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good day for cryptocurrency we are in the green spoiler alert phone we get
some part of the video where we look at the market we are in the green sedan
things are looking a little bit better after the last few days things have been
rough the last few weeks actually we’ve seen a lot of red but now some green is
here hopefully give us a little more faith in the market the first news
though Square acquires New York State cryptocurrency license so Square is a
pretty huge company I don’t know if you guys have heard about him but shares of
square are up today following news that the company has received a bit license
from new york state of cryptocurrency transactions on its peer-to-peer money
transfer app Square cash so this I’m not going to go into too much detail from it
but this is another step for adoption we’re getting more and more applications
more and more companies using crypto currencies and getting licenses to use
it correctly this is a big part in it which also comes with the regulations of
crypto currencies which are probably going to be coming relatively soon we’ve
seen the SEC declare that aetherium is not a security which was huge and great
now we are going to see more and more companies adopt crypto currencies and do
it like I said the right way so this is just the start I’m very excited to see
everything that’s going to come from this and how many more come how many
more companies are going to actually adopt crypto currencies like I said this
is just the beginning the next piece of news is pretty interesting so Paris
Hilton’s hotel mogul father’s so the father of Paris Hilton is going to is
selling his 38 million dollar mansion for cryptocurrency
we accepts Bitcoin there’s a few things to think of when this comes into it now
one thing is a lot of these investors what I think they might be doing a lot
of these very rich people I think they might be doing is selling an asset like
38 million dollar house for some big coin and that being their investment in
Bitcoin so the Indy investment he has in real estate he is now selling a part of
it and put in order to put it potentially in cryptocurrency that is
what I think he is probably doing I don’t think he would get the
cryptocurrency and then sell it cuz by that logic it would make more sense for
him to just hold Auto it would make more sense for him to just do cash but when
he does Bitcoin I think he might want to hold on to obviously I don’t have
connections them so I have no idea of what he’s thinking but this is a good
use for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin particularly one I think that we are
going to see happen more and more especially in the beginning I think
we’re gonna see these big transactions being used there was also another news
article similar to this so I didn’t open it up but it was for a art a piece of
art of painting I don’t remember exactly what it was was a piece of art and it’s
sold in an auction for cryptocurrency it was a few million dollars with the
cryptocurrency these big transactions I think are significantly easier in
cryptocurrency selling a few and then sending a few million dollars is pretty
much the same thing as if you were to sell a smaller portion right it’s just
you put the wallet address you send it and that’s it as long as you have the
wallet I just correct though that is a big big thing you don’t get that correct
that’s not good but anyways one thing that I thought would be interesting
obviously none of us are gonna be able to afford the 38 million dollar mansion
but could you imagine if we all pooled our money together we all put our
Bitcoin together we get 38 million dollars and we buy ourselves a
cryptocurrency hangout cryptocurrency hangout that’d be pretty cool but
anyways moving on let’s take a look at the overall cryptocurrency market cap
294 a billion dollars getting back up to that 300 billion dollar mark hopefully
we do see it relatively soon Bitcoin dominance down to 39.6% after having hit
40% now guys look at the green today this is exciting
oh and we went back let’s get this open again look at the green today guys this
is exciting this is what we’d love to see
some huge moves by Tron oven that we see ontology up 10% a lot of big gainers not
too much rent as you can tell scrolling through not a lot of right if we do look
at the 24 hour change let’s see the biggest mover was Tron followed by who
won’t be token followed by a few others factum ontology is there too nano a big
movie you guys know I’ve been talking about this more and more recently I
think it has a lot of potential 0x up 10% as well another one that I really
like I owed us up so many crypto currencies are up guys if we look at the
negative you will see that we have a few crypto currencies that we don’t talk
about much being down so not too surprising finance coin a lot of people
use it as an alternative to tether so that’s why it’s down when the markets up
people are probably selling it in order to put money into an actual into a
particular cryptocurrency that they are interested in putting their money into
we have kins down buggin there’s not that many you guys can tell everything
fits on a small screen compared to the amount of gains that we see so today is
a very good dance I want to talk about a few things in particular first one being
riffle XRP up 7.6 3% today at 55 cents still very underpriced in my opinion of
cryptocurrency that thing has potential to go a lot higher but the uncertainty
with it right now that people are talking about it is is ripple a security
so we got cleared that aetherium was not a security by the sec and now we’ve seen
that FinCEN they declared ripples xrp coin a currency not a security but the
SEC decision is currently still pending so that is the little bit of uncertainty
most people are leaning towards saying ripple is not a security because of the
for one of the reason is the fact it’s independent XRP from ripple the company
but we’re gonna see exactly how that plays out and I will obviously keep you
guys updated on the situation moving on though like I said I think I think
ripple does have its place I think it has a lot of potential given everything
works out correctly for it I am excited to see the news though but now
information about Nana which is up 10.4% and i want to talk about it more
cuz Nana was one that I’ve been talking about since like December I’ve been
keeping an eye on it I think it is a very good cryptocurrency very very
undervalued at 37 rank 37 and a 341 million dollar mark at this point could
