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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to evening with Krypto her evening Krypto with the jato report hope to have some enjoyable conversation tonight if you need to get something to drink I’ll grab a beer go grab a scotch whatever you want to get Tetley’s glass but I’m drinking old Speckled Hen so if you haven’t had it’s good English ale love it let’s give it up just a few minutes here or checking the audio looks like it’s getting into the red zone give me a thumbs up if you guys can hear I’ll give a minute for people to jump on sorry I got everything started people jumped in and then I said two minutes and few people jumped out so let’s give it a moment here and we’re gonna get started so ton of stuff that I want to talk about tonight so I think we’re gonna have a lot of great conversation I’ve got my other laptop set up over here so I can watch the conversation as we stream so as you guys jump in let me know if you can hear okay and wool and we’ll continue we’ll kick it off here in a minute let’s see what we got I am going to switch over in a minute to the chat stream so we can get a view with the live chat stream see here let me pull up our topics for tonight so can you guys hear okay is everything coming through let me turn up the audio low hello all right perfect all right good so want to get this started and so anyhow really there’s amazing things to cover as always a ton of things pop up every single day in the news I’m gonna talk with the new topic gonna follow the same the same format as we did on utility and I picked out some great things that are that have been happening now one of the things that I really pulled out to start off today’s conversation and I’m really hoping you guys give a little feedback now if you haven’t read this article yet I really don’t have an opinion one way or the other yet it that I want to provide I do have an opinion on it but I’d really like to hear some feedback from you guys but I’ll tell you exactly how some people on Twitter responded now this was an article actually was tweeted out by Jerry Hall a day or two ago the article was written by Mark Phillips and actually I believe jungle talked about it I believe digital asset investor talked about it I’m not sure if anyone else talked about it yet but anyhow Mark Phillips in this article actually is presenting an argument that XRP was designed for a valuation of $10,000 per XRP and he goes through and really outlines his theory and his argument and so really if you haven’t read it what I’m gonna do is I want to pull out a few quotes get you guys to think a little bit I’m gonna put a description I’m gonna put a link in the description go ahead pull that up later on read it and then we can continue the conversation in the comments but as just a brief quote that that that was in this article that mark put in there so a somewhat famous quote from lip ripple labs co-founder Arthur of britto provides a tantalizing clue now this is Mark Phillips writing in 2017 Arthur Britto wrote XRP must be scalable to accommodate 7.5 billion people so the question that we really all have to ask ourselves would really be what did Arthur burrito really mean by by that statement that XRP has to be scalable to accommodate the world’s population so and really and then some and so when we get into it and get into this article he continues if the entire 1.14 quadrillion value if this is all asset class classes that are out there if they’re all tokenized via X R P then / / this article then the valuation of X R P would have to be eleven thousand four hundred now he states that this isn’t likely to happen but his point is that it demonstrates the scale of liquidity that X R P is designed to handle so again he’s not making a a true statement to say this is where the value can go he’s making a statement that this is the type of liquidity the scale that the founders and the designers and Arthur Britto who was one one of the originals but you know really put the whole thought process into where X R P could go so again this article was on I’m gonna put a link below you guys can read it and then let me know your thoughts later rod hot what’s up man ceci good to see you back it’s your second live stream so I’m glad that you could you could tune in now now we’re gonna jump into general news and like I said there’s a ton of things that have been going on and if you didn’t notice coinbase recently announced that they actually acquired an Italian security start-up the name of that company neutrino I believe it is and then actually a day later another article came out really going after the CEO of neutrino saying that he was part of some organization called hacking team now if we go back and we look at the blog post from coinbase this is a direct quote from coinbase today we’re announcing that coinbase has acquired neutrino a blockchain intelligence platform blockchain intelligence is increasingly important in the crypto ecosystem now obviously a lot of things have been happening lately with hacks and and other things obviously we’re aware of now the importance of what coinbase is looking for and this is what they’re stating in their blog it’s necessary to achieve our mission meaning coinbase of bringing the open financial system to the world by analyzing data on public blockchains now if you remember recently and this is all right on the heels of an announcement from a group over in israel that stated that the terrorist group Hamas had been using accounts or bullets on coin base to actually raise money and move money you know so this is a really important development neutrino for them will help us prevent theft of funds from people’s accounts investigate ransomware attacks and identify bad actors it will also help us bring more crypto currencies and features two more people while helping ensure compliance with local laws and regulations this is their big statement let’s see crazy facts that’s a good point to take a little side note yes they’re looking at two ETFs currently and what review yet reviewing ETFs and actually they also settled I meant to write it down there’s an ICO they just settled I think yesterday or the day before and this company had to pay back twenty four million dollars or fourteen million dollars that they raised no penalty no action but basically they settled with the SEC that they’re giving the money back now the company actually declared didn’t declare one way or the other whether they well whether they identified what they did as a security or not they stayed silent on that but at the end of the day the SEC is settling some cases right now and they’re kind of they’re going through that case work which again is important as they’re gonna you know really the