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trades in there so you can copy the exact trades that I am in now let’s get
started with some news because we have some bullish news going on today again
some small piece of adoption news it’s small but it’s a step in the right
direction a Japanese used-car company now accepts crypto as a payment method
so again more and more we’re getting crypto being accepted as a payment
method throughout the world by more and more companies and you know the
beautiful part of this is is that if if something is accepted in exchange for a
good or service then that’s it’s a form it’s a form of money right there right
so the as it continues to grow in as good as it continues to get more and
more adoption even though this seems small if we get there if we get this
type of news every single day and things continue to grow and you know
exponentially grow this is always a step in the right direction in a very good
sign for cryptocurrency nonetheless now the 25 ow
Bitcoin inspired watch now this probably a lot more exciting for me than it is
for a lot of you guys I don’t know how many of my viewers are watching through
this or our watch fans so if you are a watch fan let me know in the comments
down below right now let me know what your favorite brand in our you into who
blow are you into Rolex are you into Richard mail are you in to protect
Audemars Piguet whatever it is let me know in the comments down below there
are some beautiful watches out there and well none could be more fitting for this
video then the bitcoin inspired whoo blow watch so apparently there’s going
to be 210 of the watches which represents the 21 million number of
bitcoins to exist obviously they weren’t gonna do 21 million because that would
completely devalue the watch but they did 210 so it’s a very limited edition
watch like I said it’s going to be worth around 25,000 I believe there’s no I
don’t I don’t know if the price has been revealed 100% right now but it says
around 25,000 somewhere else I saw 32,000 also read somewhere that I was
gonna be a hundred thousand but I don’t think that seems to be the case so far
25 to 35 I think is a fair range and something I wouldn’t be surprised
from whoo blow again they have certain high quality watches some over a hundred
thousand dollar watches but I don’t think this is going to fit in there this
is part of the line which is the big bang Mecca 10 p2p and again the it’s but
they made it look it was inspired by Bitcoin and the blockchain so if you
guys look at it over here design wise the Big Bang Mecca 10th
Bitcoin edition is embossed with a cutting-edge blockchain design which
according to the company it represents the interconnection network of computers
on which virtual money exists now some people call this a little bit of BS
because it’s the same it’s the same thing that comes in the non non Bitcoin
inspired version as well it also has a 10-day power reserve like I said this
also comes with the non Bitcoin themed watches but again a really cool thing to
see I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get my hands on it simply because the
amount of borders have already exceeded 210 pieces but if any of you guys do get
your hands on this against the bear market so this is costing roughly at the
price of Bitcoin right now like three to five 3.8 to 5 bitcoins so
definitely a lot more than if it we were at the all-time highs they’d be like 1.2
Bitcoin so definitely a big change there don’t think a lot of people are going to
be spending their Bitcoin on this unless of course they have a lot a lot of
Bitcoin to spend moving on though let’s talk about ledger so ledger has added
six new crypto currencies to their ledger nan-oh a SKU and ledger nano s
wallets and those ones are liske fatima factum music coin game credit and ether
generals we talked about iota being added previously as well so you can see
the new third-party applications live right here apparently they’ve you know
it’s growing obviously it will it was there was a limit to the to the all
coins that were there previously now they’re continuing to grow getting more
and more cryptocurrencies on there again always good to be able to have all your
cryptocurrency in one place is definitely a little more helpful because
I know personally I have a ton of wallets out there different places
Hardware wallets you know just all over the place and that’s because some
cryptocurrency I can put here some I can’t you know and it get things a
little bit more complicated but I do like Lea ledger Nano as Hardware wallet
it’s helpful because since a lot of the top crypto currencies are ERC 20 tokens
and you can connect the ledger nano s with with my ether wallet it makes
things a lot easier over off you to have everything on there next up talking
about the crypto market now again this is a sad article to read simply because
it shows how little volatility we have had in the cryptocurrency market
basically it’s saying that we have hit monthly highs in market cap and if you
look at the market cap when I give it a refresh just to share it with you guys
where it’s at we’re just under two hundred and twenty billion dollars at
mark cap and that again is because of the recent nice of them the nice week
that we’ve had basically nice few days that we’ve had for Morse code for most
crypto currencies where it looks like we are in an upward trajectory which again
is always nice to see now this is not a confirmed start of the bull run by no
means guys it’s just been a very small client if you look at it
bitcoins up one point four percent so again nothing crazy
going on no huge spike in volatility but overall again we’ve reached the monthly
high then again the monthly low wasn’t that much lower in terms again a
volatility that we’ve had we’ve just been very very stagnant a few moves here
and there but overall small moves the last month has not been anything crazy
now let’s take a look at the market though like I said a 219 billion dogs
almost 220 billion dollars with a 51.7% Bitcoin Tama so bitcoins almonds is
dropping a little bit I saw a funny comment saying that Bitcoin needs to
keep its market cap or grow it and also drop the dominance to like 5% obviously
the person who said this was not a big fan of Bitcoin overall they believe it
is just a glorified shake coin which I understand the arguments for because a
lot of people say there’s a lot of better O’Quinn’s out there at the moment
personally I believe a lot of work is going to be done with Bitcoin though
simply because the ETS coming out for it and everything I’ve mentioned previously
I think Bitcoin is going to gain adoption even if right now it’s not the
most efficient cryptocurrency out there now basic attention token continues to
climb its way up guys what a purchase right here when I got into basic
attention token I’ve been talking about it for some time as well it’s a great
long-term hold in my opinion as you guys know though this is not one that I’m
looking to sell at anytime soon because of look at that it’s a 344 million
dollar market I believe this is a billion dollar cryptocurrency a several
billion dollar cryptocurrency and I’m going to be holding until it reaches
those higher levels it is one of the few that has a working product of real world
use out there and overall like I said I’m very bullish on this but I do always
love to see 10% gains in one day and just the last week overall that it’s had
with all the good news coming out with the adoption growing and again the nice
gains we’ve had I know a lot of people have benefitted from short-term trading
this if those of you that did congratulations and for those of you
guys who are in for long run as well congratulations
I believe you found a good cryptocurrency column is up as well up
3% and if we scroll a little bit down we see there is a lot more green than red
in the market today maybe like 20 crypto currencies in the red out of the top 100
while 80 are in the green so definitely Green Day in the market again like I
said nearing 220 billion dollars in market cap electro Nia is down the most
down 4.2 it is the biggest loser droppable as well as down 3% funfair
– crypto necks and then handful of others before we’ve reach everything
that’s in degree so overall Green Day happy to see it I do always I do miss
the 10% gain so it’s always nice to see a crypto currency a good crypto currency
not just a pump and dump a good crypto currency like basic attention soak it up
10% that’s the type of volatility I miss in the crypto currency market seeing
