Ripple XRP: Politics, economics and digital assets.

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so war to do today organ and go straight into the
deep and we’re taking a deep
dive into politics economics in
digital assets, what I really
wanna a lever all we’ve talked about
this and talked about this and
talked about this , but I really think it’s also
important is more thoughts on it
is more information coming out
on the Bren face book, and
there’ that are being put in front of
us on a regular basis and we
really need to you understand
you know the ramification of all
of th and want you guys to think about
a two to ashton’s and then you
know as we go a little bit
deeper you’ll take those two
question more of a discussion so the two
questions are number one what
the digital assets in this
entire new asset class really
mean for and what are you willing to do
in order for that to succeed to think about that, in any
feedback right away but just
think about that at this point,
and then and then we’ll get into
view g and what are you willing to do
to see it succeed toe and sell
its code that tight so let’s go
one to know what we really want
a on today I want a look at and
this was that we didn’t come up,
by a glitzy a Matty greenspan
and this was the senior
marketing a COL snare it is us also factors
into a looking a little bit more
in tune into the whole of libra
a issue on and so all of many g the Sherman eder and we all know
the Sherman eder is on Mr. Anti
digital asset Mr. Inside Tac Mr.
A lack of knowledge , none California, me 011 of
those , and so Sherman said that Federal government has a
monopoly on the creation of
money and anything that
threatens that may that monopoly
should be mad and davis’ think about that OK,
the Federal government as a
monopoly in the creation of
money and anything that
threatens this m as a lot deeper really think
about on that now tell the economy goes a little
bit further, because then nine
you know many greenspan , you and tin use and in his
comment if this is and is an
animal pull up what Brad Sherman
said and this really of shows
you kno , at Brad Sherman, should be
ashamed of himself a comparing
technological innovation to 911 , sides of the aisle did a great
job in his comments were
downright a starving and egg end
is the Sherman eder and elected
offic and then his statement is a U.S.
congressman is standing by
statement that faced virtually
Burkett though currency will be
worse as loud and clear you know what
he is saying so again so what he did all was and
this was on Wednesday when he
was when young touring during
the of the entire all, which won
a up his proposal is is that he’s
comparing up these book of these tricks
leader crypto currency to 911
predicting that it would result
in more American deaths overtime
than t but it’s deftly one of those
false narratives because that’s
just the beginning you know in
this and more to dig into this
more , and so we wanna keep dig into
that little bit and that’s
deftly in a fit into this
narrative now on Sherman then of
code went and it’s going to make it more
it did to make it difficult for
the Federal government to fund
cancer research and this guy’s insane or prevent
Iran and North Korea from
developing new deal weapons as
this is the skies mindset you
know the , and so it was so we so we go and you
know Anna it’s just it’s crazy a
Mike Kingery this entire article
is one of the point that out it was, starting point of today
he’s to today’s stream of
today’s segment and Owen so
here’s here’s this mindset then
you know w anno some of the other things,
that are being set, so in one
2nd tie so then we go to, this
article that was posted up also
on the 19th and this was on
yahoo on on financed I yahoo, in
I think , this is the fed sell Bullard
sees crypto currency shifting the U.S. Financial System but
what he said was tiptoe currencies are changing
the U.S. currency system in ways
that may facilitate illegal
activity and instability in
prices a it’s gonna continue its gonna
keep continuing down this path
of anything he says of the
current situation could be
described as , Many goes on one suspects to
consumers and businesses one of
like a nine uniform currency in which many types of currency
trade simultaneously and a
variety of prices in a local
market , you know so the you know they go on and on
and on and so this is this is
another narrative then, if you
go to a CC and an I thought this
was , and they start put big double
down on the run their on their
opinions a double down on their
theories now this is an economy
a you know it in a lot of it has
to do with theory it does all
have to do with fact its theory
in opinion and this is the skies
op tell on the digs in even further
because he’s not a big fan of
digital asset either, but he the
deftly you know folks is in on, and there’s so much more to it
you know we need to dig in and
really understand the run the
one thing that I took out of
everyth what lever up was all about what
the lever of what do you know
whether not they even have
authority over what face book is
going and Owen so is of a tomato and
if you know many within Congress
were holding up there hanging
you know it was it was a trial
you the know so that it just
interesting how you know
everyone is so uptight about
this, and then we had in in this
article they did what the dogs anno of it that’s
where people one a start and
work other money in this free
market got in this free market
econom and it’s it’s kinda rational to
false merited because levers not
putting themselves up there is a
national currency of libra is is you know building
on the fact that the lever and
face book is pointing to the
fact that they’re creating a
tape p and it’s been failed as an
attack strictly against the lira
