Ripple XRP leads Crypto Market Rally – xRapid Testing – Binance CEO – US Congressman Crypto Bill

one Tony here hope you're doing well happy Friday it's Friday September 21st it's great to see the crypto market up being led by Ripple XR P which has continued to surge in price guys it hit near 75 cents today really really awesome bull run up there I think we and you know what let me not jump the gun I was about to say I think we're at the start of a bull run but I like to let these things play out so we see what's the actual data and trends but boy there's a strong bullish sentiment especially around ripple XRP I'm sure you guys saw it as well today just from this morning we saw a near a high of 75 cents guys and up significantly just look at the charts here we're having some correction right now as you guys know we can't have a continual run-up like that it is not sustainable so it's good to have a correction because what happens after correction what have we been talking about with market cycles there's a new support level and the support level as you have higher highs you'll have lower higher support levels on the corrections right so good healthy correction here but also keep in mind that there are people cashing out on the way up and there's also traders who are shorting Bitcoin for example the crypto dog here a well-known traitor and person who tweets a lot on on Twitter this person has over 92 thousand followers on Twitter so as you can imagine a lot of the traders taking some profits shorting XRP so definitely keep that in mind right the market cycles and psychology people are not just gonna continue buying buying buying buy right so you need to keep that in mind this happens for every crypto happens in this stock market there are cycles right run ups Corrections it's just the natural cycle of markets but if this guy's doesn't show you the potential of what XRP can do we're gonna see some bigger things this is peanuts this is nothing because why when X rapid goes live and as the banks start rolling out and they're transferring millions billions and eventually trillions per day this the volume being moved and XRP ledger is gonna be ridiculous and keep in mind that a lot of the banks are gonna source their their liquidity forever for XRP from exchanges such as Beatrix bit so and coins @ph and that could expand over time so great things are ahead this is a good indicator of what's to come and what we're seeing because of this run-up is a lot of reporting from the media from crypto media as well as general media like CNBC you have your Yahoo your Bloomberg and all of that right guys so all around great news for ripple XRP right now like I said a correction but it looks from hourly perspective it's going back up now the weekends are a bit tricky because we know like a lot of people are not working not trading right but sometimes you know there's a lot of bots and algorithms that are still programmed to to make trades and do certain things and who knows it gets this this could continue now the other the other item here that people are saying could potentially be driving this up as well in conjunction with the FOMO and speculation 4x rapid is that there there is X rapid testing going on now this theory is makes sense because we know the ripple is gonna have to do some live testing right before they hit the button and that absolutely makes sense any it goes to not just crypto or any company's service you have to do some testing to make sure things are working well before you hit the official launch button right so some folks were looking at some movements from wallets and let me see if we can go through this article with you guys the price of xrp has been on a tear ever since ripple announced that ex rapid is slated to launch next month however a closer look closer look at the XRP ledger reveals details that may be indicative of ex rapid testing over the past 24 hours the price has gone up a whopping 59 percent accompanied by a rise in volume over the week from 300 million to 2.6 billion to mark a 10x increase this is a very tight correlation between the trading volume and price and the former seems to be leading the ladder the market capitalization of XRP is also drawing closer to a theorems with a mere 2 billion difference between the two now this article when it was written did not account for XRP surpassing etherium throughout the day it fluctuated multiple times XRP held the number 2 spot and then it bounced back to 3 then it came back to number 2 then it bounced back to 3 and now right now it's settling at 3 so I said said the rally began with the news of X rapid going live blah blah blah blah blah okay let me just skip through some of this stuff here X rapid is okay I'm just trying to make sure I get you guys okay interestingly there was there has been a lot of movement in exchange wallets on the XRP ledger for transfers over 10 million x RP this movement observed a sharp spike that correlates with the rise in the price of x RP it is worth noting that these wallets also engage in accumulation of x RP prior to big movement and someone broke it out here in a spreadsheet x RP – ripples registered money service business for selling x RP to financial institutions also features in some of these transactions most of the volume is coming from Japanese exchanges such as coin check bit Bank and coin coin one also notable is by Nance transfer of 52 million x RP – enough to another wallet in their possession some big things are happening the combined trading volume of these trades is 295 million over that over just two days whereas big transfers do occur on a constant basis on the XRP ledger a concentrated and constant movement is really observed this comes up to around 100 100 million dollar around 100 million dollar if the price of x RP is only 35 cents 7 cents below its current trading price