anticipation of the SEC providing some form of clarity on the different assets out there the digital assets out there the different icos out there as to whether which could be deemed a security or not so I think that’s definitely an important development now you know going back into into the Orion Bay so let’s see here but so okay so now now the counter to this well actually before I get into the counter I and really you know when we look at we look at the developments with coinbase you know I think we need to look at all all variables take everything at face value until we truly understand the facts but the neutrino CEO Giancarlo Russo so this is a quote directly from coin desk that I found are and so this is the the company that coin base acquired we decided to join coin base because we’re totally aligned with the company’s mission of building an open financial system and we share the same commitment to regulation compliance and security in the cryptocurrency space now I believe in the in the next article they said that coin base paid eight billion dollars or something I’m not sure if that’s accurate it could be completely an incorrect number but it says here a billion oh maybe they’re talking about coinbase eight billion dollar coin base backlash so anyhow there initially there was an undisclosed amount as to how much coin base had paid for a neutrino but neutrino CEO Giancarlo Russo on this is going but this is article that was on CCN this is all really just yesterday so I think it’s kind of important that we look at these developments here but neutrino CEO Jan Koller formerly worked as chief operating officer for a hacking team which the government security contractor that was that was famously hacked in 2015 documents leaked by hacking team attackers sorry let’s see documents leaked by the hacking team attacker showed that the company willingly aided repressive governments including Saudi Arabia who wanted to buy the company so he worked as CEO Oh for hacking team so any help I know you know you really you can make it you know what you want you make your own opinion up based on that I think as far as the space is considered regardless of what some of the opinions coming out on this company neutrino there’s a ton of developments going on companies buying other companies and at the end of the day you know what coin basis objective is is security for those who are investing on their platform and they’re concerned about security on their platform because of obviously current clients that are working with coinbase but also future clients they understand the dynamics of mainstream adoption so not sure what you guys think but if you guys want to chime in with some ideas that would be that’d be awesome so let’s let’s move on let’s move through this a little bit all right so I’m not sure if you guys ever found this website but as I was looking up for current news I’d never seen this website before it’s XRP arcade comm and so if you if you actually get into when we get into the ripple XRP section I’m actually I pushed it down to the bottom to the real world utility section on that we’re gonna talk about but this XRP arcade has a ton of information and up-to-date information about the ripple ripple ecosystem so I think you guys you know go check that out XRP arcade calm now they just reported on let’s see here February 18th so this was just two days ago and this another this is real world news current news but it’s also real-world utility because there’s this company block quake that is actually their goal is to be the Nasdaq or that you know the nice then ysc of cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges so if you go check out block quake dot-com you can read all about it this is directly from their website block quake aims to be the industry standard amongst exchanges for global compliance and transparency so their goal is really to go after traders they want retail level and institutional level traders now if you look at block quake you look at the amount of energy time effort and money that they’re pouring into this new exchange we’re talking about an exchange that’s going to come online soon not something that’s already been online and their target our retail and institutional traders obviously there’s something that is taking place right now in the market when it comes to digital assets and more and more money more and more transition companies buying one another all of this stuff is taking place right now and so as we go through this I believe I kind of built up the momentum on that it’s all really based on what is currently happening real-world utility towards the momentum of going into mainstream so when we look at and we focus in on ripple News and I think this is also really important obviously we want to look at ripple we want to see what’s happening new updated and ripple and now there was an article that kind of caught my attention that was on coin Telegraph this was yesterday I’m going to go into and read this press release but I’m going to read a section from the press release now this is Japan’s so we already know SBI we know what they’re doing in the r3 space we know what they’re doing in the ripple net space but this is Japan’s second largest bank by asset which is SMBC it’s Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation so they just finished a proof of concept using r3 and using the Marco Polo now Marco Polo of our three is actually utilizing the Corte technology so they’re leveraging Korda technology to do this trial now it’s amazing because now if we look at this coin Telegraph article and all the things that are happening right now within banks that are leveraging the court of technology their statement is that there’s 15 consortium member banks that are participating in the marco polo consortium which includes ING NatWest bien BNP Paribas now what’s important about all of this as we know is that quarter technology is also utilizing XRP so these are very important developments that are going on right now I think this really highlights some significant momentum in this space so let’s keep an eye on that and I’m sure we’re gonna see some great things happening here in the near future you guys have any feedback you want to comment in go ahead and jump in at any time I’d love to hear some some comments I think I might be going up against another livestream tonight I’m not sure if you guys haven’t had a chance yet go ahead and give some thumbs up we’ve got 18 people watch all right so what I want to do now I’m gonna transition here and go into regulations and legislation so anything that’s legislative related now I had put a post up on YouTube somebody responded I want to thank Andrew I’m actually for sending me this information now we’ve covered a ton of