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full of information I want to be talking about nucleus vision I’m going to be
talking about ripple and I’m going to be talking about nem them being a new one
I’m bringing to the channel so I hope you guys are excited to hear about it
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jump right into the news so first things first finance sighs an agreement with
Bermuda government on fifteen million dollar investment that is pretty cool
they’re also gonna be providing jobs in the area that’s pretty good news a four
by Nance I think buying that you guys knows my favorite exchange if you guys
don’t have an account yet there you are probably missing out and you’re probably
a little bit crazy so I’m gonna leave a link in the description of comments for
you guys to sign up for free but finance pretty cool another big note that I saw
was that cryptocurrency exchanges are actually profiting more than the biggest
banks in the world that was actually another piece of news that I saw which I
thought was absolutely crazy cryptocurrency exchanges are profiting
more than some of the biggest banks in the world and this was from last year or
last quarter I don’t last quarter I’m not too sure exactly which one it was
all I know is that’s huge for cryptocurrency approves exchanges are
honestly a very successful profitable business if I could afford to make my
own exchange I probably would be jumping on that opportunity but that’s basically
it for the news today I don’t want to cover too much news as there are quite a
few crypto currencies um that I kind of want to talk about but first let’s take
a look at the market market is currently set at a four hundred and once it loads
were going to be able to see four hundred twenty seven billion dollar mark
at Bitcoin dominance continuing to fall which is a good sign as we do expect all
coins outperform Bitcoin when the bull run arrives now coins like Cardno have
had a great past twenty for hours Cardinal what’s another
example I don’t really know much about this one ontology has been doing well
even Zil has a pretty had had a pretty good day now there’s not too much going
on a lot of 1% a lot of 0.5% a lot of minus 0.1 percent or something like that
in the last 24 hours the last hours well not too much going on but we’re gonna
look at that more in detail in at the end of the video when we do go over some
market technical analysis but the last week guys still some crazy moves and
still mostly in the green if not all in the green the only one
red is populous which I don’t think many of us are invested in in this community
though let me know if you are I personally am NOT but Tron had some
great moves this week vos had some great moves this week as you guys know Icahn
great moves this week so everything looking pretty good in the markets at
honestly I’m very happy with the position we are in now I’m looking to
see Bitcoin make that run it’s tried to do it twice already and it failed and
went back down to the support now we’re trying again hopefully we do manage to
break the break up above this point and move on to the $12,000 range because I’d
like you guys know I think the move from now to $12,000 I just think we need to
start basically any way to have any of us to have broken the support of
resistance where I’m right now and then move upwards to 12,000 usually that
hasn’t even previously that hasn’t shown to be too much of a challenging jump now
I do want to update you guys on nucleus vision a lot of you guys have been
asking me about this because you guys know I’m very very bullish on it yet I
haven’t been talking much about it and that’s basically because there hasn’t
been too much of news coming out for a nucleus vision you know it followed the
market when it had its run-up and then there was the flood that happened prices
job immediately I told you guys probably a good opportunity to pick something up
and if you did you are up a decent amount already it did have another run
up and then another correction and now we’re currently on its way up it’s
looking like it’s following a cycle so maybe something to keep an eye out on if
the market continues to trade sideways maybe um maybe
you could you know pick up some on the low and sell the high and then pick
again on the low if it does continue to follow that type of cycle but overall
guys I don’t worry I’m still very bullish on nucleus vision in 2018-2019
it is one of my longer-term plays so it isn’t something that I’m constantly
looking at and constantly trying to trade or anything it is something that
I’m holding for two to three years in the hopes that we can see some pretty
significant 100 or maybe even more X gains which i think is very doable with
nucleus vision now for those of you interested nucleus vision can be found
on by Ness is basically the only place it extruded where most of its volume is
from basically like 98.5 percent of its volume is from buying so I highly
recommend picking it up on Finance and it’s recently it’s currently at it’s
currently ranked number 99 so just broke into the top 100 now sitting at 175
million dollar market cap in two to three years when I think the overall
cryptocurrency market cap will be significantly higher than 425 billion I
think nucleus vision it could definitely be worth seventeen billion which would
put it at a hundred x or maybe even more so that’s kind of why I bought a ton and
I’ve held it in but don’t worry guys I am still bullish on it
my prediction on it has not changed whatsoever I just haven’t talked about
it as much because it is a long-term play and not too much news has been
coming out but they do have I’m pretty sure they have broken actually recently
