Ripple XRP: SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Digital Assets & Security Law USA

what is up good people jungling here hope you had a great day I thought I would check in for a quick video talk a little X RP and I have to apologize for my slurred speech I'm not deep into the Black Label bottle I've just had a little dental work again today so I should be back to normal by tomorrow now I just saw an article that was tweeted out by Ian northing I'm gonna go ahead and link him down below give him a follow but the title of the article is SEC chairman clarifies security treatments around Bitcoin aetherium and crypto currencies broadly and there's a couple interesting themes to this article but the first one is a quote and this is by Republican congressman Ted Budd also link him down below give him a follow we want to follow anyone that's gonna support the regulatory clarity we need quoting article current uncertainty surrounding the treatment of offers and sales of digital tokens is hindering innovation in the United States and will ultimately drive business elsewhere and I think this is so important I think this shows the attitude that our government has to have we have to seize this moment this is such an important technology it's important for the everyday person it's important for business and we need people that will be our champion of this cause it is so stupid to believe that our best our brightest the heavy hitters out there are gonna invest their time and capital in an ecosystem that they don't know will actually be legal tomorrow they're not sure how an asset will be governed please give congressman by to follow and let him know we support him like he supports this community again we need that clarification now what's interesting to me in this article is talking about some stay it's that J Clayton our good buddy over at the SEC has me and he kind of threw a wrinkle in there and we we've talked about this in the past that even if something was a security from day one they may not time travel that they likely wouldn't unweave history and cause a bunch of destruction in the market again this digital asset market is emerging they're trying to get their hands around it figure out how to govern it they don't want to sink it and they could if they try to unravel years and years of history quoting from the article I agree that the analysis of whether a digital asset is offered or sold as a security is not static and does not strictly adhere to the instrument a digital asset may be offered and sold initially as a security because it meets the definition of an investment contract but that designation may change over time if the digital asset later is offered and sold in such a way that it no longer meets the definition and J Clayton the SEC Commissioner goes on in the article to talk about how if a reasonable person would expect that their investment in that digital asset would somehow go up or go down based on managerial duties of the actual issuing company or entity and I think it's interesting that we see this kind of definition emerging and what do we see Ripple doing they're investing in other people to do stuff with XRP we've been seeing that right this explosion of investment this explosion and activity whether it be music whether it be is a storage company now we're seeing video games become a central focus someone that can use XRP in a meaningful way I think they're doing this on purpose they're trying to show look you can argue all you want about the past and I don't believe XRP was ever a security but you can argue all day long it's only about today in the facts today are that many different companies are using XRP in a meaningful away and so you can't expect xrp soul success to come from the efforts of ripple there's a lot of stuff going on and I think they're gonna continue to foster this development for that reason it just seemed ents are argument that XR P is not a security and I've sometimes wondered why is ripple giving all these use cases away why are they funding other people to do this important work and David Schwartz has talked about that in the past the fact that ripple the company they don't want to give up some of these profitable markets they'd like to take that for themselves and of course right now they have to focus on cross-border payments but to get that job done here in the United States we need that regulatory clarity so if they have to give up some use cases rather than sitting on them and developing them down the road when the cross-border payment problem is solved well it's better to have someone else develop and make sure this ecosystem is able to thrive that we're able to meet any definition the SEC can throw at us and I think that's what we see them doing they're giving up specific markets for other people to develop to get us that ironclad non security status we also have seen that ripple settled the lawsuit with r3 and who knows how much XRP they had to fork over to go ahead and settle that problem but that right there shows you XRP maybe you can argue that some of these other entities whether it's music whether it's gaming maybe they're too early they're too new they're not big enough of enterprises to make that argument that we are decentralized the success of XRP away from ripple but you can't make that argument with r3 I mean they're massive and they're looking to do major things I think that most likely took some role in settling that lawsuit you know what if we give them the X RP or at least a big chunk of it that they were entitled to by that option contract this can really put us in the clear with the u.s. regular and I think it'd be very tough to argue that xrp sole success is based on ripple again r3 is massive and they have massive plans for this digital asset now we've been in agreeance for some time that XRP is not a security so why is this big news why is this important to us the XRP Hodler well I'll tell you this it's gonna be much tougher for competitors in the future to launch a new competing coin they are gonna slam the door shut on this type of endeavor it's gonna be very difficult to issue a coin and build up that value as we've seen ripple do and it doesn't happen overnight it takes some time how do you get past that initial phase other than the few competitors we already have out there like Stella it's gonna be very tough for someone to jump into this market and go toe-to-toe with XRP it's gonna be nigh impossible now more importantly to settle this issue quickly ripple could agree in the past they were a security and they did an illegal security offering now it's unlikely that anyone can take a lawsuit against them because listen in those days XRP was trading for under a cent what damages are people gonna be able to show furthermore they can probably pay some fines some fees and guess what they are sufficiently decentralized today to have an on security status I mean I really think this is huge I usually don't link articles down below but I'm gonna link this one I encourage you to take a look now I gotta tell you today we saw the market just kind of take down a little bit everything kind of fell off a cliff right the price sunk down and in the face of some really bad fun about fake volume reporting and the markets not as big as they make it appear I mean this is some scary stuff for crypto currencies as a whole Bitcoin ethereum XRP you name it but what happened in the face of bad news yeah we took an initial drop but it jumped right back up and I think that's more important then seeing what the market does in the face of good news you know we always talk about good news is coming out and nothing happens I think we see a general attitude changing here there's been a shift and I think things are moving towards a bull run I can see it in our future here that is some seriously bad news and it didn't phase the market we just about recovered most of our losses I think that's a big indicator and I have to be honest before I see ripple really launching their utility in full force before I see our three and all these other companies using XRP in a real and meaningful way I think we're gonna go on a cryptocurrency white bull run old-school style where everything just goes up like a rocket ship I think it's coming very soon I've been reading a lot of estimates and the one that makes sense to me is due to all the upgrades in the infrastructure that we've seen take place over this bear market this long and vicious and nasty bear market all the additional liquidity that's built into this thing we have so much more Fiat pairing with more options direct to XRP investment I've been reading we can expect about 10 times from the all-time high that we previously saw and that's just based on speculation take the utility out of it we have institutional investors getting ready to jump in this market so a lot of additional capital upgraded infrastructure things he'd get crazy in a hurry FOMO could get out of control and don't forget unlike other projects at the end of that road that's not the end of it for us we're not just looking about investment capital coming in to coins that just sit in a wallet we have that utility there as well we have something bigger to look forward to that will take the price even higher that will change the world that will change the way we look at digital assets forever that is coming as well every single day that passes no matter what the market does brings us one day closer to that next run and I think this is a positive sign that we are getting close we are getting darn close I implore you to stick with it we are on the right track as always please like please subscribe the revolution will be televised right here on jungle Inc