and not a new united and clear
up to this much more to it
because of yield based on based on some
other things they’d set to know
then you know we get into , and other one-I thought this is this coming from the
that you know the saying the
same hearing so I thought this
was really important, because
with a ne you see there’s a clear divide
all within Congress right now
based on a pizza it’s almost Il
straight on political lines 100%
on , but we’re seeing the allowed
the outspoken members all within
Congress on the democrat side
had an all in time and they came
o , from North Carolina and he
came out and said governments
cannot stop this innovation column easing is that statement
tyrants cannot stop this
innovation the goes on and says
the world that Satoshi naka Moto
alter this entire narrative in the
stain or to be talking about all that egos on a says we
should not attempt to deter this
innovation of a Mets cannot stop
this innovation and those that
have that you were seen so much
negativity of coming out you
know so much you know of you and you’ll be called passion
whenever it is it’s just it’s
kind of a little bit war you
know it in a just a you know
when you se Tutsi are only just turned in
the chat real quicken or Iniki
Drilling down , now been talking you guys have
been a super outspoken and the
chaplaincy here up I like I like
what excerpt the minute says of and it’s not the Federal
government a BB it’s the Federal
reserve a private corporation
that’s just one thing that’s
right so th anno you just point case so of
the DB scare tactics that’s
that’s all that’s what it is you
watch a scare tactics , they Jerry hall flooring guy
what’s going on on Edward what’s
going on tell me get this up and
little water here, and we’re in it is more of a as deftly more
to this before we get going no , as I have been doing every
stream, we’ve got its seat number one in the
stream we have an excerpt the minute and that means or going to send a little bit of an excerpt the two tax Erp the
minute ID like that variants
coming your way you Gotta love
this excerpt he bought data you
Gotta and it’s really it’s unreal
whether not in rain brought this
up even though we might be
bouncing down some excerpt the
back and on it’s really cool me a just
amazing to oh, tse might she here in
China will support libra of
could be flawed but it’s
starting to circulate that knows
of a up and i tech guide and he’s a piece a
workman the guy looks like a
scoundrel to you now he looks,
looks like a rat announced so , tse here , excerpt the man is walking the
dog and listening awesome I was
like doing that so than the guy you’re out when a duel of legend bounced in here and heavy in to Owen C 6 hour meeting and are a so let’s see where did I wanna
go from here here we go check
this out array talked about that
one that’s the economist,
where’s a raymer Jim Kramer this came up
on non bins in Ghana, and so I
thought this was interesting
only because anno of this is
still Telecheck whether not done, this
was 100% but II believe I
believe it is so this was a
kramer’s opinion of days book
and basical all by square the sets where you
to buy squaring off a
$70,000,000,000 and 100% premium
the said no one’s gonna turn
anything li and if you wanna be in the
payments based and then do it
and you know you have to worry
about it you know, it you now to
see the of that you could very easily
get into the banking space or in
the payment space overnight up
by just purchasing it tell you
hav to one and normalize a digital
asset saving there becomes a
netflix: are whenever and the
one I do something amazing for
streami and they decide that they wanna
be in them and the banking space
and the payments based expand on
the run on their market share , and any, changes all narrative , you know so I think that’s
that’s important to to consider,
and then you know from there, II thought Mrs., the final cap
on a door, going through these
different points to, summarized
the stop process Eason on lever
up , earning his niece of a
analysts, and she team out and said, and I think
this is interesting and because
she believes that lever will
reduce regulatory rest in
general an it’ll acid payments with their
lever of love with the lever of
it’s going to a open up in an
really ended from her
perspective a , so chic set on a macro level
it does reduce risk so part of
what I focus on in the portfolio
was risk management she said she am it on top and bill wallets or
other products on top of what
they’ve already laid the
groundwork for you know it’s so
she thin , regulatory clarity but also
again like is like you know I
pointed out your decrease in
overall risk I just think it’s
interest , That’s been involved in this a
space for for a long time just
another opinion you know so on cheese of and see this was on 9. that’s it
for the article appear just the
other day car it only I could quickly turn
to the chat to and then, go back to the unto
the question tall as why are there only 22
people on the stream I think II
chased everybody else away with
the a political of comments of
to a good question that’s a great
question ties to number one tight by
people on the street now you
know should early morning from
around the world we should start
attract more and more people that
something that you gonna work on to assault ship says , strike would be a better
acquisition than a of a feel for a four face book yet so there deftly you know the
bee that be a good case to make
a chip you my one loss in an old
over to one mark a sucker Berg it ideas of its eight of a a a a that’s funny and ash monkeys
what’s up and to see one year of
Encina while said having dinner it so it’s
only a zingy like many of people
from all over the world and yet the morning hour the