stuff so far on on legislation we’ve talked about the token taxonomy Act we’ve talked about HR 56 for 28 HR 528 HR 922 HR 923 somehow I missed one of these acts that actually pass through the house and just and pass through the house on January 29th it actually passed through around the exact same time that HR 56 and HR 428 passed now HR 502 is called find traffic court on the use of virtual currencies and online marketplaces and sex and drug trafficking on the Gea Oh must study topics that would include how illicit proceeds are transferred into the US banking system state and non-state actors that participate in such activities preventative efforts from the Fed as well as state agencies and also on the extent to which the unique characteristics of virtual currencies can contribute to the trafficking and prosecution of illicit funding now what’s what’s very important especially as we focus in on on this space when it comes to the legislation and everybody is wondering when is government going to provide some regulatory clarity and so let me take a break so John I don’t see anybody else streaming just a slow night John thank you for that you know definitely possible it’s a slow night Mike G thinks that Brad comms might be might be streaming right now so definitely possible sending out so when we when we look at government regulation and we look at what’s happening right now in that in in that part of the world hidden Washington and and really the desire you know from the digital assets face to see some some movement to really see that the government has taken a serious look at regulatory clarity when it comes to digital assets now obviously we’ve seen again going back to the token taxonomy Act that is by far probably one of the most important acts that we are going to see when Warren Davidson actually introduces it now the expectation is that we will see the token taxonomy Act here probably by the end of this month so our month is waiting very quickly hopefully we’ll see the token taxonomy act by next week but let’s see John Doe yes Brad crimes is streaming so he draws a each definitely draws a huge crowd so so any out so when it comes to government regulatory clarity and again when I’m focused on some of these bills that are actually some of these acts that are actually passing the house so if we go back and we look at what the importance and significance of HR 56 we look at the significance of HR 428 if we look at the significance of HR 502 they’re all creating a baseline of security so this is government looking at and making sure or at least creating passing bills that will identify and put money towards or create a group or you know what have you that is going to study the utility of digital assets when it comes to terrorism when it comes to drug trafficking or other illicit means and so all of these three bills have covered similar topics they’re all very complimentary of each other they’re all sponsored by different congressmen and actually 502 I haven’t seen any of these congressmen really appear on any other previous bills so so this is making some additional progress now we have three bills that are actually sitting at the Senate level right now so that’s that’s huge progress so now we’ve got to monitor Senate once it passes and clear Senate then it goes back to the house if there’s any questions from the house if the Senate made any changes if not then they sign off on it they pass it on to the President’s desk and then president Trump has ten days to sign off on the bill um if he doesn’t sign off on it automatically is becomes basically becomes law so you know namaste man thank you very much for the two dollars I appreciate that very much Sean J why next week that’s a great point why do I expect the token taxonomy act to drop in the house next week directly from Warren Davidson’s office I I speak to the legislative assistant to Warren Davidson I try to keep keep up on in that space I try to bring the news back when I do and when I do talk to them I want to get updates I want to know what’s happening I want to know how I can help if you go back into some of my previous videos my primary focus with this is really to get the grassroots effort to reach out to your own Congress person I put a link below in all my videos so you can find your congressperson if you go back into some of my previous videos I also have a list of those who sit on the Financial Services Committee who are directly responsible at this point once the toca taxonomy Act hits the house it inevitably is going to go to the financial services committee those Congress men and women whether they’re Democrats or Republicans are going to have to pass the token taxonomy Act it’s gonna have to pass committee it’s gonna have to go to the house for a vote so anybody that calls their congressperson right now you get on the phone and you talk to them and you let them know hey I want to speak to the person your legislative person that’s responsible for digital assets I want to speak to the person that’s going to be investigating the token taxonomy Act that’s being introduced by Warren Davidson I want to have a conversation with that person if you can have a conversation with that person that’s huge I heard it directly from the legislative assistant he said all the things that we’re doing in this space every phone call every email every tweet anything that you can do at this point to outreach at this level is helping so directly from the source they said that what we’re doing is helping and even more than that the reason why they can gauge it is because the other legislative assistance and Congress men or women have been approaching the Warryn Davidson’s staff and asking them about digital assets and asking them about the token taxonomy Act so that’s huge news that really validates everything that we’re doing and it also validates another fact that at the grassroots level you can have a huge impact on what’s happening right now in Congress so forget about the days where and I’m not gonna say forget about it because government still does a lot of things that is completely out of our control government does things that we obviously don’t want them to do they’re way too big and you know there and there again they’re just way out of control Shaun J man well thank you for the $2 that’s awesome truly appreciate that crash monkeys man that’s I’m glad that you made it tonight man you’re awesome I’m glad that you started your own YouTube channel and really focus it go check out crash monkeys on YouTube he’s got he really focuses on health and wellness he’s got a really inspirational story you got to go back watch his videos man that guy’s awesome so any help so you know moving on from this again you know the new man that’s awesome yeah I