demise as the digital assets you know kick in and to that point the question is you know our you know is the US government somehow obliged to a swift Lobby and that could be a good question however you know we’re starting to see again digital asset and blockchain take take root in different parts of the world we’re starting to see it in Wyoming there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see it at the government level and we see what’s happening right now with a token taxonomy act between darren soto and warren davidson the two of them have been diligently plugging away and there’s others that have also been very diligent in the pursuit of digital asset and blockchain related bills in Congress and we already have seen a number of them passed through Congress that were and I talked about this before at the security level yes I am still going to stream tomorrow Kevin I actually I started the stream just to do a run a test and I figured since we’re on I might as well talk to the the few people that logged in and happy to do it so definitely enjoyable but to CII’s point real quick and I think this is significant right now because if we see a continuation of government action and right now we haven’t seen anything but but what’s an Elizabeth Warren she issued a statement that is extremely extremely dangerous and in my opinion damaging to the the high-tech economy now if you go back into around the high-tech boom the bill clinton and the clinton gore government decided to single out Microsoft for antitrust violations and this is really significant it’s really important right now so we saw so so so this is right around the again the high tech everything is in boom mode everyone’s talking about the bubble getting ready to burst and then and this was really a gory initiative but they went after Microsoft for antitrust violation for putting their browser on all computers and not allows the pin that burst the bubble so my concern is so here’s elizabeth elizabeth warren following that exact same course of action now I could be I could be wrong but what I’m talking about here in this case has to do with Amazon has to do with Facebook and has to do with Apple so she issued a statement and I don’t know if it was yesterday the day before that she would like to break up Amazon Facebook and an apple and break them up because they said she said they have too much consolidated power within each group and they’re limiting competition especially given the fact that Amazon recently bought Whole Foods was that about a year or so ago but to me that could be it could be extremely dangerous and damaging for the overall economy at the same time there are some things that need to occur especially from as a consumer when it has to do with a Facebook for instance and our privacy is everything now I believe that they could die you know it’s a it’s a double-edged sword the game that Facebook is playing with the more they challenge our privacy and you know that in and of itself will create additional competition now whether that comes the blockchain space or not that that’s yet to be seen but there are other competitors that could be lurking out there now with within Facebook you have they own whatsapp they own Instagram and and really Elizabeth Warren was also signaling out Google for buying ways you know what all of these companies are out there and and you know a lot of the competition has died but when we talk about the potential breakup of lights say like with the telecommunications industry you know at the end of the day that was probably a positive because you had one me no major company that ran the telecommunications industry but yeah you know I I don’t know you know to me what that what that could potentially do to our economy to single out and and as they did with Microsoft and nothing changed at the end of the day you know so Microsoft is you know at that point though the whole economy basically started tanking but Microsoft you know still kept on pumping out there yeah Windows software with their browser on it it just said they allowed other if someone is building a computer go ahead and they never were stopping anybody in the first place you know that’s it it’s a whole lengthy story but I’m glad you brought that up because I think that’s important anytime that the government tries to get involved in to that point again you know Swift is going to really you know they’ve they’ve really created their own their own downfall due to the fact that they have an inadequate solution and even their Swift GPI solution isn’t necessarily adequate and doesn’t necessarily compete with let’s say what ripple is offering or let’s say for whatever reason let’s say ripple isn’t the end-all be-all at the end of the day or the end OBO that’s going to take swift down completely but at the end of the day it’s definitely going to create some havoc within the ranks within Swift but going back to the other question regarding the J coin with the 60 Japanese banks it’s also what ripple has done is given that awakening call to these other organizations that have said hey you know what we don’t have to rely on Swift for everything and we can now look at doing things on our own you know for ourselves Ripple’s done it we can do it too but the takeaway from all of that you know is that you know and this goes back to trying to tie all of this together back to what XRP is really going to benefit so if we look at