this might be indicative of the test Forex rapid while ripple themselves have not revealed any news the transparency of the XR p ledger reveals more about X rapid than they want to so it's very plausible that X rapid trials are taking place or testing I should say not trials testing and like I said guys if this is a snippet of what's to come because notice what they call out there if this is constant what's gonna happen it's gonna maintain its go actually gonna be less fluctuation so it could probably be tiny ones where the price is gonna hold it and it at a certain level is gonna continue to rise as the volume Rises and it's gonna be utility plus FOMO plus speculation it's gonna all help the price of x RP to go up now this is happening before x RP itself it goes live is live I should say and where banks and multiple banks and payment service providers are using like the X rapid protocols so this is a great sign continue to hold this is not financial advice but if you're able to I highly recommend buying as much as you can 54 cents that is nothing where x RP hit three dollars and 80 cents guys off with just speculation X rapid wasn't even in this type of situation of being tested guys it wasn't a month away from that right it was just off speculation so I'm saying real-world utility would X rapid plus FOMO plus speculation we're gonna see some really great increases and as the X rapid goes live and more banks come on board and more payment provides any this whole big volume starts moving on extra RP ledger we are going to see I I do I hate to use the these these words but is no way to to explain it but other than it's gonna go to the moon that's what's gonna happen guys and remember the core item here is real rural utility foam own speculation is great but that's not sustainable but when you have real-world utility and and and once again it's it's in the the facts are and nd the actual working product is live with brand-name banks and household names it's gonna be a game-changer and you guys have you been subscribed here I told you that XRP will be the number one crypto once all this volume starts moving Bitcoin will be number two people have said you're in I'm an idiot for saying that in the past and a but they they still don't grasp what's happening here they there so they have tunnel vision of crypto then my coin do this and my coin do that know what is the real world application your coin is only your white paper is only gonna take you that far right your idea but what is your working product what is your use case ripple has the largest use case out there it's lightyears ahead of every other crypto it's about to have real world global utility people still cannot for the life of the I mean grass bat they don't understand the business and real world application all they're caught up is I'm a Bitcoin friend it's moving I'm a light coin friend it's moving your blah blah blah whatever what's the utility what's the use case and I hold you guys have seen my portfolio I hold ripple XRP Bitcoin aetherium like coins see a coin nano stellar I own a variety of coins I'm long on Bitcoin because I believe it's gonna do well as a store of value because it's the original so I'm gonna hold big going for a while I'm I'm also very bullish on aetherium I'm gonna holy theorem for a while but I am most bullish right because like I said I take a factual logical approach things I take a business approach and it like I said show me which other crypto has this type of use case XRP is on another level it's going to be disrupting a trillion dollar industry working with the biggest institutions in the world guys who hold my money and your money and and all even the Bitcoin people's money so those Bitcoin maximalist still have their money in their bank account well guess what ripple is gonna help those banks to move the money they still don't get it they're so caught up in their emotions and their following they're here for a religious following I believe in crypto I believe crypto is the next level the next Internet so to speak the next way of transacting but I'm also here to make money and I'm gonna approach this factually and logically not by emotions never invest with your emotions because when these charts start moving you're all over the place you have to look at this factually you have to look at it from a real-world adoption standpoint a business standpoint an economic standpoint so that you have a a grasp of what's happening guys so really really great day for ripple XRP it is leading the charge here and remember what I've been telling you guys I've been saying it non-stop one the catalyst for the bull run launch of ripple X rapid launch of backed in November powered by Starbucks Microsoft and the parent company in New York Stock Exchange and we can see some other announcements maybe from some big banks or you know companies that's something you know a crypto custody service being launched that could contribute to the bull run but it from what I once again I don't want to jump the gun I don't want to say that what Bull Run has started but right now a bullish sentiment I would say is is being stirred up let me put it that way a bullish sentiment is being stirred up and the reason for that is ripple XRP so all you Bitcoin maximalist c13 people you should be thanking Ripple even though some of you are like all ripples the devil is the banker coin scam coin even though you're a theorem and your Bitcoin are all being mined in specific we're from a centralization standpoint it doesn't align the ideology doesn't align also guess who were the biggest holders of Bitcoin in aiding the retail investors at the banksters so the the indirectly the bank's a bank sir he's already control the Bitcoin anything they could dump it right now and crash the whole thing if they wanted but they're gonna use it to make money