Bitcoin up 1% and then down 0.5% and then up 0.01% painful painful and I know
a lot of you guys agree but now if you look at stellar we got two interesting
cryptocurrency to talk about today one being stellar one being XRP two crypto
currencies which are considered competitors both very very good both
full disclosure I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial advice I
own both of these crypto curses I believe they both will do well long long
term as well as several others that I’ve mentioned but keep in mind I do own both
of these so I might be a little bit biased when it comes to believing
they’re good but when I see the argument that oh if you own it so of course
you’re gonna think it’s good yeah but I thought it was good that’s why I bought
it in the first place right so it’s like what came first what came first was that
I thought it was good and so I bought into it and now I still think it’s good
so I stay by stay bought into it right I don’t know I’ve seen people say
sometimes in the comments I’ve seen people talk about this to other
youtubers as well saying oh well you you bought it you know what you’re in and of
course you think it’s good or like your bias do you think it’s good you don’t
you’re only saying you think it’s good because you bought it I’m either going
on in the world nowadays guys the world is an interesting place either way
stellar was added to blockchain calm wallet the biggest wallet out there
according to the number of wallets available no there’s 125 million xlm and
125 million dollars 125 million X 1125 million dollars of xlm err job now I’m
not gonna go into too much detail about what you guys have to do to sign up
stuff like that if you guys are interested in checking it out I would
recommend doing your own research cuz I don’t want to give any bad infirm
out on this the blockchain wallet elven blockchain comm is most famous for being
one of the biggest and most used wallet providers the wallet makes it easy for
users to control their kryptos with ease and truly use it
they’ve host a Bitcoin aetherium and Bitcoin cache before adding stellar
lumens xlm now the reason for them adding it if you guys want to see it
right here is the reason I’m invest in stellar and why I think excellent has a
very bright future basically they said we’re starting with stellar because its
network is built for scalability it’s token excellent enables quick low-cost
worldwide transactions even when millions of people are using it at once
still it can even create custom tokens representing real-world or virtual goods
and services lastly Sela has a world-class development community and a
vibrant functioning ecosystem very good crypto currency basically sums up in
summary what he was saying it’s a very good crypto currency so that’s why they
went ahead and added it now XRP and nasdaq what is going on over here again
keep in mind I don’t want to spread fun this is all rumors up until this point
until any huge announcement and if there is an announcement between XRP and
Nasdaq you are going to see the price of XRP skyrocket more than eight then you
saw it at this stage I don’t know if we’re gonna see it go to three dollars
instantly but I’ll definitely do you know it’ll definitely have its nice
little run let’s just say that but what’s been going on well ripple has
been searching for a headline exchange to offer XRP for nearly a year and we
say headline exchange they’re talking about coinbase now ripple and coinbase
have a love-hate relationship where I believe a lot of the higher-ups in both
sides are not fans of each other and that’s one of the reasons people have
speculated that ripple has not been at or that XRP has not been added to
coinbase just yet so it’s one of the reasons people are speculating it maybe
it’s true maybe it’s not but apparently ripple might have found their
knight-in-shining-armor and that is Nasdaq so they’ve been chasing this news
for some time but this story for some time trying to get all the information
again that is what the articles say they’ve been trying to get everything
put together back and forth has been going for better than four months now
and XRP is set to be one of the initial coins listed when Nasdaq launches its
crypto initiative in early 2019 well they made it very simple as to why it
wasn’t favoring it wasn’t anything like that
it basically said if we start this initiative with a top five or seven
security coins by market capitalization why would we exclude XRP it’s the number
three so if they’re going to go with the top five they’re gonna add XRP they
didn’t necessarily say oh it’s we’re only adding SRP because it’s the
greatest thing in the world what they did say if we’re adding the top five
we’re adding X RP as well it’s part of the top five that’s just how it works
now there are a lot of other quotes for you guys to see from from both sides
from ripple and also from people at Nasdaq overall very exciting news to see
big exchanges now we’re not only looking what I think is gonna happen wedding is
gonna be a big game changer for cryptocurrency it’s not just having you
know crypto currency exchanges coinbase fantastic finance fantastic I love by as
you guys know I’m a huge huge supporter they’ve been doing great things for the
community spreading adoption overall doing some fantastic things and I love
being betoken as well but I think there’s going to be a lot more than just
that thing when we get it into Nasdaq when we’re starting to get
cryptocurrency to Robinhood right so people who previously bought stocks and
everything okay on on Robin Hood for zero fees can now buy crypto currencies
with zero fees if you don’t have Robin or if you haven’t checked out Robin Hood
again I’m gonna leave a link to it in the description for you guys to sign up
you and I both will get a free stock if you use that Co so it’s free money why
not go ahead and make yourself an account it’s a fantastic way to in a
very easy beginner friendly way to get into stocks and cryptocurrency I don’t
want to go into too much detail about it but I do think that it’s important to
diversify your portfolio and by asset but when I say that I don’t just mean by
XRP and stellar I think having you know being diversified into stocks maybe some
real estate as well it’s always a good beginner way to invest it’s always good
in the beginning when you’re starting off investing when you have some money
to me they don’t mix around to be and make sure things are diversify and again
once this once you’re super wealthy you can go all-in in all in in stocks all in
a real estate where you start buying parts come but that’s story for another
day main thing before I continue rambling on
too much is the if we get cryptocurrencies added to no
exchanges that other people are already using for different things and it starts
to just get integrated with mix you’re going to get a lot more new money into
what you’re gonna get a lot more people looking into it when it comes to
investing again if you hold stocks on if you hold stocks on the app Robin Hood
and all of a sudden crypto currencies get added now you have the possibility
of investing in that cryptocurrency same as when a company goes public some
people do you know people do research on that company see if it’s a good
investment or not and so on and then maybe they’ll buy into it but the
important part is they do research on it so these big players when it comes to
having money to put in and they’re on a certain exchange already they get the
option to put it in something else they’re gonna look into it you know
hopefully they’re going to support it they’re gonna like what it’s doing
they’re gonna see the value in it and then find the opportunity to invest but
being able to put cryptocurrencies in with several other investments or put it
in exchange with has stocks and other investments already I think it’s gonna
open a door for a new wave of money to come in because like I said having just
finance or coinbase what’s crypto only it limits the amount of people one
interested in joining and to that know about it it’s just overall I believe
holds us back a little bit from adoption overall but guys that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some
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you can check my kids see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but
guys thanks so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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  4. Xrp is and always will be my #1 not a day goes by that there isn't some sort of good news posted about ripple and xrp.