evening hour you get side gets
crazy sell our it now noticed a
console me go back and one has
this , and were going to all were to
drill down a little bit further so and a second year ago I sewn
out some ballots go into all of
these false narratives and you
know something about that
questio tell , a I1 I wanna now look at the
politics of everything and and you know it also the
finances, visit impact digital
asset on what is UL really the
full ramification of what’s
happening wit the divider country of a it’s
it’s again it’s a false
narrative it’s being directed
its being not dictated onto on
and eat the w is the 2000 city of 2018 aleck Shannon of Omar Cortez
Presley and to leave toes for and there’s a few
other’s toes for primarily on a
handpicked and in their positions as like
Debbie Wasserman Schultz on in
Florida handpicked now I’m not
saying that they warned actively
in and money put behind them and
support put the out put behind
them, you can tell me that an
individual like Cortez came out
of no that person I she was a
handpicked and the entire
election process inner district
was orchestrated on to have are
win again as i , but now seen now you have this
pack before and the reason why I
say orchestrated is because they
weren’t up seen on a specific of of white nationalist and
racism of it is growing within
the United States at a time when
when up when white nationalism
meani to lever on ad been on the
decline in relatively
nonexistent on as all you see
same thing with the Klan and in
with others on od with such passion was such a
trade onto to the fact of their
dove their 2016 laws to Donald
trump now, this is this is
interesti on it becomes a very of you again alaniz this were but it’s
a it’s very warped on in concept
but maybe it fits in you know to
a lot of the other things that till they tried race baiting
they’ve already tried the whole
white vs. black thing they’ve
lost to try the whole hand I
Semitism it rival in Taiwan and the thing
with Kavanagh and they lost the
tribal gay issue thing I against
the republican party and they it destroyed his leg excerpt the
minutes said they’re destroying the democrat party there was a
time when democrats and
republicans could have come and
discourse on in politics and
economics an and never the other side says
were to create a false on
narrative on to make it into a
and make them appear to be you
know what you know it’s it’s deftly I get
a false narrative of so then when immigrants of
cumin and this goes back you up
to the times where immigrants
and come and do Alice on a
islands U and obvious and we know it’s
itself the false narrative of
resuming oats fictitious the
thing is is that you within this
false n of face book not because you
know that of this technology
does none of them are asking the
questions none of them are
trying to all they care about is they
created an area that face book
cause them to lose the 2016
election that’s the mindset you can’t
dispute the facts and matches
you up your you know fact not
speculation not anything else it
is pur are party no longer supports
your ideals as an American your
party and is as is warped into
you know if anti American of you
kno of last week where the City
Council voted to actually real removed of the
pledge of allegiance from the
agenda the pledge of allegiance
a pledge onto the flag in
respect tell that that that’s so
critical you go to some
countries they’ve removed
national identity they’ve
removed religion and now yo you run a sterile environment
you had no other influence other then the leadership and
it’s always a corrupt leadership
of that will tell you how to
think and act and so that this
respe a day as Omar as is Cortez as is
Presley as is to leave none of
them are really democrats and
they’ve left the democrat party
un all politics is because we have
to understand that there’s a
false narrative that’s been
generated up in general, and
it’s impac the, token taxonomy act how
other of crypto currency are
digital asset of regulation all
will be passed through Congress that’s why it’s so important we
have to look at those of Cortez , Presley, of the ad to leave
sitting on the Financial
Services committee I think the
leaves on as well of sitting on
the Financ the pass through to have enough animosity and
hatred on to attack of face book
not based on the merit of the
negative aspect of or you know
that taste off of their principle of
hatred of face book mainly
because they lost a 2016
election and also there’s the it’s deftly
problematic now you know that here’s here’s the
bad that the problem with all of
this and here’s the twist
there’s the turn of this fall’s
narra , people people coexist all day
long if you bought sign on the
street it’s pretty nice out
there of people work together
people to this all false narrative of
the third that they’re spreading
is ridiculous now they’ve lost
and narrative and then they
thems dangerous a four people in this
country to walk down the street
where the mat on of mad at on it
made it dangerous enough for pe a first amendment right of a lot
of people in this country and if
endanger their lives by the
rhetoric there nonsense and
they’r those that are pulling the
strings are the ones that are
paying their bills toes are the ones that are going
to get them reelected, 2020 so
they know very well that every
two years in Congress you need
tw and also so that is six trim the
problematic now the next stage
in their false narrative odyssey
as the attacker economy and we taste on the ball snared the
creating in politics because of
the work being an attacking on
our finances our economy of
their mi a one and now pay of everybody’s
debt on and it’s basically a
transfer wealth think about it
and then tax up and finances
colleg it’s an again if it’s backed up
