26 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP Ready For Bullrun, IOTA's Tangle Ledger & Cardano Are A 3 Headed Crypto Monster”

  1. Well…. I’ve just split my ADA up 50% into IOTA… I did have a hand full but swapped for ADA weeks ago for that run up we had. Knew I should of kept it and you’ve just made me fomo back in

  2. I advise you PRIZM is the best cryptocurrency because the prism is stable and the profit is good. Paramining is only available. Buy PRIZM. We only have paramaining. You will be happy with this coin.

  3. I bought IOTA at the worst time and couldn't bring myself to buy more even though I really believed in the project…I was too disgusted by it, so I bought other coins.

  4. Iota only surged because of a false claim that it was partnering with Microsoft no other reason whatsoever

  5. Hey, if you keep saying we are readying for a Bull run, eventually it may happen and then you will finally be right ??

  6. That list of partnership‘s is not from IOTA FOUNDATION. MICROSOFT is not in partnership with IOTA. (City of Austin, Texas, partnership)!

  7. Bro, did you see the Globalist are on the move trying to control the Crypto market with their launch of (GlobalCoin). Will XRP be able to stand against the onslaught that is coming? Facebook is a monopoly they own Instagram, WhatsApp. Remember 9/11 and our privacy rights. Remember their motto, “Out of chaos, comes order.”

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