their biggest trading volume so their 24-hour trading volume is currently set
at almost 16 million dollars basically sixteen million dollars and that is I
believe a record for a nucleus vision so nice to see more action coming in more
volume coming in and more trading happening now Ripple um I’m not actually
sure if that was a record I just think I read somewhere that was but don’t quote
me on that guys anyways now I want to talk a bit about rip because ripple has
been making some big moves recently and I also haven’t been keeping up with it I
haven’t been sharing the information with you guys and a lot of you guys have
been asking me about it too because I know a lot of you guys are fans of X RP
so they’ve actually had five new partnerships recently that will be with
shanell FX money match fare FX uni pay and exchange for free these you guys
know ripple is the king of partnerships right now probably equal with Tron king
of partnerships partnerships coming out all the time and now they’re actually
showing that the companies as this shows in this article the companies are
getting serious they are actually including multiple tests of the ripple
nets potential as well as as X via tool so they are going to start actually
using it it’s not just a blank partnership it is a partnership that is
going to instantly start trying to implement the features and see what it
does now you guys remember ripple had a huge pullback probably one of the
biggest pull backs in the market where the whole correction happen it went from
being worth over three dollars to all the way to forty five cents
basically it pulled back over eighty percent it was insane and now it’s
currently set at an 86 cent at the eighty six the 86 cent mark what a
tongue and tongue twister to say butts ranked third huge cryptocurrency thirty
four billion dollars in market cap eight hundred and thirty million dollars in
trading volume in the last 24 hours guys you you guys know I’m not
personally invested into ripple but I think it is a solid opportunity that if
you want to invest in it I think now would be a pretty good time as long as
the market allows I think ripple will have a very nice recovery because all
the partnerships I expect to start taking action and people to start seeing
actual results from them soon like I said I’m pretty sure ripple will do
fairly well it’s all gonna come down with the market allows it to which I do
believe it’s going to you guys know I’m bullish on the cryptocurrency marking
2018 so that would mean that I would have to be bullish on ripple in 2018
which I am I’m just personally not invested for you guys know there’s so
many good all coins out there perfectly stated in a comment on one of my
previous videos that says I have twenty crypto currencies in my top five crypto
currencies list which pretty much sums it up perfectly I can’t put a decent
amount of money into everything I like so ripple unfortunately I’m not invested
in now never I want to talk a little bit about him because nem actually offers a
lot of things differently from other cryptocurrency
and we’re gonna go into that in a bit but first off you guys can see it
dropped to the support line of basically 16 cents it was the lowest point at God
– or no 20 cents maybe I just can’t see correctly yeah 20 cents was the lowest
at God right here nearing the rough support over here after having a
all-time high of one point nine dollars so that’s basically two dollars up or
it’s close to two dollars being its all-time high it is down it would need
to 5x basically just to get back there and I think that’s something that’s
going to happen so if you guys are looking for an opportunity to get into a
new cryptocurrency or to research and new crypto currencies make sure to check
this out now it is traded on so many different exchanges including a by Nance
right there but also a bit bit tricks who o be hit BTC okay X it is traded in
several several different you guys can see it’s just traded everywhere so
definitely one that’s relatively easy to pick up no matter what exchange you are
on and it has had a nice run here in the last few weeks bringing it up to 41
cents 40 cents where we are at right now now it is ranked 14th with a three point
six a billion dollar market cap but something to keep an eye out on is I
think nem could be one of those Dark Horse’s that moves on into the top 10
and no one really notices um or at least nothing nobody notices but kind of it
just slowly climbs its way up and gets into the top 10 and all of a sudden it’s
in there everyone’s just saying go look names in the top 10 right so I was
reading an article about Excel was doing more research on it I think it’s very
interesting to see some of the different features it offers now I’m not going to
go into an in-depth review of this I will probably in another video
especially if I choose to invest in it or put a good amount of money in it and
to get a strong position in it I will definitely let you guys know but nem
basically talk about the unique technologies a lot of cryptocurrencies
are basically every cryptocurrency it works either on proof of work proof
of stake or a combination of both now nem uses something called proof of
importance so P oh I’ve blockchain algorithm and that is relatively new and
it offers it a few new features distinct features such as the egg and Trust Plus
reputation system a popular reputation management algorithm for peer-to-peer
networks like blockchain so pretty cool and there’s some other features that
have is in namespaces Multi signature transaction harvesting no reputation
system and proof of importance so just something to keep in mind
