5 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Partners with CIMB, gets added to Coinbase Custody”

  1. Ripple is in the headlines yet again with another big banking partnership. Ripple continues to make headway in achieving their goal:
    Enabling the world to move value like it moves information today.

  2. Do not invest in BTC! it will go to 0 because he has absolutely no use case …, same for its forks….BCH and roger ver the 2 biggest scam of crypto history! invest in XRP . Please do not believe what you hear about the riddler and bearable guy 123…, those are only speculation and dream predictions…., some youtubers are spreading this nonsense…, instead study what XRP is in real and the big potential that he has!

  3. Bet it's another 'but' video like all your other XRP vids ? You do know xcurrent 4.0 now integrates with xrapid right?

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