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Today we review the fintech crypto price analysis and the BK Boss Method for Free Bitcoin in the markets. Although I am not a fan of the banks or the news, I think when it is in our favor to make money we should do so… the only way to win is to stop losing. No bitconnect referral code needed here folks – this is the real deal. Stay tuned.
today is September 7 2018 we will be talking about ripple XR peace should you buy ripple they the price prediction as well as the FinTech cryptocurrency blockchain analysis make sure you hit the thumbs up button and subscribe if it’s your first time tuning in we will be getting started here in 20 minutes if you want to win some free BTC just hit that thumbs up button and somebody live and the chat will win it’s just that easy to be a paid 20 minutes and Counting season all right all right everybody we got about three minutes left make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t already when we get 50 likes on this video I’m gonna jump back down and pick a winner from our live chat for word a free Bitcoin giveaway subscribe like the video and we’ll be getting started in about two and a half minutes shout out of everybody in the chat right now miss Rhonda Hall was going out good to see you Bahamut good see set good see you know it’s good to be seen as well all right two minutes bingo what up Nick Yates what’s going on oh just got out of surgery hope you doing good man I’m ish although Bitcoin info how you doing man it’s good see all right I think we’re good to go you guys hear my voice okay and everything hey Trishna nail mom they don’t want they don’t want people to you know break out the matrix so Nana the voice of reason is often the most scrutinized when Agent Smith is in control all right let’s go live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is your boy BK and that you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody it is a September 7th happy Friday to you it’s payday and you already know what that means it’s time to get paid on the blockchain compliments of B PC to boss method and yours truly if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto traders number both these charts as you will soon find out every day I raise this microphone my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said what we will do right now is remind you that we do have a contest on own right now if you want to win some free BTC all you need to do is hit the thumbs up button on this video if we get 50 likes before I’m done we will be going into our chat I’m on the air and picking out a winner we got 32 viewers more than likely we will get a few more over the next 10 minutes or so and so we will have a chance to win to give away some money right every month I give away a couple hundred dollars out of my pocket to the people just to pay for to keep you out financially empowered and aware of the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of humanity that is currently under way right and this is one of the players in the game right first things first you already know I don’t support the financial fiduciaries that regulate control and and suppress society how Ella if they go pay me to support them then I might consider it right rule number one you know from Cleveland Ohio rule number one which learning a good do not trust the boys in blue so I should tell you a little something right there you look at them big blue logos I’m not go calling out my name y’all couldn’t you contain yourself more than likely they ain’t working in your best interest but you know all jokes aside there is some real deal money to be made with some of these coins and so here goes right there wasn’t screen sharing right screen now I am and we’re back on it right so ripple XRP to the BTC this is what we’re going to be evaluating today is this a good investment should you buy it sure to sell it said to how to live what should you do that’s what we’ll be talking about first thing I like to do is called a quick sentiment analysis and that’s really just type in the word into Google what a sentiment is its words it’s feeling its emotion its correlation connection and esoteric eclectic recognition of a sound sound as energy we’re getting back to roots of how everything works so when you type it into the collective eclectic known as Google it pops up you know more than likely what is representative of the bobble head recognition for that word right and so now we see that Brooklyn co-founder Chris Larson pushing back on her claims at his country company’s a centralized entity this is our chair for those of you that don’t know what chatter is they’re kind of like the you know millennial Bloomberg you know CNBC for young people have a nice cool name I’ll sit there little MacBook laptops live on the air and you know they bobble the nose at the screen with the teleprompter just the same deal but you know they have they they they focus more on someone a you know millennial driven technology so we could click on this one and then we click on the other one just to get an idea so essentially this guy is the CEO I think he’s worth like a trillion dollars something like that and they say that ripple is a centralized entity this is a major major major concern for crypto and for black chain crypto by nature should be decentralized I really don’t like that they have all these pop-up ads on here need to do this in my brave browser next time but you know and this guy basically goes on the news and talks about in the digital world everything has been centralized for the first time we have something that is truly decentralized well done yeah ripples core business partnering with banks to improve their cross payments blah see blah yeah so they’re they’re the fall for their coin is that they have all these pre mined coins essentially the network owns like seventy eighty ninety percent of all the ripple in existence and so they can dump it on the market whenever a warm um and so that’s huge centralization like that’s that’s compromise to the economy right so with that you know in itself is a major hindrance for those looking to trade the coin and make profit when you trade you want a free and fair liquid market that has at the opportunity to move higher versus Bitcoin this guy would see ripples co-creator and it’s just like a little bio explaining what ripple does so this really doesn’t talk about anything so essentially I thank everybody hopefully when you come by my channel and you’ve been around the block once or twice you understand that ripple is a product for the banks of the banks by the banks basically to allow them to move big Lex money even faster than what they do now time is money and when you say