so do you guys see when you approach this thing logically and factually even the religious feelings of of these Bitcoin maximalist and other people it doesn't line up that's why I don't even vest with your emotions don't become attached to a coin if ripple XRP were to do something the company was to do something that will put my investment in XRP at risk I would call them out I would be like okay something's now right here where if it was detrimental I would get out because I am NOT attached to it I liked the idea and I believe in makes sense and I believe that the company is gonna go places but I'm not attached to it in a way when I would die for it you know like somebody's Bitcoin maximalist I'm here to make money as well so I hope you guys understand my perspective this I'm not biased or partial to anything I call it as it is if Bitcoin had the utility that XRP had has I would be all behind Bitcoin it's cheaper to use fast right settles in seconds scalable 1,500 transactions per second it's gonna disrupt it if it was Bitcoin being used on the and the ledger ripples ledger I would support Bitcoin because it makes logical sense it has is this it would be the technology that's ideal for disrupting a cross-border payment industry but it's not X or P is people still can't grasp that concept so guys great stuff keep holding like I said I hope you understand the price correction that's happening here right I went over the reason so don't I know some people are like oh my god I went back down that is normal it's going to correct and then it's gonna go back up and then you guys know what's what's a how this works I don't think I need to explain it if those of you at least who have been in the market a while so great things are ahead for ripple we know the swell conference is coming up October 1st and 2nd we'll see if X rapid goes live then and they you know they they announce the launch or is it maybe later in October but we'll see but keep holding and guys I'm so excited the next news I just wanted to share here is from the CEO by Nance this was tweeted yesterday he said from point zero zero three cents in the first transaction of Bitcoin in 2010 to 6,000 support in 2018 Bitcoin has grown two million times in the last seven years let's dare the crypto market will do one mm of that in the next few years 1000 X so he's super bullish he knows what's to come and remember what I always tell you guys to have perspective we'll look back at the charts not just for Bitcoin but for a theorem for X RP for a light coin where they once were below a penny guys and look where we're at now so that's where patience is important when it comes to investing this the same principle applies for real estate in other assets like gold and silver also in stocks right people sometimes want to buy an crypto and then next six months oh my god it needs to go up a thousand X so I can become a millionaire that's not the right way to approach it you that's where you're being a bit greedy and you guys know the statement from Wall Street which is bears and bulls make money but pigs get slaughtered right and you need to be realistic as well and this is why I tried to share facts with you guys and sources and not move by emotions and just over speculate right you saw my 589 video about ripple xfe that's why I said be careful throwing that prediction around and I said could we eventually get to that price in a few years yes would it be great if it happens tomorrow you sure I want I would love for that to happen but we have to be realistic and that's why my prediction for XRP is ten to fifteen dollars by the end of the year next year I think can easily be between 20 to 50 bucks you know it's hard to tell right now but we'll have to wait as X rapidly launches and and we'll see how fast the banks start going alive with it so guys the these folks know what's coming and this is why I always tell you look at the macro-level look at the timeline not just the silo caught up in the moment I think the CEO by Nancy this is how the Wall Street guys look at it too and people who invest in certain companies right Bitcoin excuse me not Bitcoin Amazon and Google and and and didn't become did their stock value didn't go up overnight to what it is now it took a long time I'm not saying it's gonna take that long for ripple or some of these coins to go up that way but the same principle applies this is not my money growing on trees here right so you have to be a realist thing and think about it as well now some positive news what have I been saying that crypto is here to stay because the government's are on board is gonna be more regulations and more infrastructure built by the government to help crypto and blockchain well a US Court congressman has drafted a bill to eight blockchain development some give you guys some details here US Representative Tom Emmer wants to support the development of use of blockchain technology and crypto currencies to death and the law make lawmaker announced a trio of blockchain focused bills Friday saying he intends to introduce them into Congress in the coming weeks the bills tackle a range of issues around the block chain space including development minors and crypto related taxes the bills are aimed at providing support for the nascent industry in a statement Emmer said the United States should priors who prioritize accelerating and development of blockchain technology and create an environment that enables the American private sector to lead an innovation and further growth I'm so behind this because the United States is really slacking man there are other some other countries like Japan we know in South Korea as many other Malta that they are on board they've got their tax stuff sorted out a lot of their regulation the United States needs to hurry up on this because you know I live in the US and I would love to