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  1. As much as I hate banks they have done an epic shit in XRP by picking ripples brain but then not using XRP and only using their own stable coin instead. They have effectively shit on XRP face then asked it to wipe its ass clean after.This act should render the 100 billion XRP coins worthless. It was all a con. Who is going to send their hard earned money overseas with XRP when it’s volatile and likely to dump in value when they can send a fiat backed stable coin knowing the value sent will be the value picked up? It’s game over for XRP but people don’t realise it. You know what’s coming next, the banks will crash xrps value to nothing by not using it. Sorry Sir but that million £ transaction you sent got there ok but the problem is it’s in XRP which are worth nothing. Have a nice day! X

  2. BAT is about to catch XRP and i dont know why but i know this i am gonna wait for XRP to take off and when it does its going to be earth shattering. XRP to the Heavens!!! ????

  3. XRP are the piggy back kings… why reinvent the wheel when you can refine it stick a rubber tyre on it and make the wheel run smoother and faster than the wooden cart horse wheel … ?

  4. Absolutely love your content and delivery! Thanks for your time supporting the XRP Community…. One question I have is most all of the YouTube content creators feel the price is being kept low while institutions fill there bags… I'm having a hard time understanding that thinking. Wouldn't you think if they wanted to purchase every single XRP in circulation today they have the funding / backing to do so??? Anyone?

  5. I read this differently. He basically says that it can change from being a security to a non-security. So yes at this point XRP is a non-security (to me). However if claims are done about 2016 or alike and they look into how it looked in e.g. 2016 and feel like it's a security they might be charged in court with this.

  6. XRP is building the railroad to go west to mine gold. XLM is the store selling the picks and pans to mine the gold. Everyone will make money just stay calm and watch this baby ? boom. I’m personally a railroad guy….

  7. Plus token 18%
    FX TradingCorp Daily earnings 2.5%

  8. JMO Not too optimistic that much is going to happen until atleast US Presidential election time 2020. There`s so much partisanship, propaganda, poor media etc. that nothing but useless pissing matches are going on in our country. This is the biggest joke I have ever seen. We need change.

  9. Y’all holding a stable coin ??????? xrp was the 1st stable coin y’all or crazy ??? dump that shit coin and put your money in Cardano ADA or TRON TRX!!!! Just look at the market ? of XRP if it do take over bitcoin now the price of xrp just going to be 2$???? thats not shit!!!!

  10. Hi Jungle- The Wall Street Garden Walls will be coming down soon. Whether it's around, above or under, the Ripple team will get the job done..thank you.

  11. I personally hope the bear-market lasts way longer than this. Why wouldn’t people want to keep accumulating if they genuinely believe there will be a bull-run in the future? If the prices go up now you will be priced out and may not have as much as you actually want to own before a bull-run. I’m grateful each purchase I make that it is a bear-market.

  12. The Bull IS coming.. Just HODL and BTD … Patience.. Accumulation phase in play.. The BULL comes out of nowhere !

  13. And mean while Apollo is up 50% over last couple of days…? xrp is so f**ken controlled n centralised…apollo the new coin for the people solving real world problems

  14. 2014…bull run
    2017…bull run
    2020…bull run

    So please HODL!!!!

  15. Jay slowton needs to stop putting the brakes on…. so all his scum puss suxing walls st thiefs can get set…my big toe has more foresight then this punkin head.

    Love your work again Mr jungle bungle

  16. Selling XRP to buy ADA. ADA increase of 50% in a month. XRP 0%. SELL SELL SELL the price is being kept down, there are huge profits to be made elsewhere. Buy back XRP in a few months.

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