easily see a 10x just this year in the number one place you guys can get it is
on Finance so if you guys don’t have a finance account I’m gonna leave a link
in the comments and the description for you guys but I would highly recommend
making an account on baiance it’s very good now even though I’m not a financial
advisor and this is not financial advice know that I am definitely looking at
scooping up some more nano as it is very very cheap right now very undervalued
simply from its all-time high which was all the way over here January 2nd at $34
guys it’s set at two point eight six dollars right now take a look at that
and yeah there is a ton of room for this cryptocurrency to grow I’m excited to
see what it has in store but in the news for nano a lot of really cool things in
the news as well if this does load than I will obviously share with you guys now
exciting news Fernando this is the developer update and wallet so they have
decided to them announce that they will be releasing a weekly development
development update this will keep the community the Nano community updated on
everything that’s going on all their newest partnerships all their newest
just everything all the newest developments that they have this is this
is huge and I think we’ve seen a lot of other cryptocurrencies do this keeping
the community up-to-date especially when the market is down and everything is
bleeding everyone’s seeing red keeping the community up to date with what’s
going on and the progress and being able to see that there’s actual growth and
there’s actual reason to have faith in this cryptocurrency still I think is
very big and a lot of crypto cases that don’t do this
definitely definitely should so the past week’s most exciting development was
were according to Nana were Theo Wallace so Android and desktop wallets are
slated to appear that appear this week and will be open source when they go
live so some big news Fernando here I’m gonna definitely be keeping it up
keeping an eye on the weekly development update I’m very excited to see what they
have but along with this they also have 100
the 100 Leger nano s giveaway so if you guys want to enter a chance to win that
go ahead read the articles see what you guys have to do to enter but I thought I
would share this information with you guys because who doesn’t love free stuff
everyone loves some free stuff always good to get some free legend nos in case
you guys don’t have one I highly recommend getting one it is very good
for a lot of things I personally keep my ERC 20 tokens on there with my ether
wallet I have my private key on the ledger Nana West which is how I can
access it on whichever computer I am on that is how I use it there you can also
store obviously a lot of crypto currencies on there but I’m not going to
go into detail talking about that sean is up 21 percent today and the reason
for this is actually pretty obvious well first of all trongs tokens lock in 3
days this is the final countdown for Tron
I think a lot of people are getting in in order to have their tokens for when
the exchange happens obviously the tokens are going to log in 3 days and I
think this is going to be big it’s gonna be the TRX migration you guys know
what’s coming up it’s going to be on June 24th I believe and according to the
tweet we see right here already more than 25 exchanges are supporting the TRX
migration so in 3 days they’re going to log by the time you guys are watching
this I don’t know if they depends on when you watch this but I don’t know
what the situation is going to be so make sure you are staying updated I
think this is one of the big reasons for us seeing the actual Tron growth in
price right now why it is the leading of the leading price growth in the last 24
hours you guys can see also looking at some technical analysis on it now
obviously the fact that tokens are locking is the reason it’s up today but
if you are interested in looking at some technical analysis we can look here and
see Tron is positioning well for a long overdue bullish breakout as the weight
of the bear market finally lifts after releasing the Tron chrome plug-in last
week along with a recent acquisition of BitTorrent and the token migration
expected in the next two days the trunk community has been eagerly awaiting for
Theo x2 the TRX to start showing promise and now that is true it is outrageously
overdue with all the big news has been going on for truant I’m excited to see
them actually start to see some see these type of games these are the
games a lot of Tron a lot of the Tron community has been waiting for yeah like
I said there’s been a ton of great news for Tron recently and you know the
bearish market and this is the same same case with a lot of cryptocurrency it’s
been a lot of good news a lot of overall positive news for crypto currencies in
the last few weeks and even months but the markets still continue to fall this
is long overdue hopefully this is the reversal for the overall market
obviously we don’t know for sure it’s still way too early too way too early to
tell but looking at what we are seeing so far this is definitely a start right
guys we have to start somewhere this type of green day is definitely a
started Theory um’s up to five hundred and thirty four dollars as well very
happy to see that as I do hold a good amount of etherium and Bitcoin of course
but yeah so overall this is a good beginning for cryptocurrency let’s open
up the technical analysis what we have right here look at the Bitcoin chart see
where things are ahead because there are a few things that I wanted to point out
to you guys that I see a lot of people miss and that honestly is crazy to me
the first thing is when we were back here guys just a few days ago we touched
under the RSI again so this we went to a 26 I believe it was 26 RSI guys anytime
the jobs below 30 it’s usually a good indication that now is the time to pick
up this crypto currency so Bitcoin being as it’s on the lower end a lot so we
touched it here we crossed under it here these are buying signals if you did buy
it over here you see that the price did increase shortly after and now when it
touched down here we’re seeing the price increase again hopefully like I said we
will see this continue but only time will tell guys hopefully you did enjoy
this video if you guys did don’t forget leave a thumbs up and leave a comment
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win and you can be here to claim your free Bitcoin guys thank you so much for
watching I will see you guys tomorrow for another video


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