27 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Price Has Been Suppressed by Contracts with Partners ENDING SOON”

  1. I guess the legislation and rules around crypto currency canโ€™t come out until the manipulation is over or somebody is getting in trouble lol ?

  2. I don't personally have a problem with ripple enforcing that institutional customers buy from them to keep the price low for now but it does make me question the decentralization of it as it's basically keeping price artificially low

  3. Yep and I see other people telling YOUTUBERS to "Pump it UP", Ripple doesn't care about what ignorant Youtubers are trying to "Pump"–Hahahaha. Many don't understand how Ripple is different from other Cryptos.

  4. Here we go again with the nonsense and speculation to justify XRPs dwindling price and market cap. The only way for Ripple to "suppress" the price is by flooding the market each month with their surplus of xrp that get released from their escrow every month. They send millions of xrp to exchanges and then exchange it for US dollars and either convert to btc or withdraw USD. That is the only way for Ripple to "suppress" the price. It is unlikely they are suppressing it for their partners because they can sell OTC at any price they choose. They can transfer millions xrp to anyone they want for any x amount because it is not over an exchange or at market price. The suppression in value is simply from Ripple generating profit by selling their 60% xrp in holdings. Wake up you fools. The only thing that will cause the xrp value is for btc to go through another major parabolic pump. Dec 2017, ripple decided for that month that they would not offload their escrow to the market, thus what caused the price to spike to $3.7 USD. XRP was the very last token to go on a run. Isn't the sheer manipulation and BG123 fraud obvious to you guys? BG123 is a figure created by ripple themselves to get retail to buy and hold so they can keep dumping xrp monthly!

  5. If they can buy cheap OTC, why would it make a difference when they can on the open market but still can go OTC? why would they prefer the open market.

  6. Ripple cozy with banks to control prices… perhaps that's why some don't give Ripple a pass. It is what it is though… besides, Ripple has always said that they're staying within banking regulations and playing by the rules, so these contracts should not come as a big surprise. Question: Did your contact give you any idea when these contracts will be ending?

  7. Good. Video . Definitely donโ€™t have a problem with the current operations, but would love to know an eating when the contract would end.

  8. 'Ending soon' what does this mean ? I am 64 years old and cannot wait long term like young guys but if it means 1-2 years then I am game for Hodling

  9. And there's no way retail marker can continue to be the market makers providing liquidity for much longer as volume increases something will have to give

  10. What took from this video is that sbi will be selling to institutional investors from there exchange

  11. Awesome Jungle!!! We will take that great news and be patient. Itโ€™s just a matter of time. It has to go up so everyone can make some money otherwise what would be the point. Cheers!!

  12. Just for you info and everybody else interest.
    I do not believe for a bit that xrp and ripple do the right thing with the value of XRP the greatest digital assets ever

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