it from that perspective XRP or sorry these organizations are still going to need a bridge currency so let’s say you have the Jade coin and I talked about this on a previous stream you have the je coin you have the JPM coin and it was interesting what we saw Brad Garlin house say about that but you know the JPM coin let’s say you have a Bank of England coin soon you have a Bank of America coin the list goes on you still need to move all of the you still need to move these the money transactions in between all of these different entities or in organizations and in order to do that then you need that bridge currency and that’s exactly what’s great about XRP is that it’s it’s built for that bridge currency environment so there’s nothing wrong with having an internal construct of you know their own making but when you want to move in between entities again you know let’s look in focus on that bridge currency Dennis I appreciate that a lot man hey WB I don’t mean to sound I probably should know what this is I’ve seen you post this before what is Chinese bamboo maybe someone can explain it to me I should probably know what that is and I’ve seen you post that before on videos and I should definitely know what that means but and I should probably google it but maybe it can give me an idea what Chinese bamboo is I’d really appreciate that that’d be awesome you see all right so it’s about patience ah I appreciate that I like that that’s a good one now I have to use that Chinese bamboo I like that I like patience patience is good and you definitely need patience and yeah I agree with you you know it’s it’s it’s gonna happen you know and it this whole industry that we’re in right now is definitely in its infancy you know we’re in those in those beginning stages you know the early adopters whether it’s the the tech companies or those that are investing the early the early adopters and so same thing and I brought this up before and I like kind of rehashing it because you know as we’re we’re learning about what’s happening and there’s so much happening I forget it was who was talking about talking about this earlier about and I just lost my train of thought it was something important and I was looking I shouldn’t I look down at it at the stream anyhow let’s see it’s a saying from and for the XRP community I’ve said that’s I’ve seen it before and yeah it’s definitely it’s taken and I always wondered exactly why people were mentioning Chinese bamboo but that makes sense I like it if there’s a video that’d be awesome I’d love to see that video what’s going on with Western Union I don’t know that’s a good question um you know Western Union is is where then they say they were they were uh you know there was they had a positive experience negative experience and they want to they want to go back into some some of these some of these companies you know just like with the SBI delay and all of that it you know there’s there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that we’ll never be exposed to you know so imagine if you’re sitting at that corporate board and you have to make a decision and you’re seeing that something is going on and on a second let me let me hit show awesome that’s cool I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to open that up and while but imagine you’re sitting on this on the corporate board and you realize that you know you need whatever it is but you say you know what we can’t go live with this or you know we don’t want to publicize it but somehow it gets leaked out there you have prematurely or you know whatever it might be and and you know the corporation’s at the at the corporate level the boards and the the vice president the president’s the CEOs at the end of the day who emotion as good as they you know portray themselves to be there’s always missteps that happen and there’s always statements that come out and now they got to go back and and rehash and say you know what we made a mistake you know that that’s not always that’s not always a negative you know so I think sometimes it’s good if you realize and identify an error you can always go back and fix it even at the corporate level you know so uh whose WB whose video is that by the way what we’ll have to open that up later if you guys want to check it out see here and there was something else that I thought was important hang on a second let me look this up real quick go over open up my notes did you guys see oh this was talked about before and I was I put it aside to to talk about it on a future video and I thought this was really cool but I didn’t really get into it let me open this up I thought this was see what you guys think about this and I think Brad Kimes talked about this as well in one of his videos this was let me see here hang on a second it was R it’s already late it I mean it’s it this article came out like a week ago late it was a week so a week in a week in crypto land is like a year it seems like so every single day there’s like tons of things have it’s like constant progress being made and that’s how you know that this space is developing at such a rapid rate and did you guys see that Roubini character came out and had some negative statements that I didn’t even bother reading what he said but I think this is this is really interesting and this gets back to banks and gets back to gets back to government regulation and this was the 35 countries urged to regulate crypto exchanges