34 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Since Bitcoin Demonstrated A Golden Crossover, It Was Inevitable For XRP To Follow”

  1. …and so what….price is indeed up a little but it comes back down again…… What is the point holding crypto than?

  2. Why did you advise us to separate the accounts used to pay bills from the accounts used to transfer funds to exchanges? It’s been on my head for a few days. Do we have too?

  3. I think this is pretty important https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/05/28/blockchain-com-loses-goldman-sachs-veteran-to-ripple/

  4. PROTECT THE XRP COMMUNITY!!!! RIPPLE SHOULD BURN/DESTROY 90% of their 55 billion coins! It will be fair to the investors in XRP! They own such a massive supply close to 55 billion that they did not buy or invest…. they just ''pre-mined'' and are allowed to sell it ''slowly'' indefinitely! That's called a never-ending ICO!!! they sold $535 million last year which was for profit and that was divided for stakeholders and execs!!! THEY have just released another billion coins to sell this month and can do so every month for years to come…. thereby selling at market demand so you won't get any return on your investment!!! IF YOU REALLY WANT THE XRP PRICE TO GROW THEN AS A XRP COMMUNITY YOU NEED TO DEMAND that 90% of there 55 billion xrp coins get burned and destroyed never to be sold! Doing so would make the coin far less centralized, far less inflationary, would make it better governance for the coin instead of a centralized company owned by stakeholders looking out for only their own interests….50 billion is enough for liquidity they don't need to own close to 60% of the coins! BURN 90% of the XRP coins owned by ripple labs

  5. Weve had "confirmation" about upward momentum yet noones mentioned anything till price moves up ive started to notice you are releasing videos on subjects everyone else is doing and acting like you knew whats up its tiresome unsubscribe

  6. Do you all expect XRP to behave like it did last bull market? Or do you expect smaller gains over time as opposed to a sudden moon?

  7. Golden cross only means that most institutional investors considers( Mutual Funds )to invest in trending market only and golden cross represents trend change confirmation on larger time frame . This is the minimum criteria for investment grade but does not necessarily mean bullish unless it is followed by large investment .

  8. An unknown XRP whale has acquired 10 million XRP ($4.1 million) a few hours after the price of the digital currency surged to $0.413. The trade, according to cryptocurrency Whale alert, was made by Ripple over-the-counter. https://youtu.be/pNK4jCrAGAA

  9. Thank you WMC, finally someone who understands lol. I brought up the golden cross back in April and folks took it the wrong way and over hyped it. Not to say it's not good, but we had 4 golden crosses back in 2015/2016. I was just telling everyone we are hitting our second golden cross to signify where we are at in the market cycle and it's likely we have to wait about 1 year to see anything significant in price action. Although BTC will help elevate us and we will see some rallies along the way, but others were making it seem like we are going to moon off of it. However the 4th golden cross was the mini moon back in 2016 and everyone is correlating this cross with that one. I think people forget we have just started to leave the bear market. I'm excited too, but cmon guys a little more patience is needed here LOL

  10. Do u know that Binance charge a monthly fee because I leave my xrp on Binance… Every time I check on my xrp… I loose a little bit of xrp…

  11. https://youtu.be/mncmG6EBbgo check this out, kind of says 2021 November is the year of a big xrp price.

  12. Level 3 account secure on coinbase let's you wire transfer up to 250k to your BANK. Contacted my bank this morning. They said they do not hold to investigate for 250k inbound wire transfer because they are guaranteed funds. Wire transfers can take up to 7 business days to complete FYI. not really sure how else to cash out large amounts..

  13. God, I can't wait until BTC's network gets bogged down again and transactions take 3+ days and fees are $20+ dollars again. Will be hilarious, right as wallstreet and investment firms and brand-new retail investors stick their toes in the market, and the whole world is watching; BTC will be failing miserably to be able to do anything. All the hype talk of BTC becoming a global currency and b.s. about certain companies using BTC for payments will be destroyed in one moment by it's own crappy tech.

  14. Golden cross,,, oh no,,, what a pile of poop… man you use to give info on what going on now I just see cartoons…

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