appreciate you too so then it’s just just moving on again you know not to not to you know beat it to head horse here on this but I can’t express enough how important it is if you guys want to see some regulatory clarity your voices have to be heard so whether again it’s Twitter I did post on one of my videos I posted a link I have a nice spreadsheet where I put all of the every congressman that’s sitting in office right now they’re direct phone numbers if not I’m gonna have to post that link again with that with that sheet and I’ve got every person sitting on the financial Services Committee and again those are the ones responsible but you can go go to the link right below in the description you can find your own Congress person it gives you their phone number in Washington gives you their phone number in your local area go down to their office if you’re if you’re a couple miles from the local representatives office go talk to them it’s it they’ll totally appreciate it you know you know definitely take my word for that they definitely appreciate when you when you’re interested so alright now let’s get into real-world utility so hang on one second you I got to go on this song you forget I got a look at my other laptop yo CAK awesome man appreciate you making it on tonight I know it’s it’s not easy for people to get on online and you know constantly watches so much content out there right now you know everybody’s doing their part trying to build on the live stream I normally you know didn’t do live streams I just put up videos I’m starting on this livestream trend I really appreciate you know the live streams you know it’s great because I get to engage directly with people and really start to see you know what people are thinking so I kind of see the draw you know doing the live streams and I just talked to a buddy of mine into starting up some live streams he’s on in politics but he’s uh he’s run for office and and now he’s gonna start up a live stream for some of the research that he does he’s been in a terrorist terrorism research for years and years and years a lot longer than I’ve known him and he’s done some amazing things so I just convinced him to actually start a livestream channel talking about this stuff John Doe in Canada um yeah I guess you can’t help our American our Canadian neighbors on the northern border what nothing’s going on seriously man I’m gonna do a little research into that you know we you just had quadrangle that crashed there’s something else I talked about a last week I know I can’t remember there was a huge purchase by a buying exchange they bought a platform there’s some involvement with a bank I don’t know I can’t I can’t keep it in my head read any of the Francis Coppola articles you know what that Gregg you know that that’s a great point you know let’s let’s sideline on the real utility for a second Francis Coppola Coppola Coppola whatever yeah don’t how to pronounce her name so Forbes Bloomberg you know all of them it’s it’s amazing you know the the amount of FUD that they spread on this space you know and and really you know we got into this last time in conversation actually you know and you know and I was running a meeting the other night also politically oriented when I was talking and we started talking a little bit just to give some idea of you know how the the media you know handles things and so many people are focused on what’s going on when it comes to political things in the media really misrepresenting now here’s a perfect example Greg you know it’s great that you brought that up because this Francis Coppola and I really haven’t read a lot of the articles I read the one you know but it’s but it’s really just jaded you know you know I don’t get the idea you know of why you know you know what’s really behind it what you know what’s what’s the drive for that individual to really come out and you know and and try to negate everything that’s really happening in this space you know why are you gonna attack Ripple why are you gonna attack digital assets why are you gonna attack blockchain technology you know why did Jamie Dimon come out so passionately against Bitcoin why did JPMorgan now now we discovering that they have the JPM coin you know why does all that stuff happen you know it’s crazy so you know and then now was it Bloomberg is beating up on Forbes because Bloomberg is beating up on JP Morgan for having a fraudulent coin I don’t know that there was just some post on it recently you know so you’re starting to see all of that implode you can only spread fake news for so long it’s like crying wolf you know but in this case you know you’re you’re trying to attack an industry you’re trying to attack companies that are actually doing something and you know they’re actually revolutionary so you don’t have to go to fall far back you know exactly so she’s a veteran in the banking industry so she might have a grain of truth you who knows you know so is her grain of truth because since she came from the banking industry you know she’s a little bit more concerned about what’s happening in the bacon industry because maybe the relevancy and really not necessary the relevancy of the banks but the banking you know free of free ride of overcharging people is really going to come to an end so this is their free ride of making money all the over charges the charges and we’re not just talking about in the u.s. I’m talking about globally you know what it costs for people to hold an account why does it cost you money to keep your money in the bank that makes no sense they charge you X amount of dollars to have a checking account now not every bank does that over a certain amount you’re not going to get charged but are there really is a really a cost of doing business to keep your money in an account they’re not keeping fiat currency in a bank account that they have to guard it’s it’s a digit on its and it’s really just a digital number somewhere in their database and they’re responsible for being able to back up that currency or at least pay you but if everybody decided to go to JP Morgan’s banks if everyone wants to chase tomorrow and said I want my money they don’t have your money they don’t have enough money to pay everybody out they’re supposed to pay everybody out but banks are only really required I forget what the exact percentages but they’re really only required to maintain a specific percentage of fiat currency to pay out to people now what’s again what’s crazy is about this banking industry you know I’m going off on a tangent here but again why is it and this is a global trend you know why are there so many unbanked in the world it goes back to the high chart the high cost to maintain a bank account for the individual now my point there is really that the banks take