like banks this was the eff ATF the Financial Action Task Force it says here let’s see and I think this all ties in also because if we’re looking at what the US is doing but this also might tie back to central bank’s but this is at the at the the request I believe of the banks even though it’s countries that the countries are being urged to regulate crypto exchanges sorry the crypto exchanges like banks the intergovernmental body reportedly urged all of its 35 member countries to regulate crypto exchanges in the same manner they regulate banks and so I think that there’s like I said even like at the corporate level decisions there’s so much happening in the at the at the international level and within governments that will never really be privy to we only see the out workings of it now this was actually the F ATF I’m currently 35 member countries plus Hong Kong the European Commission and the Gulf Cooperation Council a lot of members on this on the on the council and so you know that something is is going on because if they’re saying regulate the exchanges now I brought this up on my last video if you guys saw it now to get back to my letter get back here we go there we go so on my last video I I talked about I’m losing my train of thought sorry guys what was I talking about I don’t know I started messing with his damn phone and I lost my train of thought on it all right anyhow Oh digital asset investor yeah that’s awesome alright I’m gonna check that out so Dennis I appreciate it um let’s see it’s a general video about patients that I believe it is old and was originally for okay yep and and you know what and it all goes back to that like you said you know it’s all about I like that I really like that statement now now that I think about it so much you know I like that the Chinese bamboo and and patients and really to maintain in this space and I think that’s you know goes back to everything that we’re talking about in the beginning as well you know and and I appreciate your comments you know you put you you know watch my videos quite a bit and you’ve posted that on my videos quite a bit and I had always been meaning to ask you what that meant and so I’m glad we finally got a chance to clarify that that’s so critical in investing in general so whether it’s in the digital asset space or you know if you look at it really any investment and and and of I’ve failed on that on that point multiple times you know in investing you know you get you put though you invest and and you know if you don’t if you don’t operate based on on on numbers only you got to take the emotions out of investing so especially in a speculative investment you got to take money that you don’t worry about you don’t need and you put it away and you say you know what that’s where it’s gonna be and you have to have you have to have a plan and everyone talks about an exit plan but at the same time when I really started trading and I and I in in regular stocks and you know a lot in the in the beginning you know always falling to emotion and I always tried to follow technique but at the end of the day you follow your technique and then you fall back into a motion again because of patience you know you lose patience and you say well you know you can’t you get emotional as the stocks going down but you know if if all of your numbers equate and you did your research ahead of time and and you’re following a plan then you need to be able to follow the up-and-down of the stock so if you planned it out right then you know overall you know if you have a basket of stocks and overall as you invest you’re gonna win someone lose some but if you have a good strategy that’s a functional strategy you know you should win more than you’re losing but as soon as you bring emotion into the game forget about it doesn’t matter how well you’ve planned it if you don’t have patience it’s all over with you know and and that’s what the emotions takes away I think from from patience you know that that’s huge you know that that’s now you know when it comes to digital assets and we are all like you know get back let’s see there its back green again let’s see here okay the back I don’t know it definitely cut out and went from from green went to red and was dead in that red zone for a while there we go all right it came back there’s a little momentary glitch there but let me let me look at this here what time is it oh man it’s almost almost nine o’clock WB the big job of building a new value layer of the Internet is going to take time I agree a hundred percent it’s definitely gonna take time it’s not gonna happen overnight you know what I think really happened in the digital asset space is that big boom at the end of 2017 and everybody saw that and there was a ton of FOMO and everybody has that anticipation and those that rode that wave up then you start looking at all of these investments and you’re looking at them with the anticipation that everything should happen quickly at this point and we don’t want to wait a year or two years or three years and that’s why we go back and we look at you know what happened to Amazon in the early years what happened even with Facebook if you look at investments in Facebook or or Twitter you know and but that those are more recent examples but if you look at Netflix and you go back a number of years and I thought I did really well personally with the Netflix and I sold it and you know damn I should have