by the government you take out a
loan you can’t get away from
that loan your stock because
that those that are finances to the
loans because of the government
not to the dissimilar to what
having to the mortgage crisis
but t you know in which is crazy
because it’s a government
initiative has then allow the
transfer of money over two
universities unive fascist FA process that if been
twisting the minds of those who
go there and know that because
we see it on a daily basis it’s
a on my major issue with those
professors was that most of them
didn’t have real life experience
most of them had lived their
enti based on what they’ve read
urgent aided out of other
people’s writings and other
people’s books and yet they go
off and profess reading about that field but
none of them went out to
actually work in that field and
into me that’s problematic now and when your stock in that
college environments you’re
basically taking care of your entire existence, so it’s
very easy than to say I you know
what we need people to pay for
everything and an entity’s event also that
prey on the lines of those who
you’re supposed to help of bill their minds and build
their thought pressing builder
discourses edibility discourse
there attacking discourse but
now th and was gonna pay for all of
that soak a let’s say we paid
every college was now free and I
you have gov’t Condi and
universitie and oh so so think about that
you think about that perspective
think about what financial freed
on really means to you think abo of think about countries in the
world they do offer everything
for three and look at the
standard of living on a silly
the quali and all of a hand in and that
says all now is that kind of an
invasion of freedom to the live
better than they have more
access table are coming over to the
United States in droves up for
one purpose and that’s the seek
out of there, their nesting
that’s t that a career go to school do
what everyone to do you know so you know they’re so
many thought view of things that
and reasons why people come here
on the fact that we can develo is amazing the fact that we can
innovate the fact that we can
create transparency the fact
that we can all of you know of
allow that is held a monopoly up over
the over the up a cross border
payment space for over 40 years
it’s amazing to government shouldn’t stifle
innovation that government
shouldn’t stand in the way of
creativity that government shouldn’t stand
in the way a financial gain are
economic growth the government
only purpose is to make sure of
t what are you willing to do on to
make sure that the one page
it’ll assets space BU
passionately believe in what you
willing to d they’re afraid of losing their
control and of those are things of that
we really have to want have to
worry about any of bank of Peter
send you know I’m knocking at yo on and yet what’s good for you
guys over there, isn’t
necessarily good for what it happened in the United States
of tooth of two different
thought process ease you know,
and I’m gonna be in Switzerland
soon o of my not have the same
population size, but yet you
know it’s very important
understand you know what this
country was built on on and so to the of work with a
lot of people in the Netherlands
of yuppie and you know and it’s
it’s amazing in im not to take anno if you wanna go out in
Norway, anywhere you go of the
year is going to be at least
$10.00, that that’s expensive
and oak he , but you to point is that
anywhere you go that in norway’s
expensive on meals the boat ride
ought to try to go to dinner yet
a you notice for lights a pasta is
gonna be $2025 and also the
standard of living you know and
that that’s you know what I went
on and also for for the you us are
folks in the U.S. on is is
drastically different anno and so a infinite and has
to be different and oh so now , and now now here’s here’s that
you’ll be the additional, you
know narrative and this is this
is you know this been all right
n is that they want to point out
that all of that Donald trump
the republicans it decided the
administration is now in Thai immigrants,
because of the fact that you
might be going after a Cortez,
Omar, to leave whoever might be
now you k and also the click been a
snippet here was that of Donald
trump told them to go home and told them to leave and when
you read through is 2020 told
them was you if you don’t like
the United States in your you
have takes their problems because he
knows each one of those of
individuals comes from a country
with some pretty bad problems
takes and tell us what you did that’s
what he said and oh so he can say just leave
now a problem with Omar is that, she
is a match is there, you know
filled with hate she hates this
country she hates of the United
S prior to being in Congress and
while she’s in Congress, she a
lines herself with knowing
terrorist affiliations, and
she’s actua all which a is a direct
affiliate of Hamas which is a
terrorist organization and in there had been the powers
within a Congress and the United
States Hamas is a terrorist
organization that’s why I say
that she affiliates with them , she has directly on attacked
Jews in this country , she is directly attacked all
one of of the U.S. soccer one of
the primary Allies in the United
States all which is in Israel, this week alone I she came when
out on a tantrum and she supporting on and you
know any aid you know the up the supporting of this this
movement called the DS all witch
of which is two on actually a
force companies on in the United
Stat get the focus isn’t on current
racism on her anti Semitism up
but her but that the focus then
goes back over to a Donald trump
a to owe you know and again the
democrat party has been warped
so you know the democrat parties
been yanked yell far over to