our money they loan it back out to us and they loan it back out to us at a higher interest rate so if you want to borrow money right now I’m not sure what the going rate is on on a loan I don’t know if it’s 9% 10% 8% you know I don’t know what it is maybe it’s 3% for a you know I’ve been taking a loan out I know on the on the financing leasing side rates are anywhere from five to about 8% so but the again the banks are taking your money they’re loaning it out there making interest there and the money that you’re maintaining in an account they’re paying you a marginal interest rate that’s really a fraction of a percent you know so overall there’s these you know absorbent fees that are going out the bank level so you know to that point that I went off on this tangent here she’s a veteran in the banking industry so she might be a little bit jaded when it comes to her thought process but maybe not maybe you’re right maybe there is a grain of truth on that and we’d have to pull up an article and really go through it line item by line item let’s see here the point she is making is that the banking all that interested are not all that interested in the ripple technology and happy with her system oh yeah I mean that that’s you know that’s a good point you know maybe that’s that’s her that’s her concept bank’s business model will have to change soon their threat they’re exactly threatened by crypto and now I think it was JPMorgan and Bank of America this goes back a little ways that there was some report that came out and they were worried about what’s happening with the digital asset space because the digital asset space does somewhat threaten traditional banking we’re not you know not banking in general because banking in general at the mainstream level at the end of the day you know banks are needed because we need to buy a house you need to loan you need to borrow money mortgage to buy a house people need to finance a car they need to lease their car they’re gonna finance their car that money comes from somewhere so it’s coming from the banks now the interesting thing I believe that we’re going to see really is the battle at this point business battle let’s call it between the digital asset exchanges and the banks that’s what that’s where I think we’re gonna have some some interesting outcomes you know our banks gonna buy exchanges our exchange is going to buy banks because of exchanges that need to be banks by than their banks and then vice versa a bank wants to get into digital assets face what’s the easiest way for JPMorgan to truly get into the digital asset exchange space and that’s buying a digital asset exchange so that could be interesting but the amounts of money that some of these exchanges have like finance for instance it’s a fledgling company and it seems to you know have billions of but you know up on billions of dollars that it’s ready as it to is buying up different companies you know so money is just it’s just amazing so then if you look at ripple and what ripple net is doing and you think about the amount of money that they even have an escrow you know every time they take a billion XRP out every single month and they utilize a certain portion of that and then it goes back into escrow but they’re using that really to further the space you know I think that’s really interesting you know everything that’s going on let’s see here why did this get stopped so Shawn let’s see regulation will require adoption of the new technology that that’s exactly true and that’s that’s what we’re waiting for waiting on regulation you know did you see Craig Wright testifying under oath that he that that that’s really amazing to me you know so the guy I saw some brief statement from this guy you know and I don’t even know what to make of them anymore you know you know if you are that if you are Satoshi awesome that’s great you know but why would you now come out and say that you’re Satoshi when when obviously all these years have gone by and the individual Satoshi or the organization that is Satoshi whatever it is has gone through so much effort to not be identified it doesn’t make any sense now you’re gonna come out and say that it’s me that just it just I don’t know that’s it’s just pretty crazy let’s look here there’s something here let’s see I can’t even read this it’s formed a braiding I don’t know it’s not even it’s not even showing up here I can’t read it though alright um good let’s let’s move on here we can talk about this forever I think there’s so much you know it’s it’s really amazing here we go on that article let me hang on a second let me I got to click this hang on a minute there we go what is the article crypto daily let me pull that up real quick hang on a second see here comment on that article what’s this article oh you know what I don’t know you know I traded stocks with with some technical analysis but I am not the right person to really discuss technical analysis it says it just formed a gravestone doji trading against Bitcoin that is beyond me I’m not even sure exactly what that what that means so good luck I’d love to be able to comment on that Werner but yeah I don’t really I don’t I don’t get into trading digital assets and I don’t know all of the different terminologies all the different technical analysis terminologies for trading so I don’t know if you have some feedback on it maybe you can explain it a little bit let’s see a big exchange will add more and more product services exist yes you know and that’s exactly what I see and that’s you know that’s a great point John brings up when it comes to the exchange is adding more services and this reminds me CNBC there was somebody put it out it might have been mr. B or someone put a tweet out earlier this morning early this morning an interview with Jeff Bezos from 1999 and it’s amazing because back in 1999 his sole focus at that point was developing and building out Amazon and so if you think back in 1999 really nobody knew what the outcome of all the high tech companies were gonna be and and Jeff Bezos even mentioned if you go back to the 80s nobody knew which PC and software companies we’re gonna be the top companies moving forward obviously a bunch of them ended up leading the charge Microsoft being one of them but it’s but Jeff Bezos is point with with in the high tech boom is that there are a bunch of great companies out there nobody knew who was going to lead the chart but what he said about his company is that their focus was on customer service and bringing the best value to the customer and increasing their product uh offerings and they Annie it was interesting if you go back and watch that video the interviewer said oh but you gotta be an Internet company and he said forget about the Internet he said it’s not about