held on to it you know because if you look at where Netflix is today it’s a hell of a lot higher than where it was before Microsoft in those early years who knew where Microsoft would end up you know when you’re invested investing in the in the 80s and it was like 15 cents or whatever Microsoft was or Apple or like I said Amazon or Google or any of those in the early years you just have to hang in there now with a Microsoft or Amazon or GUI had to hold on 15 you know 15 years or 20 years or whatever that number is you know so in the digital asset space I do you have to wait 10 or 15 years but so let’s say you did I know everybody wants to see it ramped up a lot faster you know but would it really you know be that bad you know five years let’s say five years from now XRP is gonna boom and and the whole market decides to boom again overall is that so bad you know like WB said do we have the patience to wait it out and wait five more years to see what happens or are we expecting something happened within six months if we took money obviously you know everybody wants you know to better themselves and better their position but if you invested money that you’re not going to rely on to live and you can put it away and say look I’m investing I’m gonna forget about it then obviously it would be awesome you know what if if tomorrow you woke up and and and your investment had you know double tripled quadrupled in value that would be awesome but let’s say it’s a year from now or two years five years you know Ari let’s say you know if everyone wants that that huge big boom gain like Amazon let’s say you’re in Amazon in the early years and now you see where Amazon is today if you had to wait ten or fifteen years to get to that thousand dollar point and then say hey I got in when it was when it was single digits or whatever it was when it was introduced IPO and now now you know ten years later all of a sudden it’s worth a huge amount you know and and that’s really if you look at you know the long-term investment and that’s that’s a lesson it took me a long time to learn so how is you know to talk about talk trading with my uncle and he was all about buy and hold buy and hold buy and hold and he did that with Microsoft you know long before I knew about investing and he did pretty well and and it took me a lot of years to figure that out I went through the high tech boom didn’t have didn’t have disposable income enough to invest significantly I invested but not significantly enough and what I invest what I should have held and I shouldn’t have I should have had patients like WB said and and really held on to it long term and said I’m putting it there I’m gonna forget about it but I thought I could be a you know I thought I could trade and I thought that hey you know I’m gonna learn how to trade and keep trading and anything and you really have to be very diligent and understand your technical trading you know and it’s and you can’t allow the emotional rollercoaster to impact you so forget that you know but that long-term hold and here we are in this space right now you know again to me I’m putting it in I feel that we’re in the right spot I feel that we’re in in the the early adopter phase just like in the high tech boom you can see the whole world migrating and moving we see laws are being put on the books for the digital asset space we see so much happening and just like it you know Jeff Bezos had said I brought this up on another video I made and someone had posted I don’t remember who posted the video it might have been mr. B might have put it up but it was Jeff Bezos talking about you know about the early years where there was really no way of knowing was it gonna be Microsoft that was gonna win it was it going to be it was Amazon you know gonna be the one to come out on top was it you know Apple and in those early days coming nobody really knows who’s gonna come out on top because there are a lot of other companies around that same time frame you know so you just got to be nimble and and you know you know what that you can you can also diversify a little bit that’s not a negative thing but right now you know especially when I look at it and I see what the capability is of ripple net the ripple net solution to me the money I have invested is is well you know worth that speculation that they’re doing amazing things with that solution to take on the cross-border payments base which is you know is is a huge issue right now and the fact and it goes back right to the beginning of the conversation and I might have to wrap up here in a little bit but goes back into that beginning that conversation you know of of the competition and competition to me again is is meaningful and that means that you’re doing something important when you when you have that competition so let me go back to WB so I made my catchphrase to remind people to be patient yeah Chinese bamboo I love that I love that Chinese bamboo and and that’s awesome I love it I absolutely love it um it’s the long-term keep you cumulating oh yeah that that’s it you just keep keep your long-term investing you know that it’s important you know SBI on or off that’s that’s exactly it is it on or is it off there’s no statement coming out of SBI corporate from the last article I read Stono statement so don’t know they said and I forget who I don’t I don’t remember was an article now or someone posted it of a kid ow kit ow didn’t come out