both of them is good for the banks that’s all they care about right another thing real quick if you missed yesterday’s video you definitely want to jump back jump on my channel click on yesterday’s window video I did a Bitcoin update this was my price prediction about three or four days ago I said Bitcoin could pull back more than likely it’ll land right at 66 hits head-on 74 and settle out from there you can see that’s about exactly we’re learning right now 64 so a little bit lower right so yeah click on to click on the subscribe button check out the videos I post yesterday I did a Bitcoin update where I broke down how Bitcoin is where it’s gone and when it we can expect to make some real deal money line we’re going to jump into ripples chart real quick on a technical analysis my profile is trading new BD county 1203 click the link in the description called trading you that will take you over there type my name in and then you’ll be able to see all the charts I post this is actually from yesterday’s the video again this is a 100% completely free of the people for people a lot of people and it’s my gift to you compliments of BK right so what we’ll do real quick is jump on OVA and draw this chart up for ripple to see what’s going on if you should buy it when you should buy it why should buy it where you should buy it biggest thing to note on this chart is that you always want to make sure you have enough data if you go ripple to Bitcoin I think on Finance you only get about six or nine months or if it data right it because they just launched in 2018 so you don’t actually get the full picture so for some of these older legacy coins I call them you want to make sure you’re on an exchange that had it listed so you get all the data going back as far as you can right next thing you want to do we’re gonna do two things first of all I don’t normally do this but because I know that ripple is centralized and controlled by the fiduciary the boys in blue I know that the boys in blue trade on a daily chart so what I’ll do in order to understand the boys and blue interpretation of ripple is I’m gonna go up to a daily and I’m gonna draw my macro correlation to this chart right we play by the exact same ideologies and philosophies right I’ll color this and like orange so it stands out right break out break down and we just draw our little wave line right there so that and itself gives me we can like make a little bit thicker maybe this gives me kind of a macro energy that’s flowing through Ripple behind the scenes right in addition to that when we go down look at that it already pops up right and those little circles again the macro break out break down that line yeah yep and now what we can do on top of that is when we draw our 3:43 wave we literally laid them on top of each other and you can see how one corresponds to the other so now we go down here to up here boom boom we could color this like yellow so it’s quicker right and yellows the quick orange it’s a slope we do a Fibonacci one to throw it up top look at that word candles hit almost like we planned it you see that that 3 to the 1/6 is the ceiling the 2 3 6 is the floor cut the candles off scroll down where are we coming up to right now we’re coming up to the 2 3 6 what is happening on our macro energy this is what I want you to focus on what is happening on that orange line that orange line is actually about to be going up right when we take this macro energy when we take these 2 big intersections our two big cycles one is right there – is right there right one to see that one too you see that we actually run out of real estate we hit that intersection nail on the head and we’ve run out of real estate right there that means that energy is done at this point that’s where ripple has more positive energy than negative energy that’s where ripple breaks up it could easily happen on one of these intersections so these are the two points you want to be cognizant of I don’t think it’s gonna happen there it could happen there but we have all this positive energy one two and we’re all out of negative energy here three that’s all you need three points of correlation to equal a constant relationship all saying that ripple has positive energy moving forward should you buy it is it a good investment that depends it’s very very risky to make money when dealing with these boys right because they’re in the business of making money they’ve been doing a long time more than any of us but because they’re in abeyance don’t make it money in because they have so much money it’s very easy a lot of times to tell their patterns they will be bringing a lot more money back to Ripple after October 12 10 12 18 remember that day we got three points of us anonymous correlation to get us there right but the biggest thing if you value Bitcoin then yes you should look to buy some ripple in October because that will outpace Bitcoin our number one goal increase your value of BTC as fast as possible make as much BTC as fast as possible that’s the number one rule when traded right and ripple we’ll be doing that so if you value Bitcoin which you should then ripple we’ll be working to your favor and October just keep your eye on the chart subscribe to me and I’ll keep you up to date as far as XRP to BTC let’s jump over to pulse of Bitcoin dot-com hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t done it already how many people we got live on the air 50 people if everybody and they mama thumbs up this video somebody will win some free Bitcoin if y’all don’t y’all must not like money also Bitcoin comm click that button right there go down to the products you will see what we have available for you right men process of redoing this website a little bit so we’re excuse me while it loads up but number one chart like a boss this playlist will help you make money if you haven’t seen it yet click on it watch the first two videos they will change your life number two is the profit packets this is the top seven coins and every seven days in the market right and number three are 101 lessons that are available check them out also Bitcoin comm and that’s what we do we’re here to help each other make money every day seven days a week because the markets don’t sleep and this is how I help you get a piece of how to eat but that being said everybody is that time of the day signing out this is the most boy BK no matter where you say Brazil Bay California all the way back out through dirt money good night morning a good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time we didn’t get the fifty this time I’ll come back tomorrow and try it again subscribe and like the video nonetheless do that for me you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y’all booze