see crypto and blockchain emerge and flourish here and just a quote from here him he said legislators should be embracing emerging technologies and providing a clear regulatory system that allows them to flourish as I just said right we need to the the United States needs to lead this big time are they gonna miss out they are gonna miss out a lot of these startups and stuff are gonna go overseas a lot of the companies that want to expand into blockchain may go do it in other places right so guys but we're seeing at least government officials are making the move in the push and we know folks in the SEC as well like Hester peers and a few others are behind crypto but they're trying to get the rest of the folks on board so they can like for example approve Bitcoin ETF the CBOE Bitcoin ETF and there's a lot more work to be done but guys the future is bright the stage is being set I mean just look what's happening here this is uh this is just beautiful to see XRP leading the charge Bitcoin only up and obviously everything has kind of corrected here you know it's coming down to the end of Friday the weekends here but look at this from a 24 hour perspective Bitcoin only up three point three three percent XRP leading the charge at near 20% ether I'm actually doing better for sure up 13% so we're seeing some decoupling the all coins are doing well and all as a result of ripple XRP so all you other crypto people should be thanking ripple for what they're doing and and they are leading the charge what a lot of the crypto religious people don't get right is that what ripple is doing is actually gonna benefit this whole crypto market because it goes back to what I was talking about real-world utility it's gonna help validate crypto currencies validate blockchain even further because it's showing hey all you people who are skeptics this thing is legit it is to provide a help provide a better service take us to the next level be more efficient etc etc and that is going to be so big guys just imagine when X Rafi goes live and then all the results come in of oh this bank or money gram instead of customers in this country having to or around the world have to wait three to five days to get their money they get it instantly imagine that news going it's gonna be like you know oh you can send an email to someone right or you can text someone you can cost my visa it's gonna be a way to improve our lives right all around the world where I can send money to a friend in another country he doesn't have that person doesn't have to wait four or five days which is ridiculous they can get this money instantly guys so all of you people who are so angry and hate ripple you don't even understand what's happening you don't get it you should really open up your eyes and and like I said I'm not against any other crypt the only crypto my guess and I've said it since the beginning Bitcoin cash so I'm actually with the Bitcoin people against Bitcoin cash right I believe this forking a Bitcoin is ridiculous they need to come together make Bitcoin get better put it on get it on the Lightning Network so it's actually it's utility can be improved I'm behind a theorem as well I believed the smart contract and technology has potential even though ripple has its own but we have to see how that gets developed but I believe ripple will will compete heavily with a theorem but that doesn't mean the two of them can co-exist same way you have different car makers right in industry you have different computer makers in the industry have different software and compact competition is healthy for the market so I am not against anyone and I know madness there's still a lot of Bitcoin maximals going crazy I would never buy XRP bla bla bla and they call a you know xrp a banker's coin yet big majority of Bitcoin is owned by bankers good luck with that man so what do you guys think about this news it's a great day to be holding crypto great day to see the market up all led by ripple XRP bigger things to come just imagine X rap it goes live and that volume that volume is is consistent and it continues to grow because remember we're talking about the transfer of trillions of dollars daily monthly yearly quadrillions litte yearly actually when you total it up so this the ripples has XRP has so much potential so much potential I hope you guys grasp it like haha I don't mean to sound mean but like I said if you guys don't grasp it you need to go back and take some business economics classes and or maybe you just don't want to see it because you or listen to this or you don't want to accept the facts well you want to live in a non factual world go ahead but the facts are in front of you so it's up to you what you want to do with it so guys what do you think about this leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description you know please help share my channel with your friends and family who want to take learn about crypto you know I take a logical factual approach no over speculating make sure we look at the facts here show you sources so thank you guys for your support

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    This is beyond insane!

    people speculating on the token right now probably ought to be aware that widespread adoption is far from a reality, and may not ever be one. And perhaps some folks are starting to realize that: as of me writing this ✍️ , XRP’s total value had fallen back to earth in a big way, losing nearly $100 billion of market capitalization in the process.

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  10. Still have a lot of xrp, sold a bit yesterday, tripled my investment, bank accounts all over drawn, been living off change and $2.00 bills for a month. The holding paid off, $3,000.00 on the way to the bank, $2,200 on hold for the rebuy.

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