this , the look and Ralph Raymond
here on site is a duel out a
grade of you know, and sand and
points here on again now when
the reas had one of the reasons why face
book went to Switzerland all
with the lever of you know is
because they have a clear-cut
up, the yes were an international a
company were an international of
cooperative with a with
companies all over the world , that you were working were all
focused on 11 perspective in this payment
space on to help a young to help
of those on individuals that are
maybe and you know that are in that’s the point of that’s why
there and Switzerland plus its
friendly over there why when
they open up like a leave of why
woul know why would you open up a
cleaver in the United States all
when you know an entire half of
the party are half of our
politica you why is it that there are you
going after you’ll face book and
cleaver of the again not because
of the technology but because tiptoe to to oh to a to that tied to stay in
Scandinavia for a a a year , that these are things are
going on right now let me let me
go back to want me get back into
what digital assets because this
i to go up here, a Ralph Raymond I’ve always
admired the dynamic mindset of
Americans with three of the
Americans where trump told them
to go bac that they were bid up and don’t
think Omar was a born in
America, she was a she’s an
immigrant, Cortez May be born
year to leave it on me why not another there’s
so many issues over there and I
look around the world and I say
you know what you know they’re apply you know a lot of what we
know in the United States to
those countries to help them now
the digital asset space what is
so to know is that done to know is that is that the egg
and is that were to have you
influence and all countries within flights
from all peoples tell people
across the globe are able to
participate in the digital asset people are
able to yell participate in the
growth of black chain you know
people in countries of that
don’t and that to me is very very
important, and it’s and it’s
when we talk about intron talks
about it any mentions a leveling
the pl ’cause you’re you’re
transferring wealth from the top
it’s a matter of helping
everybody that’s at the bottom
and boost a mob gi to Eubank those of that are
better on banks, and you help
them participate in the global
economy anno that that’s what’s
important and oh so and that’s really
where this whole deal focus
needs to be you know that’s
where the narrative that’s
within that tensi you know we deftly need to see
you know more that we need more
of this quite a leveling the
playing fields by allowing
countries of that we have whether it’s in
your up or the United States or
elsewhere on to really allow and
boost this up you know so I thi , and this goes I bet for for
everybody here on and more you
know for all the distrust is
been placed in face book of its
allowe and in and individuals COL over the world you know
22121 voice their opinions on to
share their opinions, and it’s
to me that’s that’s amazing a
known and I think that’s important
knocking you learn from that how
can you take what face booked it
is a base concept and applied
tha , and so you know that’s really
again that’s everything and that’s the narrative so we
have false narratives and then
we have to take those files
narrative understand what their
agenda we need to focus in and create
the real narrative and with a
focus on the real narrative Tia
which is you know better in
people’ and the fact that people from
all over the world are are
coming here in one to come here
that’s because they want to
build a bet and why shouldn’t now be
different you know why should
everyone coming year on now the
I’d give in a things in meaning
it why is and all were gonna take away the
entrepreneurial spirit because
of the end of the day they don’t
want people coming here to buil and again you know we need that
that mindset does it make any
sense but that’s the same
mindset that also impacting the the digital asset space by
suppressing of the concept of
developing the digital asset
space by allowing regulatory
clarity w anno that the big overall you
know are the the agenda that
then was laid out on in Congress
against baseball and its
dangerous i to a a taxer fuel over all of the
excessive folk some politics in
the stream is unfortunate and
unproductive you know of a I
thought I of not to be a divisive in any
way all but is to point out why
it is all of that you were seen
a struggle in the U.S. Congress
r you know so we can’t just say
the digital asset space is
awesome which it is you we wanna
see it grow all we wanna see
across al that are trying to crush it to one to destroy it completely
and oh so you know here’s
another voice you know us as we
go down into it, me see if I if
I put you know exactly, to try to find this other
article, where where went to all
here it is so here’s another one
on in IE and I think is
important th , you were were missing you know
a big component, excerpt heal
over I think this is so
important, that young year ago
so let me and we see here on a kid is an
article I pulled out is about
money to launder you know how
you how much money is being
laundered on this all fitting into this
narrative because on to go down here so types of this doubt that your
understanding you know this
minds and unlike G yell threw up
by a that we, the other day, in
this and this was going to Stephen
nine manu Jon on twitter up are
you saying cash has never up in
use for four on elicit the
purpose the Swiss numbered bank accounts
now OK you know we get it you
know it’s very very important that we don’t see of digital
asset become the focus for money
laundering we also know that
it’s very difficult of two
utilized d people been tracked and people
