Ripple (XRP) On Coinbase Custody NY! & XRP Instant Recovers HARD!

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and for this video I would be giving away 200 x RP to one person that likes this video and comments something constructive in the comment section so just tell me what you liked or disliked about the video or what you think XRP will go to this year what price you can enter the giveaway that's all I need to do so like and comment that's it today we're gonna be talking about the big the infamous coinbase to offer extra P custodial services alright so I've been gone for like the last three days which is a record – time for me for the last one and a half year I find it totally crazy that I was gone for three days now but I was just so ridiculously busy but I could not wait until the morning now it's 3:30 a.m. I could not wait until the morning to cover this for you guys so I just had to do it now right it's actually bedtime you would say at 3:30 a.m. but for a lot of you Americans is still think quite a good time so why not you know I was like why not so I actually got to this is that was reading again my article from 28th of October and I saw on the side here that ëthere World News got out of tweet because the last couple of days I have not looked at Ripa whatsoever the last two days I've not looked at it at all but I have so much stuff just laying around for a few days ago still and from today I guess when I did my analysis in the morning but that's all this on the side was of what you know coinbase to offer extra piece so loser what I thought they were joking I thought maybe this was just like a foreign article back then is already bunked idea but now I checked and I refreshed it so this is from today now I actually saw it still at the top so look okay it must be fresh news than one hour is not stagnant but it really is updated this list so I want to check it out and it is really true you know these articles have been posted a few hours ago checked everywhere and damn right it is so clean place to offer extra P custodial services VOC coinbase now list X or P so I found it crazy that so many articles came out with this title so I see here there's other something so many articles okay guys okay this for later here look at Quinn Telegraph there's also of course CC n and every major new site came out with us right now because it's such a big thing coin base gets approved to offer crypto custody' services in the state of New York is really important that we see state of New York here for later on and it gets approval those two things are key here New York state regulators have approved Quinn viscosity Trust Company LLC to roll out their cryptocurrency custody services in the state according to an official announcement published October 23rd you can check that official document out here all the DFS that New York government I don't know how this charlie works I think it's just Department of Financial Services that New York government I think in America they use government for a lot of things can't really tell you – sure but here you could check out the official statement that they brought out the FS which of course this authorizes coinbase Global Inc to form coin based custody Trust Company LLC October 23rd which is still now for a lot of people contact Richard Laconte number DFS also approves coinbase trust to offer custody services of a lot of the coins and of course including XRP and all other major ones which we would hope would be in there as well yeah so you can check the whole story out and you of course see that everything fits out financial services superintendent Maria T fellow today announced that a New York State Department of Financial Services has approved the application of coinbase custody Trust Company LLC a wholly old owned subsidiary of coinbase Global Inc to operate as a limited purpose trust company and you might actually be mistaken a little bit of what it says here I'm gonna clear that all up Cuevas Inc has held money transmitter and federal currency licenses from DFS since January 2017 the efest has also approved coinbase trust to offer secure custody services for six of the largest coins including BTC beacon cash etherium ether classic of course the xrp and litecoin the rest is kind of speaking for itself you can read it again if you want to but we got the most important points out of here so if we check back in this article here actually need to know what was set in this part as well so here is actually saying that coyness is expanding quite rapidly here it's actually doing quite a good deed so however there's no mention of whether CRX will be supported by coinbase new custodial services actually is not in this part but it's somewhere in the articles that's just a good idea to get in your head going bass is really expanding to a lot of work right now so here it is in the beginning while acknowledging the grant a SIF here G president and CEO of coinbase which is also down here if you were like to reading about the New York Department of Financial Services has proven itself to be a strong advocate in a support for the responsible growth of the cryptocurrency industry the New York State limited purpose trust character which now enables coin viscosity to act as a qualified custodian for crypto assets built on are paralleled success of a crypto custodian judging by the recent acceleration of coin offering yeah definitely coin Bay's are changing a previous methodical and prudent approach we're noticing that more and more so of course said in the beginning here as well Quimby's is aggressive hours after announcing their support for us DC another are usually 20 token like CX news is out from this so it's really crazy what they're doing right now putting a lot of work though this may be in response to increasing competition and demands from their 5 million customers within the US alone which is actually crazy big 5 million in the u.s. their recent activities is good for the market and not only will it increase widespread adoption but by opening new channels of funding the whole space benefits from deep liquidity and direct tempers for the market making it even more attractive for institutional great investors so again quite awesome to see I find institutional involvement coinbase New York offices okay that's not important for X or P itself that much the curate again you could pause read it if you really would like to and now to clear a lot of discussion up and some people asking