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  11. Ripple (XRP)

    "These are not my words it's on the net" Despite Ripple’s bad reputation in the crypto industry because of its style of business (working with banks), Dilip Rao the company’s Global Head for Infrastructure Innovation said the asset holds the solutionto liquidity problems in the financial industry. As far as Dilip is concerned, XRP is the lead cryptocurrency as its network processes up to 1,500 transactions in a second, a number that is far larger than most cryptocurrency networks. The Chief marketer of Ripple Cory Johnson also holds the same view as Dilip, emphasizing that the Ripple network is highly decentralized which makes it the future of cryptocurrency.


    In a bid to protect investors in the cryptocurrency market, Nasdaq, a trillion Dollar American company has announced its intention to launch Nasdaq SMARTS to help reduce the problems of funds loss through hacks, fraud and market manipulation.
    The product is a market surveillance technology that can be used for any company in any industry in a unique fashion to monitor risks and alert the company in case of any attacks. This according to Nasdaq will boost confidence and attract investors to the cryptocurrency industry.

  12. "These are not my words it's on the net" Regulators, brokers and exchanges have surveillance teams that monitor activity constantly and advanced technologies to help capture and analyze abusive behaviors including pump-and-dump schemes, insider trading, wash trading as well as spoofing and layering,” according to the paper, cited by Bloomberg in a report. 
    Nasdaq's market-surveillance technology "SMARTS" is already licensed to exchanges, including Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins. Crypto companies started to approach Nasdaq for this service to be integrated into the crypto space just over two years ago, but it wasn’t until late last year when bitcoin was spiking that demand increased.
    “We’re now getting approached every week or two. We won’t work with all of these firms though since a lot of them are quite early stage or not reputable yet," Tony Sio, Nasdaq’s head of exchange and regulator surveillance, said in an interview, Bloomberg reported.

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