been caught up by using a bit
cloying for all of the ferries
purpose tell , mike she had responded here
and put up a comment and said to
my knowledge more crimes on
money laundering and theft are
done w both sides of it and have to
understand both cited I get a
little passion about of the
political side of it because it
kills me and I I’ve I’ve been there of
research did you of live did you
I know what they’re saying is
wrong and yet they go unchecked
up when they were specifically you
attacking a face book and libra
but none of them are asking the
right questions the Owen so that and so that’s why again you
bring it back to the beginning
of excerpt the lover on, I’m
assuming you’re in the United
States on on but you would bring it back
to the beginning and oh and then
you know tried to you know
focusing on on what’s what’s
importan Ralph Raymond the boys in
Congress are some of misled by
the powers of the ion oppressing
terry the fed share that was but
that is that I was surprised by her
line of questioning I thought
her line of questioning was awesome and I was actually
fantastic, and in IE I pointed
that out I was in front of
another group who live and I
pointed th and all from from a digital
asset perspective the others didn’t solve a single
out Presley as I had been
convicted on against of digital
asset space because she was very
very based on an oppressed is talking
points I she seemed you know
very very of , educated, on the concept of
pain on the payment space via
digital asset you via lead
singer rebel solution on and you know she deftly gave
you know major push back onto
the fed share on the Indiana and
whether exactly an EU know that
p well not me personally and also
I thought that that that was
that was dynamic and because Wei
said not me personally he does
say and a sad note not him so that
doesn’t mean anything you know
any given number questions like
that you know so I figure us and
y , we see here , we go down to excerpt the lover that’s
awesome and you’re registered
independent I think that’s great
on and then there’s many that
side wi all but a lot of it you know if
you just you know now now we’re
at a point where were were kind
of in that I know go you know it tie of people in Congress
calling anything but a big point
Shipley Addy like that Seth
young that’s amazing right so
this and th and in I saw this very clearly
you know within the republicans
as they were questioning phase
book and this is importing
’cause that’s not the last target and
there’s others within their
initiative that they’re coming
after it’s not just about
baseball and and that’s why I believe
that of that that libra needs to
a continue up because of the
fact that it sets a precedent
for oth to libra isn’t doing anything
different so again they want
folks on the privacy issues but
they try to shut them down
because of a no but I don’t like the fact
that those in Congress are also
becoming big point maxis Intel
and they’re gonna call of young
be and also might she besides my
own financial freedom the
digital asset space means
freedom from inflation real transparency of going
grassroots Senator Barry lauder
milk there’s another one and
only I think he came out you
know pretty I’m knocking a scare anybody off
unite us get upset because
someone yelled disagrees in and
of you know it has a of anno and in
as a difference of opinion and I
think that’s the best that’s the
best kind of discourse they’d which is again what they did
over face book and that’s why we
have to understand this entire
background initiative and
scenario , to me say to a C, , check out toned a slash stream
calling for rebel to be locked
up and then there’s more of that
there is a new and I can rememb and yet I hope so tap line I
really do love so wedded up on
nose of digital as investors and
I’ll be of your big boy advance
on and globally you no idea what
people and have over over the
past year’s all with people all
over the world and I’ve never
had an about the benefits of black
chain and crypto currency, he
was sat next to, a so called
crypto expert who was in him and
I and I and 1/2 into its mine only a
really is my knowing now let’s
go back to this other point
because I think mike she view is you
brought up that pointer ridgely , and and then I love the
hearing you know your thoughts
now you’ll throw your thoughts
ideal base that question what
you know w you know isn’t going to impede
on you know the growth of the
space I think these are two
important questions you not the
answer stuff like that’s important , so you know so think about
nothing back about the total one
was somewhere sometime in the
past month we look at the level
of b , that digital assets are bad
digital assets can be of use for
nefarious purpose digital assets
are to be used for money launder digital assets and abuse for
whatever, and but not fee a
currency because nobody takes a
suitcase of money anymore of
fiat curre , know that doesn’t happen
anymore of course it doesn’t you
know that nowadays you know the
fraud is is happening and much
bigge paid $243,000,000,000 in fines
and 200018200018 due to fraud to
and money laundering so there you go to 1 to
43,000,000,000 I’d done enough,
you know the unregulated digital
assets were key words of air and
I thin create the structure allowed to
develop allowed to grow on and
allow it to facilitate the
technology that was meant to
facilitat it’s possible two Karl you know
now you can put it all on a a
Nana ledger and hand over who
knows how many of teen millions
of d , that’s that’s not possible you
know, but here’s here’s what’s
crazy so of money laundering,
nisei it wasn’t an interesting article
here and others on bloomer, the
launder money to shell companies, how many
shell companies have been not
created over the past a few