why no moon first off xop cannot be traded on coin basis exchanges so that is a a myth that some of you might have been told already that's not the case and the Department of Financial Services approves which asset was a key word coinbase trust to offer custody of many coins including XRP they do and that means that they can offer extra P&L but does not mean that they will so cool your jets I don't want to d hype things because people are saying of course the Jets are on the booze are out look at it you know cuz xop is doing quite good in the last a few hours here well a lot of the other coins are a little bit negative you can see though a +2 on BTC is around zero doesn't say that much it just definitely not say that pools are really kicking in it could also just be you know one big player just moving the price around a little bit a two percent gain does not say that much in my opinion unless of course we keep gaining over the night all these coins go down even further of course from that point on or it could definitely be saying that this coin based announcement had an effect though it is also to be argued that the coin base had an effect on every major coin since of course a lot of them are mentioned in here BTC beacon cash III yeah the thing is though it is quite important for XFP because we are so much more busy with it I think then some of the BTC guys and for BTC to have something like this you know it doesn't really matter but for XP to be in this list I find pretty awesome because you know we're all talking about osek woman's gonna list extra P know they don't want anything to do with extra P but still they have in their in their custody you know in their custody just I don't know how you would call that so yeah they're definitely not ignoring it all the way which I found really cool to see them happy to see that all right so let's quickly check in through this one Ripple's XO p instantly recovers latest opinions and news actually find this article quite nice our just noticing here that a lot of these articles I found dumb but I found this one quite interesting so of course X appears to be going down for a little bit however things changed in just a couple of minutes on the daily chart trading for last 24 hours XP overcame the tanking trend and rocketed off upwards above the aforementioned hurdle very speedy correction will be due very soon as the 46 level has been a reverse market for many traders for weeks now so here's the latest that they conclude for XRP even that there is a major difference between the coin XRP and the firm that created it Ripple the dual impact each other when one marks down development in the crypto industry of various sorts because of its existing confusion between the two relevant repos xop community confusion with the firm actually working for the good this is of course referring again to the big issues that people are having getting the difference between a point x RP repose pushing it out so much that there's a big difference between rapport next repeat though there's still a lot of people who have no clue what the differences they use divorce interchangeably which we try to not do but then on the other hand to make people understand the concept more I sometimes do as well but again keep in mind ripple labs company accepted the cryptocurrency via their official Twitter handle Molly net int completely deployed decentralized payments on ripple net and the uk-based trading and currency or converting firm highly said it will use the technology offered by ripples team to process foreign exchange trades 19th of October we use that already and additionally using the very famous payment solution that reports team has deployed ex via money match has declared that it has moved value money to Malaysia or former h2 Spain and then find this interesting again the sexual affected by the SEC might up delivering a favorable ruling of X RP and why the current efforts will greatly benefit XO P price in the future both of them are about SEC and what the fun part is is that whatever the SEC will actually do so if the SEC does not rule out a anything you know if they don't say anything about x RP from now on ever they just keep extending it and extending it and never come to a conclusion it will actually have a positive impact on excerpt p of course there will be the these fear of all they're still lawsuits going on possibly there's still people who think like the SEC still thinks that exit visas security yeah yeah but they're all speak confirmation that if it really was security they would have ruled out a long time ago so the further we go into this the less people will really think about that and also of course if they say it's not a security the price will most likely and hopefully increase on the low timeframe and then we'll see what the real XP price is gonna do because one of the biggest issues with it is Garnell and yeah we'll see how happy people are with those price increases or with those changes sorry off really really hard there by the way sorry I'm just noticing here that I'm talking quite softly and I put my gain I'm a Mike to quite a high percentage here at least on my recording software because I'm a Mike self it's really slow still but I don't know how high to put it for you guys does it think lower is better but I don't know for sure and the last thing here that we gonna quickly cover again sorry if I cuff too hard ripple price analysis next cruise you'll break ahead I found this interesting because there are so many people talking about equal break that is coming up here a lot of other people say like oh we're in the negative trend here I'm gonna stay in it and some others are really quite positive on the whole situation again I have not gotten enough information about the last couple of days to give you guys the good well nuance to verdict so I'll keep quiet on that I'll just quickly cover this article and then from tomorrow on out I guess or just really cover a lot of facts again like I you'd like to do and then talk to you guys a little bit about price about movement what I think is gonna happen and of course we're not gonna do some outlandish price prediction but we're gonna take a little look at where the price might be moving so ripples price analysis yesterday ripple price failed to break the 47 at 47 resistant levels and as a result of that there was a downside extension and the price moved below the 46 assented level here's the 30-minute chart all right so here