that and then he’s Ella but Walmart’s doing the same thing said know if Walmart’s focus on customer service that’s awesome but they’re but what Jeff Bezos was talking about was by scale and bringing the best product at the best value at the best price to the customer now guess where we stand today and I think this was mr. B’s point by showing that video and and you know putting that on Twitter the same exact point is that this is exactly where we are right now in the space when it comes to digital assets and and when we look at the digital asset exchanges nobody knows exactly which of the companies out there are going to be around in five to ten years or who’s gonna be the lead in the space if you look back at Netscape or AOL or even Yod the battle between Yahoo and google or you know if you look at the battle the ongoing battle between Microsoft and and Apple over the years you know the up and down you know it’s hard to really identify who’s gonna be on top and of all the companies that are coming up you know if you look at like Napster you know and Napster in its heyday was an open source and it was a way for people to download music for free then it was bought out but then there really isn’t a Napster anymore it lost the battle and everyone thought that and when it was bought out nobody wanted to buy music in it you know wouldn’t want to buy music but people are buying music they go to iTunes they go to Google they go to Amazon wherever they go but again my point being that in the digital asset space with the exchanges we’re not gonna really know where the outcome is but those exchanges that are focused I’m truly encompassing and adding more and more products that’s really where it’s at you know so to that point that that’s a great point that the big exchanges will add more and they will begin to attract more of their customers let’s see here I’ll take some text out of the our call Werner are you trying to plug your website I don’t think that’s his website is that his website it didn’t look like his website it says crypto daily if it is I don’t see his name on it says Bach Han is the person that wrote this article I don’t believe that this is his website crypto daily so you guys can converse so Sean adoption is in process the product has been developed and the connection tracks are being laid it’s only a matter of time before we hear the call I like that and and really you know that’s the case and that brings me to my next point and really the next topic for tonight which is real-world utility now real Road real-world utility can really take different different phases you know so we can look at it from different perspectives now one second so I wanted to talk about healthcare but what but then you know as I was getting into health care and I will talk about health care here in a minute and health care utility a blockchain which is very impressive to see what’s going on into healthcare space you can’t get more mainstream than that but have you guys seen what xlm is is being used for by by IBM or what iBM is doing with xlm or the xlm platform and what IBM really is doing with payments so it’s interesting because IBM as they began to utilize the X LM a no platform or the stellar platform and focusing in on payments and there’s more and more development keep looking at the news and see where IBM is going and see what IBM is doing IBM kind of dropped off the face of relevancy for a long time IBM used to be it you know they’re all about retail then they got out of retail they were just focused on on big institutional mainframes and whatnot but they still really dropped off the face of the earth you know competing out in the space but obviously they’re still around and they’re doing a ton right now behind the scenes that you know if you look if you watch the news they’re getting actively involved in payments now why is IBM getting actively involved in payments and utilizing xlm it’s interesting you know you know the key is is this competition you know are they going to work alongside XRP now I said I’m a previous video I look at competition is healthy I think we need competition I believe that competition really validates that what you’re doing is important and I and if you look back you know that’s been stated before so competition is definitely needed in this space now if you go into and look at real world utility you don’t have to look much further than what’s going on with again ripple now XRP arcade actually put together a really nice up-to-date ripple ecosystem so let me let me go into this I want to show this to you you guys for a second and then we’re gonna go back let me just transition oh you know what I forgot the transition and I meant to put the live the live Chad stream up here and I forgot to do that so anyhow it’s hard to try to manage all this stuff you know it’d be good if there’s a someone manage I try to get my son to help out over here so anyhow let me let me go through this way I think this is really impressive you guys let me know what your thoughts are then I’m gonna go back in and look at the chats here because there’s a lot a lot of great stuff going on in the chats but take a look at this right this is the ripple ecosystem and and I just love this because all of this is real-world utility now from a payments perspective take a look at this go if you go check out this person’s website this excerpt I’ve never seen this website before I don’t know how but but look at this just tons of information when it comes to payments then forget other you know you know the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation maybe some of its outdated you know maybe you go through it and see it but I believe all of this stuff is current you know it’s amazing right look at this stuff look at this goes on and on look at this this all related to xrp right now let’s go to banks this is whether ripple ecosystem so ripple net now all the different banks that are working with ripple net look at this I’m scrolling through it fast I’m not gonna read through them I just thought this was so amazing I love this website because look at this this is real-world utility right here this is ripple net solutions here money transfers and we know that they’re not all using XRP yet you know we know that isn’t happening but the but they’re using look at they’re using X rapid these guys using X rapid you know we saw that before and we know that some of them are using X rapid that’s using XR P so this is real-world utility these are real-world companies that are doing things that are really again important because they’re interacting on the payment space every single day this is all on the ripple net you know this is this is just really impressive investors I don’t know what you guys think organizations you