9 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Prediction 2018 | Free Crypto Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News”

  1. glad to see you explore the xrp chart even though we know it's backing has said implications. Shows me the money making discernment that super seeds all other crypto allegiances, on which i say "where all the xrp fanboys at?" lol

  2. BK can you do a Abra review let the people know if you think its good for getting exposure to coins without owning them…

  3. At the bottom of the Cheddar page on the video at 28:39, I noticed that there will be membership plans requiring "basic personal information" for Shapeshift. Huh? Dumbstruck, this is the first I'd seen it. My immediate thought is "this has something to do with the deliberate destruction of privacy (and, therefore, security)". Shapeshift's whole purpose for existence "is" for anonymity and privacy. My second thought, "behind the scene, regulatory hammerers that comprise the"Deep State" (secret shadow government) must quietly be 'leaning on them hard'." Like the highly mistrusted, "the old boys in blue", only a thousand times worse.

    From Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees:
    (1). "Membership requires basic personal information to be collected. Today, Membership is optional, but it will become mandatory soon. We would prefer if the collection of personal information was not a mandatory element.

    (2). We still firmly believe that individuals, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality, deserve the right to financial privacy, just as they deserve the right to privacy in their thoughts, in their relationships, and in their communications. Such privacy is a foundational element of a civil and just society and should be defended by all good people."

    Once again, it profoundly echoes, HUH? The second bullet point is astounding and evokes anyone's B.S. meter to register 10 on the scale. So, "walk your talk", Mr. Voorhees, if you truly believe that. "Beware the man that is speaking from both sides of his mouth", my father would say, "because that is a man that can not be trusted". He frequently spoke, "Wherever there is government there is (often) treachery". Wisdom.

    What is Shapeshift trying to do, put themselves out of business? Widespread direct "Atomic Swaps" in crypto cannot come soon enough. Privacy equals personal security, and financial privacy is tantamount.

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