we have a few points of course it's been going down down down down down Fibonacci sequence is key resistance important support yada yada yada do you guys believe you ta I do when I look at stuff like this here you can see the important support was indicated here we just noticed here like a you know but whenever I see stuff like this I just really get a kind of a boost in confidence like a TA really works out the good way cuz prizes are not made by news but made by algorithms and meet by BOTS so to say and you can always have a big discussion about that but whenever you see charts like this that just line up perfectly I mean this is not even the best example because here there's still a few things that aren't lining up perfect but you get the idea then it just makes me so happy you know when I'm looking at tree starts like that and just got a good feeling about the whole market in general ice of course little bit of a side note so let's see what they have to say here looking at the 30-minute chart of extra PD USD the pair is currently under pressure below the 40 65 level and the 25 SMA on of course the 30 minute chart the recent swing low is formed at 45 53 before the price recovered a few points it traded above the 46 level and a 50 percent retracement level of the last drop from the 46 81 that was a high point to the 45 53 low however the upside move was capped by the 46 180 46 3 levels moreover the sixty one point eight field are team alright that's the light green one you know I would prefer if you could just zoom in without having to go at page back every time is there an easy way to do this I don't think there is right maybe I'm missing that maybe escape nope that's actually yeah it's a different link so it does not work like that click to enlarge yeah it's right it kind of dumb but then you can really just take a look while you're reading this story here it's kind of hard you just have to check back every time because it's too small for me to see level the 61 percent level our last drop from 0.46 81 to 54 on a 45 53 low has also stopped the recovery in xop TUSD and at the outset it seems like yesterday's crucial bearish trend line is acting as a hurdle near 0.46 10 on the same chart and therefore buyers need to clear the trend line and the 0.46 50 resistance to gain bullish momentum again in the near term I could definitely be believed again I guess we're at 46 3 3 5 what were they saying here 4650 yeah ok I think we're coming up here we didn't quite good you could definitely make that we maybe we've already made it a little bit ago can be asked to check but you get the point we'll get there anyway I mean for the longer term here which a lot of you guys are all this stuff doesn't really matter so that's why I don't really put too much attention into it though I'd like to quickly cover it for some of the people that really do want to look at the short term therefore buyers need to clear the trend line at that point of course and the next resistance is 0.47 could argue but I guess let's see here okay that's definitely a few ways away but right next okay let's say the next resistance is 0.47 psychologically let's see what they got above which the price were most where we know likely climb higher towards the 50 cent level okay that's you should not totally believe this one just straight at the bat alright this one is a speculative everything speculative but this one is even a little bit more far-fetched on the other hand if the price fails to surpass the trend line at 0.46 50 there could be a fresh test of the 0.45 50 0.45 60 support area and the short term the 0.45 50 support holds a lot of importance because below which the price could accelerate declines towards the 0.44 0.42 level and therefore rebel price seems to be approaching the next crucial break either above 0.2 46 50 or below 0.45 or 50 in the coming session so right now we're gonna quickly have to watch the price here what they're saying is above 46 50 for the most likely see every positive little ways you're below 45 50 we're gonna see quite a negative time we're actually going downwards already a little bit yeah we'll see you guys let's see the one day here mm-hmm okay so you already broke 47 so yeah this analysis is from today or yesterday that could be anything I guess it's only has 2000 fuse it's hard to tell if it was from a few hours ago or just a whole day behind I think it's from like my maximum eight hours ago so mm-hmm yeah it would probably be posted somewhere here I guess they picked it right because we broke 44 let's see what they didn't mention again 46 50 and we went all the way to 40 701 so theoretically they were right though we're trending again we'll see what happens guys I don't actually only put her too many verdicts thank yourself for watching I got a lot of stuff to cover here there's so many articles that I've opened here and there's so many more that you guys can't even see so I'm stuffed used to go hopefully you guys keep enjoy these videos I'll see you again in another krypter video again if I could do anything better than these ones just let me know because I'll try to improve here again but I don't my flow for a little bit so it's kind of odd to just flow back in just got to get my mind set again together but thank y'all for watching and see you later again

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  1. I’ll be happy with anything over a $1.00 but I’m still ok to hodl and feel those bags even more baby!

  2. Look what bitcoin cash did to the market when coinbase listed it. I think they are afraid to actually list because its gonna make too many millionaires overnight! But, they cant stop the Bumrush! Banks are in!!!!

  3. I think ultimately it is irrelevant that coinbase is setting up an xrp custody as coinbase needs xrp far more than xrp needs coinbase. I do think it speaks to the tone surrounding xrp and crypto in general which adds to the mass adoption/positive dialogue.

  4. Glad your back? with all the Twitter news on xrp/Coinbase, I can’t see Coinbase listing xrp anytime soon. They are just licences to hold xrp. Doesn’t mean they will list it.

  5. Xrp could be the new raw material for the new bank model!! If it that so!! Politics could clean up from roots as you never imagine!! Well hope so!! 😉

  6. My conservative Eoy price is $10
    My, if the planets aline, price, $120
    My, tin foil hat prediction is that xrp replaces usd by EOY

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