and say one way or the other either so I don’t know if there’s any clarity maybe tomorrow morning we’ll wake up and we’ll see some news on that hmm best part about crypto you don’t need much to get in that’s true you know I mean it’s you don’t you know and that’s that goes back to what was the name of the company it got bought out um they allowed you to by partial stock you could buy shares of stock but you can invest based on dollars man I can’t remember the name of it tap W yeah I can I’m looking forward to watching that video does anybody remember I don’t know I can’t think in the name of the this stock investment it came out probably in the early 2000s maybe maybe 2000 maybe late 90s no it couldn’t been late night maybe it was like 98 99 2000 2001 it was a stock exchange stock broker brokerage where you could vote you could buy you can buy fractions of a share it’s driving me crazy now then it got bought out and then it was transitioned a couple times and I’ve seen others that are now popping up as they tokenized stocks and I don’t remember which company is now yeah I need to rely on the on the phone so I can Google search I don’t want to do that while we’re talking man I can’t I can’t I think of what it is but anyhow you know so to your point I’m gee money you know it is right now possible yes within the digital asset space it’s easier to buy you know fractions in it and it’s nice to where you can if you you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin you can buy fractions of a Bitcoin what is that six six exchange in Switzerland does that allow you to buy is that token are they tokenizing securities stocks and whatnot to allow you to buy fractions of a stock is that what that is you know I don’t know scan link but there’s another exchange just like that but it’s not yeah okay cool yeah so I really like that idea I like the fact that you can buy a fraction of a whole you know so that allows more people to get involved you know so let’s say so it goes back to yes you know with crypto you don’t need that much to get in you can buy a fraction within the stock market and you know there’s AI it I don’t know why it’s eluded me the name of this exchange but I don’t even think it’s it exists anymore because it was bought out um but but anyhow you know being able to invest if you wanted to buy a share of Amazon you got to come up with you know a thousand plus dollars was that seventeen hundred or whatever you know you can’t do that Bitcoin you don’t have to worry about buying four thousand dollars you know into a Bitcoin you can buy a fraction you know I really like that idea 16th largest Stock Exchange in the world nice that’s really awesome it’s over in Switzerland and that allows and that allows you to buy and there tokenizing are there is six exchange are they tokenizing securities or do they allow you to buy fractional stocks off to look into that when I’m not familiar with it you anyhow as awesome really awesome conversation this all started from just trying to test out the stream a little while ago making sure that I was good for for tomorrow and hang on a second there we go all right any uh well there’s a huge delay in the I didn’t realize how much of a delay there was between talking and Beach by the time it hits the hits YouTube I thought that it seems like there’s a longer delay than usual anyhow I was thinking of wrapping it up if you guys have anything else that you wanted to connect that’d be awesome you hang on one second this one is stockpile stockpile stockpile as much as you possibly can as edit stockpile with a question mark see here a parting thought you think dude we’re talking about a number of different things I guess that’s it I guess I am going to think I’m gonna wrap it up here man I truly really appreciate everybody logging in if you’re up tomorrow morning Saturday 8:00 a.m. livestream got a bunch of other things planned out of stockpile know all of the fractional shares no I know it wasn’t stockpile hang on it I I’m not even gonna be able to find it now now it’s driving me crazy now I got it I got to think about what this is let me see by fractional stock and let me see you can you can buy it on Robin Hood now you can buy fractional and stocks I’m Robin Hood it that’s what it says here I don’t know if you can I don’t think you can I’m Robin let’s see very low barrier entry for Robin Hood if you guys haven’t used Robin Hood yet that’s a pretty I like using Robin Hood I was playing around with it for stocks it was making it really easy to buy and it’s basically no cost to trade shares on on Robin Hood it was easy to put money in and get money out I tried it when they in when they launched with her allowing you to buy digital assets but you don’t own the digital asset and when you buy it on Robin Hood you basically just it’s like investing in a stock with them you can’t do anything with it typically you can move it from to another brokerage but with the digital assets that you’re buying they’re basically holding it for you and you have no access you can’t move your digital asset out of Robin Hood let me see now I got stuck on that hang on one second I got to look this up by fractional stock ah let me see it was like in 1999 must have been like 99 I don’t know but my battery’s running low here oh that’s what that was hey let then plugged in hang on a second plugged in what’s on quote you

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