know and then you get into universities then you can get into X rapid exchanges you know there’s not a ton of them well we know which ones they are but that’s that’s really it’s really impressive you know I had the HR 502 I was going to share that earlier I’m look at this let me transition over there there we go now I got the live chat showing that’s pretty great look at that all right there’s ho2 there’s a little bit of a delay on my other laptop so you guys are obviously a little bit behind to but join the live chat join the live chat there we go it took me forever to get that live chat thing to work so going on 48 minutes here let me let me go through let’s see what else you guys I think iBM is working with Ripple also if I remember right yeah I don’t know I believe I might have read something about that as well let’s see here let me scroll up ah let’s see I’ll tell prime stared Verizon and DirecTV exactly let’s see if there’s anything important here in the chart I’m not really gonna get into the charts I don’t know much about the charts let’s see list apart yeah yep that’s it you know and that’s you know John you they do have a growing list of partners I think it’s really amazing I’m sorry I have to keep looking over at my laptop over to the side to see what’s going on here hey Larry how’s it going um let’s see Werner Van Stern here you see you guys are still will be X or P will be working with J p.m. coin to move the money and you know what 1 7 I Kevin brings up a great point because with the J p.m. coin and we talked a bit about this last time as well I’m glad you brought that up and then I want to dig more into some other real-world utility stuff but you bring up a good point that J p.m. coin is really focused on inner bank transactions so any of the JPMorgan affiliates now Bank of America they create their own Bank of England they create their own how are all of these digital assets now going to be exchanged with one another if it isn’t going to go through an X R P if that’s not an intermediary you know so I think that that’s really interesting that you know that you brought that up and we talked a lot about that last time so let’s see here let me go back okay so we’re in real-world utility now let me scroll down here now into healthcare now this is again you know I brought up healthcare healthcare is interesting because it really shows us full mainstream adoption now when we get into the mainstream you know this means that we have large organizations in healthcare that are using a blockchain technology and now this is where IBM comes into play again that when I said earlier you know keep an eye on what IBM is doing you know so here we go so if we go to there’s this health payers intelligence comm they actually reported on the fact that Cigna is working with IBM on a blockchain initiative and this was reported on the 20th today now here’s a brief quote from the article and again this is focused on real-world utility so we have Cigna and Sentara Healthcare have joined a new healthcare focused collaborative that aims to build share and deploy solutions using blockchain technology so this is Cigna now the collaborative also includes Aetna anthem healthcare services corporation which is HCSC PNC Bank and IBM now remember again IBM so what do we know that IBM has been working with we know they’re working with the stellar we know they’re working with xlm we know that they’re highly involved in payments so now that IBM is focused here in IBM I believe has another initiative in blockchain but we don’t know now when we get into healthcare and we get into payments something’s going on right with the digital asset space internally and with blockchain so I think it’s really important now these organizations will work to identify new ways of addressing a range of industry challenges with block chain including enabling secure information exchange maintaining accurate provider directories and promoting efficient claims processing and I think that really underscores there’s two things here that that that are important forget about the provider directories because provider provider directories can be updated that’s important but really the significance here of blockchain isn’t making sure that your doctor’s name and address is up-to-date what’s important here is enabling secure information exchange when they talk about secure information exchange they’re talking about your health records they’re talking about your health data they’re talking about your images if you have an MRI or an x-ray being able to move through the blockchain being accessible readily accessible at any point what they’re not addressing when we’re looking at the blockchain at this level if you go out and you look at some of the smaller companies that are developing healthcare solutions they’re talking about putting the power of your healthcare data back in your own hands utilizing blockchain technology these Health Care’s are not talking about giving you access to your own information they’re talk about enabling secure information so they can still maintain control of your information now it’s still important because these large organizations are getting highly intricately involved in blockchain technology they’re also intricately involved with IBM PNC Bank why is PNC Bank in collaboration with them if there isn’t money being transacted through the blockchain utilizing one of the digital assets now if we go a little bit further so this is again now the other component they’re promoting efficient claims processing that is very very important there’s so much money wasted in in in in processing claims it touches so many hands before money is paid plus tracking people down plus wastes plus inefficiencies plus of any kind of corruption at any level so there’s there’s a ton of things that are are really happening that we that we really have to identify so it’s so important in the healthcare space to see this happening now let’s see here the network was initially announced in late January of 2019 so this is just a few weeks ago with the original five companies partnering to achieve inner interoperability and transparency in healthcare so we have these five companies and when we talk about achieving interoperability that’s all of them working together seamlessly just as we’re talking about using ripple net to transact Global Payments just as we’re talking about right now with what JPM JPMorgan’s supposed quote/unquote stable coin JPM is going to need not because if again if they have their digital asset they need to move it the bank’s the healthcare the insurance the hospitals the physician offices whatever they might be interoperability easily transacting whatever it is whether it’s information or whether it’s money and the other important