42 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP News: Crucial July Developments! Micropayments, Lagarde, Bank of England”

  1. "Cryptocurrencies like Ripple" that's not even factually correct.
    Saying XRP is like Voldermort. We are close guys

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  3. Kevin, you are a smart guy don’t let these shills bother you at all. Anyone who gets into a space early are the smart ones. The in smart (lol) ones are the haters and broke ones who don’t get it and won’t be part of it. They will have s great story of how they almost were in the 3% due to good due diligence and smart patients. Keep at it I enjoy your calm and facts only info. No clown shows

  4. They owe us nothing? Some of us have been here through tougher times. I respectfully disagree, but I understand your position.

  5. You are so appreciated in a day and age where every other YouTuber it seems like is a moon boy and getting everyone excited over every little bit of information that is basically not information. It is speculation it is repetitive non information and you give the facts clear and simple and I say thank you as I look at you as the best xrp Channel along with crypto Eri

  6. Have you made a video on an argument against XRP? It would be a good exercise in objectivity in a "pros and cons" format.

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