years I don’t know, but they did
a breaku , the troika a Laundromat I
think, just trying to add on how
to pronounce that I think that’s
what is on and they found 75
shell and go shell companies
transactions that wasn’t done
two bit cloying or anything else on his deftly done on through
one anno through banks it says
here denmark’s that’s key bank’s
hasn’t knowledge that much of
abou , we see so this is dissolving
going on without the help of
big: a digital asset , we see here this was Deutsche
bank of clients move about 10
billion outer rusher from 2011
to 2015 , executing your transactions
and its office in Moscow and
London the bank was fined
$629,000,000 by the UK and the
U.S. authori annexing cleaning 30 money, some
the cult’s morphing is a role
and money laundering of of
techniques, goes on and on and
on I th and then all of this is gone
now, and this was a good one to and what happened to it come on , and have been low as is and what a nanosecond, din and lake is
gone and a second is a good one
at a file and enter it was the
FBI a statistic on nine and
institu you know you don’t even need it so it has said if you want if you
want boasted yet: posted that be
awesome , excerpt the rent by Tom days and ice terry Kuehl, only go back up
here today to degrade to see you at
believer will launch find a 2020
that that all had wins in Europe
will be even stronger than us l anno, as this focus continues on
ill be really interesting onto
ceo to see what happens to see
all this unfolds you know and that’s you know
that’s really what it what did the concern is
that’s my concern right now is that lever came out was was
to leave a thing of false
narrative, in the edsall
launching its it’s so
interesting the time the is saying the timing is bizarre
but the token taxonomy act which
was to provide regulatory
clarity in the U.S. That token taxonomy act was
getting ready to be pushed
through the Financial Services
committee it still might be on
but now you on face book I think that’s
that’s great as long as it
doesn’t impede of the growth all
within the U.S. are any other
country fo , let me see here texture P , see, scar beto son excerpt is
prodded only truly regulated
digital asset are present, and of young and that’s that’s
the one night to lowing area I’m
glad you brought that up its own
for the guys you share these th forget about that you what’s
real today what’s being used up
and can be used on is what rebel
is doing I think that’s so
importa you know what’s being done, and
rebel, I think is very
important, and so anno rebel as though they have
their their attorneys there on
Capitol Hill the time their me
with all the powers that be yes
it’ it would have the number of
customers that they have today
that there were any major
issues, you know without with
with the spac , a bit like you when you google
money laundering as a pitcher
Jamie Dimon yet wonder why it
it’s interesting to car and so let’s eat David Dee,
most U.S. lawmakers questioning
are clueless in the space
confusion between lever big win
other anno all we really need of those
a strong voices within the
community ought to be more
outspoken of are sure you know
we need mo on in the space it so helpful
ought to have more participation of reaching out of reaching out
two of Kadar congressional
resentments and letting the way
you know what I watch a line of
quest the noted you realize what you
said wasn’t 100% accurate and
here’s why you know and then 123
for you to prove in the case and
y to go to a Congress to a reach
out to them even our local or
state politics and be very
important we saw what happened
in non and Wyoming now if you’re in
other countries is a same thing
anno same thing in other
countries there you have your your
political discourse are
political of a representation on
and you can monitor and see
exactly what they and oh so you that there’s so
much that we can do Riyadh love
the year in a more feedback from
you guys on icy would you guys have to
say about that , yeah, it’s the Ralph a bread she is
not afraid calling out the appeal of a POW
POW Mining dominance in China
and up, I sometimes worry that
excerpt eaters, some powerful
Beatt it’s it’s reality you know what
I know you know people takes a
pursley because it somehow in
packs impersonally, how can you
cha anno if there’s a dominance in
mining in China all over big
cloying and other approval were
you know then 10 what can you say, those are
facts you know as much as you
don’t want agree with the facts
which people then get very of it going to attack mode because
they don’t know how to refute
the facts because the facts of
the facts and that’s what even
from and oh so I think it’s really
important, you know that we look
at it from that perspective but
people get passionate you know
so that’s important, the te beach words walker of
bodyguards the other day, bill
the guys worth of a huge amount
of money and I’m sure that you others
their spawn some a concern out
there over him young deftly am
sure about that, the swift
excerpt th what was the swift excerpt the
rumor and know that there was
someone said they’d put some
doubt paypal the bullets would
finance , what that was , and see , a that’s what it is OK so
expensive lines responds to one
excerpt the lover and clears
that offer me on but I don’t
know speak , and see it where where did you guys see
anything I haven’t seen anything
on that all, I don’t I know,
David the abused up and see all
ye to thumbs us sometimes Panama and it’s good to see 1:00 AM
glad glad the maid on, you see
here so that could be to the Corel it’s
always possible same guy broke the rebel
moneygram tweedy yesterday no
kidding that’s crazy a rate that’s
interesting now you know what
else is interesting and as if I
define this article that of the
