21 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: So It Begins… Price Action!”

  1. some might say that being mature in this market place includes not putting out multiple daily hype or hope vids that are likely meant to build a following with intent to cash in on ad dollars or other non trading profits… tomato tomato… imo many ppl need to grow up in this cryptoverse

  2. I also follow @mrlevelup on twitter and I agree we could see the increases he's putting forward but I still think there's still some juice left in the current run before we see a pull back

  3. Here are the issues I personally had with awake’s price “analysis”:
    1) He provided both specific price points and specific date/small date ranges
    2) He referenced 1 minute charts a lot: worthless on most charts, and especially on such a volatile asset like XRP
    3) Biggest of all: he referenced an “algorithm”. He never once went into any details behind it because it was “too complicated”. But no worries, because he states he has been staring at the XRP charts for a year or more to arrive to this complicated algorithm

    I don’t know the guy and I have nothing personally against him

    However, it bothers me tremendously that someone makes such bold price/date predictions with absolutely nothing concrete and fundamental backing it up. I partially take it as an insult for someone who has worked extremely hard in the mathematics/statistical area

    And all I see are these blind hopefuls latching onto this bs

    Do I see XRP appreciating significantly in value in the future? Yes

    However, that doesn’t mean i have the tolerance for ignorance bc he “seems like a nice guy”

  4. why the hell would xrp follow bsv of all coins??? we all know bsv was a Chinese led fake news pump n dump…just on that angle this opinion is absolute trash!!!

  5. well done for bringing this to the community.. I see a pattern that echoes this somewhat.. but we'll see..

  6. Why would it follow BSV? there is no logic in that at all. BSV is literally a scam coin by some moron trying to say he's Satoshi despite being rejected many times, giving no proof and having his blueprint also rejected as anyone can try and do that. How can you compare the two..? The spike in BSV was from fake news.

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  8. $64 to $176 is about 175% not 275% price increase, same mistake by XRP but as you did the same mistake twice the calculated price jump for XRP was correct ?

  9. Will we see one more drop before a burst to over $2/XRP??? Again, these are not my thoughts but I did want to share what people have been talking about in the #XRPCommunity. Is BSV a complete scam and was this just an artificial pump? Will BTC and XRP follow suit shortly as Fidelity launches shortly? Let me know your thoughts! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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