thing that they underlined here is transparency in healthcare again being able to see what you need when you need to see it so that is of absolute relevance now there’s so much fun and this goes back again we were talking about Francis Coppola we’re talking about Jamie Dimon we’re talking about how many other flood stirs what’s that nore Roubini or whatever his name is you know and and within that some say oh well we like blockchain technology but we don’t like the digital asset space or no blockchain technology isn’t really that significant but digital assets are an intricate part of most blockchain technology and so it does go hand in hand the mainstream adoption is coming we do see it we also again see more adoption in this block chain space so let me let me get into this even further now this is healthcare now we’re coming up in an hour so we’re gonna wrap up in a little while I truly appreciate all you guys for for I don’t know why I’m looking at the laptop over here I truly appreciate all you guys for joining in those of you who made it on we’re up against another live streamer who I you know totally appreciate you know I love watching Brad’s videos I’m glad you guys came in and and decided to spend time with me and you know with each other in here debating and talking about some interesting topics every every time we do a live stream we grow a little bit more other people have joined in that I that I know as well which is awesome so now let’s get into February 18th this is just a couple days ago this is another huge step in the right direction for mainstream adoption Providence st. Joseph’s Health this is an an integrated payer provider system they actually announced the acquisition of Lou medic which is a blockchain company serving the revenue cycle management market so it’s highly highly significant now this also showed up on health payment intelligent intelligence comm this is so significant so let me let me just read a few snippets from here and you guys will also see it’s the exact significance of of what’s going on in the healthcare space so and I’m gonna wrap up here soon so I know you guys are hanging in there some of you guys got it run off but I’m so a quote from this article this has to do with Providence st. Joseph’s Health the organization which is the third largest nonprofit health system in the country so look at that this is the third largest nonprofit health in the United States plans to use low medics blockchain skills to reduce inefficiencies and architect a trusted end-to-end revenue cycle management platform this is huge you know again they’re seen the importance of blockchain incorporated in healthcare they’re still missing a component which is at the retail level on how individuals can seamlessly and easily pay for healthcare and maybe insurance companies providing tokens in order to streamline the payment process forget about your card yo let’s have some transparency in healthcare and this is a starting point it’s going to require a lot more than the big organizations that are really trying to control and manage it but when we get down to the individual level so I’m getting to wrap up in a little bit thank you guys again for for hanging in there so this is this is crazy right here this is Providence st. Joseph’s Health let’s see from the article let’s say I quoted here okay administrative inefficiencies and manual RCM processes were responsible for 500 billion dollars in waste in 2018 so that’s 500 billion dollars in waste and so that’s the power of what blockchain technology will bring now from my perspective my point on all this is imagine if you’re utilizing blockchain technology imagine if you utilize in a digital asset some whatever in whichever one it might be to really improve on whether it’s the inefficiencies of government through Medicare the inefficiency in efficiencies of government through Medicaid creating transparency to the cost of medical care the cost of what it may what it is to maintain Medicare the entire Medicare process just overall imagine if you had an insight into government waste and government in efficiencies here we have 500 billion in a nonprofit health company okay so so this is really really amazing so this is a non-profit with 300 billion in waste or 500 billion in waste again focus in on the government using blockchain to monitor government spending built-in transparency and really put the power back into the hands of the people to whom the government’s really responsible and should have been working for in the first place but when we go into government and efficiencies then give the people the power of managing their own healthcare data that is probably the most critical part of it and if you go back a lot of videos ago that I made you’ll actually see in a video that I made on Walmart and Walmart’s patents for this exact topic and if you go back scroll back through you’ll see that video is really interesting or you can do a search for the Walmart patent uh-huh on how they wanted to use blockchain technology to really identify how they’re going to control and embed and plant something in you to track your your healthcare data I thought that was interesting so anyhow this is this is really awesome we talked about the token taxonomy Act go contact your Congress people again that the link is below if you have any specific topics that you want to discuss I’m doing two live streams now I want to get more of a following on the live streams I think this is awesome if you have any comments feedback for me any creative criticism that’s awesome Saturday morning 8:00 a.m. Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. let me know and we’ll definitely get it more involved into additional topics of interest that that you guys want to talk about so just a reminder all the opinions that I express on the live stream are strictly my own I’m not a financial advisor I’m not providing anybody with any kind of financial advice go out do your own research before you invest and that’s it let me do one more look through see if there’s anything of interest in in the in the comments here and the conversations and if not that’s it guys I really truly appreciate all of you for joining on tonight appreciate your comments let me scroll back up I want to give a special thank you here to the two that that donated a little bit namaste and Sean J for donating a little bit to the channel that’s awesome and again Saturday morning 8 a.m. livestream I’m going to try to plug in a video in between I’ve got something I’ve been working on if I can get to it otherwise I’ll check you guys out Saturday morning I’m morning crypto again this is Jeff for the jato report until next time keep on hot Elaine your crypto you

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