popped and on, it did I put the Ashford and all , and where did when I put this
in all but a pull the sub was on
my phone and open up in a browser
specifically to stave it and
this is this is so this is so
law, pointing to this, and L, and where is it as this has to do with a was
read an article, about about the swift shall humidity
no been swift epi to dicey that
fits with jp i.e., and yet in
this browser , saying that switch epi is an EC terror, or is it not come
on to believe it didn’t stay
open any up so they said switch
epi of completing a transaction and
like 13 seconds and you guys
think about that, and not sure wish I could find
it was so great as like perfect
to that on to that point you
know what is that mean exactly
that it was a fully functional is it using tell another
solution of the building and off
of excerpt he is there really
giving this partnership, I
pulled up an to their their ego David yuppie
was 14 seconds off, but our
happened after wrap this up in a
minute on but it up there was an
ar could, could swift by, rebel and I think that was interesting
though the size it could switch
by rebel those 2017 David Schwartz came out said I
don’t see how that would be
possible we wouldn’t do it any ways but
how could swift of four dribble
the only profit about $30,000,000 a year where as our
holdings of excerpt he alone are worth 48
billion toes 2017 a stop, you know now
maybe the other way around so
that’s interesting they’re using
tips on the at 35 seconds but they
cannot said that if they tested
it and 13 seconds, so could be
using our three, is that a
possibil , can be interesting on here’s
one metric decisions are usually
made way before mainstream media
will begin to cover it exactly tigers and lever up on, is most
likely a narrative building
process the partnerships are no
Kuwait City hands and I love
that st decisions are made mainstream
media doesn’t you especially in
this economic area we also know
that based on nondisclosure
agreem when he came in from all parties
feel it’s not just from the
democratic Republic in
everything is always been this
major power s and need and the tribalism and
the space I think that’s up one
main thing you know so and I think that you know we
can’t be a big point Maxey you
can’t be an excerpt the Maxi I
think that this space and Ken
and annual an excerpt he and a point
doesn’t make any sense you can
just add to begin at three you
can have five if you have an
exch you did stamp in by nance and
the hope yet of a it to really
theirs to be a whole shift and
that’s what’s happening and
that’s t to banks are competing for the
relevancy in the space tanks are fighting other
fighting back the banks are
backed by governments other all
fighting back against it as digital asset space that’s
growing of it is done away with
us some of the necessity of the
brick and mortar that’s the com if too many video stores and got crushed it was ominous
exceed they crushed for retail,
now people are fighting back
there to its agents an
interesting s on, wrapping up only read a few
more the statements and noble
will hang out and to our days on
a Saturday I wanna say first and aspect of digital asset hanging
in there through their of those
of you overseas you know hanging
in there to understand the disc on Ralph Raymond Jeff but no
prob with other projects but
can’t understand why rebel gets
most five and silence mainly
because m with real world utility on and
everybody knows it , I think that’s a probably probably why did the upon the
one that’s actually working
right now , and about the well known boxer
from the 1940s sofa apps same
Exe of Rosenblum, kids so let’s
support that Maxey to a that’s funny, many of smaller
changes are in for rewrite wake
you don’t be surprised to see a
lot of hacks I think that’s a
dari up and so there deftly, at risk,
the bigger exchanges is what we
need to really focus in on
Sunday are you also potentially
a ri and the company’s arrest, two to
hacking all but the point is that there
to single out those that are
he’s year of the large up, and large a crypto currency
exchanges digital asset
exchanges of are also more
financially stable to withstand
certain hacks if a significant, but then they
also again that the backing we
also need a lookout for the
point where we start seeing up,, if the icy
tight coverage on the exchange
is it said that point that you
can then fully trust an exchange
w instead of of you know you’re
you’re chase bank and now you
can you put your money there and
gain interest and bank in your
cred the message shunted to be heard
on tap line I think that’s very
very uprooted so until that time
so again appreciate all you guy tomorrow night, I do plan on on
putting up blood and other open
mike night if anybody wants to
be on the open mike night on opening of Mr. Be of excerpt
he’s gonna be available on yet
we talked about it if he isn’t
but then we’ll get somebody else on if
the guys wanna be on let me know
of the BB if you’re still out
there be one of the irony of
anybod and then we stream Monday
Wednesday 10:00 PM eastern
standard time Saturday mornings
and ADM on until that time
appreciate every

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  1. No hard feeling like you but not the political climate as it is now i think it is dangerous. See you next time 🙂

  2. The early bird got the worm today, but the second mouse got the cheese! 🐭
    Bottomline, politics are as horrible as greed in the marketplace. Put the two together and it makes it impossible to understand what is really going on with either! Digital assets are needed for the improvement of lives, but the greed to own them can also ruin lives.

    Great discussion as usual brother!

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