notable partnerships that they have so nem has already engaged in strategic
partnerships with more than 40 globally globally reputa companies among these
organizations the partnerships with sais Studios is worth mentioning as it would
make the integration of blockchain system into video and into mobile video
gaming gaming is one of the most thriving industries at the moment in
this partnership will certainly increase names acceptability so pretty cool
overall is currently at 40 cents was not it obviously has a big circulating
supply it is not and it is a pretty cheap cryptocurrency now you guys know I
don’t look at price I look at market cap when it comes to things and a three
point six billion dollar market cap does offer a sense of security because we are
in the billions of market cap it’s ranked number fourteen it’s a good
crypto currency now the gains with nem is going to be if it can break into the
top ten maybe even the top five now top five is pushing it though there are some
very good crypto currencies out that they are competing for it but I wouldn’t
count it out as a possibility I think 40 cents nem we should see and reach the
all-time high again when the o when the market when we do enter a bull run and
we start seeing all the crypto currencies move for a big period of time
and start seeing it move a lot and we expect that to come to happen in the
coming months so and then you know heading on to the end of the year as
well similar to what we had last year so guys ma’am
pretty awesome want to look at make sure you do your own research on it though
I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial advice
I personally am taking time out to researching them and come up with a
conclusion on if I want to invest in this project before ice before we start
entering the bull run again because I think right now is a perfect opportunity
and I don’t want you guys to miss out on what cryptocurrency is going to bring
for the next coming months and then obviously years and years down the road
as well but the games we’re gonna see in the month I don’t want to see you guys
missing out on that opportunity so make sure you are
this time right now to research your favorite all coins pick which ones are
going to invest in and then invest in them and just hold and wait for the
games now obviously we don’t know what’s going to happen in the short-term
personally I’m still bullish and I think we’re gonna hold this support line
pretty well I don’t believe we’re gonna be falling back down to the $8,000 range
although it is possible if we break below the support and then even further
to the six thousand a seven thousand dollar range if we continue to break
again now I don’t think that’s something we should be looking out for honestly
it’s possible if the news happens and that’s what you know if bad news happens
or something very major happens in the market I think it’s possible but
especially given the situation in the stock market recently which I’ve had a
lot of people ask me the correlation yes I think if the stock market does crash
since we’re seeing a very good of a lot of Patel a lot of signs indicating that
the US economy for example the stock market might be on a downtrend might be
in a bearish market itself and I think that’s gonna help cryptocurrency because
people are gonna be trying to move they’re gonna be looking at putting
their money into something that will hold its value while the market comes
down before they buy back into it so that would provide an opportunity for
people to invest in cryptocurrency and move their money into crypto usually
they use gold and stuff like that but I think cryptocurrency being new and a lot
more people are you know it’s gaining a lot of attention from some big players I
think we should be seeing a good amount of money entering the market not to
mention the big influx that everyone’s waiting there should be a lot of money
entering the market soon everyone’s speculated everyone’s waiting for that
to happen so a lot of things going on short term it might fall if you buy in
now so keep that in mind but long term you should be very very safe and you
will reap the rewards of holding but as you guys can tell that I what I was
saying before currently Bitcoin is at nine thousand
three hundred and fifty-two dollars an O nine thousand three hundred and
thirty-eight dollars and one cent it is trying to break up again above the
support and we saw that it tried twice we had this big candle here which
brought Bitcoin all the way up to nine thousand seven hundred getting close to
ten thousand but it could not hold and it broke back down to the support now
something again we saw a few days ago was it tried
again and similar to yesterday we had a red candle correcting the price back
down now we are trying for a third time is it third time charm I’m not sure you
guys know what it takes for this to break is we need to have a green candle
and then we need to have that followed by another green candle which is
symbolizing that we finally broken past and we are on the upward trend so keep
an eye out on that like I said the next few days are gonna be very important we
might tomorrow correct back down and trade it here but tomorrow we might also
break up so it’s definitely definitely something to keep an eye out on but guys
hopefully you did enjoy this video if you did don’t forget leave a thumbs up
and a comment down below and be subscribed to enter a chance to win some
free Bitcoin have your notifications turn on so you guys can get notified
when tomorrow’s video is posted and you can jump on there to see if you did win
some free Bitcoin but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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